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Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures summary Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures, series Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures, book Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures, pdf Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures, Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works and Doesn't Work, in Words and Pictures d6883f9e6e New York Times Bestseller Stimulus Plans Good Or Bad Free Markets How Free Are They Jobs Can We Afford Them Occupy Wall Street Worldwide Everybodys Talking About The Economy, But How Can We, The People, Understand What Wall Street Or Washington Knowsor Say They Know Read Economix With Clear, Witty Writing And Quirky, Accessible Art, This Important And Timely Graphic Novel Transforms The Dismal Science Of Economics Into A Fun, Fact Filled Story About Human Nature And Our Attempts To Make The Most Of What Weve Got And Sometimes What Our Neighbors Have Got Economix Explains It All, From The Beginning Of Western Economic Thought, To Markets Free And Otherwise, To Economic Failures, Successes, Limitations, And Future Possibilities Its The Essential, Accessible Guide To Understanding The Economy And Economic Practices A Must Read For Every Citizen And Every Voter Find Teaching Guides For Economix And Other Titles At Abramsbooks ResourcesAISE FOR ECONOMIX Goodwin Brilliantly Contextualizes Economic Theories With Historical Narrative, While Burrs Simple But Elegant Illustration Employs Classical Techniques Like Caricaturing Politicians And Symbolizing Big Businesses As A Gleeful Factory To Help The Reader Visualize Difficult Concepts Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Economix Brings A Lively Visual Sensibility To This Intensely Abstruse Subject Matter Without Condescending To The Reader Or Dumbing The Ideas Down MotherJones Flat Out Awesome WiredThis Witty And Elegant Volume Takes On A Number Of Complex Issuesin This Case, Economics, History And Financeand Makes Them Comprehensible For Mere Mortals Miami Herald After Reading Economix I Felt Like I Understood Many Fundamental Aspects About The Way The World Works That I Had Been Too Lazy To Learn About Before Economix Is A Book Im Going To Buy And Give To People Boing Boing Having Never Taken Economics In College, I Find The World Of High Finance Needlessly Complicated And Confusing Thankfully Michael Goodwin Saw The Need For A Basic Primary On How The Economy Currently Works And How We Got Here A Text Like This Would Certainly Help High School And College Students Gain Their First Taste Of Financial Literacy And It Comes Recommended For The Rest Of Us ComicMix Just When The World Seems To Have Fallen Apart Thanks To The Economy, Goodwin And Burrs Economix Comes Along To Give Us Some Understanding Of The Immense, Yet Still Delicate Machine That Controls Our World So That We Can Be The Rulers With Our Votes And Not The Uninformed Or Disinformed Ruled BigThink Michael Goodwin Hasnt Just Written A Great Graphic Novelhes Written One That Should Be Required For Every School, Newsroom And Library In The United States Minneapolis Star Tribune Its Simply Phenomenal You Could Read Ten Books On The Subject And Not Glean As Much Information David Bach Founder Of FinishRich Media Author Of Nine New York Times Bestsellers, Including Debt Free For Life And The Automatic Millionaire Goodwin Has Done The Seemingly Impossiblehe Has Made Economics Comprehensible And Funny Joel Bakan, Author Of The Corporation The Pathological Pursuit Of Profit And Power An Amazing Lesson In True World Economics Delightfully Presented, Powerful, Insightful, And Important Information What A Fun Way To Fathom A Deep And Often Dark Subject John Perkins, Author Of Hoodwinked And The New York Times Bestseller Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man Smart, Insightful, Clear, And As Close To The Truth As Economics Can Get The Bonus Who Would Have Guessed That Economics Could Be Fun, Andheres The Joyreally Accessible Goodwin Roots Us In History And Fills Us With Common Sense Understanding As He Puts It Early On, Economics Seems Horribly Complicated Mostly Because Were Looking At It All At Once Broken Down Into Its Component Pieces, Its Relatively Easy To Understand And A Good Understanding Of Economics Is Critical To Maneuvering In The World Today If I Were Compiling A List Of The Most Important Books You Can Read In A Lifetime, This Would Be On It Stephen Petranek, Editor In Chief, Weider History Magazines, Former Editor In Chief Of Discover Magazine Through A Potent Mix Of Comics And Punchy, Concise, Accessible Prose, Goodwin Takes Us On A Provocative, Exhaustively Researched, And Exceedingly Engaging Trip Through Our History And Present Day, Creating An Alternately Hilarious And Scary Picture Of Where We Are Today As An Economy And What It All Means More Than That, Goodwin Makes The Arcane, Understandable If Your Mind Either Spins Or Slumbers At The Thought Of Economics, Read Goodwins Economix And All Will Become ClearNomi Prins, Author Of It Takes A Pillage An Epic Tale Of Power, Deceit, And Untold Trillions Economix Is A Lively, Cheerfully Opinionated Romp Through The Historical And Intellectual Foundations Of Our Current Economy And Our Current Economic Problems Goodwin Has A Knack For Distilling Complex Ideas And Events In Ways That Invite The Reader To Follow The Big Picture Without Losing Track Of What Actually Happened Any Reader Wondering How Our Economy Got To Where It Is Today Will Find This A Refreshing Overview Timothy W Guinnane, Philip Golden Bartlett Professor Of Economic History, Yale University

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    Really good book, I advice it to everybody you will learn a lot about world economy in a funny way

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    Una rivisitazione del mondo economico molto interessante, permette di fare conoscere l economia in chiave fumettistica rendendo la lettura molto veloce

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    I m not sure how and what sparked my interest in economics, perhaps it was Kathryn Tanner s Economy of Grace or the fact that I m disillusioned by both capitalism and communism or the fact that I am in near constant financial crisis aka, the normal graduate student life and post American college with their stupid student debt Nevertheless, I am glad I read this.Economix came up as one of the most recommended introductions to the history of economics according to Reddit I appreciate how Michael Goodwin opens the book he confesses that modern economists are, at times, beyond confusing and inconsistent and that primary sources are the way to go When he went back to the original sources, the sources all the modern economists were quoting, he found that 1 primary sources were often than not taken out of context and 2 primary sources had some faulty assumptions and ideals like the Supple and Demand chart assumes an ideal economy with stagnant desires, resources, political climate, etc In this sense, the Supple and Demand chart is a very flat, 2 dimensional model For example, laissez faire let it be might have worked in a pre industrialized, pre technologically advanced, pre globalized country but the success was short lived Most 20th century communism models picked and choose what they liked from Marx to his great frustration, assumingly Reagonomics, tickle down economics, and tax cutting the rich and major corporations pretty much ruined everything So, along with Reddit, I cannot recommend this enough Plus, the comic book form is amazing The book, though, is not without faults, but as an introduction it is very informative.Economics is much than just money it is political, psychological, sociological, philosophical, and, agreeing with Tanner, theological So, as much as I did not want to learn a lick of economics, as someone who wants to be a theologian, I must learn economics it is both exciting and dreadful.sooholee.wordpress

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    Really a treatise on why the USA economy is where it is after the Great Recession Does go into economic theory but its strength lies in reviewing policies implemented in the USA Because basic economic theory which should be understood before reading this comic should be already part the reader s knowledge before reading see Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein s Cartoon Introduction to Economics Vol 1 and Vol 2 , this isn t necessarily where to start so to grasp economic theory For a guy like me who has virtually no background in the subject, the information is somewhat unsettling but expected a lot of the information has been mentioned in passing on radio, television, and various printed media.

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    I m beginning to understand both the dynamics and the history of economics and economic policy I d heartily recommend this book for any adult or even middle school student who wants to understand how things actually work instead of how businesses and politicians want you to believe things work.

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    I have been reading about history and economics for years and as economics books this one just nails it.I have to admit I was quite weary of reading a comic book on such a serious subject but the author actually nailed it very well there is no concession to clarity or significant cut corners in there.It covers the history of the economic thought to the present day and although the author is left leaning at least in his economics view he made a very good job at being balanced until at least the 80 s and Reaganomics, which he prefaces explicitly by stating that what was coming was necessarily colored by his views.If what you want is a 4 hours read that gives you a pretty good idea of the evolution of economic thought including much History not of just the US without being tedious, this is a great choice.I have ordered three additional copies of which I already gave two away and I am most likely to buy another few copies.

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    This book should be required reading to all people in the world It shows the impact that our daily and personal micro decisions have in the great scale of humanity, our society and the ecosystem Maybe there is hope for all or maybe our nature will allow only few to survive on another planet Nature does not have any views on politics or romantic ideas about equality But the fact remains, that knowledge always helped push the dark side and light the darkness And this book is required knowledge for the contemporary citizens of the world.

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