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Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) explained Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) , review Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) , trailer Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) , box office Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) , analysis Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) , Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1) 498f Team Enforcer, Chase Hudson, Is Used To Being Penalized On The Ice But When His Wife Throws Him Out Of Their Bed, He S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Back In The GameTaylor Hudson Still Loves Her Husband But She S Tired Of Competing With The Puck Bunnies Who Are Constantly Vying For His Attention After Eleven Months Apart, She S Ready To End Their Ten Year Marriage, But Chase Isn T Ready To Let Her GoWill This Tough Guy Be Able To Convince His Wife That Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

  • ebook
  • 117 pages
  • Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1)
  • Cher Carson
  • 10 June 2018

About the Author: Cher Carson

I have always been passionate about books, but it wasn t until several years ago that I decided to quit my day job to follow my bliss Since then I have written eight book under two pen names, all have the requisite HEA endings, but some are just a little naughtier than others.I m obsessed with writing In fact, being handcuffed to my keyboard sounds like fun Did I mention the fact that I write e

10 thoughts on “Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy, #1)

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    Not one of the great ones, I m afraid In fact, Taylor is hypocritical and two faced I kick friends like that to the curb pretty quick, I can t even imagine a man wanting to marry someone like this.Only reason I bump this to a 2 star review instead of 1, is because it s well written Well written as in good language, not a whole lot of grammatical errors or other things like typos and punctuation mistakes But as far as plot or good characters goes, not a whole lot to jump up and down for.First of all, where is that love the author keeps writing about I know I was told there was a great love in there somewhere, but I never saw it All I saw was sex, sex, sex Taylor and Chase do have great sexual chemistry, but I didn t get warm, fuzzy vibes from them I wanted to smack Taylor upside the head so many times I lost count, and I wanted to give Chase a good hug He deserves better than the idiot he married.The list of Taylor s sins is long, let s see if I can recapture it She kicked him out of the house because she was afraid he d want to divorce her somewhere down the line, then she is the one filing for divorce Even though she was the one to kick him out, she takes none of the blame She keeps believing he must ve cheated on her but she refuses to let him talk to her She claims to wanting to have saved her marriage, but she never let Chase close enough to get any saving done She did this for 10 months She has a boyfriend, has had for months, while still married and she throws a fit when he tries to drown his sorrows in booze and women after she told him she d filed for divorce Somehow they make up and promise to stick together no matter what comes their way, and literally five minutes after making this declaration, trouble comes knocking and she bails Doesn t show up for days.Taylor is a self centered bitch who is hung up on her looks than making her marriage work She is not a strong heroine She s an annoying egoistic brat And she kept changing her mind so many times it made my head hurt She never took any responsibility for anything, and woe him if he placed any of the blame with her No, it was all his fault because he was the star athlete Talk about shallow In any other book, Taylor would be the ex, and Chase would have spent the book looking for a better woman.

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    Am I reading the same book I m sorry, but this story just had me so frustrated It wasn t the story itself, but the characters in the story, especially Taylor who is the main female character She makes me want to throttle her, as she s not likable in the least I don t even see why Chase would still be in with love her, which is another thing I found lacking in this story There s no basis for their love Sure, they keep thinking to themselves that they re still in love with the other person, but there s not much background given of their previous years as a married couple or before they became a couple Their relationship seems to be based on one thing, and one thing only sex view spoiler Anyway, now they re separated, with Chase trying to get Taylor back It seems like everything is Chase s fault, according to Taylor Though Taylor admits she has some of the blame for the state of their relationship, she doesn t take any responsibility Instead, she lets Chase take all the blame as he berates himself and asks for her forgiveness over and over But she won t talk to him, no matter how many times she tries, so he basically kidnaps her and takes her back to his place She ends up falling into bed with him really easily, even though she has a boyfriend And then, she tells him she filed for divorce as he s telling her he wants to have a baby Well, of course Chase is shocked and thinks that s the end, especially when she says she s not going to change her mind And then she does change her mind and goes to surprise Chase, but ends up finding a surprise herself instead, which upsets her But what does she expect She told him it was done Of course he s hurt and going to try to get over her by drowning his sorrows in alcohol and another woman He thinks he s not going to be married any Besides, Taylor had a boyfriend while she was still married and was still hoping for a reconciliation, but Chase can t attempt to get over her with another woman after he finds out there s no hope for his marriage She was such a hypocrite When they finally attempt to work on their relationship, she admits her insecurities and says she rejected his attempts at talking to her because she was afraid that he was going to divorce her, when she was the one that kicked him out of their house He didn t want to go, and she made him leave Okay, so they work out their relationship, and then a curveball is thrown at them and she once again doesn t know what to think and doesn t trust Chase, when she had just said a few moments ago that she believed him and loved him WTF So she bails on him, and when Chase s best friend points out that Chase wouldn t have done that to her if the roles were reversed, she says, Don t make me out to be the bad guy here Um, but YOU ARE And his friend gives in and says sorry and that he didn t mean to judge her BUT OMG, JUDGE HER ALL YOU WANT YOU RE RIGHT And I can t believe Chase took her back, after she bailed on him and contacted a lawyer on family law again He should have just kicked her to the curb hide spoiler

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    He thought she was just bored, so he suggested she get a hobby instead of fixating on getting pregnant She suggested he find a new place to live Their marriage fell apart because of her insecurities and his unwillingness to give her the one thing she wanted Taylor thought after nearly a decade of marriage, it was time to have a baby, but Chase s priority was hockey career first and family second When it became clear that he wasn t going to budge, Taylor took charge of the situation and separated from him It s now been eleven months of separation and each are questioning whether the marriage is beyond saving.The opening scenes reveal the depth of emotion Taylor and Chase have for one another as things escalate very quickly from ballroom to bedroom It s clear they have a history, but in relating to that deep connection the reader must be prepared for their rollercoaster emotions of need, anger, love, sadness, as well as insecurity I enjoyed their tug of war, but felt at times that Taylor took too little of the blame when it came to their crumbling marriage Chase tries hard to right the wrongs and perhaps went about it the wrong way, but had faith in them as a couple regardless Their marriage woes notwithstanding, the story reads quickly and the characters are believable Unfortunately, the story is a bit selective with abrupt scene endings, which hindered the overall flow and had me craving a fleshed out ending However, the first in the Hot Shots Trilogy is off to a great start with a hockey theme that doesn t overshadow the developments of the relationship at the core of the story The heat level is erotic with a sensuality that had me rooting for Chase and Taylor from the beginning I will definitely be picking up from this author Review soon to be posted Night Owl Reviews

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    Breakaway by Cher Carson was a fast, super steamy, but frustrating read This novella centers around Taylor and Chase They ve been separated for eleven months and Taylor is determined to end their ten year marriage However, Chase doesn t share the same views as her and isn t ready to let her go without a fight.In all the story was ok, but there were things that irritated me I liked the plot and storyline, but I felt there was no relationship between Chase Taylor with the exception of sex I enjoyed reading about Chase though he was sexy, possessive, vulnerable, yet strong He was willing to do anything to save his marriage I just wanted to give him a good hug throughout the story He sure needed one Taylor, on the other hand, was just a completely unlikeable heroine I just wanted to throttle her She was hypocritical, full of insecurities jealousy, and had no faith in her husband whatsoever she s been married to this man for ten years Come on, woman I could go on for days about Taylor s actions in the story that disgusted me, but I won t If the heroine was characterized differently, I would have enjoyed this story a lot this would have been a higher rating for me.

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    Man, I am glad this was free Started reading, then as the heroine began to act like a real pissy ass, I started skimming it.The heroine was a passive aggressive hypocrite who wouldn t know the meaning of a marriage vow if it bit her on the ass.The entire little novella was a whiplash of bad decisions by and even worse motivations of the heroine It was a tedious, frustrating little story even to skim because it had a really unlikeable heroine.Bleh.

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    I rarely give a book a rating because I think all books have their own merit that can t always be quantified But the heroine in this book was so annoying that I actually want to rate this book If only to remind myself to never accidentally read it again.

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    I enjoyed this book, although at times found Taylor s insecurity to be annoying They both made mistakes in the marriage, but her insecurities were the main reason for the separation She hardly took any of the responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage continually mistrusted him, even though there was no reason I look forward to the rest of the series.

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    Umm, I thought this was a book about a hockey player Geez, none of em that I know would be such a pansy And really after being together for 10 years he never saw a photo of her from before he met her Get real.

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    I liked this book I guess because I stayed mad at Taylor during the whole book I know she had her insecurities..but my gosh she was so hard headed Love books that provoke feeling but still have a happy ending

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    Another story that shows you that without communication relationships do not work.

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