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Doberdo summary Doberdo, series Doberdo, book Doberdo, pdf Doberdo, Doberdo 6c981da74b Doberdo Kis Krajnai Szlov N Falu Isztria F Lszigett L Szaknyugatra De Az Eg Sz Frontszakaszt Doberdo N Vre Keresztelte A Magyar Katonas G, Mert Ez A Dobol Sz Ra Eml Keztet N V Felid Zte K Pzelet Ben A Sz Ntelen Perg T Zet, A V Rfergeteget Doberd Nak M R Tizen T V G N Is El G Gy Szos H Re Volt A Hadseregben, De Tizenhat Elej N Ez Az Elnevez S Egy Rtelm Volt A Hal Lmez Vel Rja Az Els Vil Gh Bor R L Sz L Nagy Reg Ny Ben Zalka M T M Tray Tibor, A Doberdo H Se, A F Lig M G Gyerek Hadnagy Els Szem Lyben Mondja El A Reg Nyben Pokolj R S T, Az Al Akn Zott Hegy S Eg Sz Z Szl Alja Pusztul S Nak T Rt Net T Egy Rajong , Nagy Szerelem Seg Ti Hozz , Hogy R L Pjen Arra Az Tra, Amely Azut N Eg Sz Let Re Harcot Jelent, Harcot A H Bor K N Lk Li, Boldogabb, Szebb Let Rt

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    Ahhfinished my second book about war DDDThis book is about the first World War, the battle takes place in Italy, Doberdo Its a greatly written diary novel I really enjoyed it It really retells the story of the soldiers, the captains, their life before in and after war The interesting part in this novel is the fact that beside the horrorific and tragic parts of wars it also has some funny stories in it this story from my point of view is very complex it has all what a diary novel needs.Story of people who really existed and fought not only against their war rivals, but often they fought in them self too The brother mentor friendship between Arnold and Tibor really is an important part of the novel A very touching and heart worming bond in the end this friendship is one of those important things that aren t and shouldn t be forgotten Besides the drama and action parts, the value is that the writer himself tells how the war is capable to change people The role of war In the end I could say the this book was worth reading every story in it has a real meaning even after 100 years people and feelings doesn t change Spoiler from the ending My fav part was when Arnold and Tibor last met, and departed, the atmosphere between was so tense that it could be felt by anybody.

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