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Superluminal summary Superluminal, series Superluminal, book Superluminal, pdf Superluminal, Superluminal b146db49f8 The Future Is At War For The Soul Of Humankind It Is A Time When Civilization Has Extended Itself Far Into The Outer Reaches Of The Solar System, And In Doing So Has Developed Into Something Remarkable But Humanity S Progeny The Nanotechnological Artificial Intelligences Called Free Converts Face Extermination At The Hands Of The Tyrant Am S And His Invincible Armies, And Once The Napoleonesque Director Develops Superluminal Flight, His Final Solution Will Be All But AssuredBut Hope Remains Alive In The Outer System From The Fleeing Refugees Of A Dozen Moons And Asteroids, General Roger Sherman Has Amassed An Effective And Adaptable Military Force, Already Forged Into A Formidable Weapon In The Fires Of BattleHowever, Time Is A Commodity The Courageous Federal Army Lacks, As Total War Erupts Between The Vast Cloudships Of The Outer System And The Deadly Armada Of The Met, A Glorious And Terrible Conflict That Will Rage Among The Stars And Within The Hearts And Minds Of Every Human Being

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    I will add a longer review later, but first Why on earth did so many people read this without reading Metaplanetary And how can they justify giving a poor rating, citing confusion when they didn t read the first book that would answer most of their questions Now if this is truly the last book ever in this series, I will also be pissed If a necessary third volume is published, this will be awesome.Read things in the correct order, people It s not the author s fault if you pick up books at random.

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    On second thought have you noticed I often change a rating after thinking about for a day or two it s better than my first impression Still can t quite give it four stars.However, it did suffer by having been read right after I read Guy Kay s

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    It s not often that I find a book unreadable, and in case it s a slow starter I give it at least the first 100 pages to grab me This book was at that point but I decided to stick it out and finish it because it has been a while since I read a stinker and I won t review a book that I don t complete that would not be fair to the author And in this case the book did get better barely Superluminal is a follow up to Metaplanetary which I admit I have not read But I don t think it would have made any difference, the problems with this book are in its thin characters, thinner plot, and segmented story The story is set about a millennia in the future, earth is mostly abandoned and the solar system is connected by strings which allow for everyone and everything to be connected by grist a nanoengineered glue that allows for a high degree of virtuality to exist There are three types of people in this system humans, converts and free converts Most are converts which have a human base but exist in than place as a virtual you, in order to fully enjoy life, the two places at once scenario Free converts are completely virtual with no human attached, they are just out there Over time a sort of racism has evolved and now a civil war in breaking out Daniels has put together an incredibly detailed world and a lot of thought went into the science and details there are over fifty pages of appendices, notes, timelines, biographies etc but that does not make up for the uninteresting characters, mediocre battles scenes and dull plot The most interesting characters were a human who is stuck on Earth and an AI Jeep Cherokee that has wandered the planet for centuries The girl finds the Jeep by accident and they strike up a friendship that is warm and powerful but they only appear in the beginning of the book and the end In between was just feh The Goodreads site had a lot of great reviews on the book and if you are into the tech of the book and such I guess you could excuse the weak writing but after reading great space opera and military scifi by Weber, RIngo, Bujold, Drake and others this just doesn t cut it I think it s safe to say I won t be picking anything up by Daniels in the future.

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    The book is good, but ultimately it goes nowhere It simply ends at a moment that should have been the climax, and basically says and then they won None of the plot threads that have been developed none of the five thousand plot threads come to a conclusion The book then goes into an appendix, in such a way that makes it clear that there s not going to be another book It s frustrating, nearly ruining the book.

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    Very interesting An interesting post singularity world, but the story was weakened by being a sequel to which I hadn t read the first novel There are too many characters, presumably continued from the first book, whose stories don t really interconnect And a truly annoying deus ex machina at the end that makes the rest of the plot superfluous.But I liked it enough to put a hold on the earlier book at the library.

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    Awesome, complicated and largely believable Very enjoyable with a lot going on.It s just a bit too much of a book two of three when I haven t read book one, and I gather book three will never happen Read and enjoy, just don t expect too much out of the ending.

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    Very much enjoyed this the continuation of Metaplanetary Excellent execution.

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    I m confused But I liked it Too bad there is no apparant sequel on this book

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    Pretty good, but seems to be the last book, and there s definitely a lot to happen Also, some of the technical explanations are a bit grating.

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    Still not as great as his short story originals, this book was definitely better than its predecessor The fact I can barely remember its content is not a good indicator.

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