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In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) summary In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) , series In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) , book In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) , pdf In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) , In The Moonlight (Howling Moonlight #1) 8340008a1f Jeremy S Life Is Turned Upside Down After Meeting Roman, A Mysterious Man, At A Costume Themed Club What Will Happen To Him When He Finds Out Roman S Deep Secret Of Being A Werewolf Will His Chance Encounter With The Wolf Scar Him, Or Will He Fall Head Over Heels In Love

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    Free short that is a set up for a series, since it ends with an excerpt from the next book, which if I read it right has..at least one scene that is squicky view spoiler it looks like he changes to a wolf during sex to mate the human hide spoiler

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    Despite the impressive list of fiction written by this author, this M M werewolf short story, the first in a series of two , reads or less like a teenager s diary.There are no blatant grammar mistakes but there is no narrative structure or tension whatsoever imagine your best friend telling you about a party he went to and the sexy guy he met there.Characters are cardboard and very clich the two sex scenes are as dull and unimaginative as can be expected from most lady authors The werewolf element nearly redundant in the plot.As long as it is available as a freebie I suppose you could have a look at it.

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    Kurz Meinung Hier war ich sehr positiv berrascht Der Schreibstil war angenehm und ich bekam tats chlich eine Verbindung zum Hauptprotagonisten Das passiert mir bei solchen kurzen Ebooks eher selten Die Geschichte wurde in einem angenehmen Tempo aufgebaut Der Hauptcharakter trifft auf einer Kost mparty einen Mann Obwohl es hier schnell zur Sache geht, wirkte es nicht berzogen oder oberfl chlich Der Fantasyanteil kommt dann erst am Ende der Story ganz kurz zum tragen Leider wirkte das ganze aber doch wieder wie 2 Kapitel aus einem Buch herausgenommen und als Ebook verkauft F r ein kostenloses Ebook oder gar f r ein Ebook f r unter einen Euro finde ich es okay Das die Fortsetzung aber auch nur so wenige Seiten hat und deutlich mehr kostet, finde ich nicht in Ordnung Daher werde ich die Geschichte wohl, trotz kleinem Cliffhanger, nicht weiterlesen.Meine Wertung 4 von 5 Sternen diese Wertung ist nicht vergleichbar mit meinen Wertungen von komplexen Ebooks und B chern, nur im Vergleich mit andern kostenlosen, kurzen Ebooks

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    So, I was able to download this book for free on I was excited, because free is great Had elements that I enjoy reading about Pretty much Jeremy meets up with a guy a a club and hooks up Later on he learns about the mysterious sexy man named Roman It was well written Now some questions Why Because this is my review and I can write it as I want too Did I enjoy the story Yes.Is there to it Yes.Did it kind of end with a cliffhanger Yes.Am I going to continue it No Why not Because the next installment is only 21 pages and they want 2.99 for it on , which is a ridiculous amount for only 21 pages No matter how much I want to know what happens with them, I won t spend that much money on a few pages So, sadly, I will just have to read other people s reviews and get the low down on it.

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    Not the worst gay werewolf erotica I ve read hello, dissertation and the excuses it gave me But not being the worst doesn t make it great Its saving grace was that it was free and very, very short If it s what you re into, it s no worse than Twilight, I guess And there s a whole series.The excerpt and list of also by this author were disturbing than the content of this story, however Maybe they ought to have mentioned bestiality on the warning for the next book.It was a half an hour of my life that could have been spent staring needlessly at a wall, so I guess it made things a touch interesting than they could have been.

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    Not bad, by any means I didn t quite understand the significance of the Wiccan group that Jeremy is involved with but I m holding onto a thread of hope that somehow it s connected in book 2 Otherwise, I m at a loss on that aspect However, the guy on guy errr werewolf on guy action was pretty hot thumbs up Kelly Reading the ParanormalIn the Moonlight was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 05 02 13 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge.

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    Graphic gay sex Hot werewolves and Wiccans I know the author is trying to be snarky with her warnings but Wiccans really Are neo pagans scary Anyway, I digress.The story is short It s not bad as a graphic M M erotica but there isn t really much plot and it s way short of a novel My opinion If you want a quick erotica, pick this up If you want an actual werewolf story, look elsewhere.

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    I enjoyed this short story although the end was a true cliffhanger.This is perfect for reading while waiting in a doctor s office,on a bus or train ride or just a quick read before bedtime I enjoyed this short story although the end was a true cliffhanger.I purchased this book on April 27,2013 but did not read it right away.

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    This isn t a book this is a CHAPTER for crying out loud Ok, not too bad A bit of story to it Actually mostly story with a sex scene not a crappy one in it I don t think I ll be interested enough to buy the rest of the book seeing as this was another free on BN to entice you.

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    This is a quick read 20 mins at most, it s not overly deep, but it is entertaining A couple of quick m m sex scenes one thing I did notice was it wasn t safe sex The werewolf part only comes out near end Was not sure about talking wolfs that s new for me

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