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Virgin River chapter 1 Virgin River, meaning Virgin River, genre Virgin River, book cover Virgin River, flies Virgin River, Virgin River 5923ab1c4002e WANTED Midwife Nurse Practitioner In Virgin River, Population Six Hundred Make A Difference Against A Backdrop Of Towering California Redwoods And Crystal Clear Rivers Rent Free Cabin Included When The Recently Widowed Melinda Monroe Sees This Ad She Quickly Decides That The Remote Mountain Town Of Virgin River Might Be The Perfect Place To Escape Her Heartache, And To Re Energize The Nursing Career She Loves But Her High Hopes Are Dashed Within An Hour Of Arriving The Cabin Is A Dump, The Roads Are Treacherous And The Local Doctor Wants Nothing To Do With Her Realizing She S Made A Huge Mistake, Mel Decides To Leave Town The Following Morning But A Tiny Baby, Abandoned On A Front Porch, Changes Her Plansand A Former Marine Cements Them Into Place Melinda Monroe May Have Come To Virgin River Looking For Escape, But Instead She Finds Her Home An Unabridged Audiobook Hours, Minutes

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    I flipping loved this book.It s my first Robyn Carr book I ve read a lot of good things about her here on Goodreads and also on , and I ordered several of her books this spring, hoping to get some time to read them.Recently widowed Melinda Monroe, a certified nurse midwife, decides that to move beyond her grief she must start her life again She sells almost everything she owns and moves to Virgin River, a tiny town in the middle of the California forest At first it seems the transition from the violence of working in the hospitals in LA to living in a town that doesn t even seem big enough to be a town is going to be too much for her But she quickly finds herself drawn closer to this tiny community and its resident, particularly Jack Sheridan, a former U.S Marine who runs the closest thing the town has to a bar restaurant Watching Mel and Jack fall in love was pure pleasure.I particularly loved the medical realism of the midwifery scenes I read in reviews that some readers didn t like all the pregnancy childbirth breastfeeding talk that naturally goes with Mel s career, but as someone who had two midwife births and breastfed for a long time, I really appreciate that Though certainly motherhood isn t for every woman, I think having a baby is the most amazing thing women do, and having a midwife as a heroine was truly wonderful The birth scenes were realistic but not gory at all.The quality of the author s research was apparent not only with regard to midwifery, but also the hero s military background and law enforcement aspects of the story, as well as the milieu of the small town and the surrounding countryside, where some residents are wonderful people and some are not.I also enjoyed the fact that the heroine was strong but not kick ass I just don t enjoy reading about heroines who kick butt and are oh so tough Bores me I much prefer feminine heroines who can be strong but in a feminine way Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the hero to be the one who kicks ass Heroines with knives, tattoos, and tough ninja moves who swing through the skyscrapers on ropes braided from their own chest hair just don t do it for me.Though profanity doesn t bother me how could it My books are full of it this book has only mild profanity The sex is romantic and descriptive rather than erotic and extremely detailed That s fine with me, because I can take either, provided it s well written I just like a well crafted love scene.I found Carr s style to be captivating Let s put it this way I didn t plan to read a book tonight I sat down with this at about 9 PM and read it in one sitting, finishing at about 2 AM That doesn t happen for me very often maybe once a year or once every other year.Thanks, Ms Carr, for the hours of enjoyment Looking forward now to the rest of this series.

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    sigh I feel like the grump lurking in the corner, but I did not like this book Which is shocking This book has an extremely high average and every GR friend I have to date has given it at least a 4 star grade It must have something going for it to have so many fans, but I just can t see it This was supposed to be a modern book, but it felt oddly dated The heroine Mel, talks about Starbucks and 300 highlights so I know it s modern, but it also had a weirdly old school vibe going for it Maybe it s the small town vibe the author wanted to portray The hero who was in the marines and came from California says stuff like fanny and has the good ol boy vibe going for him It just felt like some odd time warp It was like picking up Mackenzie s Mountain again.Before I get into the characters and the plot I have to admit that this author s writing style annoyed me She is a very big teller instead of a shower She has a very distancing technique that made it hard for me to care about her characters Third person past tense is my favorite style to read, but here the author killed it There was no sense of immersion into the characters Even though I was reading from Mel s point of view I never felt like I was reading about how her character would really think The author had a very heavy hand in the narration and that s just not my preferred style.One of my biggest complaints about small town stories are the wacky townspeople and zany situations they get into I would have killed for some of that here These people were incredibly bland to read about They had nothing to make them unique or interesting so they all kind of blurred together I know they were just background characters, but Mel interacted with them enough that they should have had some development going on Just something to change the voice of the characters so they actually felt different from each other For the most part I felt bored by the book I kept going with it because so many of my friends liked it I was determined to discover the magic Then I was too far along to not finish it I made myself continue because I knew if I set the book down there was a very large chance that I would never pick it up again It wasn t that it was so bad that it made me hate it, I was just bored I found the story bland and tedious to read I have never been so aware of a page count in my life.But I did eventually get irritated Mel was a hard character for me to like I thought her grief was well done not too melodramatic, very compelling for its simplicity but there should have been time before she started a relationship Up until 50 pages from the end Mel still considered herself someone else s wife I can understand, but it did not make for a good romance I felt really bad for Jack She was honest with him from the start about having nothing to give him, but he was willing to accept the crumbs They made good friends, but I didn t feel a connection on Mel s part beyond being a welcome physical release Jack was the quintessential friends with benefits relationship Poor guy should have wised up and hooked up with someone who actually wanted to be with him.Mel didn t make me irritated until closer to the end In the beginning her narrative was sort of preachy about the beauty of childbirth and also about her anti gun stance But I just rolled my eyes and moved on But then she turned into an idiot view spoiler She is a MIDWIFE and NURSE and she had sex multiple times without a condom It wouldn t have been so glaring if it weren t for her job and the fact that such a big deal was made out of getting a 16 year old boy to use condoms with his girlfriend What kind of retard doesn t practice what they preach After having sex multiple times the hero and heroine finally discuss protection methods and the possibility of STD s Oh sure, it s a lot of help after the fact Also, Jack volunteers to have a blood test to prove he s clean but Mel doesn t have one too That s incredibly stupid Just because someone only has one partner for years, it doesn t mean they can t have an STD too Also, when Jack gives Mel the results she won t read them because she trusts him What exactly was the point of making him have the test if she wasn t even going to look at them I started getting a bad vibe about the blatant condomless sex and it turned out to be right Mel and her husband tried and tried to have a baby and couldn t But one time with Jack and she s knocked up Oh, please I am tired of that stupid trope Plus, I honestly don t think she would have ever really forced herself to connect with Jack if it wasn t for the baby That s just sad for him hide spoiler

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    First, I m going to apologize in advance for my review These are my thoughts, and I know I m in the great minority of people who didn t like this book, but OMG I just can t stand it any freaking I m going to warn you right now, if you love this series, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER this will probably offend.This is by far the worst book I ve ever listened to, possibly ever I had no idea it was going to be so terrible, it s gotten so many great reviews and I thought at the very least it would be bearable I honestly can t remember the last time I read listened to a book and thought it was this bad I m talking in my entire life time I don t mind sweet romances, they honestly aren t my thing, but I have enjoyed a few here and there, and at the very least found them bearable I asked in the contemporary romance group if this was indeed a sweet romance, and they assured it was nicer than most, but had a little of the nasty but the characters and story were so well done Great Sounds good to me, even though I lean towards the voyeuristic I still require a plot line Plot line with less sex I can handle that.Problem is, I can t even make that far into the book to have Jack and Mel kiss They aren t even circling each other yet and I already want to bitch slap Mel She is at the top of the TSTL list Worst heroine ever A widow who hates LA and needs a change of scenery sounds like a plausible, albeit boring start She describes her life in LA as if she was living in Skid Row and feared for her safety, both at home and at work A nurse practitioner makes a decent living, she didn t have to work at the worst hospital where all she saw was drug addicted pregnant women, gun shot victims and the worst of society I ve never been to LA, but I hear it s pretty big and has some quite ritzy suburbs Certified in midwifery, Mel could have worked at some fancy women s clinic, or just a better hospital where the celebs go to have their babies I m sure you wouldn t see the absolute worst of society there wait, maybe there too, but people with money would maybe be preferable to deal with Her husband was shot at a convenience store they frequented, but she described as not such a nice place Hello McFly Don t frequent those kinds of places I live in OKC, in a decent neighborhood, but a few miles from here is a convenience store I never would go to, even if it s on my way I m not stupid Bad shit happens anywhere, so to blame the whole city for your husband s death is just beyond stupid Couldn t afford a better area of town to live Maybe if you weren t spending 200 for jeans, 600 for boots, 400 for highlights and 60 80k on a car you might be able to afford slightly better digs But seeing as how her deceased husband was a Dr I m sure money was no issue Just stupidity.I m not a nurse, never wanted to be one, but my sister is a medical assistant in the terminal difficult patient ward, has been for 4 years I ve heard stories I have friends who are nurses I ve heard lots of stories to know nursing takes a special breed of people who deserve the utmost respect My 120 pound sister had to restrain a 300 pound man who was off his meds, and help hadn t arrived yet, so just keeping him from hurting himself, others and herself was difficult enough He bit her As in tried to take a chunk of her arm off, and she had 14 stitches and a tenantus shot I get the medical field can be difficult to endure, which is why you gotta be made of special sauce to make it It s not all sunshine and butterflies Even if you work Labor Delivery, babies die, mothers die, bad shit happens If you can t take it, you re in the wrong damn field So when Mel whines constantly in the first few chapters to her sister how terrible it is to work as a nurse, it left me thinking Thank God she s a fictional character who doesn t really work with the public No one ever said medicine would be easy, that s why you get paid big bucks and nurses and doctors do maybe not enough for the shit you have to put up with, but you do Mel felt like one of those stupid real housewives shows, complaining about all kinds of bad stuff that happens to her while worrying about how she looks This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how much I hated her She wants a change, to go a little rustic for a while Talk about piss poor planning and stupid to just go off the pictures some one has sent you Ranting about how backwards the town was to the people in the town was insulting If I was any of those people she was complaining to, I d have told her to get her ass back to LA She can t be naive and sweet while complaining about how terrible the town is She can t be smart and able to take care of herself if she doesn t do the most basic planning I could go on and on about how much I hated Mel.Jack was no better At first I thought he might be okay But then he goes for a drink in Crystal River Which is code for I m gonna go fuck some big old blonde I ve been seeing for the last 2 years for shits and giggles He doesn t even like her The way he thinks of her is pathetic, but still, he fucks her Twice Nice, huh Some sensitivity there Then he has the decency to tell her it can t go on, even if there s no one else yet, there s the hope of someone else swiped from one of my favorite movies You ve Got Mail The way he tells her is so crass and and OOOOHHHH It just makes me so mad Tell me this doesn t sound like an asshole thing to say That s the thing, he said I have needs, and right now I think what I need is completely different from what I ve needed in the past I could easily keep coming here Charmaine, I sure don t suffer You re awful good to me He goes on to say things have basically changed for him Nice Sweet, you say I m sorry, how does even though I m thinking about someone else but I could keep coming here anyway, it s easy, even remotely sound nice If he was such a nice guy, it would be than sex between him and Charmaine, even if he didn t want a relationship If he was such a nice guy, one night stands would be better Or celibacy, how about some abstaining No, our hero leads a woman on for 2 years, knowing Charmaine feels for him than he does her, but hey, it s easy and he has needs Yuck He has an encounter with another woman who s apparently hot to trot for him, an younger alcoholic loser who he asks to clean up Mel s cabin, and his description of her is just down right judgmental and mean You may not like someone, but don t be nice to them and ask them for help to their face while you re sneering at them behind their back.All this after 3 hours of the audio I kept swearing and even threw a few things nothing breakable but it s why I stopped not worth it in frustration with this book There was tons of telling, not so much showing It all sounded like a narrative of poor pitiful mountain life, and not a romance at all.If you want a sweet romance with little to no sex in it, but still want decent to good plot lines with well developed characters, I d push you towards Debbie Macomber and her Cedar Cove series It s the only series of hers I ve read, but I ve read at least 10 of them While I didn t jump up and down for joy while reading them, they were nice No stupid heroines or crass heroes Nice and decent people with real life problems in a small coastal town This is what I wanted from this series It s what I thought I was getting I can t tell you how disappointed I am in this book.

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    5 stars Contemporary RomanceThere s not much that hasn t already been said about this sweet, delightful, feel good contemporary romance and for very good reason, and now I m finally glad that I get what all the fuss is about Virgin River is a heartwarming story about a young, grieving widow whose spirit is rejuvenated and soul revived by working as a nurse and midwife in a quaint little country town called Virgin River, with quirky, friendly, salt of the earth people surrounded by the beauty of nature After losing her young husband in a violent crime in L.A., feeling suffocated by grief, and tired of the chaotic, stressful life as a nurse in a big city hospital, Mel decides that a complete change of scenery and small town pace is exactly what she needs.On first arrival in Virgin River, nothing is what she expected and Mel thinks she made a rash, huge mistake and can t wait to pack up and leave, but life doesn t always go the way we plan An abandoned baby and local women in need of good prenatal care remind Mel of why she became a nurse and midwife in the first place and fill her with a sense of purpose What she didn t anticipate is having her heart reopened through the kindness, patience, and love of an ex marine Jack is one of the most dreamy, tender romantic heroes ever, and his support and care of Mel is absolutely tear worthy it s so touching The way he fixes up Mel s cottage so she ll have reason to stay, his tenderness in helping her with the abandoned baby, how he keeps his bar restaurant open all night when she s delivering a baby in the event she needs something, and his unwavering patience in earning her trust and courting herthe list just goes on and on.I m only sorry that I waited so long to read this enchanting story, but one good thing about being late is that now I can read the next six books in the series right away without having to wait for their release Big 5 stars

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    4.5 StarsLoved this The rural setting of Virgin River a secluded forest, simple life, and town folk that band together like a family was an absolute win for me Mel got on my nerves a time or two, but I shouldn t really have been judgmental since she lost her husband only a year before I completely LOVED and adored Jack Oh my stars, every woman needs this man Hunky, protective, just a total MAN I enjoyed the whole medical aspect of the story Mel was a midwife nurse practitioner and a lot of the story was about her patients and delivering babies I m in the medical field, as well, so I found this bit very interesting Practicing medicine in a small town without the conveniences of a big city technology, and support would definitely be a challenge This was actually a good thing for Mel, because her presence was really needed and made a complete difference to these people No better cure for grief than a your own personal hunky lumberjack and staying busy Onto book two

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    It took me a while to get into this book I think I was about halfway through before I started to really get into the story That s probably partially because just before that I d been reading a Lora Leigh book so completely different and also because the vibe of Virgin River is rather different than your typical romance novel.This book is about people and life, the vagaries of small town living, growing and healing, and, of course, love Like the town it s set in, the pace of the book is on the slow and meandering side, with a lot of mundane but interesting details Which took me a while to adjust to But once I got used to, I rather enjoyed the story I can t say that I absolute adored it, but it did keep me up reading even though I was tired.The characters were great and the setting enjoyable I look forward to reading Preacher s story in the next book.The only real complaint I had was that I really could have done without the Ricky Liz sex scene Considering their ages, it kinda tripped my WTF meter And it was rather unnecessary.Good book, though I m glad I read it.

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    Hokey Americana Never seen so many pregnant women in such a small area.

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    I absolutely loved this book The romance between Mel and Jack progressed realistically and the sense of community in the town was enviable Carr does an admirable job in creating a completely different value system that works The conflicts presented are also normal and the appropriate timeline was used for resolution without dragging the reader through the pain of inevitability.I m invested in this series and am on to the second book.

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    Virgin River by Robyn Carr 3.5 Modern Day ContemporaryJack and MelindaThis book has been reviewed multiple times, so I ll just relate my personal impressions rather than providing much of a synopsis Quickly, Melinda is an L.A physician s assistant midwife practicing in a major hospital who loses her husband, the love of her life, in an unexpected murder when he chances upon a convenience store robbery in progress She moves to a small town seeking solace, anonymity from overly concerned and pitying friends and acquaintances, and a simpler life from the crime and complications of the big city Jack owns a combination bar, restaurant and overall community gathering place in the rural town of Virgin River After numerous tours of duty in several wars, he is enjoying his laid back existence from his status as a war hero.I think others have enjoyed this story much than I did overall It kept my interest, but to be honest, it was SOLELY for the reason that I totally fell in love with the hero, Jack He was everything a girl could ask for Delicious to gaze upon, completely solicitous of the heroine s comfort and protection, and truly a hero in times of unexpected misfortunes of all types A man s man, and a woman s dream Friend to everyone in the town and Carr did a fantastic job with outlining Jack Conversely the heroine, Melinda Mel not so much I had all kinds of issues with her I was utterly puzzled by my lack of true liking of this heroine for most of the novel By all rights I should have logically and completely related to her total devastation and lost feelings after losing her husband and apparent soulmate As a woman who enjoys a marriage that I don t even want to imagine how my life would be without my man, I should have been completely empathetic, and cried over her situation right along with the heroine However the heroine cried so frequently and so deeply to the point of melodrama even my tender sensibilities couldn t keep up with her It was like I yi yi here we go again, every other page The woman must have had to drink GALLONS of water daily in order to keep up with the flood seeping out of her tear ducts and keeling over from dehydration I just kept thinking Poor Jack when will he be able to look at a woman who doesn t than likely have a nose like Rudolph 95% of the time And when Mel wasn t blubbering over her dear departed, she was carrying on convos with his pic prominently placed front and center at her bedside table GHAAD Fortunately, for Jack but unfortunately for us, the reader , she buried her reasons for her stand offishness to Jack for about half the book However, no down time for us we got the entire, long, drawn out pity party Then, Mel tries my patience even longer when she begins sleeping with Jack and STILL seems bent on leaving Virgin River and insisting she can never love another man other than her deceased husband Uh, news flash Mel Then what are you doing banging our hunk of burnin love Jack every other night It s not a switch dear that you turn on and off as you jump in and out of his bed That s called ripping the heart out of our sweetheart of a hero GRRR Again, it seemed logical that I should be empathizing with her devotion .yet all I wanted to do was yell at her to MOVE ON ALREADY I know, I know so hard hearted It s just not me I am usually so forgiving I think than a lot of readers of characters individual deeply seated psychological emotions Therefore, I am going to blame the situation on the author s timing issues when penning a great love story Afterall, this story was supposed to be about Jack and Mel s love story, but it seemed overly burdened in it s overly drawn out timing on moving the heroine forward from her grief of a ghost husband that we the readers are not emotionally invested in, and into the area of it s possible to love again about 200 pages too many afer the first 100 pages Jack was so devoted to her I really just could hardly understand why Even when Mel wasn t crying she just didn t seem like that likeable of a character to me I do have to say though ironically enough, although Carr did such a poor job of warming me to her heroine, she couldn t have done a better job in outlining her hero s eminently wonderful qualities I just loved the man and so did everyone else in Virgin River, and rightly so He s absolutely yummy in every aspect I seldom have ever closed a pretty decent romance novel with the feeling that the heroine did NOT deserve the hero, but on this one I have to say I did, and actually felt another character in the novel was worthy of Jack s love Fortunately, the overall story is saved with Carr s great ability to write wonderful secondary characters and outline small town life in a very captivating way enough for me to keep going with the next book hopefully with less appearances by Mel and her Kleenex This could have easily been a 5 read had Carr beefed up a few likeable qualities for Mel and turned off the waterworks a lot sooner K Sexual content mild in graphic descriptives 2 3 sexual scenes of mainstream PG to R rated depictions Graphic language inserted as appropriate, but infrequent Violence minimal and mostly non graphic suggested Recommended for ages 15 and above with parental review.

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    I m a big fan of audiobooks unfortunately, I ve almost blown through audible.com s generously sized romance collection completely Recently, a ton of Stephanie Lauren s books were released on audio Not being too familiar with her work, I listened to Devil s Bride and decided I would embark down that long Cynster road, knowing I d have enough listening material for the next 6 months However, 2 books into the series I was already feeling a restless urge to move on Virgin River by Robyn Carr caught my eye because I remembered Melissab had been raving about it months ago at Her recommendations have always worked well for me so I decided to give it a go OMG and WOW What a gem Just like a great book you can t put down, I listened to the entire audio all 12hrs 29min straight through.Virgin River was a simple story of two very complex charactersa city girl who wouldn t let go of a love lost forever, and a country boy who was mentally scarred from the unspeakable cruelties of war Both believing they had nothing to offer a serious relationship, they fell into a comfortable companionshipbecoming the best of friends When one was faced with personal demons, the other became the rockthe strength that kept the demons at bay To each other, they became as necessary as airand gradually realized their feelings were way beyond those shared by mere friends.The story was beautifully toldrich with detailed descriptions of the country in its simplistic splendor and of the quirky country folk that lived there VR also triggered all the emotions There is one unforgettable scene where Melinda has an emotional breakdown outside in the pouring rain Jack knows she is crying over another man nevertheless, he loves her uncondionally and holds her until she calms down Oh, but he gets a huge, unexpected reward for that one wink wink Sigh They broke the mold after they made Jack Without a doubt, he is the perfect herosurpassing all other fictional males acting in the same capacity Forget about comparing him to a real manI m positive there isn t one who even comes close LOL, if real men were anything like Jack, PMS would not exist I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sigh worthy, possible tear inducing, heart warming love story, complete with a sweet HEA and enough sexual detail to cause you to drool uncontrollably with desire for Jack 6 stars

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