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Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) summary Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) , series Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) , book Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) , pdf Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) , Diary of a Teenage Superhero (Teen Superheroes, #1) fe53c6c0e6 A Teenager Wakes Up In A Seedy Hotel Room He Has No Memory Of His Name Or His Past A Man Lies Dying On The Floor Next To Him Someone Starts Pounding At The Door He Runs He Is ChasedWhile Staying One Step Ahead Of His Pursuers, He Begins To Assemble The Pieces Of His Life His Name Is Axel He Is The Victim Of An Amazing Experiment He Has Been Given The Power To Control Air And He Is Not Alone An Organisation Known Only As The Agency Has Also Modified Other Teenagers Brodie Is A Master Of The Martial Arts Ebony Can Transmute One Substance Into Another Dan Controls Metals With His Mind Chad Creates Fire And Ice From Nothing They Have Been Handed Incredible Powers To Help The Human Race In Times Of Crisis And One Of Those Times Is Now A Terrorist Organisation Known As Typhoid Has Acquired Pegasus A Highly Advanced Missile, Invisible To Radar And Conventional Defence Systems They Intend To Fire It At An American City Only This Bunch Of Untried, Untested Teenage Superheroes Stands Any Chance Of Stopping The Missile Before It Strikes Its Target Diary Of A Teenage Superhero Is A High Octane Thriller Showing What Happens When Conventional Teenagers With Everyday Problems Are Given Powers Beyond This World They Have To Learn To Work Together, But As Axel Draws Closer To His Newfound Friends, He Remembers The Words Of The Dying Man In The Hotel Room Trust No One He Knows He Can T Trust The Agency Can He Even Trust His Newfound Friends

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    Conspiraci n mundial y gal ctica, juvenil y con superh roes G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Nuestro joven protagonista se despierta sin memoria en una habitaci n de hotel junto a un hombre moribundo, que s lo alcanza a decir que el nombre del muchacho es Axel, que debe encontrar a Swan, que no conf e en nadie, que alguien en La Agencia le ayudar y que la respuesta est en el libro Apenas tratando de entender qu sucede, Axel comienza a ser perseguido por personas con intenciones claramente hostiles Primer libro de la serie Teen Superheroes Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite

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    Why I read the book Honestly, the title of the book caught my attention Diary of a Teenage Superhero What I expected from the book was that a superhero teenager, of course performs some extraordinary stunts to save the world Did the book delivered on that expectation YES It did The book revolves around 5 youths teens who have lost their memory Circumstances bring them together make them realize that they have supernatural abilities teaches them to harness the powers forces them to live together and later become a family which fights with a group of terrorists and saves the New York city from a fatal nuclear attack An interesting and action packed plot But, at the same time, the author played cleverly by ensuring that the action does not overshadow the story The climax is even engrossing What did I not like in the book The first person present tense way of writing Some of the characters were quite irritating especially Clad.

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    This is the second book I have taken on recommendation by a student in English 11, for his Choice Novel Unit He is using it for the character relationships analysis writing component of the course I am tutoring him and thought it would be beneficial to know what he is talking about in reference to the characters And he does have a lot to say about it He is very proud of his reading accomplished already and the unit has just begun He literally lights up when he talks about this book and the other FIVE he has already burned through in a few short weeks On an aside, he chooses to read on a Kindle, which I found interesting He likes that he can easily download series this way and has been consumption mode of choice Apparently, working well We will be exploring the social relationships between characters, especially analyzing a budding romantic relationship between two superhero teen that begin our series as only friends Also, the relationships between the aliens parent like antagonists and the unknowingly abducted teen heros existence

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    Actual Rating 3.5 StarsA boy wakes up in a cheap motel room with a serious case of amnesia Before he can relocate his thoughts, a bunch of bad guys start chasing him, with the intention to kill It isn t long before he finds other teenagers with the story, running from the same creepy guys This brings up the mystery of who erased all their memory Why are they being hunted How are they able to do all these cool super human things Overall, Its an okay read if you want to read something Jason Bourne related.

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    Was this story fast paced Yes Was it fun to read Well, there was much to make fun of Minor spoilers ahead It is not a superhero book, btw Reader thoughts First, we ll start with the plot holes Yes, I enjoyed finding them.Plot holes 1, everyone uses British words lifts, petrol, centre but pretend they are from all over the world China, US, Australia, and Norway.2, Axel doesn t use his powers when he could __He walks around enemy bases and doesn t have a constant shield Why not __He can use air to blast through walls but keeps trying to go through doors and a maze of corridors.__He cannot affect the robots with magic and decides to punch them to death Why not pick up rocks with magic and throw them at the robots __He can fly mach 2 but cannot catch a bad guy when running across a beach Uh, hello What happened to flying really fast __He has to travel 100 feet underwater and nearly dies of drowning, but he can control air Why not bring some air with him as he swam 3, The kids paid 20,000 fake dollars for a convertible Don t those cost , like, 50,000 4, Distances __They are in a truck in NY City and head south We must be headed to South Carolina, because there s a military base there There are lots of military bases between NY and SC The truck drives for half a day, and they arrive in SC It takes longer than half a day to drive that far My family has done that Also, why Charleston It s mostly a Navy training school, right __Axel flies from Florida to NY in less than an hour Actually, he says, A few minutes later he could see NYC I ve done the math now, and it s about two hours.4, characters change their minds to the point of insanity.__two boys decide to fight their way free of the base, and they say, these are the good guys, we shouldn t fight them, and surrender.__Twelve is crazy, but he s an alien.__Axel s like, I can t trust anyone but he does Then he won t trust Brodie but does trust this random scientist who lures him to a cavern by himself.5, Danger and injuries are impossible __Their hotel room explodes Walls, carpets, everything is black and smoking or blasted into nothing But the kids, you know, are just fine.__Axel is shot and did the bullet just graze him or lodge in his side We only know it won t kill him and that it is a flesh wound, which, after Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is not very specific Then he s running around, and then he doesn t feel well, and there s lots of blood He passes out for a day, immediately jumps around some , is exploded, and runs around some There is no recovery time This is a pet peeve of mine Yes, I have, like, a dozen.Basically, it all boils down to this The powers are too powerful. Danny gets mind control AND can move metal There are way too many things these kids can do, and they don t They re never in real danger, not if they pay attention.Also, I hate when the good guys are bad I don t mean the Agency They can be as shifty as they want I mean the kids themselves They steal and cheat and lie and sneak out and break rules when the adults try to keep them safe They decide sneaking into a building requires them to destroy a power station and knock out power to an eight block city grid Bleh.A couple scenes jumped around In one scene, a bad guy shoots a scientist, and Axel tries to stop the bleeding, but what happened to that bad guy He doesn t try to kill Axel until two scenes later He could have shot him when he shot the scientist instead of just not getting mentioned again Does he leave or stand there watching Axel not save the scientist as she gives him important secrets The book doesn t tell us Writer thoughts Despite all this, I did finish the book Some of that is because it has a fun voice The book was short with lots of action and explosions and not too many characters One time, they talk about an experimental teleporter and Jones says, They re not really sure where it transports you That s why it s still experimental Ha Why do I not consider it a superhero book No costumes or code names If this is a superhero book, then Maximum Ride and Michael Vey and Percy Jackson would have to be considered superheroes They re not, though They re just kids with powers That s what this book is, too.There s some inconsistent spacing and formatting Sometimes there are extra spaces between paragraphs, and sometimes there isn t.Here are the specific instances I disliked QuotesBrodie produces a wire coat hanger from her jacket and picks open a car and hotwires it Really She just happens to have a wire coat hanger in her jacket Two men crash tackle him to the ground He hits the ground Gar It s redundant This is common in non traditionally published books, and thankfully it was rare in this one.Axel uses a single, invisible ball of energy No, he controls AIR not ENERGY We synchronize watches as we did the previous day Seriously What watch needs synchronized again after a single DAY Dan tries to destroy a metal door It might be made of iridium, Ebony says That s one of the strongest metals known to man Oh, really, Ebony Then why don t you turn it into air for us like you have to half the other obstacles instead of watching them struggle If you make so much of a squeak, I m going to tear your head off Really Does he have to threaten the good guys

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    Wattpad has this complete book for free, but only this one not its sequel, which is available only in a five chapter sample This one, however, is quite entertaining on its own, being less of a typical superhero story You won t get too many Marvel style stories here Nope, it s a little closer to I Am Number Four in style, or perhaps Heroes darker, edgier, characters on the run, government agencies involved, that sort of thing Oh, and they have to stop the apocalypse, of course It doesn t really bring anything new to the table, but it s still a good story.The only trouble is that the book ends on a mild cliffhanger Mild, but still annoying because I have all but no chance of buying the complete sequel anytime soon.

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    Not really written like a diary , but still a damn good read.

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    Darrell Pitt delivers a new take on two well loved genres in his series Teen Superheroes Mixing Superhero with Alien Invasion, Pitt creates a world on the verge of an invisible war whose salvation rests in the hands of five teenagers, each as unique as their country of origin In book one, Diary of a Teenage Superhero, Pitt introduces the reader to his cast of misfit teens and sets up an excellent opening book for the series As of July 2014, there are three books published for Teen Superheroes with hints of a fourth on the way Warning This review may include spoilers Synopsis A quick read, only spanning 188 pages The best way to categorize how this story takes off if with the words confusion and panic Not necessary a bad confusion for the reader, it is our protagonist, Axel, who is frantically piecing together his identity until ultimately meeting up with four other teens with unique, separate superpowers The other teens are great supporting characters, providing a nice balance to the story, there is Brodie, the Aussie chick who can kick anyone s tail Dan, the Chinese kid who can manipulate steel and move objects Chad, the Norwegian tough guy who can summon both fire and ice and Chad s sister, Ebony, who can make any material dissolve with her touch And then there is Axel with his power to control air in ways that are new and imaginary from any superhero I ve come across I would liken this story to the recent film Chronicle In both, teens discover then test their powers before having to use their gifts for either good or ill Throw in some aliens and you have a great new series that will satisfy both younger and older readers Critique There is a reason I am giving this story four and not five stars I will be up front It felt unpolished in its pacing and transitions from scenes and chapters At times, I was introduced to a new character, a fight scene, and another fight scene in just a few short pages Although fast paced, I found myself losing track of the plot as things moved so quickly This could be a personal quirk of mine as I am a fast reader by nature, but the reader needs time to absorb what is going on Now the good stuff The story and characters are very appealing, and I am hooked to read the rest of the series I really enjoyed what our heroes are capable of doing and the threat that still lurks at the end of the novel Overall a great first book to the series

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    Diary of a Teenage Superhero Teen Superheroes, 1 by Darrell PittAxel awakes in a motel room , with no memory of how he got there or who he is He finds a man lay on the carpet with a bullet wound, as he try s to save this unknown man , he shoves a book into his hands and tells him some will help, and trust no one With that he is on the run but has no idea it is he is running from He eventually meets up with other teens, Brodie, Chad, Dan, Ebony They all have no memory of who they are where they are from They have special powers that none can explain They do know that there are men out there that want to hurt them even kill them They find out that all of them are experiments, teens with no families kidnapped and changed into super heroes They must save the earth from a nuclear weapon by a terrorist organization and get out alive So the adventure begins thy must work together or they will never make it out alive.This book was very well written My attention was grabbed from the start All the twist and turns of a great action adventure I really came to care about all these teens The writer weaves a masterful tale that keeps the reader turning the pages as fast as you can read them 5 STARSPatchescomplimentary book given for a free review juliesbookreview.blogspot.com

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    First person present tense Always hard to read, but I gave it a go Not a bad story all in all, but a little too much action and not enough character development for my tastes Some SPaG issues, missing words, apostrophes in the wrong places, but otherwise a fast paced but short novel It reads a bit like an episode for a tv series, but there is nothing wrong in that I just felt it needed depth.

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