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    What s a woman to do when she s confronted, at gun point, by a man who s demanding what he claims her dead husband stole from him What s she supposed to think when he tells her the man she loved stole half a million dollars from him Who s she supposed to trust when an FBI agent shows up in the nick of time and claims he s there to help her These are all things our heroine, Shannon Riedel, must face on the two year anniversary of the death of her husband and her infant son Her world is turned upside down when she not only chased and threatened, but also forced to question the integrity of her husband when a blood diamond and terrorist plots are thrown in front of her She s asked to put her trust in a man she just met, who not only drives her insane with anger but also stirs something deep inside her she thought died with her husband.Tony Crazaniak s bid for revenge has lead him to Shannon and her employer He s hope is that her employer will be able to lead him to the man responsible for killing most of his Delta team in Afghanistan He thought Shannon was involved with the operation until he met her and he realizes that she is an innocent victim in this group s drive to get their hand on the Shadow of Kilimanjaro Tony s protective streak flares to life when he s with Shannon along with feelings he s never felt before The only thing he s sure of is he must Shannon at all cost.I love a good romantic suspense story that can draw you in immediately and keep you hanging on til the last page Even better is a hero who can kick ass and be tough while being able to show us his soft gooey center AND a heroine who can be tough as nails when she needs to be, but also show that she s not completely unaffected by the events taking place ex bad guys smashing into you with their car Mal Olson has created two characters that, for me, fit this bill exactly Tony was charming and funny when he needed to be, kicking ass and taking names later, and definitely showing his gooey centereven when he didn t want to Not to be outdone, Shannon was a woman who had lived through an unimaginable tragedy, to be presented with the possibility that her husband wasn t who she thought he was Through everything she remained strong and determined, while having her mini breakdowns when most people would have given up a lot sooner.The storyline with the blood diamonds, evil terrorists, and boss gone bad has me hooked from the very beginning While some of it had me scratching me head saying Wisconsin, really who would think international intrigue would happen there in the dead of winter stranger things of happened.An excellent read and well worth a couple of hours to fall into the world of Tony and Shannon.

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    SHADOW OF DECEIT by Mal Olson Can we have enough faith in ourselves to recover from our mistakes When the worst has been thrown at you the thought that anything could be horrid is inconceivable But what if everything you thought about your life and your husband may be a house built on smoke and mirrors Shannon Riedel lost everything she valued in the blink of an eye Now some stranger claims that her late husband left a very valuable item with her and he wants it now Shannon cannot imagine what her late husband was involved in but the FBI is convinced she does and sends in Special Agent Tony Crazaniak to flush out the truth one way or another Shannon fights his interrogation every step of the way but when the determined stranger tries numerous times to resolve the issue by running her down Tony proves he has taken a side and believes her innocence The complications and problems that arise from Tony s interest in Shannon are worth every second because when she kisses him Tony knows that he has met his match for than right now, he is looking at forever Shannon wants desperately to free her heart and let herself love Tony, but she also has to clear her late husband s name Even with Tony s help, it is proving to be difficult as all the evidence keeps building against him and grief turns to anger against the life she thought she had In the end, the discoveries are eye opening, the mystery astounding, and true heroes show themselves Not knowing or believing that her life could take so many wrong turns Shannon knows that her decisions made about Tony are right Through it all Shannon and Tony find a way to keep moving forward and make a future of what they have which means releasing the past guilt Mal Olson writes with the perfect combination of mystery, suspense, and romance to keep every reader pleased with the turn of the page I enjoyed the characters because they revealed so much in a few words and loyalty, which is something I admire in my stories.

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    Today s review is on Shadow of Deceit by Mal OlsonIn the 150 books that I read per year, there are very few that receive a five star rating Shadow of Deceit did just that Non stop action, sexual tension, and an adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat, this was one of those books that kept me reading until sleep could not be held at bay any further, and I had to put it down.Shannon Riedel is trying to go on with her life after a terrible car accident that took the lives of her husband and her six month old son She was driving that fateful night and carries the blame like a well worn coat How can she move on with that guilt, when she keeps a picture of her husband next to her bed, and talks to him each and every night On the two year anniversary of the accident, Shannon is surprised by a gunman in her office He states that he gave Tyler half a million dollars for a Tanzanian Diamond and a disk with a map to where it was mined, and he wants them now FBI agent Tony Crazaniak is an ex Delta Force Operative with his own demons While serving in Afghanistan, he lost most of his team and blames himself for their deaths He won t rest until the terrorist leader responsible Abdul Ahad, is stopped Unfortunately for Shannon the gunman, her boss, and quite possibly her husband are were involved with Ahad.What follows is a lip biting race to get to the truth Was Tyler involved Is her boss involved And where is the diamond and disk As Tony works to get to the bottom of these questions and keep Shannon safe he finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with her and she with him The most important question is can they come out on top without anyone else losing their lives, and can they each forgive themselves and move on together A fantastic book that had me from page one A must read, and a book you just have to have 5 of 5 stars

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    Shadow of Deceit delivers on the author s promise of adrenaline kicked romance with great characters, a well developed plot, and action packed scenes that ll keep readers turning the pages and wanting Shannon is a heroine who s been dealt a tragic blow but somehow manages to keep on living Her strength is tested when she discovers her recently deceased husband had deadly secrets that have come back to haunt her Though knocked for a loop the moment he sees Shannon s beautiful blue eyes, FBI Agent Tony Crazaniak suspects she knows than she claims Attempts on her life cast him in the role of protector as well as investigator, and he s helpless to resist their sizzling attraction The end result is Mal Olson s great debut full of action and emotion that you won t want to miss

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    3.5 Stars

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    Mal Olsen s Shadow of Deceit is a romantic suspense brimming with sexual tension between two people dealing with personal tragedies that have left them scarred and afraid to take a chance on love When Shannon Riedel is threatened and asked to return goods owed from her deceased husband s unfinished gem mine deal, FBI agent Tony Crazaniak becomes her shadow, sticking to her, as she compares it, like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one s shoe Shannon unwittingly finds herself caught up in a dangerous world of greed, blood diamonds, and terrorists The plot of the story is okay it s fairly easy to predict upcoming events as Shannon gradually begins to consider the possibility that her husband, Tyler, may have been involved in a lucrative but shady deal It s completely understandable that Shannon desperately wants to believe her husband is innocent and that her boss, Rafiel de Rios an Anthony Bandaros lookalike could be guilty of the acts Tony suggests However, I found Shannon to be a frustrating protagonist fighting Tony almost every step of the way in his investigation, even though she s intrigued by the man and wants to get to know what s behind the FBI persona Tony projects She s threatened, attacked, and followed on numerous occasions, yet she still won t fully cooperate with Tony, who does everything he can to keep her safe Even after she grows closer both emotionally and physically, she still withholds evidence essential to the case Shannon trusts without question those closest to her, but this trait also becomes her greatest weakness making her gullible and vulnerable to the danger surrounding her Tony has a personal score to settle with the terrorist, Abdul Ahad, and he is passionate in trying to find the evidence he needs to link Ahad with the diamond mine deal under investigation, and it quickly becomes clear to him that Shannon is key to resolving the case However, I was surprised at how long he was willing to wait to question Shannon He wasn t as aggressive with her as I would have expected, and I think his lack of action was geared toward gaining Shannon s trust In the meantime, both Shannon and Tony continuously reflect on their attraction toward each other and their reluctance to take the relationship further After all, Shannon s involvement is still questionable, and Tony knows he should maintain a professional distance Further, even though two years have passed since Shannon lost her family, she still feels getting involved with Tony would be a betrayal to Tyler The book has lots of action in the beginning and at the end The middle of the book moves slowly and focuses on the internal emotional conflicts Tony and Shannon face and their feelings and growing desire for one another I found the romantic aspect to have greater emphasis rather than the FBI investigation in the overall plot Love scenes are explicit and geared toward mature readers If you re a romance reader, you should check out Mal Olsen s work Source I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

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    Ever since her accident, Shannon Riedel has been rebuilding her life in hopes of coming to terms with her ordeal The loss of her husband and six month old son is something she feels every day In order to hold on to their memory, she talks to them each and every day Yet it does nothing to replace the desolation she feels inside Deep inside, she blames herself for their dying, even though part of her knows it s not true.When an armed man bursts into her office on the day of the two year anniversary marking the events that took her family away, Shannon finds herself wondering whether she knew her husband at all The man claims Tyler owed him money as well as a disk and a diamond he says are his Unable to accept that her husband may have been involved in sordid dealings, she tells him quite clearly that she doesn t know what he s talking about This, unfortunately, angers him and fuels his urge for retribution Unable to give him what she doesn t have, she does the only thing she can, she runs.Tony Crazaniak never imagined he d feel anything for anyone ever again ever since the fiasco in the Middle East years ago The voluptuous beauty has caught him by surprise and he can do nothing to stop the urges that are slowly rising inside him Thwarting the gunman s plans, he vows to protect Shannon at all costs in hopes of discovering just what her husband was into just before he died Part of him says she s innocent, that she may not know what Tyler s dealings were, but to be on the safe side, he knows he has to consider every side of the story.As attempts on their lives are made repeatedly, Shannon realizes she may be way in over head Tyler s secrets are slowly coming into the light, secrets she had no idea existed When it becomes apparent that Tyler did indeed know about the diamond and the mine, she realizes she barely knew her husband at all Yet part of her wavers She wants so much to believe that Tyler was a good man, that he never meant their family harm.As the tension escalates, she finds herself drawn to Tony in ways than one, a fact that disturbs her greatly because she doesn t want to tarnish the love she had for Tyler Despite this, she knows she can t keep fighting what she feels for long Giving in to her heart s desires, she places her trust into Tony s hands He s the only one who can protect her as they strive to make sense of what s going on Their goal is to work together in hopes of setting all wrongs to right if they can only live long enough to achieve it.This was such an intriguing story I enjoyed every minute of it So much so, I couldn t put it down The heat between Tony and Shannon was palpable I think Mal did a wonderful job in creating the world she built for her characters The situations they find themselves in are things we can certainly relate to in real life I think I ve just become a fan of Mal s work Can t wait to read

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    Shannon has had her world tor apart before Now she finds herself in a new danger A man thinks her deceased husband took money and a diamond from him and wants her to turn them over Her only protection is FBI agent Tony Crazaniak She doesn t trust him all the way and she doesn t think her husband has done anything wrong While the danger keeps piling up around her she has to face the fact her husband had secrets he kept from her and that she may have to trust Tony Tony knows Shannon is hiding things from him but he needs to keep her safe and track down the men behind the whole operation one who is a known terrorist While they are together they both begin to fall for each other and have to hope they can truly trust each other This book is packed full of danger and suspense It seems like Shannon can t catch a break even though she has had the most horrible thing happen to her Something she blames her self for and something no one should ever go through I felt so sorry for her but I hated how she didn t trust the ones she should and did trust others She has a lot to learn about her husband and she hates how it makes her feel Tony is a great guy who puts up with a lot from Shannon He is very protective and caring person He has to put his wants to the side to do his job I really like this book and how far both main characters grow and see the important things in life They see each other for who each one is Besides the danger there is also the romance It may happen quickly between them but they have no one to hurt and they make a great pair If you enjoy a book with suspense with great characters give this one a try.

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    Olson s writing is fast pace, full of action and blossoming romance just they way I like my romantic suspense I love the chase and the suspense, and Shadow of Deceit had a good a very good plot, the reader is guessing Shannon s deceased husband s character just as much as Tony, and that I really liked All the action makes sure that you keep on reading, there were few lulls but they weren t boring or slow because it was then that the romance was growing number one reason I love romantic suspense instead of just suspense Both characters are very well written, they are live like with real emotions and actions I especially liked Tony s character, a sexy FBI agent who gets distracted by Shannon during his investigation to find a terrorist leader And I did really like Shannon too but with her background story I found her way too sad having your husband and baby die on you at such a young age I just didn t like that part I suppose I love my romance a little bit happy is that stupid, it might be, but that s my preference, can t help it , sure it can have drama but there is enough sadness in the world so I escape to novels to avoid it.Shadow of Deceit was really good, and I did enjoy it if it had been less sad on Shannon s part this could have easily gotten 4 stars from me Romantic Suspense fans this is for you

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    Want to have some suspense and action Love sizzling romance Shadow of Deceit is the book for you Shadow of Deceit by Mal Olson is easy to read, it is quick paced, fun and very entertaining You have the intriguing suspense plot, interesting characters, action and thrills all in one book.Shannon Riedel is a young widow whose husband is dead She is FBI agent who is trying to understand why her husband died When she is attacked by a gunman, another FBI agent, Tony Crazaniak is interfering and protecting Shannon from the unknown dangers, attraction sparkles Both of them have some heavy luggage to carry from their previous relationships and they are struggling with several thins at the same time Shannon wants to clear her husband s name,Tony has doubts about Tyler s innocence, killer chasing a valued missing item, potential threats of inside job and the undeniable attraction The characters were well written and I found both Shannon and Tony believable and understandable.Shadow of Deceit is a well written and easy to read page tuner which you on be able to put down until it s read.

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