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Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug quotes Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug , litcharts Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug , symbolism Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug , summary shmoop Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug , Our Daily Bread, The Essential Norman Borlaug cfdc206a Description Taken From Having Received The Nobel Prize For Peace, The Presidential Medal Of Freedom, And The Congressional Gold Medal, Norman Borlaug Ranks Beside Martin Luther King Jr Nelson Mandela And Mother Teresa But Few People Know His NameOur Daily Bread Shows Why Borlaug Should Also Be A Household Name It Is The Story Of How One Man Saved Billions From Certain Hunger And It Shows How We Too Got Our Daily BreadIn These Pages You Ll Find A Gripping Journey Complete With Chance, Change And Endless Challenge Norman Borlaug Followed His Own Course In His Own Fashion Frequently He Put Himself At Odds With Authority Precedents That Got In The Way Were Ignored Having Found How To Lift Food Production, He Stuck To His Mission, Regardless Of All Those Who Declared Him WrongThat Is The Thrill Ride To Be Found Herein As The Borlaug Saga Unfolds, Teetering Forever On The Verge Of Failure Only To Be Saved By Some Saintly Stranger Or Improbable Coincidence It S Been Called The Greatest Story Never Told It S Also Been Called The World S First Cereal Thriller

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    Biography of the plant scientist behind high yield wheat in the 40s 60s, not great writing but a good story, and recommended under the category everyone should know about how the Green Revolution came about 15 years of crazily dedicated plant breeding in Mexico in Borlaug s case, and a belief that working with farmers and for farmers, out in the fields, was worthwhile Also, they used to give out Nobel Peace Prizes for real accomplishment.

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    Extremely interesting Describes the life up until the Nobel Prize of the wheat scientist breeder Dr Norman Borlaug If you need information on him, here s an excerpt from Penn Teller, including a short interview with Borlaug NSFW language In a nutshell, he developed wheat varieties with extremely high yield, raised Mexico from a poor wheat importing country to a wheat exporting country, and prevented famines in India, Pakistan and China.Makes for some interesting thoughts on the current GMO debate did you know hybrid seeds in the 1930s were not allowed to be re sold , mostly because people are now acting the same way they did towards Borlaug s hybrid seeds in the 60s it s unnatural , we re too dependent on modern methods , traditional plants go into extinction etc Especially in the beginning is the writing a bit weird Quote Contemplating those events upstairs was super scary , thus the 4 stars.It s also interesting that Borlaug was able to give seeds of new hybrids away basically for free since he was funded mostly by the Rockefeller Foundation Good to know that the Foundation is involved in the development of Golden Rice which is available for free too for developing countries Plus it s only 3 on Kindle, so there s that.Recommended for Anyone who needs some inspiration on what one person can achieve in their life.

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    Although at times told in a manner that makes It seems serendipitious than achieved through hardwork and pure human ingenuity, this os still the story of one of the biggest, albeit unknown, heroes in recent human history, and should be read by everyone.

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    A wonderful, concise book on Dr Borlaug s achievements, and how he went about getting there.Of particular interest to me was the last section, as it was related to his work in South Asia both in Pakistan and India The first two sections are also make for an interesting read.Apart from the well feted Dr Swaminathan, Dr Borlaug provides interesting stories on the heroes villians of the 60 s in the Indian Govt It is interesting to read about the Rockfeller Foundation s work first in supporting the work in Mexico, and then later in India As also of the Ford Foundation in Pakistan One common thread across all 3 sections of the book, is how various Americans played a positive role in increasing food productivity the world over I wish that someone studies the mindset humaneness behind this in detail President Johnson s role, even if it comes across as a bit callous, in speeding up the loosening of state control over the production of Fertilizers in India, is also documented in a balanced manner by the author One anecdote from the book stands out for me This is related to the story of the scientists from Pakistan, who had to grow their crops surreptitiously Had they not taken Dr Borlaug on the pre dawn tour shown him of the successfully transplanted crop, perhaps the good doctor, would not have been able to respond positively back to Dr Swaminathan in India with a plan on how India could hope to grow the Mexican strain and gain self sufficiency Serendipity at it s best.This book deserves to be read by youngsters the world over so that they can understand the power of hard work, dedication, positivity a giving spirit.

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    Another selection for the American Agri Women book club Norman Borlaug is one of my heros This book covers his boyhood in Iowa to his research days It briefly touches on the prizes and accolades he recieved which include the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal and was also awarded the Padma Vibhushan, India s second highest civilian honor His work in plant breeding was so important that he has been said to have saved a billion lives and ended a famine in India Several countries went from being net importers of food to self sufficient because of him I met Dr Borlaug when my grandmother organized a get together with him at Oregon State University I was about two.

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    Highly engaging biography of one of history s least well known contributors to ending hunger globally Norman Borlaug created the food revolution of the 60s, preventing widespread annual famine in Mexico, India, Pakistan, and around the world He educated the next generation of wheat and grain scientists, in practical and effective breeding methods Along the way he also introduced Little League baseball in Mexico.

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    Poorly written biography of a great man It was very interesting to read how some people opposed green revolution even when country was threatened by famine with very similar arguments as those used by today s Luddites on the left.

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    An unexpectedly gripping read I was pretty sure it would be another dull, lifeless memoir type of book but it is a very gripping biography of a wonderful man who literally gave all for humanity Totally recommend this to anyone who needs a little inspiration of their own.

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    Fantastic biography of an inspirational life Norm s story of accomplishments is amazing and has touched the whole world Though few realize how much their modern world was made possible by his humble efforts.

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    Very interesting story with a lot of history about our food supply.

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