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The Necessary Beggar pdf The Necessary Beggar , ebook The Necessary Beggar , epub The Necessary Beggar , doc The Necessary Beggar , e-pub The Necessary Beggar , The Necessary Beggar 9f451eb3012 Susan Palwick, Author Of The Remarkable Flying In Place, Now Returns With A Compelling New Novel Of A Family Cast Out Of An Idyllic Realm, Learning To Live In Our Own Troubled World With Its Richly Imagined Portrayal Of A Lost Culture, Complete With Poetry And Fables, Traditions And Customs, And Its Searing Yet Sympathetic View Of Own Society As Seen Through New Eyes, The Necessary Beggar Is An Compelling Examination Of Humanity And The Redemptive Power Of Love, In The Spirit Of Ursula K Le Guin S The Dispossessed And Robert A Heinlein S Stranger In A Strange Land L Mabantunk, The Glorious City, Is A Place Of Peace And Plenty, Of Festivals And Flowers, Bejeweled Streets And Glittering Waterfalls But It Is Also A Land Of Severe Justice Darroti, A Young Merchant, Has Been Accused Of An Unforgiveable Crime The Brutal Murder A Highborn Woman Now, In Keeping With The Customs Of Their World, His Entire Family Must Share In His Punishment Exile To The Unknown World That Lies Beyond A Mysterious Gate Passing Through That Gate, And Grieving For The Life They Leave Behind, Darroti And His Family Find Themselves In A Harsh And Hostile Land America Just A Few Years Hence, A Country Under Attack In A World Torn By Hatred And Warfare Unable To Explain Their Origin, They Are Rapidly Remanded To An Internment Camp In The Nevada Desert, Along With Thousands Of Other Refugees There They Endeavor To Make Sense Of This Ill Fated Land Where Strange Gods Are Worshipped, And Living Things Like Flowers And Insects Are Not Respected After Darroti, Unable To Bear His Disgrace, Takes His Life, The Rest Of The Family Escapes To The Outside World There, Each Tries To Cope In Their Own Way Timbor, The Head Of The Clan, Troubled By The Restless Spirit Of His Departed Son Who Comes To Him In Dreams, Does His Best To Preserve The Old Ways, And Avoid Conflict With The Outsiders His Eldest Son Masofo, Who Calls Himself Max, Is Lured By The Worldly Temptations Of This New World, While His Second Son, Erolorit, Strives To Make A Decent Life For His Family But It Is Timor S Granddaughter, Zamatryna, Who Is The Quickest To Adjust To This Strange New World It Is She Who Is The First To Learn Its Language, To Adopt Its Customs, To Accept This Place As Her New Home And, As The Strain Of Adapting Themselves To This New Life Begins To Tear The Family Apart, It Is Zama, Sustained By The Extraordinary Love Of An Ordinary Young Man, Who Finds A Way To Heal Their Grief And Give Them New Hope

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    Our stories are patterns There s generally a beginning, a middle with rising action, a climax, a denouement and an end Sometimes there are a smaller peaks along the way Fairy tales have a rhythm Romances have rules Mysteries have steps, etc Sometimes a book breaks the mold, and it will either be a game changer, a worthy experiment, or get molten material all over your work space Really a toss up This book breaks the mold A fascinating mixture of portal fantasy, tragic romance, and slice of life immigrant story, this book tries to fit all three patterns, and I m not sure it quite succeeded.CONTENT WARNING mild spoilers view spoiler alcoholism, depression, suicide, emotional abuse, coercion, domestic violence, misogyny, xenophobia, religious shunning hide spoiler

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    This was a buddy read, and as often happens with those, I m kind of talked out thinked out about the book by review time The Necessary Beggar is a kind of hybrid SF or magical realism, though leaning toward the latter Its central family come from another dimension and are exiled to the U.S near Reno, Nevada specifically They quickly have to come to terms with its culture in whatever way they can They also have to deal with a couple of ghosts who came with them from their home country.The story has a lot to say about America s cold cruelty when it comes to refugees or the homeless or others who haven t pulled themselves up by their bootstraps The characters are a believable mix of sweethearts and people with terrible flaws who cause pain and havoc for those who love them.

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    Brilliant Language, world building, suspense, and charm Engaging characters, even if just a little too simplistic Themes not subtle but still interesting provocative More like Literature than traditional SF, and yet not a difficult read at all I would think it would be widely enjoyed than the number of shelvings here indicates and I will be looking for by Palwick I have already enjoyed her short stories in The Fate of Mice.

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    Magic This book is magic It s the kind of book where you just want to give the author a Nobel Prize and let her rule the world because she just gets how it s supposed to be Her book Flying in Place is a riveting, heartwrenching story of a young girl in a horrifying family situation It was the kind of really good book that s really hard to read and I didn t even have children when I read it.The Necessary Beggar is quite a different book The family in question is colourful and close knit, and they come from a world called Lemabantunk bit of a mouthful Their world is primitive by many of our standards, but beautiful and enlightened most people spend a year as a Mendicant, a sacred beggar who lives by the kindness of strangers Weddings include the Ritual of the Necessary Beggar, which is a reminder of civic duty and a fertility rite, reminding the couple that they must welcome their children as squalling strangers At the beginning of the story, the family has been exiled from their world through a gate which leads to other worlds, and leads them to ours The reason for their exile is the supposed murder by Darroti of a sacred beggar woman named Gallicina.The family comes into our world and is immediately interned in a refugee camp in a war riven and fear filled near future The story revolves around the different reactions of the family members to their exile and their new life, and the people whose kindness helps them start over There are also flashbacks to their old world and its legends and rituals, and the real story of what happened with Darroti and Gallicina Zamatryna, one of the youngest members of the family, plays a pivotal role in the family s search for redemption.The themes of exile and immigration, transgression and forgiveness, are sensitively treated in this book I love the blessing of the Necessary Beggar For what you have given me, your errors and those of all your kin are forgiven For charity heals shortcoming, and kindness heals carelessness, and hearts heal hurt Okay, maybe it s a little simplistic I was interested by the fact that the Utopian world of Lemabantunk was so far behind our world technologically as well is there an accepted perception in sci fi fantasy that technology equals some sort of fatal fall Are we doomed to a world of war and alienation if we drive cars and use microwaves Whatever the story was beautiful, and uplifting I wanted it to be real.

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    Down at the office had to fill out the formsA pink one, a red one, the colours you choose,Up to the counter to see what they thinkThey said It doesn t count man, it ain t written in ink.Don t trust anybody least not around here, causeIt s not fun being an illegal alien, Genesis, Illegal Alien 1983 Reading The Necessary Beggar, I was once again reminded of Genesis s hilarious but not PC song about the immigrant experience Once again because I thought of it years ago when doing background work part of a group of illegals being deported on the film Sicario The filming took place at night and into early morning, and consisted of sitting on hard concrete for hours watching Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro do their thing ovah and ovah Sitting there, the song s chorus, complete with Phil Collin s terrible Mexican accent, kept going through my head The Necessary Beggar s immigrant family hails from an alternate universe, but their story of adaptation and assimilation in America parallels that of any newcomers The narration is through three voices Timor, the family patriarch Zamatryna, his granddaughter and Darroti, Timor s son The family s hails from a pre industrial world where extended family holds tremendous value, as does charity, the latter expressed by the practice of living as a Mendicant, a holy beggar, for a year That year in poverty, analogous to a mission in some Christian faiths, is a key aspect of attaining adulthood in their culture The novel s title refers to a related tradition, where an engaged couple adopts a Mendicant, declaring them The Necessary Beggar, and lavishing him her with gifts.Traditionally Mendicants have been male, but recently some young women, usually from wealthy families, have demanded the right to participate in the tradition The story begins when Darroti, a young man from a merchant family, inexplicably murders a Mendicant His crime even baffling because the Mendicant was a woman and from a rich family Darroti s family assumes that the woman was a stranger, particularly because of the gaping class difference Uh, as one might guess, Darroti has a connection to the woman The punishment for murder is a walk through a magical portal and exile to another dimension Because family is everything in this culture, Darroti s family father, brothers, their wives and children accompany him into exile The family emerges, conveniently, among a group of immigrants from our dimension who have just arrived at an isolated refuge camp in the middle of the harsh Nevada desert.From that point on, The Necessary Beggar is a straight up immigrant story with a soupcon of magical realism The family s ability to gain asylum status and leave the camp legally is complicated by the fact that they aren t from anywhere on Earth, and explaining their origin and reasons for coming to Earth Uncle Darroti s a stone cold killa isn t going to help their cause.So, like many immigrants they need papers in whatever form they take.Timor is the most lovable of the protagonists wise, compassionate, but also pragmatic the grandpa you wish you had Zamatryna is the archetypal hard driven child of immigrants, totally Type A in her pursuit of academic and other excellence Darroti, howeveris a whiny boy man, and for the most part, I despised him Which is unfortunate, because his backstory is relevant to the family s current situation view spoiler He whines and cries incessantly, both in the past when he s in love, and later after he s literally caught red handed When he finally kills himself, I m relieved until his fucking ghost shows up andcontinues crying hide spoiler

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    When one son is accused of murder, his entire family is exiled from their glorious city of L mabantuk, sent to a new world where they find themselves in the Nevada desert A story of two cultures and faiths blending, The Necessary Beggar is unexpected magical realism, combining gritty but irreverent daily life with glimpses of sentimental magic The novel has a number of faults, including out of place scifi elements and uneven pacing nonetheless, it has thoughtful and intelligent if overwrought themes, and its combination of mundanity and unexpected magic make it a joy to read Moderately recommended.Perhaps unexpectedly, The Necessary Beggar is magical realism than it is science fiction It may begin with a blue doorway bridging parallel universes, but its heart is the personal, spiritual, unexpectedly magical aspects of magical realism It s the story of two faiths blending when one is forced into the heart of the other and the faiths come alive via magical objects and meaningful dreams It is also the story of two cultures blending, and so this magic occurs within the gritty and often irreverent framework of an immigrant family stranded on American soil Unfortunately, the science fiction aspects feel out of place and underexplored in this magical realist setting In both L mabantuk and Nevada, religion is faith based and so it s a surprise and magical when it s evidenced in small and unexpected ways Blue portals between worlds just don t mesh, and there s never enough science or explanation to categorize the portals as some sort of non magical technology which doesn t interfere with the progression from faith to small miracles That complaint aside, magical realism serves The Necessary Beggar quite well but still the book is not perfect The story takes place over many years, and is told from three points of view as such, the pacing varies widely sometimes redundant, sometimes skipping years at a time, ending in a hurried conclusion The pacing, compounded by an irreverent tone, does characterization few favors characters are excessively dimensioned, full of secret histories and false faces without enough consistent detail to make them believable Yet for all these faults, The Necessary Beggar is an unexpected pleasure Perhaps because I was expecting science fiction and instead discovered a cousin to Gabriel Garc a M rquez and Isabel Allende, I found this book delightful faulted, yes, but also thoughtful and intelligent, with overwrought but meaningful themes quietly spiritual and perfectly balanced on the blurry line between mundane and magical, making it a joy to read It s not a book I plan to come back to, nor my favorite by Palwick, but it s a quick and thoughtful read and on that basis I recommend it.

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    This short sci fi magical realist novel is about an extended family who, because one of their members commits a heinous crime, is exiled from their world into or less present day America They progress from a refugee camp to a comfortable life in suburban Reno, all the while trying to understand both the events that brought them there and the nature of their new home While the plot does give a nod to the conventions of the successful immigrant narrative the older generation finds artisan or low skill work, the younger generation achieves wild academic success that will lead them to lucrative white collar careers, etc , it also weaves together elements of romance and ghost stories The use of the fantastical elements allowed Palwick to make several points about the experience of immigration and assimilation without becoming heavy handed The prose style is on the simplistic and straightforward side, but it did give the book the feeling of a fable or folktale.

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