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The Rise of Nine explained The Rise of Nine, review The Rise of Nine, trailer The Rise of Nine, box office The Rise of Nine, analysis The Rise of Nine, The Rise of Nine 8370 In Pittacus Lore S The Rise Of Nine, Third In The New York Times Bestselling I Am Number Four Series, The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever As John, Six, And Seven Try Desperately To Find The Rest Of The Garde Before It S Too Late The Mogadorians Who Destroyed The Planet Lorien Continue To Hunt Down The Garde, The Small Group Of Loric Survivors Who Have Taken Refuge On Earth The Garde Must Come Together They Are Lorien And Earth S Only Hope During The Dangerous Mission At The Mogadorian Base In West Virginia, John Found And Rescued Nine But Even With Their Combined Powers, Special Abilities Known As Legacies, The Pair Barely Escaped With Their Lives And They Lost Sam In The Process In Order To Save Our World And Their Own, John And Nine Must Join Forces With Six And Seven Who Have Been Battling The Mogadorians In Spain, And Who Are Now Trying To Locate Number Eight In India Power In Numbers Will Save Us All

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • The Rise of Nine
  • Pittacus Lore
  • English
  • 02 October 2018

About the Author: Pittacus Lore

Pittacus Lore is Lorien s ruling Elder He has been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth s fate His whereabouts are unknown.

10 thoughts on “The Rise of Nine

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    What I want to happen I want Four aka John to ditch Sarah and hook up with Six I want Sam to be alright I want Seven to fall off the face of the Earth I really don t like her I want to meet Numbers Five and Eight I want Sam s father found.But mostly, I want Nine to be narrating this book with Four DCannot wait

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    09 25 2011asdfghjkllkjhgf I can t wait for this book.The ending of The Power of Six left me wanting so much D I really hope Four can just forget about Sarah though, because he s so much better with Six 09 26 2012WELL, for some reason I thought this book was a trilogy, and up until the last page I thought I had been reading the final book in the series I guess not It actually works better this way, because as I was getting closer to the end, I kept thinking, Are they really gonna end this series without even meeting up with Five I felt kinda gypped Now that at least have time to meet up with everyone I really liked this book though The further into the series I get, the attached to the characters Except Sarah CAN FOUR JUST GET RID OF HER ALREADY Does he not realize he is DESTINED to be with Six I didn t think I d have to wait for another book, but here I am again, anxiously awaiting the fourth book.

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    I don t like bullies No one has a right to take or to hurt just because they can This is unexpectedly awesome and hilarious The Rise of Nine is much different than The Power of Six, the story itself is a gem, it s full of fights and twists Number Nine became my favorite character, instead of John, he brings colors to this series Number Nine is such a badass hero when he tries to do something and even it turns out unsuccessful, he still has a way to entertain the others with his failure Why couldn t you turn into a fireball when we were on the same team The friendship set this book on fire, the way Number Nine deals with problems is cool I liked Pittacus ideas in this book, he wrote male characters better than female and did something I couldn t believe that it would happen in this book He s such a genius No , no less I m an idiot I really need to let this crush go Anyway, the book was a little bit confusing having 3 POVs without telling who was narrating this chapter, but at the end of his book I totally forgot about this flaw and gave this one 5 stars This is one of the best of the series And I also loved how Number Nine s mind works Thai review

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    Okay, so I wasn t going to make any predictions on this book, but then I started reading some others thoughts and it has got me fired up enough to want to post a few speculationsAs anyone in my Intro to Lit class could tell you, I rarely share other peoples opinion on a character and so this should prove interesting What I think will happen 1 More romance triangles While personality wise, it looks like 9 would be drawn to 6, Pittacus Lore has proven himself to be terrible at writing romances, and may want to simply hook 9 up wth 7 That disgusts me but it keeps 7 occupied because otherwise he is going to have to cripple her with some deep, emotional issue She is to similar to 10 10 is to young to have a romance, and thus it is logical that she will be the peacemaker type 7 would be that person but, like I said, can t have two of em, so 7 is either going to get an emotional wall or a romance 2 Sarah won t actually have betrayed them It would be awesome if she had, that was an sweet plot development, much better then her going back to her old flame but why destroy a perfectly good love triangle Pittacus won t do it 3 There will be no actual plot resolution In fact, I am suprised Pittacus revealed what was on the second ship so fast Surely that could have been dragged out for another book or two This series isn t going to be a trilogy, by any stretch I m suspecting as much as 6 books and maybe even some side series That seems to be popular 4 We find out who the creepy dude is in the 6 s storm Maybe Pittacus himself Whoever the guy was who had her powers before her I wouldn t generally think he would reveal the answer so soon, but Pittacus the author has proven himself to be a little to eager to reveal secrets, so I m guessing it will come soon 5 Not sure if all the Numbers will be gathered in the next book My gut instinct is no, mostly because this a story about Nine But now, this athor, as previously stated, has suprised me before with introducing plot elements what I would consider early So maybe all the Numbers will gather It is hard to say What I want to happen 1 Can John just go jump off a cliff I mean seriously, he really ticks me off He is an emotional time bomb, barely steady, and while I agree that none of the other characters are great, his raging hormones really irk me I d even take something redemptional from him Get rid of his whiny attitude, his raging hormones, give him some real powers and he actually is kind of cool But he needs work 2 Sarah drops out of the picture all together Please May her name never pass the pages again She is so obnoxious, the best thing she ever did was betray John And I doubt she even did that Seriously, knowing what is at stake in the world, she is jealous of another pretty girl and keeps telling John that she needs him What is important, his LIFE or her popularity SERIOUSLY 3 Resolution would be fantastic The longer the series goes on, the it will go downhill Some truly deep problems besides lame hormones and less his gun took out hundreds of them or her dagger killed ten in a moment It doesn t give much relevance to the danger when the bad guys get taken out like ants beneath a giant foot October 2nd read book, what follows will contain spoilers I ve gotten so used to seeing the cover of this book on goodreads that at first it didn t register in my mind as A REALLY BIG DEAL when I saw it at the library It took me about ten seconds to go from ho hum, nothing good to OH MY GOSH ITS FINALLY HERE ITS FINALLY HERE ITS FINALLY HERE The poor librarians must have thought I was nuts.My students showed up and were puzzled to find me deep in a novel, instead of preparing for them.But what does it matter I FINALLY got my hands on this book and read it in about two hours I have a strange combination of smug satisfaction and faint disapointment at being proven right Most of the time I didn t see everything coming, but I was generally right.First, a few thoughts about the book in general Where to begin.don t take this wrong way but is Pittacus Lore a girl I don t mean the elder but the actual author Because here is the thing.all the characters in this book are on emotional steroids Actually, I m looking this up and turns out this series is written by two guys Weird.But really, EVERY CHARACTER is plauged with emotions Four is still an obnoxious baby, rocked by his love of his friends and humans and unwilling to forgo them SIXugh Talk about ruining a character She is not Kick Butt Awesome She is Emotional But Strong Or something like that Marina is still my favorite but also incredibly emotionally needy Those are the only three voices we hear , but the other characters in the book have this deep side to them, that thankfully the reader is not overwhelmed with due to the fact that we don t actually hear their monolouge of tear jerking thoughts SO, that s my first problem with the book You can title it Point One Emotional Neediness.Point two Similar Voices or, why the writing drove me crazy While the story is told from three switching viewpoints 6,7, and 4 , all the voices for a lack of a better word are really similar Sure the font changes and the situation environment with it, but overall there isn t much concrete change Marina freaks out about her actions and Four whines and Six sort of worries but that s about it It would have been easy to view it all in one long continuation I was really confused especially at the beginning It took me a couple pages to re orient myself to characters and names, but that might just be chalked up to the gap inbetween books The writing was just distracting Those were the two main biggies So far everyone connected to the American government is still a stupid jerk working with the badguys And Crayton s death Pretty lame But about that laterRight now I m going to go through my predictions and mark em as True or Not True along with a little rant, because I figure I can trace ground that way.So here goes.What I thought would happen 1 More romance trianglesHmm, sort of There wasn t much going on there, except for 6 and 8 As I suspected, 10 is the peacemaker sweet one so 6 was going to get either a boyfriend or a crippling emotion She sort of got all three She has a love interest, struggles with an inferiority complex, and plays this sort of Sweet I Have No Aggressive Powers So I Help Out kind of role As I was reading the book, I scribbled down a few first impression thoughts When it came to this new romance, they went something like this 8 is a punk.Is 6 FALLING FOR HIM And now 7 What is this, hormone day KISSING REALLY YUCKBunch of emotional idiots.By the end, I liked him though, and so far their romance is the best Can you really call it a romance Impulsive dude randomly kisses girl and she puts a ton of weight on it and describes it as if it were the romantic kiss of the century And then she kisses him as if they were declared lovers never to meet again After no romantic inbetween besides some jealous thoughts So yeah For Pittacus Lore , though, nowhere near as bad as it could be Their romance is the closest thing to sweet I ve seen so far in this series, and I ll take it I really do like 8 I love Marina Thus, I m inclined to look favorably upon them Nine sort of flirts with Six in this incredibly unbelievable I Know We Just Got Through A Massive Battle And We re Not Out Of Danger But Hey Lets Flirt sort of attitude Really, 9 and 8 are pretty identical except 9 is angrier and 8 has a god complex and uber cool powers.2 Sarah won t actually have betrayed them sigh Twas so obvious and yet I could only hopeStill no real answer there but its pretty clear Sarah is clear She didn t do it, she was trickedyada,yada,yada Chynan Minoc person who commented on this review was right about the twist though Didn t see that coming I wonder how much a role that had to play in the actual betryal Doesn t matter to much Saw this one coming.3 There will be no actual plot resolutionI was soooo hoping to be proven wrong on this one when the numbers started fighting Public Enemy Number 1 Alas, it doesn t seem that will be the case.A tiny voice in the back of my head kept going What about number 5 You realize they can t fight and win without him Talk about what a bummer that would be Yeah, I m 5, I was supposed to save the world but I missed out on all the action So then I thought hopefully, if morbidly, maybe he ll just die and we ll get plot resolution.Eh Not really.And then I thought.maybe, just maybe there will only be one other book The final stand or something like that Four books isn t bad.And then I reached the end, and I saw all the advertisment for Lorrien Legacies books and I thought sigh , a spin off series Saw that coming.4 We find out who the creepy dude is in the 6 s storm Actually, this didn t happen In fact, creepy dude just sort ofdisapearedO I probably would have forgotten about it if I hadn t made a note to wonder earlier So.that s still up in the air.5 Not sure if all the Numbers will be gathered in the next book.Well.sort of right They aren t all gathered together so in a sense I m right But most of them are What I Wanted to Happen1 Can John just go jump off a cliff Well, no cliff jumping for John At least, not in the metaphorical sense His voice is less whiny and less hormonal in this book, but partially that is because of 9 who is awesome and partially because there are two other voices of much interest competing and 3 4ths of the time he s locked in battle Still not my favorite character, but much tolerable 2 Sarah drops out of the picture all together.Meh, already covered To good to be true.3 Resolution would be fantastic Already noted.A few things did come to mind reading this book that I think we might see manifested in the coming books For example, which kid got Pittacus Lore s power What if.all of them did At least a little bit Because 4 thinks he is Lore and 8 thinks he is Lore and 6 has this creepy face in a cloud that might even be Lore So what if Could be totally wrong there, but its just a guess.It is not a good thing to be a Cepan Without trying to minimize his sacrifice , Crayton s death was totally lame He just ran across a room and was in the wrong place at the wrong time At least the others were usually trying to protect their number His death just comes across as needless carnage to give the kids some emotional issues and free them from having a leader to rely on So then they have to rely on themselves, theoretically I feel like if he has to get taken out, there are heroic ways to do so Except.all the other guys died that way, so it wouldn t be that exceptional after all I dunno Why did he have to die While I enjoyed The Rise of Nine, I was disapointed but not suprised The book was rather predictable The characters very similar The writing confusing, similar, and not very stimulating The majority of the story takes place in action packed battles where 30 are cut down with a single sword stroke and the bad guy doesn t play fair for no predictable reason Cause if he possesses the power to take away others power, why d he need to shape shift in the first place Reallly, what benefit was there in that Why d they all teleport away like that What benefit Well, there is a financial benefit for the authors More books money Somehow, though, I really hope that isn t it Oh, and wait a minute, WHERE IS SAM I WANT SAM BRING HIM BACK Well, I think that is all for now I might add in the morning when I m awake.Do I have any predictions for the next book Not really, and I find myself less enthused Maybe it s spending two hours reading a book I fairly well predicted Maybe it s frustration over writing and similar characters Maybe I m tired of ceaseless violence with an occasional Six hated killing, but she would protect herself thrown in for justification Maybe I m tired of dumb romances that have a lot of potential but have the best bits rushed over and the annoying parts focused on Maybe, maybe, maybe I don t know Yeah, I guess I am disapointed in The Rise of Nine There isn t enough of Nine I wanted to like it so badly and I did like it.but not a lot So I am going to go to bed now and maybe I ll appreciate it in the morning Or maybe I ll dislike it Someday in the general future I ll pick up book 4 and read it And maybe 5 And depending how long this gets dragged out, book 6 I ll read for the Numbers 7, 8, and 9 because they hold my interest and loyalty 6 is on probation 4 is in the red zone 10 never really saw my favor And 5 We shall have to see about him her it.

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    First of all, John Four should stay with Sarah I don t care what you say, they were good together in the first book I don t see why everyone is hating on Sarah She made one bad choice which we don t even know if it was her Every relationship has its ups and downs.It will show people to over come challenges with their significant others Second, Sam and Six should get together This would by my ideal ending for the series at lest relationship wise.

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    Before reading it OOOOH IT HAS A COVER It is so very intense I want this now.I really hope John gets with Six, because she is a thousand times better than Sarah I also hope we won t have to suffer through Seven s narration ever again she made The Power of Six boring for me I hate her After reading it okay here we go Four awesome as everFive still MIASix pretty much the best, I love herSeven I don t hate her any she s finally stepping it up and helping out Eight I LOVE HIM He has the best Legacies, BY FAR.Nine he s pretty awesome He s funny, smooth with the ladies or not.Ella so great That new Legacy she developed was WICKED Hopefully it ll help them find Five soon Sam WHERE IS MY BOY SAM HE BETTER BE IN THE NEXT BOOK.Sarah I was hoping we could get through one book without her showing up I guess not.Also, I couldn t stop laughing anytime Six or Marina said something like Grab my Chest It was just so wow Hold onto my Chest

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    Well this was less epic. than the first 2 books.

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    K so guys really..seven was not that badi really liked her She was a great character Nine is ok, i didnt notice anything super bad about him but for some reason i just want John to be better than him Actually i would like it if John was better than all of them The power of six wasnt that bad Also, i agree with some of you, John should ditch Sarah go for six, Sam should find his dad and sam should be okay with being single One of the things i hated in the power of six was john and sam sorta fighting over for six No, that just felt wrong There shouldnt have been any romance with six at all in the fist place Yep Oh and OMG THE LITTLE GIRL IS NUMBER 10 That is so cool I would love to have her powers If she does not show up alot in the rise of nine i will be mad I hope she becomes one of the heros cuz she is sooooooo awesome

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    FINAL RATING 3.80 STARS CATCHALL These books aren t perfect They have a lot plot holes, and it kind of ticks me off how powerful the characters are However, they re so much fun that I can forgive all of that I mean, they give a good four, five hours of fun, and with the little amount of self control I have there s no way I can turn that down As for this third installment, it was fast paced and just like its predecessors, had a ton a action packed somehow into just a few hundred pages It s very much like a thriller in some ways, although not in others Still, I without a doubt loved this book THE LORIC FOURFour is, of course, the first one we met in this series, and so naturally he s the one we know the most about I m honestly not sure what there really is to say about him He s compassionate and caring, that s for sure Maybe a little crazy, and definitely willing to take some insane risks Sometimes he can be impulsive He doesn t always think things through before he acts, which is just irritating Still, it s hard not to admire his loyalty, even if it s entirely possible it ll get him killed.FIVE We don t meet Five in this book, so moving on.SIXSix is really brave, and also a bit foolish, and also too impulsive However, when she is impulsive she, like Four, really doesn t do it for selfish reasons, and so it s hard to get too angry at her for it And anyway, she s really kind of trying to do what she s been taught to do, so, you know It s hard to fault someone for that.SEVENSeven is really mild, but she s not afraid to battle it out when she needs to She kind of stays back on the sidelines, not a central force, but still an important one nonetheless I like the way she lets others take charge most of the time, but when it counts, she takes a stand and doesn t back down She tries to do what she thinks is best, and than any of the others she seems to learn from her mistakes.EIGHTEight is really calm and collected, even though he s seen things that are less than pleasant and could have lasting consequences for himself Yet somehow he manages to remain lighthearted and doesn t let it define him I love that Instead, he grows above it It is maybe a part of who he is, but it isn t all he is And I think he s really sweet in his own way, and I also think he keeps a lot inside.NINENine is probably my favorite character in these books Cause I mean, come on, he s hot And yeah, he does kind of act like a jerk sometimes But whatever I like him because even though he can seem cold and uncaring, that s actually just his way of caring He wants to find the others and save the planet And he doesn t back down from challenges I love his interaction with Four especially, because you can tell that even though they re always ripping each other apart they actually do care for each other, and have some sort of bond.TENTen is really very sweet She s significantly younger than the rest of them, but most of the time you wouldn t know it She knows how to step up and fight when it s get turn, and while she s definitely older than her age, she s not so old that it s ridiculous, and she does act enough like a child that it s believable THE PLOT This book was insanely full of action There were some points where I was like, That is just stupid That doesn t even make sense, but for the most part, I enjoyed the action Sometimes I admit that it got excessive but honestly without action, these books really wouldn t be anything special So even though I do think that the action pops up at the most random and yet convenient places, it s also forgivable.And who doesn t love action Personally I adore the anticipation of it And it doesn t allow for any boredom, which is awesome This book was quite literally impossible to put down, and I burned through it in one sitting.The plot really doesn t move too far forward in this book though, honestly Like I said earlier, too much action and not quite enough ploy development to keep me fully satisfied I kind of felt like it didn t really go anywhere, was just kind of stagnant There were some events and such that advanced the plot, but I still really wasn t that pleased This is one of my main complaints about this book, because who wants to read a book that never goes anywhere I mean, don t get me wrong, as you can tell by my rating that I definitely enjoyed this book Still, it was far from perfect The plot development could definitely have been executed better THE ROMANCE The romance in this book is oh, how do I put it rather erratic It s just kind of random and thrown in and never developed well Not only is it totally obvious, but it s poorly done Pairs are just painfully clear and there s a few weak attempts at love triangles that don t really actually go anywhere It s stupid, honestly Sure, the romance has its good moments, but it s really hard to look past the randomness I don t think I d call it instalove, exactly, but I wouldn t call it true love, either There s going to have to be some serious romantic development later on to convince me of its legitimacy THE WRITING So, writing Let s see Our story is told in first person by Four, Six, and Seven in this installment It s not awful I even like it But it s not sparkling It s mediocre writing, but nothing impressive One thing that is done well is the characters distinctive voices Each character has a really unique void and it s easy to recognize it, which is definitely a good thing However, aside from that, I wasn t majorly impressed or anything I liked it, but I wouldn t fall over myself to read it, either THE ENDING Since there wasn t much plot development, as aforementioned, I feel like the ending came too soon, before much really had a chance to happen So really, I was actually pretty disappointed here It was so predictable Obvious, even It kind of attempted to be a cliffhanger, but as far as I m concerned, it failed miserably I didn t feel the urge to desperately read the next book or anything It just didn t really go anywhere, so what kind of ending could there have been WRAPUP I will be reading whatever s next in this series, if only because after three books there s really no reason not to, as long as I enjoy them and they don t fail horribly Yes, this books could have been much better, but it also could have been much worse Do I recommend this Maybe Do you like science fiction and aliens Can you overlook mediocre writing Do you love action Can you deal with little very little actual plot development If you answered yes, give it a shot These books are action packed and fun, but as far as plot development goes they ve actually been slowly been getting worse Still, I do enjoy this series.FINE.Read of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning

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    The third book in this series unravels the answers to the readers questions about the main character s true feelings and intentions Reading this was super exciting as members of the Garde slowly unite and find one another to fight the evil monstrosity that is Setrakus Ra.

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