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Buffy the Vampire Slayer chapter 1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer , meaning Buffy the Vampire Slayer , genre Buffy the Vampire Slayer , book cover Buffy the Vampire Slayer , flies Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Buffy the Vampire Slayer 01d6bdfefdd8a This Deluxe, Oversized Hardcover Edition Contains The First Two Arcs Of Season , Plus Two One ShotsAfter The Destruction Of The Hellmouth, The Slayers Newly Legion Have Gotten Organized, But It S Not Long Before New And Old Enemies Begin Popping Up Buffy, Xander, Willow, And A Very Different Dawn Are Introduced To The Season S Big Bad, Twilight, And Are Only Beginning To Understand The Incredible Reach Of This Mysterious Threat Meanwhile, Rebel Slayer Faith Teams Up With Giles To Handle A Menace On The Other Side Of The Atlantic It S A Dirty Job, And Faith Is Just The Girl To Do It Collects Buffy Season Eight , Plus Always Darkest From MySpace Dark Horse Presents

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    First of all, this hardcover library edition is such a beautiful thing that looking at it makes my heart feel better about life Anyways This collects the first two volumes of season eight Long Way Home and No Future for You, plus the little gems The Chain, Anywhere But Here, and Always Darkest.I have waited so long to start season eight of Buffy I wanted to make it through the omnibuses first, and that took me so long I m embarrassed other books can be very distracting But now that I m here, I m practically kicking myself for waiting so long after the last time I watched season seven This was the perfect extension on the Buffyverse and didn t miss a beat The characters were taken directly from the screen and put onto the page looks, wit, emotion and all.Long Way Home opened everything up in a beautiful way There are over 1,800 Slayers now, and a large portion of them have joined ranks to help the world fights evils Xander is helping Buffy to head this operation, and his eye patch looks as charming as ever Dawn has been blown up to giant size, and she refuses to say why Willow finally reappears and helps with her magicky mojo Giles, unfortunately is M.I.A for the most part But the best part about this THE NEW VILLAIN Twilight looks like it s going to be a force to be reckoned with Also the military is all about no Slayers in the world Crazy shit.Then we move on to No Future for You and we encounter Faith We all know her background, how guilty she feels about certain things from her past But in this she s willing to help Giles in order to help Slayers everywhere Through faith we meet Gigi, A CRAZY BITCH They take a bath together a very non sexual way boo for those who were interested in a different turn and decide to be BFFs It all happens very quickly, and then shit starts to go down We find out about Dawn s giantess state, and get insight into Twilight Again, NO SPOILERS The issues found in between the major story arcs are so worthwhile The Chain delves into the story behind the fake Buffy sent in undercover and how she came to have that particular role, along with how she became a Slayer And Anywhere But Here gives us a devastating look into Willow s past relationship with Tara, her new feelings for Kennedy, and how she s been dealing with life with Buffy back from the dead.Oh, and Always Darkest is totally silly and you get to see Angel and Spike almost kiss I know WHAT THE FUCK But it was prettttttty hilarious.Onwards and upwards

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    Originally posted at Otherwhere.co You know people underestimate the value of a good ramble BuffyWARNING Fan girl attack.The second Dark Horse announced this book, I knew I needed it on my shelf Yes, of course, I have every cover for every comic in this entire series At one point I was mercilessly in the clutches of Ebay hunting down various retail variants and additional first run copies That shite is addicting Thankfully unlike some comic companies cough IDW cough they usually only had two covers an issue Since I fully expect my collection to gain mass amounts of collectible value over the next few years, I wouldn t dare break a spine So thank you, Dark Horse, for giving me a hardcover version to enjoy without risking my NM comics.I lucked out last weekend and was able to grab this gorgeous book at Denver Comic Con, where I was able to have Georges Jeanty one of the rockstar artists sign it for me Which means this is now a collectible Dammit.Yeah, that didn t stop me This book is gorgeous Containing the first ten issues of Season 8 as well as several extras, I couldn t help but read the whole frackin thing in one sitting Georges Jeanty has such a filmic eye I ve actually picked up camera tricks from his panels He is able to show the passage of time, killer emotions and depict tone like few artists can The sketchbooks in the back, along with commentary from Jeanty, was a fantastic peek into the creative process.Brian K Vaughan along with Joss , did a fantastic job taking the Buffyverse and running with it Seeing the scoobies in any form again, rocked my world But this wasn t just a fun little epilogue The story arcs blew my mind like we never left Sunnydale except we did, technically , everyone still has their issues and are still growing and moving forward The mastery of the series lives on In some ways it was the next logical step for the Buffy story No longer confined to budgets, actor contracts and timetables, the universe was able to open up Monsters became monsters, and the world got a lot bigger.Anyone who is a fan of the series is shamefully missing out, if they haven t picked up the comics yet The characters are just as mythic, the stories as humorous poignant Whedon eque as ever, and for frack sakes, it s Buffy End geekathon.

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    2.5 in a nutshell, season 8 was a clusterfuck The story went all over the place and the artwork, though mostly gorgeous, could be confusing At many points I could not tell who was who Andrew Riley Oz I get that Whedon Co were happy to explore storylines and locations they would otherwise be unable to do on the show due to budget restraints but waaaay too much changed in the Buffyverse from the end of S07 to the start of the comics I am glad all of this was acknowledged in the afterword because I legit thought I was just dumb or being too harsh I ve already started season 9 and it s already way better in terms of story, character development, and artwork.

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    4 5 NOTE the spoiler sections are related to the TV show and inherently the comic so if you haven t seen read it, don t read this review This was amazing I loved it I don t even want to criticize it I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer so so so much, I can t contain myself Funnily enough, Buffy was never really my favorite character although she used to be in the beginning She always had this huge hero complex I have to do everything alone blah blah view spoiler but now, she s surrounded by all these other badass slayers and my little heart is filled with joy hide spoiler

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    It s not really fair to rate this comic book in the same category as a book like Middlemarch, however, that s the rating system I m going on I read this in one sitting, so happy that the characters I know and love are still having adventures and that I get to read about them The art is really good, too I was worried that I wouldn t like it so this was a pleasant surprise Yay Joss Whedon and Dark Horse

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    Enquanto lia Ca adora n o resisti de voltar para o Buffyverso Sempre achei que os eventos do final da s rie de TV foram muito impactantes em v rios aspectos da hist ria o futuro do mundo com submundo, a verdade sobre a exist ncia de vampiros e dem nios, o relacionamento da Buffy com os amigos, com Giles, o Conselhos dos Guardi es ent o fui atr s das HQs para matar a curiosidade e ter a ponte entre a hist ria da Buffy e a nova s rie de livros 3

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    I m coming off of a Buffy binge I started watching the show for it s campy ness and then got hooked on the characters After season 7, I moved on to the comic I love that Joss Whedon chose to keep the characters and the show alive this way Though Spike on a spaceship is a little weak Very action packed and the dialog keeps true to the characters personalities in the series I literally chewed through all of season 8 and most all of season 9 over the weekend Over coffee, with a beer in the backyard, while eating dinner sorry honey, can t talk Reading Buffy The hubby was a Buffy widow, which seems only fair It s getting to be the conference college hoops , so the shoe will be on the other foot If you liked Buffy at all, you ll like the comic.

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    I love that the Buffy story is continued in season 8 I had to remind myself of a few characters so a rewatch would be helpful I wish that the arcs and shorts flowed better, but the art is gorgeous and strongly evokes the cast from the television series.

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    This was so great

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