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Al Dente chapter 1 Al Dente , meaning Al Dente , genre Al Dente , book cover Al Dente , flies Al Dente , Al Dente eaf6714f8a264 Imagine The River Tiber As An Alimentary Tract Picture A Hungry Saint Think Of Erotic Renaissance Fruit Paintings, Transubstantiation And A Tiramisu Caf Where Magic Is Surely On The Menu This Highly Original Interpretation Of Rome S History, Culture, Art And Religion Takes The Form Of A Book About Food That S Not Really About Food At AllDuring His First Two Years In Rome, David Winner Found Himself In Turn Amazed And Overwhelmed By Its Physical, Historical And Cultural Vastness Then A Chance Encounter With An Extraordinary Pudding Provided Him With The Means To Start Digesting His Surroundings That Evening He Was Struck By The Significance Of The Roman Attitude To Food A Unique And Unequivocal Relationship Between Sustenance And Existence, Where Every Last Aspect Of Life Is And Always Has Been Pickled In Alimentation In Eat, Don T Eat Winner Takes Us On A Stroll Through The City As He Muses Idiosyncratically On All Things Comestible And Much Else Besides Here We Learn About Rome As Metropolis And Necropolis, About Tasty Vineyard Snails And The Food And Sex Scandal That Sent Saint Jerome Packing The Cinematic Greats Such As Argento, Fellini And Ferreri Are Discussed Alongside Historical Political Satire Where Grocery Orgies Were Art And The Penis Was The Subject Of Hagiographies There Are The Bloodthirsty Antics Of An Eighteenth Century Executioner Who Worked For The Pope, Stories Of Immolation, Architecture And Artichokes, And A Telephone Interview With A Nun Who Makes Eucharistic Wafers There S Also A Nice Recipe For Stewed Lamb S HeadWinner Is A Master Of Wit And Diversity With A Seemingly Insatiable Appetite For Peculiar Detail And Disturbances On The Cultural Landscape In Eat, Don T Eat His Ability To Explore The World Around Him As A Series Of Interconnections Provides An Intriguing New Portrait Of A Remarkable City A Veritable Trifle Of Roman Bedrock And Apogee, Cosmos And Counterculture To Be Devoured With Gusto Buon Appetito

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    Expecting a history or survey of Roman specialties, but this was a set of essays on a variety of topics, all having something to do with food, sometimes only marginally I read most of the essays, but skipped a few, especially the ones that got into the Catholic Church in detail He discussed movies, restaurants, history, coffee, gelato, Chinese food in Rome, he conducted interviews with horror filmmaker Dario Argento and with a nun who runs a bakery that makes hosts A lot of fun, really.

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    Not what I expected, much historical and eccentric that I expected I feel slightly misled by the emphasis on food the title gives, which really only is the means through which Winner progresses to other aspects of Roman history Hard to read and often random uninteresting information, parts of this book I found difficult to read and had to skip over very disgusting parts I found sections like the history of pasta most interesting, and how society had changed through it, rather than the various exploits of saints and movie directors Not a wholly bad experience, but wouldn t recommend this book.

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    Fascinating No overarching thesis as such, and the subtitle is misleading, but engrossing and entertaining read if you re interested in the intense and frequently disgusting relationship between the body s needs notably food, but also sex and how they re expressed in Roman Catholicism, and Italian film, and stuff Scattershot and unique And perfect for someone like me an ex Catholic who s lived in Rome and loves food and film.

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    More about religion really than food, which I find interesting, but very much on the extreme and gory side a lot about fasting to the point of death and blood

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