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For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) files For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) , read online For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) , free For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) , free For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) , For the Rest of Eternity (Christians Coven #5) 787b2dc22 Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Vampires, HEA Jacob Was Devastated When The Doctor Diagnosed Him With A Rare Blood Disorder Deciding To Make The Best Of What Time He Has Left, Jacob Casts All Caution Aside And Pursues The One Man He Had Been Warned Away From ShelbyShelby Smells The Sickness On Jacob, His Mate After Finding Out That Jacob Doesn T Have Much Longer To Live, He Begs The Prince To Convert The Human, But Christian Refuses He Tells Shelby That The Choice Is Up To Jacob And Jacob AloneWhen Shelby Is Attacked By A Pair Of Rogue Vampires, Jacob Learns The People In This World Are Not Just Human He Can Live With That But What He Can T Live With Is The Fact That He Is Too Weak To Defend The Man He Is Quickly Falling In Love WithTime Is Running Out And Shelby Isn T Sure He Can Convince His Mate To Be Converted When Jacob Collapses Right Before Shelby S Eyes, Shelby Realizes Just How Close He Is To Losing The One Man Fate Has Given Him To Love For The Rest Of Eternity

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    First off I really love this series and many of this authors other series And was really looking forward to Shelby s story He was such a fun character in the previous books with him running around with Yasuko.That I was a little disappointed with this one Yasuko was only mentioned once as sitting at a table Not once was there dialogue between them Yasuko was his best friend and it was a little disappointing that we didn t see them together We didn t see the Shelby we saw before Yes he has new things to deal with, like Jacob s illness etc That seems to happen alot in series, when we meet a character and see him in a few of the previous book then when he gets his story the character changes we don t see the personality we saw before.And there is a LOT of stuff about the rouges and leading into the next book I still liked the book just wished it had included the real Shelby along with all the rest of it.

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    I was looking forward to read Shelby story desperate, as he was such a lovely, charming character in the previews stories.Although I like this author, and I m in love with her books, I m afraid I was a little bit disappointed with this story, because I was hopping for fireworks and what I got was just candle lights.Even though I enjoyed.

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    I knocked off one star because I would have wanted to see antics from Shelby And Yasuko This could have been funnier I love Jacob and how he pursued Shelby no matter what the overprotective vamps threatened It broke my heart when he would not convert at first because he felt it was cheating death I did not want to ever see Shelby sad as he is so lovable.

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    I really enjoyed Shelby s character in previous books and was looking forward to him and Yasuko causing some ruckus Yasuko was hardly even mentioned though the other books talked about them being good friends I also thought there would be a little I m not sure what but there just was something lacking in this one I did enjoy the overall story It was light and fun I think without having known the other books in the series I would have enjoyed it but had some expectations that were not met for the book.

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    3.5 starsI hate when a book just sort of drops off at the end Especially when it s been really good and it s building up and you re expecting at least five or six chapters of that awesomeness and then it just sort of ends.That s what happened with this book I was really waiting for Shelby and Jacob s story to reach that ahmahzing level and it stopped, almost like it ended in the middle of a scene A straight up Sopranos moment.But I still loved it and I still plan on reading every other book in this series That s just what s going to happen It just is, because I love Lynn s writing, I love the characters and I love the world It s totally awesome.

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    Well, I delved into the Bracverse a 2nd time and now there are 121 books yikes I loved this Universe the first time I read it several years ago and now I love it , I really do, but I ve only been able to read these series and I have expanded to all the books that are currently out in each Brac PackChristian s CovenZeus s PackDemon WarriorsThe ExiledThese are the series that start the Universe Reading them in order is a must Each book has it s own love story but there is an underlying story that plays out throughout them all As you get towards the end of these series, other series come into play and I noticed that, since I did not read them, I missed some of the characters being mentioned good and bad but I was still able to follow because the main ones stay the same One day I WILL buy these and read them all For the correct order, just look on the Internet for Lynn Hagen Reading Order Brac VillageShadow TribeBPNG Brac Pack Next Generation Brac Pack kids The Remus BrothersWolves of Desire

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    3.25 stars

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    I was so excited to read about Shelby finding his mate Jacob is human and he felt the pull to Shelby right away, however, Jacob is dying from a rare blood disease and has a big decision to make His dog, Mango, is also an adorable German Shepard who was a great addition to the story and was able to sniff out rogue vampires This was another compelling story in the, Christian s Coven, series and it was as engrossing as ever

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    This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm I have been looking forward to read this one because Shelby is such a sweetie and I was not disappointed I would give a word of warning though, for heaven sake don t read it in public as you will look like a mad person when you burst out crying Having said that it was worth the read face on the bus and I did have tissues I think of all the stories so far this was the most emotionally taxing and it also set up the perfect scenario for the twins to come out of their sleep I am not sure if I want to read the next book as I think it might just be a blood bath, so I will have to think about it but knowing me I will probably read it just because I will want to know what happens

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    First read 08 12 12re read 21 06 15I have to comment on the events surrounding the author at this time regarding her plagiarizing a later book in this series Part of me feels I should cease reading her stories all together as that is an awful thing to do The other part of me says I already have these books, why can t I enjoy them The whole incident has left a sour taste though As I am reading them to fullfill a challenge, I will continue but will not be supporting further endeavors from this author, no matter how sad that makes me I like these books and series They are an escape Not literary masterpieces, but easy fun reads.This installment was nice as the human, although weak from disease, was the bigger and dominant of the pair I liked the dichotomy.

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