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    You can t get boho Paris than this Ed van der Elsken photographed and wrote the narrative of sorts about young love among the Situationists set Great imagery

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    A beautiful collection of photos with an amusing, partially fictional storyline told in brief captions I found the story to be unnecessary and occasionally distracting, but it didn t take away from the gorgeous photos and artwork So happy I was able to read such a staple for this medium.

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    For those in the business of education, who stand behind the idea that standardized test are a sure fire measure of ability the world of photography offers one of its elite, Ed van der Elsken as an excellent example of an exception Failing the final exam in his photography correspondence course, the eccentric Dutchman ignored the first volley of disinterest and criticism to his ideas and work and embarked on a globe spanning career which would produce indelible photographs of post WWII life in Paris, Africa, and Asia Riding the crest of the French New Wave, Elsken s bohemian nature allowed him to easily fall in with the nite trodding disenchanted youths of 1950 s Paris The result was Elsken s first and most popular success, Love on the Left Bank The book was groundbreaking in its use of a fictional narrative to link straight shot docu photography Published in 1954, the strength of the material earned his work a spot in Edward Steicen s exhibition, Family of Man in 1955 Despite critical recognition, Elsken s headstrong and independent manner prevented him from capitalizing very heavily on his skills Shunned by Vouge after he insisted on using only black models and rejected by local peers when, in his Dutch magazine premiere, he characterized them as little men with no flair, no imagination, no courage, and no artistry Elsken lived his life, earned his living and practiced his art on his own terms He always enjoyed supreme editorial powers with his books with a careful eye to every singe detail of its publishing In contrast, his style of photography was almost careless, wandering the streets of the world hoping for something to spark his impulse always in search of life s surprises In linking Elsken s work to that other notorious roamer of dark city streets, the NYC institution known as Weegee, Village Voice photography critic Vince Aletti describes it as dark, rough, improvisatory, immediate. Although Elsken s work is done on the fly and is often described as lacking composition, their emotional impact is undeniable.

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    This is a book about the walk on the wild side or the existentialism of youth It is not so much the artistry of the images, nor the somewhat unnecessary storyline that make it compelling, as the general atmosphere of the lives portrayed and the feeling of dangerous carefree existence that marks being young The photos feel staged and fresh and it is constantly surprising to remember that they are from a time long gone and depict real people many with serious issues who took their own lives within years of the events portrayed.

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    This is one of those photo books where the feeling really jumps out of the pages The intensity and willfulness of youth culture in Europe in the 60s conveyed through high contrast black and white, moody, creative layouts, and semi fictional narrative is so strong it practically requires a double espresso no Starbucks cups please or stiff drink while luxuriating over each spread.

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    Hanya memerlukan kurang dari 30 menit untuk menyelesaikan Yaiyalah wong ini buku foto Suka banget sama pemaduan foto dan cerita Di awal sih bilangnya fiksi ya But who knows It feels real tho.

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    Beautiful book.Have to admit, it was about the faces, than the words, which is out of character for me Great book to have in your collection.

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    A book about Paris youth and the Left Bank in the 1950s, La Boheme as Charles Aznavour once sang The BW photographs perfectly capture this era of love and insouciance Stunning.

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    Oorspronkelijke titel Een liefdesgeschiedenis in Saint Germain des Pr s 1956 debuut van de Nederlandse fotograaf en cineast van der Elsken.Mooi tijdsdocument.

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    Swooooooooooooooooooooon So romantic

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Love on the Left Bank download Love on the Left Bank, read online Love on the Left Bank, kindle ebook Love on the Left Bank, Love on the Left Bank 13a1934e5a25 A Facsimile Edition Of One Of The Classic Photography Books Elsken Focuses On The Left Bank Of Paris In The S A Time When It Was Recognised As A Centre Of Creative Ferment Which Would Determine The Cultural Agenda Of A Generation With Its Unconventional, Gritty, Snapshot Like Technique The Work Has Been Acclaimed As Expanding The Boundaries Of Documentary Photography