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    Rhys review posted on Guilty PleasuresFor Catrin Jones, living with secrets seems to be the only thing left that she is good at After losing her fianc e to pneumonia, the only way she could cope was to run away from all the sadness Being a woman of good breeding meant that she couldn t do everything that she wanted, unless she married a willful husband, she took the next best option Catrin became a war time nurse After five years of loneliness and homesick for Wales, it was time to come home, if only things could be that simple A horrible storm over took her ship ride home, and she was the only survivor Living with the secrets of that fateful night will be her undoing, if Mr William Christie doesn t get to her first He is the only one of the society types that comes at her strong and plays it all straight Falling for him was the last thing on Catrin s mind, but turned out to be the best thing she let her foolish heart do.William Christie is not an easy man Coming from the streets of Glasgow, William has had to fight for everything that he wants in this world And right now he wants Catrin, and the story that she hasn t told to anyone There is just something about Catrin that keeps drawing William closer to her, and yet he doesn t seem to want to fight this enigma of a woman When she negotiates for his hand in marriage, there is only one thing that William can do, create a little scandal..This was a great story for anyone looking for a quick read with some great characters While I wish the story was longer selfish in my own right this length fit with the idea Carrie Lofty was going with The whirlwind love affair of William and Catrin was one for the story books Not only was it hot and complicated, but there was a mutual bond between two broken people just looking for someone to understand them in middle of the night From the first page this story drew me in and didn t let go I can t wait to see what else Carrie comes up with the future and I hope to run into Catrin and William again in later books, because characters like these two don t fade quickly into the background.

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    This review was posted at Under the CoversA LITTLE MORE SCANDAL is the story of the original Christies At the beginning of FLAWLESS, Sir William Christie had just died and left his kids with some tough choices to face if they wanted their inheritance This is his story.William Christie is not a man of good family, he s made his fortune on his own, coming from nothing After the death of his wife, whom he was married for convenience and respect than love, he s hardened even further Everything with him is a means to an end His end, his goals, his success.Which is why he is challenged and at the same time attracted to Catrin Jones She is from a decent family, but poor The only survivor of a shipwreck Military nurse He wants to get her story so he can have control of a newspaper that is sure to go out of business and he wants to get his paws on it The key is the exclusive of what happened to that ship and the story of the lone survivor If he has to seduce her to get it, then so be it.William Christie, the brute, the jerk, really I shouldn t like him He is everything that you d expect me NOT to like But I find myself captivated by his spirit, his drive, his passion And I can say the same for Catrin, she s straightforward, she knows what she wants and isn t afraid to go after it They re perfectly matched.It is bittersweet to see their story knowing they are no longer around, but now I really want to read Alex s story, STARLIGHT He is the son from Sir William s first marriage.A LITTLE MORE SCANDAL will release May 29, 2012 ARC provided by author

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    4.5 Stars A Little More Scandal brings a little insight to the Christie family It is a perfect addition to The Christies series as it lets you see a different side of Sir William instead of an enigma talked about by his children That and it will wet your appetite for the next book, Starlight.Yes it is fun to see William as a younger man, see him deal with society s prejudices, understand what he holds of value, and to see him squirm when he gets a little than he bargained for in Catrin You will fall in love with William, every broad chiseled inch of him Though it is Catrin that really shines.Catrin is a strong woman yet she knows she has limits and paralyzing fears When she finds the only man that makes her feel safe, she does everything possible to convince him they will fit together After the horrible events she survived she certainly deserves this strong protector The chemistry between William and Catrin sizzles Though it is a novella there is plenty of action and you will have finished it before you know it It also helps you understand why William has set the conditions he chose for each of his children in his will If you are a Lofty fan you will not want to miss this, and if you haven t started The Christies series this is the perfect place to start After reading A Little More Scandal you will be counting down the days for the release of Starlight, Alex s story Review to be posted at Reading Between the Wines blog.

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    3.5 5

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    In a very short period of time Carrie Lofty has become a favorite historical romance writer and her books must reads for me Ms Lofty has the touch when it comes to penning passionate romances that combine wonderful characters with those little historical details that I love A Little More Scandal is a 90 page novella that can be read as a stand alone or as a prequel to Carrie Lofty s The Christies historical romance series As a prequel, this passionate romance gives the reader insight into Sir William Christie s character, the patriarch of the family, and adds depth to The Christies series as a whole.Sir William Christie is a self made man who clawed his way from the bottom rungs of Glasgow s society s ladder and gained entrance, if not necessarily acceptance, to the very top of London s ton by using his gift for business and obsession for making money At 31 years of age, he s a widower, an absentee father, and the head of a successful industrial empire He is a ruthless businessman who is about to find his match in the most unlikely of women.Catrin Jones is the Welsh daughter of a country pastor who served as a battlefield nurse for five years in the Crimean War Her only claim to fame is that she was the only survivor when the HMS Honoria was wrecked while sailing home from the war and Catrin refuses to tell the real story London is agog with speculation and William needs her story in order to further his latest business plans William decides to seduce the story out of Catrin, but he doesn t expect that Catrin might have her own plans and might seduce out of him.This novella is character driven and as a result the focus is entirely on William and Catrin There is a sense of urgency to William and Catrin s developing relationship, dictated by events taking place around them, that serves to push them into quick action Catrin, so than William, is an absolute gem of a character in this novella She is forthright and just as ruthless in her own way as William when it comes to achieving her goal I admired her for her determination Together, they sizzle and burn sizzle and burn As previously stated, A Little More Scandal can be read as a stand alone novella since this is a prequel and already known characters from this series do not make an appearance However, if you ve read Flawless, this short is a must read Lofty delivers all around in this passionate little novella and gives readers a detailed peek into what drove both William and Catrin to build not only an industrial empire, but a beautiful and rather unique family Of course this novella is a delicious appetizer, but now I am eagerly waiting for the main course, the second book in the series, Starlight The Christies, 2 Originally posted at Impressions of a Reader

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    Catrin is an adventuresome Welsh girl that after a near death experience has decided to embrace life to its fullest She is determined to find a rich husband so she can continue the bright and colorful life that she is living as the darling of society After acting as a nurse in the Crimea and then coming through a shipwreck as the only survivor, everyone wants her story, but she tantalizes them further by not giving it to them One of the many who want Catrin s story is William Christie His motive is not for gossip s sake, but for the story s part in a lucrative business deal that he is arranging William is a ruthless Scot who has pulled himself up out of the gutter to become a rich man Society grudgingly accepts his presence, but they dare not refuse the fearsome man who holds the purse strings of the many extravagants of the aristocracy.William plans to seduce the story out of Catrin and continue on business as usual Catrin throws him for a loop Not only does she see right through him, but instead of discouraging her, she shows herself eager for his attentions Catrin s zest for life and William s desire to dominate the business world are seemingly at odds William may have met his match and Catrin may have found the one man who is can match her need for a companion who fulfills her need to live to the fullest.This was a novella so there was not a lot of space to allow for development of story Carrie Lofty wisely kept the plot simple and it moved along just fine There is an opportunity to get to know these truly well written characters to see the conflict and passion develop and see what they do with it The story touches on the historical backdrop without really dwelling on it The focus is entirely on the relationship that develops between the characters.I should point out that this falls as 1.5 in the series, but chronologically it is the first read.Nice steamy passion between strong characters who bravely set out on their own paths to fulfillment even if its against the flow of Society I look forward to reading about this extraordinary family.

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    This recently released novella is a prequel of sorts to Flawless and the just now released Starlight and features the patriarch of the Christie family I ve heard good things about Ms Lofty s books but had never read one before A 99c novella is a good way to test the waters with a new author I do think it is hard to write a complete story in such a short word count so I was especially pleased with my reading experience William Christie is a self made made, a large, arrogant, boorish Scot who is tolerated in Society because of his wealth and a previous advantageous marriage he is now a widower Catrin Jones is a Welsh nurse who, on returning from the Crimea, was the only survivor of a shipwreck She realises she will have notoriety for a short time and wishes to use that time to find a suitable husband William wants shares in a newspaper and his part of the bargain is her story which she has been notoriously closed mouth about Both have mercenary goals but both are deeply attracted I enjoyed the banter and the curious honesty between them It definitely made me want to read both Flawless and Starlight and there are lengthy excerpts from both in the back Well played Ms Lofty.www.kaetrinsmusings.blogspot.com

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    Awesome power couple alert I am so glad I followed GR s advice never thought I d hear myself say that and read this novella first instead of Flawless Even though A Little More Scandal is marked as 1.5 in the series, it s technically a prequel since it s about the Christie clan s patriarch William Christie, whose machinations are center stage of the other books premises.William and Catrin made quite the formidable pair Their attraction was instant something I usually loathe but found it somehow worked here and combustible I fanned myself multiple times reading their various interactions At the same time, there were also great moments of tenderness and understanding shared between the two as well The fact that both William and Catrin came across as solid, interesting and well rounded characters individually was pretty impressive and is something often hard to convey considering the limitations a novella s length usually presents.This was my first taste of Carrie Lofty s writing and I m already craving I just hope the Christie children s romances will be on the same level of amazing as their father s was.

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    In London, July 1856, widower William Christie, a self made wealthy man finds himself at a party One of the invited guests is Catrin Jones, a modest nurse who is the toast of the town as the only survivor of a naval shipwreck.Everyone wants to find out the details of her story, especially William who is about to buy the local failing newspaper A story like Catrin s would definitely jumpstart sales, but Catrin s dead set on not revealing a word to anyone on the true nature of her survival.William pursues her, only to find Catrin s secret comes with a price she will tell him a story for his newspaper if William marries her With rumors and speculations of her time at sea escalating to dangerous levels among London s high society, Catrin will stop at nothing to show William she is his match in every single way before her welcome runs out Will William agree to Catrin s terms, and take a chance at love mixed with a little scandal Check out my blog for a chance to win the next book in the series, Flawless Giveaway ends July 11.

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    I am pleasantly surprised I started this book knowing almost nothing about the series and the author and ended it LOVING them both I plan to go back and read the first book now, because this little taste got me addicted What a great story and for me at least pretty original Though the book is pretty short it s not lacking details at all and the two main characters, William and Catrin, were very entertaining I loved the banter between the two, they were made for each other It s always nice to see a big man like William fall for a woman and boy did he fall.I usually have some type of negative critique but I can t seem to find anything wrong with this one Simply put, it s just a great read Quick and fun and pretty sexy too I don t know about anyone else but I want a big Scotsman just like William to sweep me off my feet too I m excited to read of this series because if this short novella was this good then the full length novel much be fantastic I give this book 4.5 Stars and I recommend it to romance lovers, especially historical romance.

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A Little More Scandal summary pdf A Little More Scandal, summary chapter 2 A Little More Scandal, sparknotes A Little More Scandal, A Little More Scandal 6db1caf Welsh Minister S Daughter Catrin Jones Is The Talk Of Britain Many Women Served As Nurses In The Crimean War, Skirting The Edge Of Propriety To Tend Lonely Soldiers Wounds, But Only Catrin Survived A Shipwreck On Her Return Voyage Suddenly, Like A Circus Curiosity, Everyone Wants A Glimpse Of The Scandalous Miss Jones Scarred, Opinionated, And Adjusting To A Rush Of Fame So Very Different From Far Away Battlefields, She S Not The Sort Of Woman Scottish Robber Baron William Christie Aspires To Marry Following A Decade Of Brilliant Business Maneuvers, William Is On The Verge Of Securing A Key Railroad Contract But His Aristocratic Wife S Death During Childbirth Meant The Loss Of Considerable Influence Few In Society Have Forgiven His Up From The Gutters Youth With Respectability, Wealth, And His Two Year Old Son Finally His To Claim, William Must Decide Whether An Extraordinary Nurse Is Worth Embracing Just A Little Scandal

  • Kindle Edition
  • 80 pages
  • A Little More Scandal
  • Carrie Lofty
  • 18 September 2018

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Lindsey Piper and historical romances from Pocket have been described as nuanced and superbly realized The Chicago Tribune and sexy, brutal and somehow innocent All About Romance In college, Carrie lured an unsuspecting Englishman to the Midwest, where she s kept him a happy ex pat for than twenty years With two teen daughters and a master s degree specializing in the America West, Carrie is a movie buff, Civil War museum docent, online tutor, and Halloween haunted house actor.