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The Guns of the South files The Guns of the South, read online The Guns of the South, free The Guns of the South, free The Guns of the South, The Guns of the South 7d7ef168e January General Robert E Lee Faces Defeat The Army Of Northern Virginia Is Ragged And Ill Equpped Gettysburg Has Broken The Back Of The Confederacy And Decimated Its ManpowerThen, Andries Rhoodie, A Strange Man With An Unplaceable Accent, Approaches Lee With An Extraordinary Offer Rhoodie Demonstrates An Amazing Rifle Its Rate Of Fire Is Incredible, Its Lethal Efficiency Breathtaking And Rhoodie Guarantees Unlimited Quantitites To The ConfederatesThe Name Of The Weapon Is The AK It Is Absolutely Unique Without Question The Most Fascinating Civil War Novel I Have Ever Read Professor James M McPherson Pultizer Prize Winning Battle Cry Of Freedom

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    The best evil racists from the future supply AK47s to the South so they can win the Civil War novel I have read.

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    Despite my fondness for alternate history, I ve never gotten around to reading much of it, and Harry Turtledove s work in the field was virgin territory to me until I read this book I know, that s pretty shocking, since his name is practically synonymous with the sub genre in U.S book circles But I ve recognized this novel as a must read for years, and finally decided long story to read it now rather than later I m very glad I did it s early in the year, but this might well be my favorite read of 2017.As is often the case, the Goodreads description of this book is copied from the back cover and it explains the premise very well Here, the alteration in history isn t caused by a change of events or decision within the historical setting, but by the intervention of time travelers from outside of it a fanatical bunch of South African white supremacists from 2014 this book was written in 1992 , who come bearing a supply of AK 47s for the Confederate armies, which they hope will turn the tide of the war Their world has developed time travel technology, which they ve stolen to use for their purposes, but it only works in 150 year jumps hence, from January 2014, they couldn t go any further back in time than January 1864 Since the cover of this edition proclaims across the top in capital letters, THE MASTER OF ALTERNATE HISTORY DEPICTS THE ULTIMATE REVERSAL THE SOUTH WINS THE CIVIL WAR, I m hardly guilty of writing a spoiler in quoting it But the meat of the novel lies in the scenario of how the South wins and importantly, what happens after that, since this tale spans the years 1864 68.The Civil War was the bloodiest war, in terms of American deaths, in our history despite the facade of postwar sectional reconciliation, it left a legacy of grievance and hatred on both sides that s been the province of demagogues to exploit for political advantage ever since And like the war itself, this legacy is inextricably bound up with the unqualifiedly pernicious institution of slavery, which many Southerners though not all went to war with the goal of protecting, and which some Northerners though not nearly as many as modern Northern pundits would like us to believe went to war in the hope of destroying So inevitably, it s a legacy that tends to be seen differently, and with a lot less detachment, by black Americans than by white ones even by whites who abhor slavery, as practically all living whites in America do today This isn t a moral climate that lends itself to appreciation of nuance and a desire to understand the perspectives of others, historical or contemporary rather, it s a climate that fosters stereotyping and demonization of the hated Other, whether they actually have or had demonic beliefs or not All of this makes a premise like Turtledove s an absolute minefield for an alternate history novelist to tread.Yet Turtledove treads it without flinching, and does so with precisely the appreciation of nuance and desire to truly understand where his characters were coming from historically that tends to be the first casualty of wars whether they re the shooting kind that we had in the 1860s or the screaming kind that we have now He does this while putting the issue of race slavery squarely at the heart of his novel, and as the central question that has to engage his characters moral growth and decisions And his characters are almost entirely Southerners, and mostly white Southerners His perspective is the same basic one that all decent and educated people have today that race and skin color have nothing to do with individual intelligence and character, and that no human being has the right to own another though he shows that perspective naturally by the unfolding of his story, rather than by long sermons and didactic passages Obviously, though, not every character he s dealing with has that perspective His two viewpoint characters, General Lee and Sergeant Nate Caudill of the 47th North Carolina, start with somewhat enlightened views of blacks than some Southerners Lee s being a bit advanced than Caudill s , and have essentially decent instincts, but even they are people of their time with lessons to learn Virtually all of his white characters have some racial prejudices some, like Andries Rhoodie and his cohorts, based on hate, but most simply based on the ignorance that comes when whites and blacks never really get to know each other No punches are pulled here in depicting the ugliness of the whole slavery culture that these people take for granted the description of a slave auction is nauseating , and the frequent use of racist terminology grates like a vegetable grater over flesh The book got its stars despite those characteristics, not because of them But the realism is necessary to what the author is trying to do.Turtledove s day job is an academic historian he has a PhD in the subject and author of serious nonfiction history books written under his pen name of H N Turtletaub He bases this novel on massive research almost all of the characters who populate the book, as he explains in the historical notes, were real people whose depictions stick as close to known facts as possible, and the locations except for the town of Rivington are mostly real places and described accurately as they were in the 1860s The behavior of Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Gen Grant and the other political figures is entirely consistent with their known personalities and attitudes, and the developments of his alternate history are entirely plausible given the changes to the timeline that he posits This is a long book 556 pages of text , but it s a gripping page turner all the way, where the length is a plus that just serves to build a fascinating world fascinatingly, and give you time with believable, flawed, but mostly likeable people you come to really care about Apart from the racial epithets, there s some profanity and scatology many of these characters are soldiers, and they talk like many of their real life counterparts actually did , but no obscenity except on one occasion from a South African and while there s some unmarried sex, none of it is explicit The plotting is spot on perfect, IMO You Southerners may have made the Confederacy into a nation, General Lee, but what sort of nation shall it be Lord Richard Lyons, British minister to the U.S.

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    The best alternate history novel Hell, I don t know, I haven t read that many, but this one was pretty damn good.SPOILER ALERT In this book, the South wins the Civil War OK, so not that much of a spoiler, I think that s on the cover But HOW that happens is how Turtledove makes this interesting.A group of racist South Africans goes back in time and equips General Lee s army with AK 47s The added firepower was all the crafty old tactician needed to turn the tide on Grant and Lincoln.So what happens when the CSA lasts beyond 1865 Lots And Turtledove follows Lee, an educated North Carolina First Sergeant returning to his civilian career as a school teacher and four score and seven other interesting characters both historic and imagined who populate the CSA that might have been.The most obvious theme explored in this sideways history is racism For those easily offended by a certain racial slur, this may not be the book for you Turtledove strives for and achieves narrative historic accuracy but in doing so drops N words than The Dude dropped F bombs in The Big Lebowski Turtledove examines the peculiar institution in terms of those most affected, those who have grown to accept that way of life, those who insist on maintaining the status quo and the Apartheid terrorists who started the whole mess.This was a good book and I enjoyed reading it, but WAY WAY too long Damn Tell your story and then stop typing, this could have been so much better a hundred pages less Still, very good and I ll revisit Turtledove and this sub genre again.

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    I stumbled across this book while prowling around this very site and was instantly captivated by the cover I mean, it s a picture of famous Confederate General Robert E Lee holding one of the most recognizable firearms of our time the AK 47 To be honest, it s not even well done he s gripping it all weird and it just kind of looks like shit Throw in a good review from one of my friends on the site and it was an easy three or four dollars to spend, even though I swear the young lady that rang me up looked at the cover, then back at me with a kind of disdainful amusementI m sorry it wasn t fucking Naked Lunch or Gravity s Rainbow or whatever Those are probably bad examples, I don t even know what cool people read these days.So obviously I m coming into this experience with a fair amount of bias against its literary quality based solely on the cover and the premise You might be wondering why I would even want to read this having said all that, and the answer to that is because I occasionally enjoy trash Well, I can safely say that this book is not trash and that the author managed to take such a ridiculous premise and build a convincing speculation on it The guy is not some weird hack that got popular by a bizarre stroke of fate, he got a Ph.D in Byzantine history from UCLA and obviously knows the American Civil War and all the people involved back to front The book also mercifully doesn t consist of scene after scene of Confederates mowing down Union troops like some low budget action movie, as the war ends fairly early in the novel The real idea or theme this book deals with is the question of what the CSA would have grown into had it won the war, and Turtledove has some very interesting and even pleasantly surprising speculations on that.As usual I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible in writing reviews of books but the back cover tells quite a bit a militant racist South African organization uses a time machine to travel to 1864 and hook the Confederates up with a bunch of AK 47s, which is a hilarious difference from the rifled muskets most soldiers were using The novel follows two protagonists the aforementioned Robert E Lee and Nate Caudell, a teacher and First Sergeant in the Army of Northern Virginia Despite them both being Confederate scum, I had to like them Lee is smart, compassionate, and committed to his duties, and Caudell is a rational, humble and thoughtful salt of the earth type guy Despite my best efforts I enjoyed the dumb love story between Caudell and Mollie Bean, a great Hooker With a Heart of Gold type character The two characters provide a nice and easy way to watch both Lee s decision making and its effects on the little people.Some flaws did present themselves as I made my way throughout the novel Lee is great but he is also a bit of a Gary Stu view spoiler I was also hoping the entire time Forrest would get murdered by someone The man was inarguably a horrible, murderous racist and the way Turtledove handled him was so bizarreit was like the first half of the novel he s predictably an asshole and villain character and then suddenly he s this awesome hero General and leads everyone to victory Terrible Just terrible hide spoiler

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    I first reviewed this some years ago This is an update 8 17 15I read this years ago and I must say i liked it Unfortunately it was the last in this seemingly endless series of books I did like Actually this book doesn t have anything to do with the aforementioned endless series on the Civil War It simply treads the same subject ground This I likedthose I burned out on pretty much right away This one explores the anachronistic arrival of some South African white supremacists with a large supply of AK 47s to the south during the Civil War, with the somewhat predictable changes for the outcome of said war, and the CSA is established as a separate country.Pet Peeve view spoiler One of my big arguments with this book is that after the war the 2 border states KY and MO hold a popular referendum to see if they ll join the Confederacy or the Union He writes that KY goes with the CSA and MO goes with the USA Looking at history and the MO KS conflict along with the fact that the Mountain and Cumberland Plateau areas in TN, NC and KY went largely Union I think it would have gone the other way hide spoiler

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    Am I a bad history grad student for reading this ProbablyI shouldn t have bothered with this It was really poorly written in parts, especially any time dialogue had to provide some kind of exposition, and plus it made me feel a little dirty to have to root for the Confederates, as they are the heroes of the book I knew the basic plot a group of 21st Century racist South Africans travel back in time and give AK 47s to the Confederates so they will win the Civil War What I didn t realize was that the South Africans don t just leave, they hang around to be a major plot point throughout the book Why do they hang around So that the author can constantly compare them with the Confederates and imply that the Confederates weren t all that racist Turtledove fills the book with South African characters mistreating slaves, and Confederates like Robert E Lee coming to the slaves defense He even goes so far as to have the South African characters buy slaves and horribly abuse them, so he can have Confederates rescue them The plot of the book turns on R.E Lee winning the war and almost immediately becoming an open and vocal abolitionist, which is completely nonsensical And as I said before, the exposition is horribly clunky, with people saying things like As I m sure you know, General Lee, because you are a student of our politics, our Confederate constitution, which was passed in 1861, provides for a six year presidential term Groan I will say this for Turtledove he is creative in his ideas about how history would have progressed in the aftermath of a Confederate victory He goes into great detail about the subsequent presidential elections in the North and the South, about what would happen to a Lincoln who lived, about relations between the U.S and Britain if Britain recognized the Confederates, about what would happen to the border states, etc All of that is interesting But when you combine the awkward writing with this picture of the rebels as a group of people hardly racist and almost ready to give up slavery on their ownI can t really recommend this book.

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    The Premise White nationalist Afrikaaners travel back in time and equip Robert E Lee s Army of Northern Virginia with fully automatic AK 47 rifles on the eve of the Battle for the Wilderness in 1864 Hijinks ensue.That s it, really Guns of the South is simply that premise followed to one possible conclusion Though the premise is fantastical, it is slyly subversive in following the most popular general what if of alternate history South Wins the Civil War , Turtledove is able to prey on the vanity and insecurity of the modern day Lost Cause sympathizer by juxtaposing those ostensibly racist Southerners with those even racist late 20th Century South Africans We see the triumphant Confederates chastened and cognizant of the error of their ways slavery , so much so that they join up with their Union foes to vanquish the schemes of the two dimensionally evil Afrikaaners What s puzzling is that, for someone who is so notoriously conspicuous with his various reminders to the reader that he s Done His Research, Harry Turtledove refuses to recognize the historic reality that a caused the Civil War, and b made many of his historical characters particularly the Southerners so unsympathetic Even Nathan Bedford Forrest, the butcher of Fort Pillow and founder of the Ku Klux Klan, is rehabilitated under the magic of Turtledove s prose Forrest is Not Bad After All, once Saint Robert E Lee s beatific influence is felt One might say Hey, it s fiction, what s the big deal The big deal is that the author is by design using the allure of a well known historical era, with its well known cast of historical characters, to get people to read his book Playing around with what if s can be fun and useful in fiction cf Ward Moore s Bring the Jubilee But some counterfactuals are simply nonsensical, illogical, and offer prime examples of begging the question What If Hitler Didn t Invade the Soviet Union is a good example anyone with a grasp of the primary sources understands that the only way for that to have been avoided was for Hitler and by extension, the Nazis to have never come into power in Germany in the first place, and so posing the question makes no sense What if the Civil War Wasn t About Slavery Race etc is the proposition underlying the superficial counterfactual in Guns of the South involving South Africans and AK 47s That underlying proposition is necessary, because without it, there s no way to make many of Turtledove s protagonists as likable and sympathetic as he demands To pose that question is silly, and renders moot the era to which Turtledove would have us journey.

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    This is a great book The cover has Robert E Lee with an Ak 47 so you know it isn t your standard book Even though a Confederate victory via time travel is far fetched, it isn t the main part of the book It has much to do with the Confederate States as a nation and how it comes to terms with it s own internal problems as well as facing a racism borne out of hatred by the time travelers , as opposed to their racism based out of ignorance.The time travelers from a decade ahead of our own were white supremacists from South Africa and sought to create a puppet state, only Robert E Lee while not as enlightened as we may be was a forward thinking man on race and a moderate abolitionist in his own right, and for diplomatic purposes, the CSA would need to curtail slavery for the sake of alliances with Europe which had abolished slavery a generation or two earlier.In addition to the main plot about the Confederates vs a futuristic coup are referendums on whether Missouri and Kentucky wish to be in the Union or the Confederacy Missouri stays in the US while Kentucky joins the CSA as well as a friendship between Lincoln and Lee two men who s early deaths greatly damaged the Southern states , Lee s plans to phase out slavery, and a US invasion of Canada to offset the loss of their Southern states.This book may not be a realistic alternate history, but the main point of it is about how the South evolves after being free and readjusting their own views after seeing a much malignant side of their perspective.

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    Harry Turtledove, Guns of the South Del Rey, 1992 Time to make shish kebab out of another sacred cow Guns of the South is considered THE alternate history novel by many, the one alternate history novel that should be required reading in history classes and on just about every historian s list of must read Civil War books And to be fair, it s almost that good Really.As with most fiction of the speculative type, especially alternate history speculative fiction, the plot can be summed up by asking one simple question In that case, what if the South won the American Civil War The book is essentially divided into two halves the first half takes place during the war, and the second half afterwards And when Turtledove is writing battle scenes, he shines The first half of the book flies by It s a page turner to end all page turners.Unfortunately, when Robert E Lee moves from military command to political life, the story bogs down Badly.It does pick up again, a hundred or so pages later, but there are a few places in the book where the pace gets so glacial I started to think I d accidentally picked up Frank Herbert s Children of Dune instead Yes, it gets that slow It all wraps up pretty nicely, but the journey to get from point A to point B can sure be hard sometimes 1 2

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    The ultimate alternative history book of all time by the ultimate alternative history author of all time This is the one book to read if to read alternative history.

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