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  • Hardcover
  • 424 pages
  • The Mind of South Africa
  • Allister Sparks
  • English
  • 15 February 2019
  • 9780394581088

10 thoughts on “The Mind of South Africa

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    Great overview of history of S Africa from before colonization to after the TRC Allister is an ex journalist so this book is readable Great perspective on what led to apartheid and what has happened since.

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    One of the most meticulously researched and well written books I have ever read Thought provoking and an absolute must read for all interested in the recent history of South Africa.

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    this book details the rough history of south Africa if you need to understand the mindset of an oppressor, this is a book to read it is well written

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    Incredibly rich and extremely well researched work The historical value of this book is immense and it offers deep insights into South Africa s past and present.

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    Zelden een boek gelezen dat zo n goed inzicht geeft in de geschiedenis en cultuur van een land Fantastisch geschreven vol waardevolle lessen en inzichten.

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    This book is a good, informative and helpful read and interesting not only because it was still written before the peaceful transition to democracy came about in South Africa Allister Sparks has written an insightful and powerful expose on our long history I like his admission on his wrong evaluation on F.W.de Klerk, who surprise friends and foes with his leap of faith in 1990 at the blockbuster speech opening Parliament on February 2.

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    Read this book in bits and parts through several years Having been to SA and bought this book from there, and kept going back there for few years, it made it nice to read about it s history A bit too scholarly written than I usually fancy, but it was informative nevertheless If I hadn t been to SA would not be very sure if I would have picked it from a library, bit dull.

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    Er sirka h lfna ur me essa Komst fyrst t ri vi hana egar g skrifa i ritger um a skilna arstefnuna vori 2007 heimss gu e 1815 M li me essari b k fyrir alla sem hafa huga s gu Su ur Afr ku, og raun fyrir alla sem hafa huga mannlegu e li.

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    The Mind of South Africa explores the story of the rise fall of Apartheid Suggested reading for anyone researching the History of South Africa

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    Good read

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The Mind of South Africacharacters The Mind of South Africa, audiobook The Mind of South Africa, files book The Mind of South Africa, today The Mind of South Africa, The Mind of South Africa 9fb3f South Africa Is One Of The Most Complex And Troubled Nations On Earth It Is The Only Country Whose Divisions Are Legally Endorsed, Whose Isolation Is Deliberate And Whose Internal Biases Are So Pointedly Lopsided The Mind Of South Africa Is A Unique Survey Which Encompasses The History, Culture And The Warped Mythology Of Apartheid By Which The Country Is Still Held Hostage Allister Sparks, Distinguished Former Editor Of The Rand Daily Mail, Recounts The Full Story Of South Africa S Agonizing Drama And, Amazingly, Remains An Optimist About Its Future

About the Author: Allister Sparks

Allister Haddon Sparks was a South African writer, journalist and political commentator He was the editor of The Rand Daily Mail when it broke Muldergate, the story of how the apartheid government secretly funded information projects.Sparks later wrote a number of critically acclaimed books on South Africa s transition from apartheid, including Tomorrow is Another Country 1996 , The Mind of Sout