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Rabbit Hill chapter 1 Rabbit Hill, meaning Rabbit Hill, genre Rabbit Hill, book cover Rabbit Hill, flies Rabbit Hill, Rabbit Hill 8f7f29d67fb5f It Has Been A While Since Folks Lived In The Big House, And An Even Longer Time Has Passed Since There Has Been A Garden At The House All The Animals Of The Hill Are Very Excited About The New Folks Moving In, And They Wonder How Things Are Going To Change It S Only A Matter Of Time Before The Animals Of The Hill Find Out Just Who Is Moving In, And They May Be A Little Bit Surprised When They Do

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    This book did not win literary acclaim in its own time because it is a gentle spirited, lovely, book about animals and their families It won because it hints at the deeper perspective of the landscape in which these animals live The human presence on the landscape fore fronted in the story by a home sale, and a new human family renovating and moving into a home that has long been left empty in the center of a community of small, wild animals is considered through the deeper span of history, as the animals retain dim memories of a landscape unpopulated by Europeans the story is set in 1944 current day Connecticut, USA , and then traversed by troops marching off to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and leaving farmsteads abandoned.That is not the major theme of the book, but it s in there, and, ultimately, it makes the book a lot of a read than simply the tale of brave hearted Little Georgie and his cranky, yet noble, old Uncle Analdas.Some readers will find the depiction of 1944 human society oppressive or dated While recognizing that era s flaws, all I can say is too bad for them.

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    This graphic novels was actually terrific.

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    This is a really sweet book about kindness to animals except dogs apparently there s a scene where a woman throws a rock at a dog to keep it from getting a woodchuck You shouldn t hurt dogs, even for the sake of other creatures The characters, both animal and human, are delightful and each animal has a unique dialect, similar to Redwall, which is a feature I always find amusing The ending is definitely a surprise and a really good one actually there s two surprises towards the end, and one is rather dark, but it all works out with the final reveal , so I won t spoil it This book is not for everyone, and is in fact meant to be a children s book which is not enough to deter me from enjoying a piece of literature However it does require suspension of disbelief the animals can read and have a deep understanding of human culture as well as a suspension of pretentiousness It s just a cute story about animals with no deeper meaning than, perhaps, help the poor although interpreting it just as helping animals works for me If you don t like cute stories about animals, don t read it, unless you re reading it aloud to your kids, in which case remember it s for them, not you Also know if you read it to your kids you ll have to explain both vocabulary and historical cultural things they may not be familiar with.

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    Do you want to see of my reviews Check out Read All The Things My quest to read all the Newbery winners continues with Rabbit Hill, the winner from 1945 The story primarily focuses on a family of rabbits, who are very excited that a family is moving into the abandoned house near their hill All the small animals on the hill are starving because they rely on the garden at the house for food The animals don t know if the new Folks will be nice people who like animals or mean people who trap and kill animals.This is a sweet, quiet story The animals each have distinctive and occasionally irritating personalities The main bunny, Little Georgie, is easy to root for He s brave, and cocky, and has a sense of humor This is definitely a book that will make you smile Seems there s new Folks coming Yes, I know, cried Little Georgie eagerly I ve just made a song about it Wouldn t you like to hear it It goes like No, thanks, called Robin Rabbit Hill I ve made up a song about the new Folks, Little Georgie added eagerly Would you like to hear it Don t think I would, answered Uncle Analdas Rabbit HillBeneath the book s cute exterior, there are strong themes of charity and being kind to others Well, not to dogs I guess you can throw rocks at those And not to chickens Those are for deep frying But the other animals treat each other kindly I wonder how much patience children would have for this story I guess it s a classic, so kids must enjoy it, but it feels like it takes forever to get going The animals spend pages and pages gossiping about the new neighbors It s funny to see animals acting like nosy humans, but it s not the most interesting thing to read It gets repetitive quickly Also, it s kind of confusing Am I the only one who s confused by anthropomorphic animals I don t usually like anthropomorphic animal stories because I m not always sure what the author is trying to say with them Am I supposed to read the animals as animals, or am I supposed to read the animals as cute stand ins for humans The animals in this book are anthropomorphized in a weird way On one hand, they re very human They live in a human like society they peddle conspiracy theories the foxes don t snack on their rabbit neighbors On the other hand, they re very animal like They eat chickens the humans kill them with traps and poison they re torn apart by dogs they re inadvertently flattened by cars I wasn t sure if I was supposed to be thinking of these critters as humans or animals Right now, you re probably like, OMG It s a children s book Children enjoy reading about bunnies The animals are just supposed to be entertaining You re right, but the author is clearly trying to send a message with this book I m not sure if I should nod in agreement or roll my eyes.Beware Thar be spoilers ahead view spoiler Okay, the book ends with the humans giving the animals free food and sticking a statue of Saint Francis in the garden The animals are so impressed by this that they decide not to destroy the people s garden They ll eat everyone else s garden, but they ll leave these people alone I guess it s like a retelling of the story of Saint Francis and the wolf THERE IS ENOUGH FOR ALL Rabbit HillIf you read the story one way, the animal characters are stand ins for poor homeless people The author is saying that the world would be a peaceful place if we shared our extra resources instead of hoarding them for ourselves We should help each other and not kill each other I agree with that This book was published in 1944, so its original readers had lived through The Great Depression and WWII A lot of the child readers were probably familiar with rationing or not having enough to eat The Share your stuff and don t kill everybody lesson is a good one.If I m supposed to take this book literally, then that s when the eye rolling starts I believe you should be kind to animals, but you can t expect animals to be kind back If you put out a pretty statue and some food, the animals will eat the food, and then they ll eat your garden Because they re animals Eating everything is what they do Oh, this reminds me of a random tangent I give my dog everything she needs to live in doggie luxury That didn t stop her from climbing up on the table and eating my cookies last Christmas If she was a good Christian and follower of Saint Francis, she d know that it s very rude to steal cookies on Christmas hide spoiler

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    I read this multiple times as a child, and I m just not sure why I was taken fairly often to a very good library, so it s not as though I was starved for choice I guess I was just very much a devoted rereader in those days Revisiting it for the first time in roughly 33 years, by reading it aloud to my son, I found that there was hardly anything other than the lingering comforting sense of familiarity that I liked about it There is not much plot Some animals are hungry Then new folks move into the big house, plant a garden, and all is well Because apparently wild animals are completely dependent on human agriculture Also, in this animal society, everyone is male by default, with the exception of the fussy narrow minded house work obsessed mother of the main character, little Georgie the rabbit My son currently 9 commented that not much happened in the story, but although I kindly offered to abandon the book every now and then, he doggedly insisted that we keep going He does usually enjoy animal stories I will have to try to find some better ones.

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    The 3 star rating is NOT because it s a groundbreaking award winning story It s because I appreciate the cleverness of the Newbery committee for choosing this seemingly goofy book that has so much deeper meaning especially in the time period that this won It s actually a pretty fun read, thanks to the lively humor and plotting Sure, it s old fashioned and corny, but that s the point If you re ever feeling depressed by Newbery books, this will set you up for some good hearty entertainment, delivered in a very easy one sitting read, too.

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    It s not often that I read a book with almost all animal characters any, but with characters like Phewey the Skunk, Willie Fieldmouse, Georgie, Porkey the Woodchuck, Mole, Foxy, and a few others, it s pretty irresistible Nothing earthshaking for an adult, but I m sure very fun for the younger crowd As the story begins, Georgie is running around yelling in excitement that the new comers on coming The people who had lived on the property were gone and the animals were worried about who d move in and if they d plant veggies or if they d have to go hungry Thankfully, the new owners were nice and they planted tons of veggies, so all the animals were happy It s a feel good kind of book There were so many other animals named, and fun street names like Collie and other animal street names Recommendation It works for a quick read and if you have young ones to share your love of reading with I recommend it, especially if you re an animal lover like I am.

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    I thought it was an enjoyable book it s sure to be a favorite with your animal loving kiddo And Robert Lawson is an author I really like Ages 5 12Cleanliness Children s Bad WordsMild Obscenities Substitutions 20 Incidents how in tarnation, dingblasted, shucks, stupid, how in thunder, gumdingedName Calling 6 Incidents stupid brutes, old fool, stubborn old codger, stupid, the sneakin deceitful hypocritical scoundrel, blasted bratsReligious Profanities 2 Incidents oh my goodness , oh Lord give me strengthAttitudes Disobedience 5 Incidents Uncle Analdas lies a few times throughout the book about how he can t find his glasses to read The truth is he never learned how The mother rabbit in the story worries and frets throughout the book and at one point circulates a rumor A few of the animals don t want to take food out of the nice people s garden But the majority agree that Folks don t respect our claims, so why should we give them special privileges Tain t democratic They decide to take from the garden The uncle rabbit gets mad at folks driving cars when his nephew gets hit He wishes he could scare the drivers, causing them to crash, like he used to in his younger days The Opossum is mentioned as being a notorious liar.Religious Supernatural 1 Incident Mentions the Good Saint of Assisi that s loved and protected the animals.Romance Related NoneConversation Topics 3 Incidents A couple of the characters smoke a pipe Tobacco is mentioned Mentions elderflower wine The story s moral there is enough food for humans and animals to share.Parent TakeawayAt first the animals are skeptical about the family moving into the old house and wonder if they will be planting people Planting people means the animals will have plenty of food When the people turn out to be very nice, some of the animals wonder if they should not take from the garden but the majority vote that they must look after themselves and take the food After an accident happens and the people take such good care of an injured rabbit, the animals all decide to respect the people and keep the sanctuary forbidden After all, there is enough for all.

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    This book is incredibly dull It is told from the perspective of rabbits and all the other animals as the new folks move into the old farmhouse and start growing things again The animals have all been worried about finding food as there haven t been human gardens around to raid for several years In general, I don t like books that anthropomorphize animals I also don t like when the natural world is romanticized to the effect that all creatures great and small can live in harmony Spoiler alert At the end of this book the family that moves in ends up planting a beautiful garden and also creating a special haven with plenty of food for the animals and a statue of St Francis of Assisi saying There is enough for all In turn, the animals agree not to eat out of the garden Yes, it is a nice message about taking care of wildlife, and I know the point of this book isn t to depict the relationship between humans and animals with a great deal of realism, but I just don t like this romanticized relationship between humans and animals I know plenty of people in the real world who have this attitude and it doesn t work You can t just lovingly and generously will animals out of your garden In this book, I take the side of the evil farmer who uses traps and fences to keep animals out Who knew this heartwarming tale of bunnies would get me so riled up 1945 Newbery winner.

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    I hate to pan a Newberry Award winner, especially one that has kindness to animals as its main theme Lawson s story, though, took anthropomorphism to extremes without any of the charm found in other animal stories e.g Charlotte s Web or the Beatrix Potter books I didn t find the characters personality quirks, such as the mother s endless worrying and the father s ceaseless boasting about his life in Kentucky, endearing, but annoying Also, the misspellings within the quotes were, I m sure, meant to denote some kind of country dialect, but really is there any difference between garbidge and garbage or sez and says other than the fact that one is spelled correctly and the other isn t Instead of helping to make the scenes richer and personalize the characters, such decisions serve only to confuse younger readers and distract from the story, which, handled a bit differently, could have been quite nice.

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