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    Warning this review is not censored.There are some people who view the line between consent and non consent, between sex and rape, as blurry There are some people who would gladly place blame for rape on that drunk girl in the short skirt who was asking for it There are some people who would view flirting and dancing suggestively as an invitation that should be followed through no matter what, it s not the other person s fault for holding the suggestive dancer down and raping them, afterall, it s not really rape if they were flirting first There are some people who think rape is erotic And there are some people who think serial killers are sexy.I am not one of those people.I m sure people will start to make assumptions about the kind of person I am as soon as they see my negative rating I m sure I can t do anything to change most people s minds But I am going to tell you a few things about me For one, I am not a prude I like reading books about sex Sometimes I like reading books about kinky sex I don t mind reading books that push the boundaries with kinky sex into just plain old weird sex People have their odd kinks and who am I to judge You want to go home, tie each other up and urinate on one another You have my full blessing But there is a line And that line is drawn, for me, at consent It isn t a blurry line, it s a straight, permanent marker type line No non consensual sex No sex with those who are not in a position to give consent which, in case you were wondering, includes the mentally unstable, children and animals.This book isn t a love story.This book is about a rape victim and a rapist.This book is not sexy.This book is not BDSM.This book is not okay.This book is abuse.This book makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like My Little Pony.This book makes Story of O look romantic.This book is rape The actions in it are inexcusable It makes me sick.Now, people do bad things No argument there And I don t mind when authors show that Even when they show it graphically, sometimes I think you need to be graphic about it to emphasise the seriousness of the bad that people do And Stockholm Syndrome is a serious thing that many people have suffered from I m not disputing any of this The issue I take is with the portrayal of this bad as maybe not being so bad, as maybe even being erotic and sexy My problem is not with the idea that abuse begets abuse as this story tells us My problem is when said abuse is used as wank material Because Olivia is a victim of rape and severe abuse There are no blurred lines of consent here She is kidnapped, raped, beaten, humiliated and dehumanised and we are supposed to find it sexy When even Reage s nameless O participates of her own free will.I m sure there will be readers ready to point out the sexual responsiveness of Olivia in this book Well, to that I only wish I still had the link to an article I once read about rape Rape is, for me, possibly the vilest thing a person can do to another Because it takes something that on a physical level can be good sex and uses it as a weapon by turning it into something completely monstrous This article I read talked about the embarrassment some rape victims face because their bodies respond to the stimuli that they are biologically programmed to Some can even experience orgasm from rape This doesn t make it any less serious or any consensual It does not make me feel better in this book when Olivia s body responds to the sexual abuse I felt like I was watching a dancing bear being tortured into a humiliating performance It doesn t dance because it wants to.Caleb is supposed to gain our pity because of his abusive past And maybe I could have pitied him on some level, maybe I would have found it in my heart to see him like I see Heathcliff the abused abuser Maybe I could offer understanding, if not forgiveness But I cannot offer acknowledgement of his supposed sexiness A man who does this is not hot he beats her with a belt he washes her and hits her when she won t open her legs so he can clean her genitals he thoroughly enjoys beating her into submission and humiliating her he gets aroused by her fear and distressThere is also a disturbing link being made here between gender and roles of dominance and submission This doesn t exist in BDSM BDSM relationships can be M F, F M, M M, F F and anything in between Captive in the Dark suggests that the dominance and submission between Olivia and Caleb is natural because she s a woman and he s a man He was a man, and I I was nothing but a girl, not even a woman I was meant to fall at his feet and worship at the alter of his masculinity, grateful that he d deigned to acknowledge me Male and female, masculine and feminine, hard and soft, predator and prey It made me nauseous I m sure someone will be willing to tell me I didn t get it That I m too narrow minded to appreciate the complexity of what s going on here Well, yes, fine If you think it makes me narrow minded to find the kidnapping, beating and raping of a girl unacceptable and not remotely erotic then yes, I am narrow minded I ll drink to that.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    Captive in the Dark The Dark Duet, 1 Warning Frankness Ahead Be careful of letting your mind open too far, or else it ll fall outNo Just. No This fuckin book makes me want to go into serious P90X training and Sarah Connor my pullup bar to stomp the dogshit out of the would be hero, because truth be told, I only ever felt elated or intensified when Livvie fought back or gained the upper hand momentarily Unfortunately, that was far too short lived.No, he s not a hero in fact, legendary bodice ripper badboys, Sean Culhane and Thomas Eden, are bewinged saints lofted down to the earth on stately, cirrus clouds in comparison to this wretched human toilet Actually, putting BR heroes in the same realm of existence, as this creature is just doing them an injustice Your henchman cannot use your heroine like a punching bag your hero can t starve and physically mentally abuse your heroine in modern day live time, and you swoon your audience Well, not me, anyways You cannot convince to me to enjoy thisjust maybe because I haven t lost my fucking mind or my sense of decency or integrity I haven t became so desensitized in my risque novels, that the sexual violence, serial killer survival course could be romanticized This is no bad boy with questionable morals, aching to be understood behind his rough exterior His fault as a human being, slavery without consent rape, provocation, or mocking BDSM lifestyle, kidnapping, human trafficking, among other things are the sort that only those women who marry serial killers whilst they re on death row, could love Yeah Ted Bundy was hot, too These pseudo writers create these serial killer groupies, disguised as heroines, to be the exception in a deeply demented man s dating pool.Honestly, the book in itself encourages me to visit Missing Youth of America sites and desperately print out posters, as a means to bring attention to the ungodly amount of children missing that are simply forgotten because they re either too poor or their families were too dysfunctional to give two shits about what became of them This is what this book represents, to me Exploiting violence against women, underground, drug addicted prostitute rings modified to feel and look hot with sexualized wordplay to gloss it all over, as if it d make it all better As the wise Sarah said once before, this is about sexual violence, not violence in sexuality sensuality This is a rape fantasy book, but it s not the rough sex most are imagining, therein her actually being RAPED is not safely assumed as rough sex, for me Not my thing, wish you the best, if it s your thing I don t have to read them, now do I No ma am , but I cannot ever commiserate with such an insufferable creature Some people shouldn t be allowed to walk the streets Caleb s one of them To even consider, for a fucking moment in eternity, that he s capable of recovering, somehow changing from human trafficker, rapist, mentally emotional wrecker, stalker..is unimaginable and so far fetched, I m surprised Ted Bundy s image wasn t silhouetted on the cover IF the second book claims he s working on the HEA with Livvie, it s the author s attempts to humanize himbut in all honesty that s also what serial rapists killers do in testimony to their crimes they masquerade as a human being.There s no story here It s a wall of text, and gives me the vision of a LARP Live Action Roleplay , with someone taking notes giving driving directions I feel as if I m fucking reading a treasure map walk two steps to the left, go behind the tree and passed the barrel of STFU or ironically, it does remind me of being a Captive In the Dark, because it s so one on one, the story so barely there, that to add flare or scene switches would threaten the reader s sensibilities to stop and reflect on what the author has designed to sympathize the most profoundly depraved of humanity Some reviews on .com have championed this book, and have questioned themselves, their morals and sanity after this book was read, but I can t help but feel as though that s a conscience easily mutable with lust Well, this is my bitchy ass superiority complex kicking in, muting my sexuality.

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    Well, this was dark very, very dark I m almost at a loss for words which is most unlike me It has left me with way questions than answers and also has me questioning myself.The synopsis is quite simple Caleb was abducted as a child, used in the worst way anyone can use a child and eventually rescued from his situation He is hell bent on revenge on the man responsible for his abuse and turns to the practice of training pleasure slaves to eventually get close to and ultimately destroy his nemesis.Olivia is just the latest in a long line of abductees, chosen as the ultimate prize to ensnare his target a virgin slave He chooses her because she is beautiful but poor and he thinks the disappearance of a poor girl in Los Angeles will stir up little interest.We should despise Caleb he s nothing short of an sadistic, abusive, f cked up bastard but the story is told from the their alternating POV Olivia s first person and Caleb s third person so we get to hear his thoughts and understand what is going on in his head but does his incredibly, awful past justify his actions in the here and now Does abuse beget abuse Why do we seek shelter in those that have hurt us the most Did I enjoy this novel how dare I enjoy this novel I was almost appalled at myself but I just couldn t put the damn thing down I was compelled to carry on and horrified to find myself empathising with Caleb.There s an incredible darkness to him but somewhere in there, there s a hint of light and Olivia, despite what she endures, starts to see this Does she have Stockholm Syndrome or is she just seeking shelter in someone who can inflict incredible pain and punishment and then comfort her and soothe away her woes Olivia is a tour de force she s been branded a whore nearly her whole life, is hiding beneath shapeless clothes but she has an amazing spirit Caleb may be able to beat her into physical submission, but he can never break her spirit.I guess I will properly review this when the second half of the duet is released, when the direction of this story is finally revealed and the few teasers I have read are tantalising.But, blimey What an amazingly dark, roller coaster of a ride and what conflicting emotions I have just sat here writing this review right now.Disturbed doesn t even begin to describe it.A good number of my Goodreads friends won t enjoy this but I have than a few who will and will feel the way I do right now Can t wait to discuss it with you.Edit Even now, a few days after finishing this book, it s still with me, pervading my thoughts I think that shows the strength of the writing that I can find myself empathising with a predator like Caleb I m wondering now if I should have dished out 5 stars instead of 4 I can t be sure.Still, deeply disturbed and captivated.Second Edit On reflection, I ve upped my rating to 5 stars because than a week has passed and this novel is still with me.For of my reviews, please visit my Sinfully Sexy Book Blog

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    I m very stingy with five stars I usually only give those to modern classics or books that I am absaloutely cray cray about Here is why I think CID deserves five 1 Holy bravery To take on this subject matter, and then to manipulate your audience into making them like the bad guy takes talent and a steele pair 2 The writing was very good 3 I liked Livvie I rarely like the main protagonist I also liked Caleb 4 It was dark, and we all know how I love to feast on darkness 5 The dialogue was great Truely, it is not easy to write believable dialogue I never once rolled my eyes that is a big deal I am disturbed, not over the subject matter but by the fact that none of it bothered me I am a bad, bad person.

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    5 MINDFUCKING STARS WOW A dark and powerful read UTTERLY CAPTIVATING UTTERLY DISTURBING I wrapped my arms around him and held on as hard as I could He was my tormentor and my solace the creator of the dark and the light within I didn t care that he would undoubtedly hurt me at any moment, right now I just needed somebody to hold me To tell me these exact words Its going to be okay It wasn t of course, I knew that But I didn t care, I needed the lie This book blew my mind I m seriously disturbed at how much I loved it And yet, I think it might end up being one of my favs now Every scene in it led to questions, made me doubt my feelings even In scenarios where right and wrong seemed so incredibly and unquestionably clear cut, it it just threw all my preconceived notions right out the window and just forcibly opened my mind to and perspectives, and questions.The writing style is seriously phenomenal and mezmerizing I felt like I just want to highlight the whole book It was captivating, rich, vivid, descriptive It put me right into the character s heads The story flowed beautifully, the dialogue was effortless and the plot was beyond gripping CJ Roberts is definitely one of my new favorite authors The book centers around Livie s kidnapping by Caleb As part of a complex revenge scheme twelve years in the making, he abducts her with the intent of training her as a pleasure slave and selling her into slavery to the man he is trying to take down.When Livie wakes from a drug enduced sleep to find herself captive, her worse nightmare is coming true Tied to a bed, with a strange man who calls her pet and demands she call him Master , Livie is thown into a dark, twisted world, subject to deeply erotic, deeply horrific and disturbing violations against her will But strangest of all are the feelings she begins to have for her captor Is there a good heart behind the monster As the lines between captive and captor are blurred, it leaves you questioning everything you feel Your entire life is going to change You should try to accept that, because there is no possible way to avoid it Like it or not, fight it or don t, your old life is over It was over long before you woke up here CalebI don t view this as a BDSM book This isn t BDSM as we usually see it in books, this is real life BDSM Its not a game, its not a lifestyle, not a choice, this is LIVING in it Its raw, gritty reality There is no safe word, no consent, no out The main purpose isn t getting off, the purpose is training End of story What s going to happen to me I asked quietly, almost hoping he hadn t heard I wasn t sure I wanted an answer.There was no answer then, Whatever I wish Its just such an alarming blend of gentle and tender to harsh, brutal and controlling and yet I was RIVITED TO THE PAGE.The author is seriously ballsy she goes ALLLLL out in this There is NO freaking stone left unturned Yup, read into that ALL you want O_OThere were parts of the book where I was just in shock at what was happening The purest HOLY SHIT moments you can imagine The whole initial concept of how easily someone can just disappear is deeply chilling And the story starts off from Caleb s POV Watching him watch her, contemplate taking her Wow So creepy and yet captivating As a slave trainer, he had trained at least a score of girls Some were willing Others Coerced But this particular slave, the one he eyed from across the busy street she was different She was neither willing, nor coerced, not sent to him She was pure conquest Caleb deep breath what a complex character I was utterly intrigued by him There s a constant counterbalance between his inner thoughts and feelings that are purely him and his outer actions which are clearly the result of his rigorous, brutal and intense training and conditioning His journey in this book is so interesting because even though he is technically the villain of this story, he s also the victim of his own utterly horrific story I think he had a lot of humanity, but most of it though had been raped or beaten away and his journey is him struggling whether or not he can and or wants to find it again We watch him struggle with what he wanted to do versus what he felt compelled to do And its a complete mindfuck because, yes he is brutal, but not in the way some crazy mindless rapist would be So I just found myself questioning things over and over and over again Did I like him cuz he was the best in this fucked up world or did I like him because of him Is he the villain Or is he too a victim of his own story Should you love him Should you hate him I thought I might be able to love him for a while, then I was really fucking sure I hated his guts But not hate in the sense that I want him to die I just want him to be less brutal and then I could love him And then, a few pages later I sympathized with him again and started to like him again A lot Maybe Gosh that sounds fucked up even to me lol Urrrrgh One minute he was gentle, the next he was a monster almost as if the inner him, deeeeep down may have been gentle, but he is just so strongly conditioned to be a monster, that it becomes dominant I kept alternating between almost thinking I was starting to fall for him, then he would do something that just totally fucked with my mind and, just like Livie, I just had NO clue what to feel Why couldn t he just keep being an evil, soulless bastard so I knew what his role was and I knew mine Why did he continually have to switch back from cold and unforgiving, to comforting and warm I mean, I know he s the product of seriously mindfucking so does that excuse his behavior Prolly not, but it makes me sympathetic to him I think Or not GAH Moving on you ll have to read it for yourself to see what you think about it.Livie I loved her character I totally felt for her I loved her spunk and her fight She never gave up, not really And her inner strength, despite her nightmare ish scenario made me totally sympathetic to her She was never stupid, never made me want to throw my Kindle at the wall Her thoughts and actions were totally understandable and relatable He had tied me naked to a bedpost To suffer And he was somewhere in the house fucking some whore s brains out He wasn t thinking of me Of the pain I was in because of him He simply did Not Care Hot tears streamed down my face I m alternated between finding what I was reading hot, utterly gross, utterly disturbing and then, disturbingly cute When Caleb would do something cute or tender, I felt myself melt a little And that just made me want to slap myself and just go Gah what s wrong with me He s a kidnapper He did unspeakable things to her But He s really cute Wrong wrong wrong Aaaaaaaaa he stood me up and pressed my head to his chest, rocking me back and forth gently I gripped him tightly, both arms holding fast to his waist It had become natural for me to seek shelter in his arms, even if he had just used then to hold me down and spank me.It wasn t enough to fuck my body, he wanted to mindfuck me too It was working Both Livie and Caleb were inexplicably and wrongly in both cases drawn to each other and yet their feelings were also utterly undeniable What was there was just SO FREAKING WRONG and yet, I just totally wanted to root for them What is wrong with me The book was captivating and riveting from start to finish It never dragged It was just one scenario after another Like Livie, you never knew what to expect Total mind fuck.I don t know what else to say except if you can keep an open mind, READ THIS BOOK Its absolutely AMAZING The ending is most definitely a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions, but the sequel is out so you can read straight through I can t wait to get to it in a few days I ve heard its even amazing CASTING see above for Caleb and Livie I think the image of Livie on the cover is perfect and I wouldn t try and cast that differently.Here s how I see Caleb though For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come 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    A very nice email asks a common question Does Captive in the Dark romanticize human trafficking My reply Thanks for the email I m glad you cared enough about the work to contact me I understand your hesitation and your trepidation in enjoying the work While I don t necessarily consider myself one of the great ones , I d like to think my work can be compared to other controversial works such as, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov The work is written from the view point of the abuser and therefore entices the reader to sympathize.I did not set out to romanticize the slave trade I think you ll find I do not paint it in a flattering light Instead, I present my readers with characters What my readers ultimately come to feel for those characters is up to them Some discover things about themselves they didn t know were there, things they don t wish to see, and others embrace it whole heartily I think people would be surprised by how many messages I receive from people who have suffered abuse, thanking me for writing this type of work For some, it helps them explore deep seeded fantasies they are too scared to admit to and explore The sexual fantasies of former abuse victims is not something always understood by mainstream society Additionally, I think some would also be surprised by how many readers HAD NO IDEA the sexual slave trade exists It s a different journey for everyone, in much the same way it was a journey for me just to write these two novels I d love to hear your thoughts on the sequel when you re finished.Best,CJ

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    This book was just..What I mean is that in some moments I was likeand then like thisLivvie Olivia KittenOlivia is an other fucked up book character with a very bad luck.She grew up without love but with her mother s hate.Livvie was the girl that would never cause any trouble and would never provoke the opposite sex.She was strong and destroyed.She needed someone to love her.She was just seeking comfort.Caleb image error

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    Warning Unpopular opinion time In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I didn t exactly finish this abomination book I made it halfway through before my numerous rage blackouts signaled that it was time to DNF However, because I m a curious idiot, I paged through to the end to see if the book ended as abysmally as I expected it would It did If I had finished Captive in the Dark, this review would probably contain 100% swears So in all honesty, I did this crapfest a favor.Because this book makes me think in sentence fragments, I ll make a list of reasons that readers like me may want to skip over this book and read something, ANYTHING instead 1 Rape and sexual assault2 Physical assault3 Kidnapping4 Belt beatings that leave welts FOR DAYS5 Chaining a woman up IN THE DARK in a manner that we wouldn t treat animals6 A deep misunderstanding of proper punctuation7 Trite, overwrought descriptions and dialogue8 SLAVERY9 The most inexplicable case of Stockholm s ever10 Sexism11 SEX TRAFFICKING12 Poor characterization and story development13 Victim who still attends high school 18 years old, but I still got some pedo vibes I ll leave the list at 13 Hell relics deserve unlucky numbers A Brief SummaryFucking evil fucking douchebag Caleb kidnaps high school student Livvie and locks her up so he can mentally break her, torture her, rape her, and eventually SELL HER AS A SEX SLAVE to some undeveloped, shadowy villain Caleb s the romantic hero, ladies and gentleman Fuck this guy In the process, Livvie falls for her captor because he s TOTES HAWT and forces multiple orgasms on her Livvie is not Caleb s first victim He s done this to plenty of women Oh, and the charmer s also a murderer And why has he unleashed this reign of terror on the human populace Seriously, brace yourself The reason won t give you any comfort.Caleb wants to have revenge on ONE FUCKING GUY I mean, even if he was taking on a whole country, there still wouldn t be an excuse for his actions But ONE GUY How lame can one man s motivations be He didn t have a fair go at it as a kid, and my heart breaks for that child However, as an adult, he has a personal responsibility to be better than that Caleb fails and becomes a fucking monster He belongs in prison or in an eternal headlock from Liam Neeson I d insert a kickass picture of Liam Neeson here, but CitD doesn t deserve awesome images in its reviews.I don t know what to write about Livvie s character Caleb dehumanizes her to such an extreme extent that she loses all perspective on right and wrong She ends up falling for him, which made very little sense to me with the short timeline Livvie s narration is coherent and rational, for the most post She doesn t read as insane, but her actions suggest that she is At one point, she mentions that she might be developing Stockholm Syndrome, but do people suffering from SS KNOW they re suffering from it Livvie describes Caleb as the physical ideal for a man She doesn t want to be attracted to him but can t help it because he s pretty That s the problem with so many of these self pubbed, innocent young thing falls in love with gorgeous dickbag stories IF CALEB LOOKED LIKE THE MONSTER HE IS ON THE INSIDE, NO ONE WOULD WANT TO FUCK HIM NO ONE WOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM NO ONE WOULD MAKE EXCUSES FOR HIS FUCKING INHUMANITY Why did I have to type that in all caps, you wonder BECAUSE IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF Now, it pains me that I have to type this, but WORDS SEND MESSAGES This is not just a story It s a reflection of our times, a reflection of our pre occupation with romanticizing the stories of victims so we won t have to think about the reality The reality is scary as shit I get it No one wants to end up a sex slave like Livvie So it seems the only way we can deal with that fear is by making the situation not SO bad Sure, Caleb commits unspeakable crimes, but he s a HAWT anti hero What he does to Livvie isn t right, but he had a rough childhood Love will REDEEM him A virginal little flower like Livvie will make him a better man That s all these rapists and sex traffickers need, you see The love of an abused, dehumanized woman Forget personal responsibility Forget the sacrifices of Livvie s freedom and personal agency Let s instead be aroused by Caleb beating Livvie to break her will and anally raping her.This is not just fiction Sure, the story is totally made up Caleb and Livvie are not real people This comes entirely from the imagination of C.J Roberts However, even the most fantastical fiction reflects snippets of our culture, of our worldviews That s why the written word is so powerful Indeed, that s why people have tried to cut off access to books in the past By no means do I think that Captive in the Dark should be censored I think it s irresponsible as all hell, but anyone should be and is permitted to read and make up their own minds I refuse to let this story slide just because it s supposed to be dark and taboo Our culture has enough issues with sex crimes already Sex slavery and trafficking is too real for me to think this book is erotic in the slightest Google the statistics It s a huge problem in the US and abroad, and it s tragically under reported Women, men, and children are brainwashed and abused like Livvie every day They are made to believe that their captors are the only people they can trust They re so afraid of their abusers that they won t speak to the police REAL PEOPLE Does Captive in the Dark do anything to fight this culture Not really It s pages full of wankery about poor ol Caleb and his feelz and overly sexualized descriptions of Livvie experiencing mind blowing, oh so wrong but it feels so right orgasms The knowledge of these very real victims in the back of my mind made it impossible for me to even appreciate this book on an artistic level My Goodreads friend Willowfaerie directed me to the story of Coleen Stan, whose 7 year captivity as a sex slave included many of the inhumanities suffered by Livvie In the real world, after a grueling court trial, the bad guy went to prison for the rest of his life Something tells me the same won t happen to Caleb IDK, maybe he ll die in the next book I ll never know because I won t be reading it The abrupt ending of this book indicated that Livvie wants to stay with Caleb and is willing to put herself in mortal danger for his stupid revenge mission, so I doubt the second book will spin the story on its head and consist entirely of a court trial featuring Caleb s past victims helping to send his sadistic ass to jail for the rest of his life To add insult to injury, this isn t even well written I know a lot of people say it is, and when compared to some other self pubs, I suppose it comes across better than others I m a picky bitch, though, and the trite, purple prose is eyeroll inducing At one point, Caleb enjoys the most dramatic beer ever while filling pages with info dumps of his tragic past I chronicled that in my status updates The purple prose is likely this book s worst enemy The flowery descriptions of the sexual assault and Caleb s appearance and demeanor perhaps unintentionally romanticized the story In addition to the clich d darkness of the writing style, a lot of the basics are off Punctuation is misused, words are misspelled, you re instead of your it seems they ll never learn , and there s plenty of telling in place of showing The dialogue tags really bothered me Authors, please note that actions like he took a drink should not be used as dialogue tags My GR friend Karla made a good point when she noted that a lot of new authors write dialogue like they re watching it on TV Bah I m going to attempt to forget about this book now The only good thing that came from this experience is that I found some amazing organizations that are fighting human trafficking in my research I ll lend my time and resources to positive forces like that instead Note After changing my mind several times, I ve decided to leave a rating I m confident that I read enough of this tripe to know how many stars I should give it.

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    Review posted February 10, 2013. Buddy read with Jo and Lisa Thanks, ladies I never thought I d be reading CitD in the first place, and I m very sorry that I read it It s safe to say the experiment failed big time And I feel kinda glad and relieved that I didn t like it For what s it worth, I ve had an interesting discussion on my update threads even though I hated Caleb the book.Since it s entirely my bad that I considered giving this book a try I will refrain from rating it Anyway, it s not relevant any but my rating would have been zero stars because one star is simply too much I was aware of the fact that I was not reading a romance As it was, I was not even reading an erotica book CitD is one seriously twisted and sick story Further, I was aware of the fact that the heroine developed some kind of Stockholm s Regardless, it doesn t make the book any less disturbing and I have every right to express a low opinion of a book Also, I am very aware of the fact that this series has a huge fan community To each their own and all that It was definitely not my cuppa.My review contains spoilers.First let me say that I have read Special Forces Soldiers Part I Director s Cut and I am surprised to admit that SF was a walk in the park compared to CitD Maybe I feel this way because I m a mother and I think that violence among men is bad enough, however, when it comes to society s weakest women and children then I give no quarter Whatever the motives are, violence against women and children is completely and utterly inexcusable I don t understand why these kinds of books are receiving such great praise Caleb is a sick, sadistic motherf er and a killer He is kidnapping girls and young women, he trains them and is selling them as pleasure slaves The filthy swine beats the hell out of Olivia and does unspeakable things to her Let s face it, we are not talking about a mild flogging In fact, she was covered from neck to ankles in angry, red welts for days days She almost fainted because it hurt so much Whew What an anti hero It s beyond me why these kinds of books are labeled as dark erotica Dark, yes But what s erotic or sensual about CitD Is rape erotic I found the sex a total turn off.I find it quite disturbing that the main character is portrayed physically as every woman s dream man He s written not as just as a main character or a protagonist, but as a hero Intentionally it seems by the author, to garner a connection, sympathy and even attraction to this anti hero by readers If the hero in CitD was in every way the same as Caleb, except he was fat, ugly, smelly, hairy aped bodily, bald with bad breath and toothless, would readers forgive him It was very obvious that Livvie felt attracted to Caleb due to his physical attributes and it helped to develop Stockholm s.There s no getting round it to wonder how real victims of slavery human trafficking would feel after reading this series What s their future prospect after being kidnapped Their pathetic lives won t turn into something romantic , they won t fall in love If anything, they can expect severe abuse etc and than a few will die from AIDS Olivia felt lust, she craved his touch Yeah, good Livvie has never had sex before and then he rapes her even though she said no , you d almost think it s not rape when she needs it to feel good and she can t prevent it anyway , she takes him up her ass and comes several fu ing times WTF It s mind boggling Atonement and redemptionRescuing his former kidnap victims is one step in the right direction it will obviously happen in book 2 But That s only the beginning and not the end and definitely not good enough I am a mother for Pete s sake How would I react if my boys would have been kidnapped and raped Do you honestly believe that I wouldn t want to bring the sick f er to justice I would want to see him suffer I would want him to do prison time for a very, very long time Seeking redemption is a positive start and then you go on a journey that will take years It s a long and difficult process and not something to take on lightly Also, I am convinced there are criminals who can never find redemption in my eyes because some deeds are so vile and atrocious that can never be just forgiven Without doubt Caleb belongs behind bars, he needs to be convicted for his evil deeds Unfortunately, though, it s not going to happen Granted, there is Caleb s awful background You don t have to be psychic to know why the author wrote such a background story Hence, it s bound to happen that readers will feel sorry for him This being said, where would we end up if we would excuse all those filthy crimes because the culprits suffered through something horrible in their childhood Anyway, back then I would have felt pity for the tormented boy but now he is an adult I loathe him, I hate him He is aware of the fact that he is hurting women He knows he is a killer And therefore he is accountable for his wrongdoing and I want him to assume responsibility Regardless of his personal experiences he inflicts pain and does despicable things More often than not I just wanted to wipe his sick smile off his face Also, I can t hear the Kitten Pet endearments any Ugh Besides, I didn t buy his being two faced either He beats the hell outta her and then he offers a gentle touch WTF Well, no wonder since he is so choleric, has a warped mind and has a serious case of anger management issues The guy is a psycho and he needs to see a shrink subito.The age of the heroine she is 18 is very interesting I suppose the age of consent in the States is 18 Hence, it would have been even shocking if Caleb raped a heroine who was a minor I don t want to say too much about her though the repetitiveness of her being a whore got on my nerves after a while Let s just say the I read the less I actually liked her Here are some interesting quotes I spoiler tagged them to shorten my review Please read them view spoiler Please, God, stop I shrieked He hit me across my lower back I thought I might faint Every time you feel my belt I want you to tell me why you deserve it Yes, I was terrified But there was also this undercurrent of something very vaguely familiar Lust Maybe.Destroying lives was something he was good at, this was no different, of course Or was it I needed this I needed to forget everything, even if for a few minutes He made me feel good, so good and it was difficult to resist when he d only force me anyway Don t fight He caressed my breasts, my belly, kissed my shoulder, once again making me moan with pleasure against my will Against your will Really My body relaxed and the enormous size of him settled inside me His breath warmed the nape of my neck and he let out a grunt The sound of it, so male, so primal, I marveled at it.I came several times while he f ed me, each time, it reduced me and into someone I recognized less and less Finally, he squeezed and pulled at my ass You feel so good I love your tight little ass He pulled out slowly, his c ck inching its way out of me and creating an overwhelming panic Would his semen come running out of me Kitten, that s no way to behave, he said, his voice denoting he was wide awake and ready to torment me I know it wasn t all bad for you, you came than once He was my tormentor and my solace the creator of the dark and the light within Your mother had children with than one man he sounded disapproving I warned you, you motherfu er He was blind Bloodlust consumed his vision He raised the knife at a forty five degree angle and plunged it straight into the base of Tiny s neck where it met his right shoulder Tiny let out an inhuman scream and endorphins released inside Caleb He pulled the knife out and blood sprayed across his arm, chest, and neck His head swam and his nostrils flared He brought the knife down again, this time toward the back of the neck to separate the spinal cord Tiny s accomplice screamed and screamed and screamed, making Caleb drunk with power and pure male satisfaction Caleb had saved me Did it mean he loved me His beautiful golden hair was tinged reddish brown, there was blood caked in his hairline I shuddered I made them pay Delicious, beautiful words, something I d never hear from anyone but a man like Caleb.Who was this man that could do this to me, to anyone, and live with himself And what type of person was I, to see some light in him that was somehow redeemable Surrender, he had once said He had wanted me to surrender Not just my body My mind I would try I would try for him Not for the sadistic, confusing man sitting next to me, not for Caleb I would try for the handsome stranger underneath.I understood the fine line between what Caleb was doing with me, and what he could have done so easily to me He was always in control of himself uh huh I see, when he beat the shit out of you he was totally in control Had always explained why he was doing one thing or another He kissed and caressed me, brought me ecstasy Is he handsome, this Demitri As handsome as you I said dully, softly and numb all over Caleb visibly flinched Good That felt good, inflicting pain in him hide spoiler

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    FREE on US today 8 31 2015 OMG This is a book on my re read shelf I read it in 2012 before GR and my reading has since evolved Very dark, but right up my alley these days Book 1 of 2.5 Series complete.BLURB Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible Finally, the architect of his suffering has emerged with a new identity, but not a new nature If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors and kidnap a beautiful girl to train her to be all that he once was.Eighteen year old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her His name is Caleb, though he demands to be called Master Olivia is young, beautiful, na ve and willful to a fault She has a dark sensuality that cannot be hidden or denied, though she tries to accomplish both Although she is frightened by the strong, sadistic, and arrogant man who holds her prisoner, what keeps Olivia awake in the dark is her unwelcome attraction to him.http www. Captive Dark DuFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 470 books

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Captive in the Dark download Captive in the Dark, read online Captive in the Dark, kindle ebook Captive in the Dark, Captive in the Dark 356306a6745c Caleb Is A Man With A Singular Interest In Revenge Kidnapped As A Young Boy And Sold Into Slavery By A Power Hungry Mobster, He Has Thought Of Nothing But Vengeance For Twelve Years He Has Immersed Himself In The World Of Pleasure Slaves Searching For The One Man He Holds Ultimately Responsible Finally, The Architect Of His Suffering Has Emerged With A New Identity, But Not A New Nature If Caleb Is To Get Close Enough To Strike, He Must Become The Very Thing He Abhors And Kidnap A Beautiful Girl To Train Her To Be All That He Once WasEighteen Year Old Olivia Ruiz Has Just Woken Up In A Strange Place Blindfolded And Bound, There Is Only A Calm Male Voice To Welcome Her His Name Is Caleb, Though He Demands To Be Called Master Olivia Is Young, Beautiful, Na Ve And Willful To A Fault She Has A Dark Sensuality That Cannot Be Hidden Or Denied, Though She Tries To Accomplish Both Although She Is Frightened By The Strong, Sadistic, And Arrogant Man Who Holds Her Prisoner, What Keeps Olivia Awake In The Dark Is Her Unwelcome Attraction To HimWARNING This Book Contains Very Disturbing Situations, Dubious Consent, Strong Language, And Graphic Violence