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Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4) pdf Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4), ebook Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4), epub Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4), doc Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4), e-pub Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4), Blood of Dragons (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 4) 5ef6aadaf27 Fantasy As It Ought To Be Written George RR MartinThe Final Instalment Of Robin Hobb S Sunday Times Bestselling Series The Rain Wild ChroniclesDragons Will Fly Over Kelsingra Once Attacked By Hunters, Tintaglia Is Dying Of Her Wounds If She Perishes, Her Ancestral Memories Will Die With Her And The Dragons In The Ancient City Of Kelsingra Will Lose The Secret Knowledge They Need To SurviveThe Dragon Keepers Immerse Themselves In The Dangerously Addictive Memory Stone Records Of The City In The Hope Of Recovering The Lost Elderling Magic That Once Allowed Humans And Dragons To Co ExistBut War Is Coming War Between Dragons And Those Who Would Destroy Them

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    Blood of Dragons is the last book of the Rain Wild Chronicles, but I read it without the other 3 and providing you have read some of the other books probably even if you haven t I think it stands easily on it s own.As an end to the Assassin trilogy and the Tawny man series Blood of Dragons ties up a lot of loose ends and builds nicely on the knowledge you as a reader have already gained in the two series Because I read it as an ending to the earlier adventures I was able to accept what to my own mind were the weaknesses in one of the main characters I am not suggesting that Robin Hobbs writes weak characters, it is just that I had little sympathy for the vacillations of the main character in this story.Perhaps this story is aimed at a younger target audience than me or perhaps heroes are not all meant to be strong, or perhaps I missed an important part of her character development in the earlier Rain Wild stories that I did not read However I enjoyed the adventures of the group, I loved the way the story explained parts of the Assassin and Tawny man stories without going back there and I enjoyed the larger adventure and the romantic entanglements of this story.I loved the love story of the dragon and I loved it that the pain in the neck or anti hero of this story got his comeuppance without anyone actually getting their hands dirty and it was nice to tie up the rescue of a damsel in distress with good deeds done and a hero saved I really did enjoy this book and if you have read any of Robin Hobbs earlier works or even if you just like fantasy, I am sure you will like this fantasy adventure too.

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    I enjoyed this series but I think that the first two and this one were the better ones I especially enjoyed this book as it had a lot of action and successfully resolved all of the plot lines However as book 3 was a bit boring in hindsight closing off some of the teenage angst plots may have been better resolved there This would have given the author space in the final book to give to the interesting plot lines of Malta and her brother for example.I would recommend this series and this book to readers who like fantasy written by an original mind using characters who like to reflect on their actions.

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    Nobody, but nobody writes like Robin Hobb It was with the greatest of pleasure that I sat down with this book to catch up with the latest adventures of my friends well that is what it felt like.Robin writes in such a way that her characters become your best friends or enemies.Everything about her writing, be it the style, the story, the settings, the characters themselves are enjoyable Unlike many other Fantasy SF writers Robin can produce a story that is not over sexualized for full of repetitive violent.I have read and re read every book she has written, so yes I highly recommend her books as a must read for any dedicated Fantasy reader.

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    Entertaining, exciting, new, fresh one could use a lot of descriptives It has good character development and has a good flow Dragons and human politics is a good mix It would do the earth good in this day and age if we were not the dominant beings on the planet and had some dragons to humble us.

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    Hobb has used book 4 to tie up most of the loose ends very well, but she continues a well worn theme of key characters spending paragraph after paragraph doubting themselves for no good reason If it was just one or two characters over four books it would be interesting but it seems that just about every main character has a negative outlook and it s quite surprising that none of them is written out through suicide In fact the only main character that is killed off, Hest, is also the most positive character in terms of self belief and a capacity to think that nothing can go wrong, even in the face if major adversity.

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