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    Puntuale, attento, non esiste di meglio .Confezione impeccabile nemmeno un piega come appena stampati.Libro in lingua originale consigliato

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    Currently reading this, not done, looks like a great memoir.

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    Marguerite Duras was born in the French colony of Cochinchina, now present day Vietnam, on the eve of World War I Cochinchina was the southernmost portion present day Vietnam The French called the other two regions, Tonkin, which is in the north, bordering China, and Annam, the long, narrow, sinusoidal coastal region that connected the two rice baskets of Vietnam, the fertile regions of the Red and Mekong deltas My first introduction to her work was when I saw her movieHiroshima Mon Amour 1959 , which concerns two individuals, one French, one Japanese, damaged by World War II the movie is not related to Vietnam I ve read two other of her books, in English The LoverandThe North China Lover Both are reported to be largely autobiographical, both set in the Mekong delta, at the end of the 1920 s, early 1930 s, and both involve a young girl s age 15 coming of age, when she looks life in the face, and straightforwardly decides to be deflowered , to use that quaint term, by a rich Chinese ne er do well, almost twice her age The latter work discussed in a bit detail how her mother was down on her luck, living a largely impoverished life, as a result of being swindled out of her small inheritance her husband had died in land dealings with French cadre She said this book explained that period in much greater detail, and so I decided to read it, this time in French, although there is a version in translationThe Sea Wall.This work is also largely autobiographical, but the young woman age 17 18 , Suzanne, is quite a bit different than the one depicted in the two Lovers So is the brother, but the mother seems to be largely constant And just when I wanted to criticize her for this, I remembered that this is a novel, and in good literature, the various possibilities of life, particularly for a young woman, can be examined, including the paths not taken And Duras does an excellent job of positing a different scenario.The core of the novel involves her mother s unsuccessful attempts to hold back the sea by building barriers dams in the Mekong delta so that the fertile land can be tilled Regrettably, the barriers dams are not strong enough, and break every year, destroying the crops with brackish water This leads to financial ruin and enormous stress on the family Duras does an excellent job of depicting the courtships and lovers of both Suzanne, as well as her brother Joseph, against a background of a seriously neurotic cingl e mother Financial considerations play into both courtships With considerable justification, the mother is depicted demonstrating a real hatred for the French officials responsible for land distribution.Duras also does an excellent job of describing life in general in this French colony For example, there is the area of Saigon where all the rich colonists live, the streets are watered frequently to hold down the dust, and the trams are routed around the trams themselves are all hand me downs from Metropolitan France Suzanne promenades in her finery, and escapes to the cinema, the site of than one rendezvous In the Delta, Joseph, and others take great pride in their hunting ability, with animals such as panthers the prey The corv e, that is, the use of prisoners, builds the roads There are many children, unattended by their mothers, who die along the roads, or from disease, and are quickly buried in the mud, with the earth packed down by the bare feet of their fathers.Initially I had a problem with the title The Pacific Thought the water off the coast was the South China Sea But for the woman, Suzanne s mother, from Pas de Calais, the South China Sea was too provincial she would only refer to it with the expansive name of the ocean I also had some other problems with her sense of geography for example, there are no mountains in the Delta, and it was not the sea, per se, that was doing the flooding it was the annual flood from the Mekong A good friend suggested that she might have gotten a few particulars wrong due to her life time companion, alcohol.Overall, a strong novel, with interesting plot and character development, set against the background of deep economic and power inequality 5 stars.

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    As a portrait of life in the French colonies during the beginning of 20th century, Marguerite Duras succeeds in denouncing the vampirism of this regime through the eyes of a French familiy who was enticed by the promises of a better life far from their land.A mother with a young son and a young daughter must struggle to beat the forces of nature and the corruption of the French officials.

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