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    3.5 starsI think at some point in our lives, we all wish we could predict the future, see what tomorrow holds, and possibly get rich doing it In Field s latest novel, Instant Preplay, that s exactly what Logan Styles gets a DVR that shows tomorrows news but with this great insight also comes great responsibility, as Logan soon finds out.I think this MG novel is great for children and parents alike, with its sound morals and enticing plot, it s sure to keep kids interest as well as teach them a few important things, like that fact that true friendship is important than popularity and fame isn t everything it s cracked up to be Likewise, parents will enjoy having this clean read as something their child will enjoy it s easy to read and I d say most kids up to age 14 will probably really enjoy this story.While MG books aren t necessarily my favorite genre, I always enjoy a clean read that I can recommend to my students, especially when I know they ll get even out of it that I do And the antics of Logan, Patrick, and Ronnie are enticing enough that I really think this is a must read for the younger generations.Personally, I was really able to connect with one of the instances in the novel regarding report cards Not the ones you re thinking of, but ones that rate a girl s beauty and popularity I think it s almost a terrible rite of passage in middle school for children I don t know why they think it s such a great idea, but it happens a lot in middle school When I was in 8th grade, the boys in 7th rated some the girls in 7th and 8th, just like the report cards in Instant Preplay, and while I have no idea if I was even on the list probably not , I do remember overhearing that the boys rated girls butts and faces And I do remember it being spread around that if a certain girl walked around backwards, she d have an A on everything, but her butterface dropped her score a lot yeah, not so nice Because it didn t deal with me, I didn t really think anything of it, but I wonder how it affected the girls on that list And, why didn t they say anything Seriously, middle schoolers are mean The same holds true in this novel and without the possibility of the DVR and Logan realizing he had the potential to do good and really help others, terrible things could have happened Honestly, I think it s the perfect fit for a MG reader and I highly suggest putting this on your to be read list, especially if you have kids I also suggest reading Field s The Odd Job Squad Though there are a few typos here and there, in the end it really doesn t take away from the story at heart and I don t foresee most readers being bothered by it To see my full review

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    What would you do if you found out that your DVR recorded tomorrow s news and instead of today s If you re like me, you d make a beeline to the nearest gas station and buy a lottery ticket, but that s not an option for 13 year old Logan Styles, so he does the next best thing uses his knowledge to try and increase his popularity at his new middle school and catch the attention of his crush, Sidra However, when Logan realizes that he can use his DVR s special insights to prevent accidents and injuries, he begins to understand that there are important things than popularity.Instant Preplay is a superbly written book that introduces a very likable and believable narrator Logan has all the regular insecurities of a normal teen, but his heart is in the right place, and you can t help but root for him as he realizes there are better uses for getting the news a day early then advancing his own status on the middle school totem pole.Author Karl Fields is able to convincingly paint the Darwinian struggle and hormone cocktail known as middle school, and the books hits on some very important themes, including body image, friendship, early love, bullying and the over arching need every kid feels to be accepted by their peers It was also refreshing to read a book narrated by a character of color Logan is black where race was just a character trait, not a central theme Logan s clairvoyant DVR player is a fun catalyst in the story, setting Logan up on a path of multiple adventures, but the heart of the book is Logan himself as he struggles to find acceptance in his new school and learns a powerful lesson about the true meaning of friendship.Instant Preplay is a must read for all the tweens out there who would rather have true friends then sit at the top of the popularity pyramid This book was provided to Compulsion Reads for review by the author.

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    This light YA story is filled to the brim with positive messages for today s youth.Between Logan and Patrick and a DVR that can show you tomorrow s news today, they deal with many common teenage problems, from bullying, to girls, to popularity and .The whole story led up to a bit of a fizzer of an ending, but I can t say that I would change it either There was enough of a hint of what might happen, without giving anything away.I liked the real relationships between the characters, they weren t Hollywood ised, they felt honest Logan messes things up sometimes, he likes the hot girl, is best friends with a nerd, and hangs out with the not so popular, slightly bigger girl The story does brush on the very real issue of teen suicide, so it wouldn t be suitable for really young teens, but from 14 and up I think would be fine.Good solid work from Karl on this one.I need to add the typos I found 28% It doesn t look like I get much credit 38% thanks for brining bringing this 43% year I want to come to your birthday 56% if Gran finds out, his will parents parents will 64% I don t want to have us all trying NOTE I receieved a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review

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    Logan had to move to a new school even though he really didn t want to He hated being the new kid When Logan discovers his TV recorder s power he becomes popular because he can predict all sorts of things like sports and weather But Logan soon realizes that he can start watching the TV news channels and tries to stop the bad things that are reported from ever happening For example, he stopped a 3 year old from falling off a balcony and being killed Logan finds that he is watching the news and , trying to stop bad things from happening But when Logan sees that his friend may die, can he save her in time I thought this book was good Logan was a great main character and I liked Patrick a lot There was a lot of excitement in the story that kept it moving The book had a very interesting idea for a plot, but I wish Mr Fields would have explained Logan s thoughts about the recorder and why he kept using it a little Even though I thought the plot could have been explained a bit better, the story kept me reading and wanting to find out what happens to Logan.

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    Seventh grader Logan must live with his grandmother for awhile and attend a new suburban school, where he is the new kid on the block Then he discovers that, for some strange reason, his DVR records the news the day before it is aired the day before events have even happened He uses this precognition to gain the admiration of his classmates, most especially the smoking hot Sidra But using this amazing secret at school is also fraught with hazards that keep landing him in hot water Meanwhile, he discovers that he can also use it to prevent tragedies before they happen One such tragedy is about to occur in his own neighborhood Will he get there in time to prevent it From the first sentence, the book is engrossing The writing style takes the reader right inside Logan s head and the whole middle school scene Logan is an engaging kid looking to fit in, but also to do the right thing He and his friends face typical middle school challenges that come with that difficult period between childhood and young adulthood It is an excellent book for any middle grade reader.

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    I received this book free from a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway It is about a 13 year old boy, Logan, who is adjusting to a new lifestyle living with his grandma and attending a new school He gets a DVR and soon discovers that it records shows a day in advance before they really happen I loved seeing how Logan would use his special knowledge to help prevent possible serious accidents from happening The story also features some typical middle school drama and humor I also liked that Logan realized that the hot girl he had a crush on for most of the time was not as worthy of his time as the heavier set friend Ronnie whom is one of the nicest people he has met at his new school It s important to teach youth of this age that looks aren t everything I will gladly share this book with my 2 middle school age daughters, it is a mom approved book in my opinion

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    I just finished reading this book about 5 minutes ago I really enjoyed the story Last night when I went to sleep I kept thinking about the characters and woke up thinking about them again That s a good thing I have 2 criticisms 1 I found typos and grammatical errors which acted like speed bumps and slowed down the story and 2 It was too short, I want to read about Logan, Ronnie and Patrick I received this book as a First Read Giveaway.

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    I won this book on Goodreads I realize that, being in my late forties, I am not the target audience for this young adult novel, but I really enjoyed it It is based on an interesting premise and tween and teen friendly I think it will be a great addition to my bookshelf for when my nieces and nephews visit

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    I enjoyed this book alot Great for a parent to read and remember what their kids are going thru in school Logan is a great character A young man that makes mistakes but tries to fix them Karl does a great job of getting into the mind of a young man at a new school The drive to be popular is an important part of are youth lives in school A must read for parents.

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    I tried to read this, but it just didn t grab my interest

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Instant Preplay summary pdf Instant Preplay , summary chapter 2 Instant Preplay , sparknotes Instant Preplay , Instant Preplay 63f1ea5 What If Your TV Could Tune In Tomorrow Thirteen Year Old Logan Styles Had Visions Of Park Avenue In His Head When His Show Business Father Landed A Job In New York Instead, Logan Ended Up In Suburban LA With His Grandmother, Where Boredom And New Kid Obscurity Pose A Hazard To His Health Until He Discovers The DVR Attached To His Television Records Shows Before They AirSuddenly Able To Predict The Scores Of Ballgames, The Outcome Of Reality Shows And Even The Weather, Logan Becomes A Breakout Hit Among Sunset Ridge Middle School S Most Popular Crowd But His Digital ESP Comes With A Burden As He Learns The DVR S Downside, Logan Will Have To Decide Whether Having All The Answers All The Time Is Everything It S Cracked Up To Be

  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Instant Preplay
  • Karl Fields
  • English
  • 21 August 2018
  • 9781482731460

About the Author: Karl Fields

My debut novel, The Odd Job Squad, a story for mid grade readers about an anonymous revenge club was released last summer I ve recently released a second novel, Instant Preplay, which is also for mid grade readers.