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A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) chapter 1 A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) , meaning A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) , genre A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) , book cover A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) , flies A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) , A Lascivious Lady (Wedded Women Quartet, #3) 55205c3e507b1 Can A Realist Fall In Love With A Dreamer Josephine Never Wanted To Marry Traverson In Love With A Duke, She Had Dreams Of Grandeur Until A Lowly Earl Stole Them Away From Her Unable To Forgive Traverson For What He Took, She Has Exacted Her Revenge In The Most Unforgivable Of Ways Traverson Fell In Love With The Bright Eyed, Fair Haired Country Girl The Moment He First Saw Her Entranced Before He Even Learned Her Name, He Used Everything In His Power To Make Her His, Realizing Too Late Love Is Something That Cannot Be BoughtBrought Together By A Mutual Acquaintance, Josephine And Traverson Must Finally Face The Feelings They Have Been Avoiding Can Josephine Overcome Her Tawdry Past Or Is It Too Late To Love A Man Who May Have Finally Given Up On Her

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    Wow, I hated this heroine I should have known, no I did know, as the other reviewers were pretty clear about her behavior One, she was a complete bitch to one of her friends in this book as well as the others in the series because she disapproved of her choice in fiancee Too bad the h did not look in the mirror view spoiler She was an unrepentant cheater with a besotted and rather wimpy hero who lets her get away with the infidelity They finally have sex, and, lo and behold, she is in love He had been a virgin, and up until that point he could forgive her cheating, but realizing the intimacy involved it turned the tables and he leaves He comes back at the end to save her from one of her ex lovers she had spurned No woman deserves being raped, but why the hell she let an ex lover into her house is beyond me.The grossness of cheating is a two way street, and turning the tables on the sexes does not diminish its nastiness in my book hide spoiler

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    This review has some plot spoilers First, this story features a cheating heroine but that ugliness is balanced by the fact we have a virgin hero so while it does not forgive the cheating, it adds a new wrinkle to the story We have the stunning Josephine, married to the Earl of Traverson a man devoted to studying bugs He is so far different from the bold, fiery Josephine when her father accepts his offer of marriage she is beyond furious It does not help matters that she was to be engaged to a duke soon, who wants a lowly, shy, nerdy earl instead Especially one that compares her eyes to dragonfly wings and gives her beetle pins as a gift Her heart hardened beyond measure, she strikes out at Traverson in the most hurtful of ways having affairs and not making any secrets about it among the ton When confronted face to face with one of Josephines lovers, it goes off with a bang and the couple eventually find themselves thrown together by well meaning friends When they share a passionate kiss, the truth about Traverson s lack of experience comes to light and it helps Josephine finally see the light about her actions As Josephine is attempting to start fresh, it seems Traverson has finally had enough of her actions and he shoves her away But with the help of their friends, can this couple attempt to find happiness and move on from the past Or has Josephine damaged her relationship beyond repair For a novella featuring a storyline I dislike cheating, and blatant cheating at that I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying this romance Josephine is a tough woman to warm up too She is stubborn, dramatic, bold and bossy and how the sweet, shy Traverson fell for her was a bit of a stretch but opposites do attract, as is the case here I do feel like I needed a bit of their backstory, though Parts are just alluded too and I would have liked to have seen something about how Traverson decided that Josephine was the woman of his dreams beyond just her looks They barely spoke before their marriage and I felt like it just neededsomething there I guess I enjoyed how Traverson stood up to Josephine in the end and didn t just welcome her back into his life when she realized the truth of her heart Overall, another wonderful novella from Jillian Eaton and I feel she did a good job tackling a sticky storyline It is a story of flaws and forgiveness, heartbreak and hope and most of all, a opposites attract love story We get just a teaser for the final novella in this quartet and it looks to be just as good as well Grab your ereader and settle in for a treat 4 stars Review copy provided by author, thank you

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    The story opens with the heroine telling her lover who is not her husband to get out of her bed and her house right after they finished having sex Thanks, but no thanks.

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    A Lascivious Lady has been released on Happy reading I will spoil you beyond measure, said Lord Richard Penny You shall never want for anything Jewels They are yours Furs I shall strike the beasts down myself Mansions I will Josephine waved her hand in the air, cutting him off Do stop, she implored, her lower lip jutting out in a pout that made his loins surge anew I fear you are making my head ache Really, Lord Penny, you are only embarrassing yourself Rather like a flea ridden dog begging to be taken back by his master after he has been thrown on the street Do you know who he is, Jo Lord Penny said, effectively halting her in her tracks The man who shot me Do you know him Her cheeks paled She pressed one hand to her chest, feeling the rapid beat of her heart Yes, she managed to squeak, all of her carefully constructed layers of confidence stripped to the quick Yes I do Lord Penny s eyes bulged Then who is the damn cur he demanded Josephine braced one arm against the doorframe to hold herself up My husband, she said, finally meeting Traverson s cold gaze He is my husband You are doing it again, Traverson said softly Doing what Lying You do it so well and so often that usually you can look straight into the eyes of the person you are lying to, but you cannot do it with me You always look down at the last second, or to the side, like you did just now Traverson, Josephine gasped, breaking free Have you have you done this before His eyes dark, his voice little than a growl, he said, Kissed you before No I meant ever Have you ever kissed His curse filled the air, and he ripped himself from her arms so savagely she tripped Quickly righting herself, she saw the pain flash across his face before he could hide it, followed quickly by embarrassment that left his cheeks red and his eyes little than angry slits He has never kissed a woman, she thought dazedly And if he has never kissed one, then he has certainly never bedded one Traverson, she said hesitantly, not quite meeting his gaze, are you are you a virgin The first chapter of A Lascivious Lady is now available Click here to get your first taste of Josephine and Traverson, the next couple to be featured in the Wedded Women Quartet And make sure to look for A Lascivious Lady when it is released in August

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    Darn I was so enjoying this series, then I began this novella and the heroine is openly having affairs and having little to do with her husband Sure, married women could dally outside their marriage in the Regency period, but discreetly not flagrantly as this one was doing.There was a point in the story where she has the Eureka moment and realizes she loves her bug loving husband, but I was a bit so what about it Her husband didn t come across as an Alpha male, but he was still likeable, whereas I really didn t find the heroine so likeable at all I ve found her irritating in the first two books, and my opinion of her hasn t improved much with this story I was disappointed in this one for the simple reason that I really didn t care whether the heroine got her HEA and was actually hoping the hero would wash his hands of her Am hoping the fourth book is as good as the first two.

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    I loved this book I didn t think I would like it because the idea of a cheating spouse is a horrible offense, even though I liked the twist of it being the wife who was the cheater and the husband the virgin pining for the love of his wife.I LOVED our introduction to her husband in this book I have read the first two books in the series and liked Traverson from the scene at the wedding of Josephine s friend But I really enjoyed him shooting her lover in the knee as he was leaving I did not like Josephine when I began this book, but as the story progressed, I really felt for her I would like to understand why she was broken but the author has a way of making you feel as if you are in the story It grips you and makes you feel what the characters are feeling Great book and I cannot wait for Grace s story

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    Might not read this Just read a review and I d most probably end up hating the heroine and down rating it, no matter how much I love a virgin hero Cheating is a no go for me and her reasons sound shallow and empty at best

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    0.5 stars actuallyTo be fair, this a nice story about acceptance and second chance, however I still find it disgusting.If my calculations were correct, because the author was incongruent with their ages Either she forgot what she wrote or she was simply poor in mathematics Anyway, for a grown woman of 23 to 26 years old, Josephine sure acted like a rebellious teenager.I understand how it feels to be robbed but that is no reason to debase yourself and make a complete scarlet out of oneself Traverson might have stolen and ruined her supposed future happiness, but she didn t need to continue on ruining herself and conducting liaisons with various males She was playing victim Additionally, she shouldn t be angry with her husband because he didn t know she was in love with someone else her ire should be directed to her father He was the one who approved Traverson s suit.And I don t believe for a second when Grace, one of Josephine s best friends, said, I have never approved of Josephine s dalliances, but at the very least she never made any attempt to hide them from you or anyone else That is because, despite her faults, she is an honest woman When she says she does not want to be with you, Lord Gates, then that means she does not want to be with you But when she says she loves you, then that means she loves you It is as simple, and as complicated, as that Josephine was just notorious strumpet She was simply living her promise in spades she would never love Traverson, that she would do her damnest to make him pay for everything he had taken away from her She was slapping Traverson by being a a shameless harlot Thus, when Penny, Josephine s last lover, attacked her, I didn t feel any pity nor anger for her.Though Grace had been correct when she said Traverson always knew about Josephine s affairs and never once had he asked her to stop Instead he waited patiently, certain that with time her love would grow Except when it did he had stomped it ruthlessly beneath his heel without giving it a chance to bloom BUT everything has a limit anyone can get fed up Hence, I don t blame him if he had given up on Josephine Plus, in my opinion, he doesn t have any fault, he just gave his heart to the wrong woman.He could even get a divorce All grounds on such decision was no secret the ton knew Josephine s affairs It might be scandalous, specifically to the woman, during the Regency era Then again, Josephine was an unashamed trollop, so I reckon that this kind of scandal was nothing to her.Lastly, when Josephine returned to London, I find Traverson weak by remaining at Kensington, sulking as only grown men knew how to sulk quietly, angrily, and with a good bottle of brandy on hand at all times So much for stopping to have feelings for Josephine that he would pluck the love from his chest as ruthlessly as the robber fly drew out the liquefied insides from it s prey Cruel, difficult, but efficient And then he would get on with his life Sheesh They deserve each other.

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    Traverson took one look at Josephine some years ago and immediately arranged a marriage to her He loved her desperately, but being the geek that he was, had no idea how to approach or even appeal to such a vibrant, sophisticated lady She had no desire to wed him and actually claimed to hate him, angry at being forced to marry a mere Earl So, not 3 days after their marriage she begins a string of infidelities while lashing out and humiliating her husband He s far too shy and in love to say anything, so he lets it go But he s about done with it, so he determines to fight for her love He succeeds, but in finally getting what he wants, he realizes he can t trust her Boy, oh boy did I struggle with this heroine I struggled so much to find anything likeable in her character I think, if this story had been longer, we might have had opportunity to see the REAL her, hidden underneath the complete bitch that she presented And then of course I might have been able to buy into her husband loving her despite her horrid actions I couldn t even forgive her multiple infidelitieshave no idea how he could And it felt like the only reason she regretted those infidelities was, not because of the pain and humiliation they caused her husband, but because she had finally come to love him and her previous behavior kept her from getting what she wanted She was absolutely sorry, but in a selfish way I do very much appreciate that she was able to recognize that SHE was the cause of her own misfortune and not lash out at her husband for it I think also, if I didn t hate cheating as much as I do, that this might have been better for me But it s difficult for me to like a hero or heroine who cheats except under very specific and justifiable circumstances , so that sort of spoiled my enjoyment of the story.

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    A Lascivious Lady is the third installment of The Wedded Women Quartet Not surprisingly, Jillian Eaton has done another amazing job.It seems that Jillian Eaton has perfected the sweet but saucy historical romance novella genre So far, I would say that A Ravishing Redhead is my favorite so far I can t wait for Grace s story but alas, A Gentle Grace won t be out until December Oi vey Thanks again Jillian Eaton for another great novella.Read first on 09 05 2012Read second time on 04 11 2014Enjoyed it just as much the second time as I did the first.

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