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Ink pdf Ink, ebook Ink, epub Ink, doc Ink, e-pub Ink, Ink 8239b6759ff Roman Centurion Dominic Drew His Last Human Breath During The Time Of Hadrian In The Centuries Since, He S Seen Much Of The World Change Around Him, But The Vampire Finds Himself Held Captive In Melbourne, Australia, By His Fascination With Young, Passionate, Fun Loving, And Alive Tattoo Artist Michael Chapman Unable To Resist The Lure Of Michael S Beauty, Dominic Finds Himself Entering The Parlor To Get A Tattoo He Knows Will FadeThe Attraction He Feels Only Grows, And Despite Dominic S Extreme Reluctance To Get Involved With A Human, He And Michael Form A Bond A Connection That All Too Soon Attracts The Attention Of A Dark Specter From Dominic S Bloody Past Soon, A Dangerous Game Of Cat And Mouse Threatens Not Only The Budding Romance, But Also Their Humanity This Is An Expanded Novel Based On The Novella Ink Originally Published In The Desire Beyond Death Anthology By Dreamspinner Press

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    not bad paced slowly than i d like, given the familiar material.dnf at 15 percent, though that cover remains outrageously effective.

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    Dominic is tired, old and alone weary of his existence to the point of withdrawing from any human contact except to feed It s been a while since he s had a lover, one that touched him as much as the one from his past For a reason not entirely clear to the reader, Dominic finds himself watching Ink every night, a tattoo shop emanating smells of blood and sweat that draw him and where he spots Michael, a young tattoo artist that stirs something in the ancient man that he has not enjoyed in a long time something he has attempted to avoid over the many decades.Michael is a young tattoo artist at Ink He s handsome, witty and insightful, yet somewhat aloof in his youthful grace When a mysterious and alluring man comes into the tattoo shop one evening as it s ready to close and asks for a tattoo, Michael quickly volunteers to ink the man He is intrigued by the mysterious, brooding man But Dominic the customer erases the experience from Michael s memory However, Dominic returns several nights later for a tattoo that disappears by the next day.Michael feels drawn to the mysterious man for reasons he cannot explain, or understand He stalks Dominic, spying on him, inexplicably drawn to the man a pull beyond his understanding But Dominic will have none of Michael He discourages Michael, even pushes the young man away with powerful impulses of his mind.Dominic chooses to end his life , not wanting to bring any harm Michael Michael still feels compelled to look for the man he s feels drawn to, romantically and physically to seek the man out, to understand his feelings, determine once and for all if there is any possibly of a relationship with Dominic Michael locates Dominic and excitement turns to fear as he realizes Dominic is dying, possibly dead In a desperate attempt to revive the vampire, Michael shares his blood with the man and curls beside him in bed.Through the first half of the novel, Dominic seems to do everything he can to push Michael away, but the pull is too strong and soon, Dominic gives into his desires, only to attract the attention of his maker.And all is not well when Dominic s maker senses a chance to reclaim his son , and interfere with Michael s newfound love affair the man s very existence and that of his close friends, is suddenly in danger Ink is a dark, at times gothic, at times mushy, romantic tale of angst, fear and discovery, of an ancient vampire s loss of hope and desire a m m romance with strong characters and plot the writing is very good, save for a few references to modern pop culture that appeared odd The novel builds very slow and deliberate until Dominic and Michael are finally joined as lovers, only to meet a fate stronger than either of them could have imagined.Isabelle Rowan has created a very gratifying m m love story and thriller the part I loved most toward the end a novel between opposite men, unlikely lovers men destined to meet in this lifetime or perhaps the next The story drags at some points in the beginning, but pushing forth to the thriller portion of the last fifty pages or so are well worth the wait.A very enjoyable read indeed

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    Dominic is old Tired Alone His existence tires him, makes him withdraw from the human contact he craves, but fears It has been so long since he has felt a lover s touch, care, love He sits across the street from Ink and watches the humans go in and out, smelling the blood and sweat And sees a good looking young man who stirs things in him that he hides from.Michael is a tattoo artist at Ink, funny, smart, young, handsome When the attractive man comes in to the shop as it is ready to close and asks for a tattoo, he notices, is attracted, but has fear mingled with attraction Once the tattoo is finished, Dominic makes him forget.But Michael doesn t Not completely He is drawn to the smooth skin, the sadness, the emptiness Even when he shouldn t be So he tracks Dominic, watches for him, and is drawn to him in spite of himself And when Dominic pushes him away, he cannot help but trace him again and again.When Dominic decides to end his existence rather than harm Michael, Michael calls upon all of his caring and tracks him, finds him and restores him And makes Dominic admit he wants Needs But to take Michael to his bed, that is impossible He would kill the man Will Michael push Dominic to open himself to feelings he has denied himself How can they be together And when Dominic s maker returns for his son , will he be able to keep Michael safe, or will the new found love be crushed out This wonderful, dark and yet hopeful take on the vampire legend is just terrific Isabelle Rowan has crafted a memorable and inventive love story between two men drifting, not allowing themselves to connect with another fully, and yet who forge an instant and powerful connection The build is slow, the pacing masterful, and the characters fully developed, believable and whole Dominic is tragic, a man with a long history of denying himself love and comfort The slow awakening of his heart is so true and honest to his character And Michael is just wonderful stubborn, young yet mature, the polar opposite and yet the perfect compliment to Dominic.The supporting characters in this book are so good also Ben and Abby work with Michael at Ink, and are his best friends They figure hugely in the last half of the book and are so well imagined And Galen, Dominic s maker I think he was the most interesting character in the book So evil, it seems And yet, so fragile and human, broken and flawed, just fascinating This is a strong strong book It grabbed me by the throat and, strangely, by the heart Funny, and I didn t mind either.Grab it for a different experience.Tom

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    Isabelle Rowan s A Note in the Margin is one of the most profound novels in this genre I have ever read and I have been waiting for her to release a new title I m so happy that this month December 2011 , she doesn t only release one story but two This novel is an expanded version of a short story in an anthology I have not read that, I decide to choose this one instead Dusk during the Melbourne summer was a haze of orange that would have rivaled any in the world except for its brevity The twilight of Europe lingered. Chapter 3 The first half of this story makes me feel melancholic The sadness and lonely aura that seems to surround Dominic, the Vampire, as he fights his need to be with Michael, the young tattoist artist, is so strong and palpable, it devours me as well when I read this The feeling goes on until Michael fights Dominic s will and decides to take the decision by himself, to be with the vampire because he cannot imagine of living without The second half has a sense of thrill and action, because apparently, Dominic s maker, Galen, is on his trail, and Galen wants to make Michael a monster , to forget his humanity During this second half, at times, I feel like it s a bit dragging on, but Rowan s writing is too beautiful for me to feel annoyed She writes in picturesque style that I can t help to be captivated This is not just story about love but also friendship, since there are two secondary characters, Abby and Scott, Michael s friends, who also help Michael to survive his blood lust.In the end, it s another satisfying, slightly melancholic, and dreamy read from Rowan it s certainly worth the wait.

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    I nearly stopped reading this part way through It was just way too Twilight y Human meets a mysterious stranger who does things he can t explain and whom he feels inexplicably drawn to Vampire but I m a vampireHuman cool Vampire aren t you afraid Human No, I m in love with you Let s have sex.Vampire But we can t I m a vampire I ll hurt you.Human shrugs Then make me a vampire.I m glad I stuck through it view spoiler After Michael gives his mortality up with a shocking lack of forethought It really became much interesting after the Twilight similarity came to an end I ended up loving the message that we are in charge of our own destinies, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in hide spoiler

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    3.5 I admit it, I totally fell for the cover, then I saw it was about vampires and tattoosI knew I had to have it Well, it starts out slow and sad, Dominic has lived a long time and most of it alone And he is depressed, and it was getting me down, then we see how fascinated he is with Michael.Michael is a tattoo artist, he remembers Dominic and is drawn to him even if he isn t supposed to be.He doesn t give up, and sort of forces his way into Dominic s life.Parts sort of dragged for me, and then Dominic s maker comes on the scene and the book takes a whole different turn.Michael s friends are great, just had to add that.it s a different kind of Vampire book, that s for sure, I liked it, but didn t love it.

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    2.5Me ha costado leerlo El principio muy lento y ca tico Amor sacado del aire y sin explicaci n.Lo nico que me ha gustado son las escenas del pasado y pico m s _

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    2.5 stars so the first part of this book was 1 2 stars I like fated mate tropes but we didn t have that excuse here for the instalove and so it fell flat Everything seemed so easy until we meet Galen and even then I never connected with the characters However I did like the ending which bumped up my rating But had I not had this as a challenge book, I would have dnf early on.

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    What an intoxicating book I absolutely loved it The first part of the book was so full of emotion, I was physically shuddering with the desire and want of the tattooist Michael and the vampire Dominic It tore you in two having them desire each other with so much intensity, yet holding back because of Dominic s concerns for how much he could affect Michael It created a great sense of melancholy yet all the while you had the hope they would be together, because they just had to be It felt like the story and emotion had seeped into my veins, just wow After the emotional onslaught of the first half, the second part was focused on the story and what happens when Dominic s maker, Galen, turns up The passion and need of Dominic and Michael was still there throughout, but the author takes you through a story that explores the idea of just how much humanity is still present in a vampire, and just how important it is.An amazing book with characters that you fall in love with from the word go I loved every second of it.

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    2.5 stars

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