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A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) quotes A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) , litcharts A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) , symbolism A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) , summary shmoop A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) , A Million Wishes (Wishes, #1) 65cf96a6 Mikayla Johnson Growing Up In A Poor, Abusive Household After Her Father Is Killed In A Car Wreck Mikayla Had Very Few Things In Life That Gave Her Joy Her Writing, The Old Oak Tree, Her Big Brother Callum And Her Childhood Crush Noah Could He Help Her Heal From Her Past And Give Her The Family She Has Always Wanted Noah Cane Noah Is A Navy Seal War Hero Coming Home To The Georgia Peach Plantation He Was Raised On To Recover From Losing His Leg In War His Heart Was Stolen By Mikayla The Moment They Met Under A Peach Tree Where She Was Stealing Peaches Off His Parent S Property Can She Help Him Heal From His Injuries And Give Him Something Worth Fighting For Join Mikayla And Noah On A Whimsical Journey Of Love, Passion And The Discovery Of What They Were Truly Meant To Do With Their Lives Sit Back And Enjoy Their Playful Banter And Intense Loving While They Show The Town Of Sugar Creek What It Really Means To Have A Heart Of Gold

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    I really wanted this to work because it had the kernel of a really great story I overlooked the spelling errors I cringed but moved past the non stop use of honey, baby, baby doll, kitten, romeo, on and on at least twice a paragraph I even tried in vain to ignore the overall immaturity of the writing and characters, the fact that no one really acted within character, and the cringe worthy over optimism that made me gag at times All this and i continued to try and dig through to the story i knew was there Then i reached she mewled like a cat in heat and that was my breaking point Another one bites the dust DNF

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    A must readA story to celebrate the strength it takes to live life to the fullest, love with all your heart, and not let anything keep you from either Very emotional.

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    This book is not in a genre I would usually read but, overall, I enjoyed it once I was able to get past the story s obvious need of a thorough, professional edit The story moved quickly and was mostly linear and clear, the characters were well defined and had strong personalities, and it was obvious that the author cared about both them and their story Her talent is particularly noticeable in the intimacy scenes, which she crafts with skill and passion A MILLION WISHES was a quick read that I completed in a few days My primary issue with this book is the number of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that plagued it throughout Curiously, the author lists an editor in the credits and also in the notes for the book I can only imagine that this editor does not do this for a living, given the draft feel of the final, published product Obvious errors, such as using too instead of to, could be found constantly in the text Comma splices and misuses of semi colons were rampant It was incredibly distracting My rating for the book would have been four stars had it been error free or, at least, had the amount of errors not been so abundant The fact that the author at least attempted to have the text proofed by someone made me give it three stars instead of two a rating the amount of errors in the book, in my opinion, warranted This is mostly just personal preference, but I found the use of pet names in the story extremely overdone There were at least two or three on every page of the book Romeo and babydoll are the two frontrunners , and it was VERY distracting it almost took over the dialogue I also found it a little disconcerting that the main character s older brother called her babydoll a name which her significant other also uses It stuck out as than a little odd Final opinion The story would benefit greatly from a thorough, extensive line edit were the author to invest in a professional editor, this would be a good story that I would recommend to lovers of the romance genre As it stands now, though, it s of a plodding read struggling under its own errors.

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    I hate to rate this a 3 but it didn t meet my requirements for a 4 so it s a 3.5, in all honesty this was a very difficult book to rate I can review it and tell you that despite the many editing errors it has recently come to our attention that I was given an unedited version by accident so please excuse any comments about this and the lack of realistic details this author can write a heart wrenching story The book is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves no prisoners I m capable of telling you that Mikayla and Noah are some of the best characters I ve come across with DeAnne doing an amazing job of pulling you into their life and having the reader react to their every emotion Mikayla is this spunky, smart, compassionate, young woman and yet the author clearly shows her as a victim and not yet a survivor Noah we see as a cocky young man who sees himself as invincible and all the time in the world until he has to come to terms with just how vulnerable he really is.For of the review pls visit example about the unrealistic details, just one example In Georgia to foster if your a married couple than you have to have been married for at least a yr prior to fostering and then the child that your fostering has to be ten yrs younger than the youngest of the married couple.These facts were not met in the book While it shouldn t be a big deal there are many that struggle to foster a child and adopt Myself included, I don t think it s right to ever make light of the struggles we face and why many finally just give up and turn to other options.

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    I have just finished reading A Million Wishes for the second time I have read both the first edition as well as the revised one and was pleased to see that the editing was addressed and corrected, which only improved an already exceptional story by this first time writer.This is a wonderful romantic tale about a young couple I could easily relate to Both of the lead characters Mikayla and Noah, are met with life altering obstacles, which with time, love and the support of each other, they are able to overcome This is a sweet story and Ms Felthauser took great care with the development of her characters as well as the realistic events mentioned in her narrative It flowed well and held my interest the entire time This book was able to touch many of my emotions as I read it As the story unfolds, we are introduced to several characters that I can only assume we will get to know in depth as the series continues This is a very well written and heartfelt story that I recommend to anyone who loves a good heart tugging romance.I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

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    This is such a beautiful, heartfelt book I can t hardly wait for book 2 because I feel emotionally invested in these characters I laughed with them, cried with them, and cheered them on throughout the entire book Once I started reading it I just couldn t put it down I will be recommending this to all my friends You can certainly tell the author did her research on amputee s and she really hits and builds on the emotions they go through and how hard but necessary it is to be a fighter and just how important the love of your partner is My father is an amputee from an accident, but the emotional context is still similar to a war vet I m very impressed and pleased with this author She really brought the book to life for me Great job

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    A beautifully written story set in the south I really enjoyed the charming southern slang that is bantered back and forth throughout the book Noah and Mikayla have known each other since childhood and fall deeply in love as young adults Both bring extreme psychical and emotional baggage to their relationship Will their intense and selfless love help to heal both their minds and bodies No spoilers here, Read this lovely and heart warming story and find out Not a YA novel, for adults only, due to the steamy detailed sexual encounters Looking forward to the next installment of the Wishes series I was lucky enough to win this book through the Free through Goodreads first reads Many thanks to author DeAnna Felthauser

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    This book had me crying one minute, laughing the next and soon to follow I was fanning myself from the steamy love scenes oh how I love those scenes It is a very deep book, lots of emotional content and makes you think about the things you do in every day life and appreciate them It may sound corny but it honesty made me want to be a better person and do for people The hero, Noah, is a sexy Navy Seal and he loses his leg in the war Mikayla is a writer that has had a terrible family life until she moved in with her older brother when she was a teenager Mikayla and Noah are two broken people that deserve true love and a happy ending I loved the way the book ended and I can hardly wait for the next one

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    this book had it all, it made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to crawl into the book and belong there this is a heartfelt book with so many emotions filtering through it, u have no idea how your going to feel from one page to the next cant wait to read the next book i will definatly have my tissues ready this time

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    Great buildup of the characters, the history and long standing connection between them You can feel how much they love and care for each other I liked all the humor in the book as well, it balanced out the deeper scenes in the story Very heart felt Added bonus were the extremely hot scenes that made you feel like you were right there Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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