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The Diviners files The Diviners, read online The Diviners, free The Diviners, free The Diviners, The Diviners ef66e5605 Do You Believe There Are Ghosts And Demons And Diviners Among Us Evie O Neill Has Been Exiled From Her Boring Old Hometown And Shipped Off To The Bustling Streets Of New York City And She Is Pos I Tute Ly Ecstatic It S , And New York Is Filled With Speakeasies, Ziegfeld Girls, And Rakish Pickpockets The Only Catch Is That She Has To Live With Her Uncle Will And His Unhealthy Obsession With The OccultEvie Worries He Ll Discover Her Darkest Secret A Supernatural Power That Has Only Brought Her Trouble So Far But When The Police Find A Murdered Girl Branded With A Cryptic Symbol And Will Is Called To The Scene, Evie Realizes Her Gift Could Help Catch A Serial KillerAs Evie Jumps Headlong Into A Dance With A Murderer, Other Stories Unfurled In The City That Never Sleeps A Young Man Named Memphis Is Caught Between Two Worlds A Chorus Girl Named Theta Is Running From Her Past A Student Named Jericho Hides A Shocking Secret And Unknown To All, Something Dark And Evil Has AwakenedPrintz Award Winning And New York Times Bestselling Author Libba Bray Opens A Brand New Historical Series With The Diviners, Where The Glittering Surface Of The Roaring Twenties Hides A Mystical Horror Creeping Across The Country

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    This book makes me feel so nostalgic for life in 1920s New York which is weird because I wasn t even alive for that decade, so why do I miss it Seriously Is it just me or do other people get homesick from books You miss the comforting feeling of the characters and the world created by the author and wish to stay long after you turn the last page The impossible wonder of an era I was never a part of still snags at me and I can t wait to read the rest of the series So, what s this book It s 1926 and when 17 year old Evie O Neill is unceremoniously banished to live in New York with her eccentric bachelor Uncle Will the curator of a museum of the occult Evie feels the first fragile unfurling of something she thinks might be freedom Evie, full and heavy and burdened with a fearsome urgency to live, decides that no rift in the earth will open between her and the greatest adventure of her life But things seldom go as one might expect, and when a killer passes in secret through the streets of Manhattan and leaves no trace of themselves but fear and a string of gruesome murders, Evie s uncle is tapped for help in solving them There s only horror now as new truths soon come clear to Evie she must reveal her long hidden supernatural ability to help the investigation and she might not be the only one touched with supernatural gifts.Fear is vying with courage, and courage is winning in this suspense filled murder mystery, cobbled together with a heady brew of visceral horror, a wicked sense of pace, threat and a lurking delight in causing jarring terror Libba Bray knows just how to twist the knife to make it hurt oh so good and how to turn the screw to make it almost too stressful to bear The slow unfurling of every new revelation is tantalizing you can scarcely feel the shape of it, but it s clear that everything will change These mysteries are, of course, the driving heart of the novel but throughout, moments of light and hope and love pierce through the storm clouds, keeping the story from teetering too far into the unrelentingly sinister Bray is also an incredible writer with a good eye for lyrical text and the audiobook has such a way of enhancing the spine chilling and ghostly atmosphere she s crafted.I m also hard put to think of a time period that better captures the eeriness and thrill of a roaring mystery than 1920s New York the stark contrast between the stately stasis of a respectable house and the desperate wildness of the speakeasy and the Ziegfeld girls is the perfect stage on which to turn a story on its head We are given a vivid glimpse of a time gone by and it s evident that the author went through painstaking work to make her world feel real, using period specific language and detail to deftly create the sense of real places inhabited by relatable, vividly rendered people all while liberally sprinkling all things magic and monsters and the unaccountable.But The Diviners is much than just about solving murder mysteries It s also about exploring the lives on their peripheries tangled character histories and perspectives craftily orbit the plot and the narration, which is told through alternating voices, lingers in their memories and lives.Evie is both magnetic and obnoxious and there s a bull in china shop quality to her character In one vital way, though, she is different than your typical introverted, meek and martyrish lady lead It s a bit amazing, encountering a female protagonist who s allowed to be loud, self absorbed and says exactly what she s thinking, without a lick of tact to make it go down easier Strange as it sounds, I was grateful for her haughtiness and recklessness even as I sometimes wrinkled my nose at her I think it works because Evie is also very self aware, and the narrative acknowledges all of her flaws instead of just taking for granted that Evie s brashness is an uncontested virtue It s also not hard to see that most of the facades Evie puts out are a lie, a ghost, a stage role performed for a very select private audience Underneath is a frightened, fragile girl, still mourning the death of her big brother and wishing she could be enough for her parents.Of course this world wouldn t be as fascinating if it was just Evie soaking up the spotlight One of this book s strengths is making every character come alive, step whole and entire onto the page, even if only for the length of a scene or two, including Memphis Campbell, a young handsome black poet Sam Lloyd, a rakish Russian pickpocket Theta Knight, a mysterious dancer running from the ghosts of her pasts and Henry DeBois, her gay musician roommate alongside, Jericho, Will s strange assistant Each of these kids is damaged, trauma lingering in the creases or out in the open, and each of them has a long journey ahead one that I m excited to see unfold in the next installments.It was therefore kind of unfortunate to discover that the last quarter of the book does not quite live up to the high water mark set by the rest of the novel some characters just conveniently disappear and don t reappear to influence the narrative at certain points, and others turn up relatively late but play critical roles Also, the budding of a romance took me off guard and felt unprecedented by everything that has come before.But at the end of the day, these are two very small quibbles barely marring an immensely engrossing tale one that I hugely recommend wishlist blog twitter tumblr

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    There is love Oh, there is so much love that I am having for this book and Ms Bray right now Even taking the length into account, this novel took me longer than usual to read because I had to read everything than once and swoon for a little bit before I could move on I am thrilled to hear that there will be a sequel.If I were to write a novel, I wouldn t want to hear claims like this is the next Hunger Games or Twilight or Harry Potter but I think one of the greatest compliments must be this is like nothing I ve ever read before and it s awesome Yeah, if I was to write a book, I would want to create something as beautiful, clever, magical and unique as this I cannot guess how current Libba Bray fans will respond to this story which is a million miles away from A Great and Terrible Beauty and Beauty Queens and though I haven t read it I d bet money that it s nothing like Going Bovine either There are so many different elements brought into this story, but they are all well balanced and manage to complement each other, rather than being scrambled together in a random mish mash It s such a hard novel to categorise part historical fiction, part supernatural, part murder mystery, with just the slightest touch of romance.Evie O Neill is a fabulous character who experiences a lot of development throughout When the story starts she is silly and naive, but as time progresses we see her face bigger challenges and begin to change and develop massively Also, I understand why some people would find the 1920s slang irritating, but I was so charmed by the characters and story that I really didn t mind One of my favourite elements of the novel is the way in which Bray portrays and develops Evie s relationships with the other characters I loved the relationship between her and her Uncle Will Evie and Sam s relationship was perhaps the funniest their dialogue is superb and at times they reminded me of a Bonnie and Clyde style criminal duo Similarly, Evie and Mabel s friendship gave me quite a few giggles.And one word that kept popping into my head throughout the entire reading experience is atmospheric I was right there in 1920s New York, after the War and before the depression, in a whirlwind of jazz and flappers and speakeasies Libba Bray breathes magic into this city at the height of its glory whilst also showing the darker side of America at this time with the KKK and xenophobia The amount of research that must have gone into this book is astounding There is so much history and mythology and even a touch of politics I was wowed In fact, I am still wowed I must also talk about our murderer I really want to applaud Ms Bray for doing so many different things and getting them all right Because this book is magical and it is funny and it is clever and it is really freakin scary Books and movies do not scare me often I avoid horror because I m mostly immune to it But this Naughty John with his creepy whistling and reciting of his freaky little rhyme as he stalks his victims I slept with the light on Seriously Don t laugh.I think, though, what I most want to say is that Libba Bray brings all of these things together into one Her novel uses history and mythology and humour to create one hell of a story The characters are vivid and detailed you can almost feel the city air as you read Maybe there are faults to be found but they certainly didn t bother me, and even the length was completely worth it I am just blabbing and gushing now so I m going to stop before I start drooling, but this book is one I highly recommend.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    THIS WAS SO DAMN GOOD Listening on audiobook was such a great experience I loved the writing and the story, oh so chilling GIMME MORE

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    Wow, this was so amazing Holy shit RTC 3 DivinersReadalong Liveshow August 16th9PM EST 6PM PST chelseadolling s channel Trigger warnings murder, gore, racism, medical procedures, animal cruelty, death of a sibling in the past , death of a parent in the past , rape, abortion, eugenics, and possibly some homophobia Thank you so much to K for their amazing review Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Madalyn, Jane, Chelsea

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    This was pos i tute ly the perfect spooky Halloween read Supernatural powers Murder 1920s New York A creepy song that will haunt me for the rest of my life I can keep going.There were times when I was genuinely scared usually when I was reading right before bed Let s just say I ll never be able to use the word naughty ever again without giving myself nightmares.This book also had a huge cast of characters that we are just getting to know and I love each and every one I know most people hated Evie in the beginning, but for some reason unlikable party girls are one of my favorite types of characters Throw in that she was a thoroughly modern flapper, and I was sold Memphis and Theta were my two favorites, though, despite not getting nearly enough time with either I trust this will change in the next books I mean, it better or else I will be writing my own fanfiction.I only have a few cons the length and the amount of 1920s lingo thrown in Though I usually am down to read a long book, that s if the pacing is quick enough to make me never want to stop reading That was not the case The pacing was slow pretty much all the way through except for the few scenes with the villain This did help give us a in depth view of each character, but it also made it easy to put down the book and pick up a new one only 100 pages from the end.As for the lingo, I thought it was the cat s pajamas at first You know I m adding a few of these words to my vocabulary But having a new slang word on almost every page got a tad much It actually threw me out of the 1920s atmosphere instead of helping me sink in further.Despite my gripes, I had a heck of a fun time reading this I already got my hands on the next two installments and am trying to make myself wait to read them as the fourth doesn t yet have a release date If you re in need of something spooky that takes a step into downright scary, this book is for you

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    Re read 8 8 19 This was my first time reading this since the third book came out and Libba Bray is a foreshadowing MASTER I love this story and these characters so damn much and I cannot wait to re read Lair of Dreams next month This was a buddy read for the DivinersReadalong with Melanie, Jane, Madalyn The liveshow discussion will be on my channel on Friday, August 16th at 6pm PST 9pm EST and we hope to see you there Re read 10 3 17 Finished this re read in one day because I AM OBSESSED OMG I love this book so damn much I forgot how much of a crush I have on Theta So excited to re read Lair of Dreams now and THEN THE THIRD BOOK IS FINALLY OUT AKZJUSAJBDUAJSRe read 8 26 15 WOW I listened to this on audiobook as a reread in preparation for Lair of Dreams and my review has shot up from a 4 to a 5 out of 5 stars THIS WAS SO GOOD I can t wait to read Lair of Dreams now Oh man Original review 10 14 14 I am pos i tute ly spooked This book was so creepy I loved it.

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    9 25 15 Finished re reading this and it was even better the second time Now I am finally reading the sequel and I m very excited D Original Review 10 10 12 OH GOD OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN.So yeah, basically this book left me like this I ve been a die hard Libba Bray fan ever since the fabulous Gemma Doyle books I also loved the insane, bizarre adventure of Going Bovine And Beauty Queens was hilarious although I thought it was a bit lacking in the usual strong storytelling element that Bray s other books have However, that element is back again in The Diviners.I just about died of happiness when I first heard of this book I adore Libba Bray, and I adore the 20 s era and sadly, there aren t a lot of YA books about it The combination sounded just awesome.And oh lord, it was Just imagine the 20 s the roaring 20 s, with the speakeasies and the flappers and all that wonderfulness Now imagine it with scary ass demons and ghosts and murders and psychics and everything mixed in It s like all my favorite things in one book.Okay okay, so a slightly in depth look at all the things I love about this book.The plot I think I ve already made this pretty clear, but obviously I loved the plot I love the mystery of it, the suspense, the horror Libba Bray masterfully blends the realism of the historical era with the horror fantasy elements just as she did with the Gemma Doyle books and the Victorian era The story in itself is intriguing on its own, and the historical element also adds a lot to the atmosphere of it There were a lot of twists in the story that I didn t see coming and yeah, some of them were a little bizarre, but I was willing to go along with them Over all, the story was too exciting for me to put the book down.The setting Obviously, a lot of thought and research went into building the world in this novel Libba Bray effectively creates the dark, intriguing, gritty atmosphere of the 20 s, of all the secret parties and the corruption everywhere It makes a terrific setup for the fantasy plot In fact, it made me wonder why there aren t fantasy books that take place in the 20 s Seriously, if anyone knows of any, let me know The characters I think the only small issue I had with the characters in this book was that some of them felt a bit reminiscent of Gemma Doyle characters for instance, Theta reminded me of Felicity and Mabel reminded me of Anne Forgive me if I m mixing up character s names, it s been a while since I read this or Gemma Doyle But even so, I found the characters to be well developed.I found Evie to be a very likable main character It s refreshing to have a YA female protagonist who is quite imperfect Evie is far from a pure Mary Sue She has a lot of flaws and a lot of sass, but she is easy to sympathize with and she noticeably develops throughout the story without it seeming too rushed or unrealistic The other characters were also terrific and sorry, I m a little foggy on all their names because I read this months ago But anyway There were a lot of characters, but I found they were all properly fleshed out and had detailed backstories that made them understandable and believable They each had a role to play, which was important considering there were so many of them The romance What I really liked about the romance in this book was that it took me by surprise Let s just say, for those of you who don t want to read the spoiler It didn t go in the direction that I would expect most YA books to go, and instead went in a direction I found likable and realistic.For those of you who have read it or don t care about spoilers view spoiler I was convinced for the first half of the book or so that Evie would fall in love with Sam and that was kind of pissing me off because at first he struck me as the stereotypical bad boy that all the girls in YA books fall for And although he became intriguing than that over the course of the story, I still didn t really like the idea of him and Evie as a couple And I felt so bad for Jericho because he obviously liked Evie and was just walking around like a sad puppy dog and I loved him so much and GAHHH my heart was breaking And so when Evie actually ended up liking him back it was just like OH THANK THE LORD So yeah It made me really happy Also it s kind of weird that he s part robot or whatever but um COOL I guess I still like them together hide spoiler

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    I don t know how else to describe The Diviners except to say it s pretty clear when reading this that Libba Bray set out to write a quintessentially American novel, and good and bad she s succeeded She may insist no historians were harmed in the writing of her book, but I just don t see how she s mastered such command of American history, not just through the facts, but through the way she captures the American experience, that she didn t torture it out of someone But just like America, this is a book full of contradictions, it has some of the most complex, evocative writing I ve ever seen for historical fiction, yet at the same time relies on some oversimplistic, almost stereotypical characters I m seriously conflicted.There s no nice way to phrase this, so I m just gonna come right out and say it I m sorry, but Evie O Neill is a ditz And that really puzzles me, why, despite the strength of her writing, Bray has to try so hard to fit everything into some 1920s stereotype Maybe it s just me, but after reading the superb writing that really showcases how much Bray gets the Roaring Twenties, I want to see some smart characters that does that excellent writing justice, not some shallow socialite obsessed with dizzy water and partying at speakeasies, who thinks everything is the cat s meow or the duck s quack Who talks like that It doesn t even work the first time, much less the hundredth, by which time the dialogue seriously grated on my nerves I kept expecting from Evie s character, kept wondering if she really is that shallow, and my unfortunate conclusion is, well, yes, she is that shallow, there really isn t anything to her, despite Bray s attempts to incorporate some emotion and mystery with her dead brother and an antagonist in the villainous Naughty John She just never behaves like a relatable character, or is anything for me than a 20s stereotype who keeps spouting annoying catchphrases and obsessing over the New York social scene Evie s by far my biggest problem with the story, but she definitely isn t my only problem To fill out the flat characters department, look no further than presumptive love interest Sam Lloyd, who fills the cad er fella another word that s reduced to a 20s sound bite role to a tee, his only interesting bit of character development being of a hint of what s to come in the sequel Or other presumptive love interest Jericho Jones, the wooden, straight shooter with, predictably, a mysterious secret that bizarrely isn t of the paranormal variety but somehow sends this series careening down a steampunk path I guess it s really a weird mix of science and mysticism Oh, and lest I forget, Evie spends most of the book trying to set Jericho up with her best friend Mabel Rose Evie s own relationship with Jericho is pretty much platonic almost the entire way through until Mabel happens to bump into someone else and, well the rest is easy to guess The Roaring Twenties may have been one glamorous and exciting period, but these characters just didn t do it for me Well, I like Mabel s interesting and surprisingly emotional communist parents side plot that really captures a big issue of the day, I ll give the book that.But all these side plots, that really is another problem with The Diviners So many times, I m following what Evie is doing, or another creepy scene with Naughty John, and the book would all of a sudden cut off to something else, whatever alternative main character Memphis Campbell and his own special powers related problems are or some other background story It s really a symptom of a larger problem, Bray s blatantly setting up The Diviners as the first in a series, and she s sacrificing the flow of this book in order to spend too much time developing a character, Memphis, that I really didn t feel was all that integral to the plot at all The entire time, the story s telling me that the Diviners as a group is what s important and planting all these hints and reminders that something big, bigger even than Naughty John, is coming, and the entire group will be needed to stop it, but what that actually did was just really distracted me from enjoying the actual story of this book Because it turns out, Memphis really has almost nothing to do with the Naughty John story at all, Sam and Evie s other friend Theta very little, and as The Diviners is already a fairly long read, following the stories of these secondary characters when it turns out their stories have almost no bearing on the actual plot feels like a chore.Maybe I wouldn t feel the way I do if certain sections of the book weren t just so darn good that I just couldn t get enough of certain chapters It s hard to describe, but I really feel Bray has captured the soul of America, as Evie explores Naughty John s mysterious past, Bray s exploring American history from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to the Gilded Age, capturing the hopes and dreams and ideals that make America tick, whether it s the mix of cultures and religions or the Second Great Awakening or racial attitudes towards African Americans from the Civil War up to the Roaring Twenties, it s all here, in this book, seamlessly incorporated in the plot And Bray excels at iconography, there s a character named Gabriel who s an excellent trumpet player and the way she works him into the religious motifs was just shockingly inspired And whether it was the wind carrying its warnings or Naughty John s haunted mansion working its evils or Evie and Mabel s neighbors Miss Lillian and Miss Addie offering their creepy insights on the goings on, the story could get so dark and spooky and the imagery so spot on that I absolutely hate how the flat characters and sequel setting detours Bray forces on me sort of ruin that effect.I have a hard time rating The Diviners because half the book is utterly amazing and the other half is just meh Parts of the book are creatively on fire, but they re sandwiched between sections that are utterly tedious stereotypes I don t know what my overall opinions of this book are, I really don t.

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    The time is now They are coming, Isaiah said, drifting back into dreams, his last word barely a whisper Diviners This was exactly my kind of book with talk about the occult, magical realism, and even a little horror that I could handle for once I couldn t help but fall for The Diviners To quote Maggie Stiefvater, good magic is a little horrific, and good horror is always a little magical And Libba Bray brought just that to the table with this chilling and wondrous book.This follows the tale of seventeen year old Evangeline Evie O Neill, who gets send to New York for a few months to stay with her uncle Will after an unfortunate incident involving a louse and a lothario named Harold Brodie An incident she, rightfully, is not willing to apoligze for because that would mean explaining what happened.You see, Evie has special powers she can tell your secrets simply by holding an object dear to you and concentrating on it But the aftereffects of her object reading can leave her feeling woozy and sick In New York, she could reinvent herself She could be somebody This review contains spoilers.When Evie arrives in New York after having lived in boring old Zenith, Ohio it s certainly a step up for her It s thrilling, unnerving, and enlightening.Speaking of unnerving, Sam Lloyd was introduced when Evie stepped of the train, and I was completely swept off my feet I mean, I had stars in my eyes and everything To be frank, I went into this knowing I d be completely smitten with Sam Lloyd because I saw some beautiful fanart by one of my favorite artists and I was certainly not disappointed with his first appearance in the book You can t blame a fella for kissing the prettiest girl in New York, can you, sister Sam s grin was anything but apologetic.Evie brought up her knee quickly and decisively, and he dropped to the floor like a grain sack You can t blame a girl for her quick reflexes now, can you, pal And I still can t believe he pick pocketed her I mean, I knew he was trouble when he opened his mouth, but I hadn t guessed what sort of trouble.Source Thick, dark hair with a longer piece in front that refused to stay swept back Amber eyes and dark brows His smile could only be described as wolfish She just captured his smile perfectly Sam Lloyd was painted by the brushstrokes of angels And by then Evie finally arrives at the good old Bennington with her friend Mabel Rose, where they both encounter Theta Knight a glamorous Ziegfeld girl Evie decided she liked Theta It was hard not to be taken by her glamour She d never known anyone in Ohio who lived on her own terms, wore silk men s pajamas into a public lobby, and could toss a dozen roses like they were a cup of Automat coffee It s 1926, and New York is filled with speakeasies, Ziegfeld girls, and rakish pickpockets The only catch is that living with her uncle Will and his unhealthy obsession with the occult means having to risk her supernatural secret being discovered.I actually found Will s obsession with the mystical so damn interesting His lectures never felt boring or tedious because they informed me of so much Will smiled as the boys chuckled And yet, there are mysteries How does one explain the stories of people who exhibit unusual powers Evie felt a tingle down her spine Powers a boy repeated in a skeptical tone bordering on contempt People who claim to be able to speak to the dead, such as psychics or spiritual mediums People who say they have been healed by the laying on of hands Who can see glimpses of the future or know a card before it is played The early records of the Americas talk of Indian spirit walkers The Puritans knew of cunning folk And during the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin wrote of prophetic dreams that influenced the course of the war and shaped the nation What do you say to that But when the police find a murdered girl Ruta Badowski branded with a cryptic symbol and Will is called to the scene, Evie realizes her gift could help catch a serial killer Ruta was only nineteen years old, and what she knew most was want a constant longing for the good life she saw all around her Getting into Ruta s head while this unspeakably horrendous act happened at the hands of John Naughty John Hobbes, broke a piece of my heart Naughty John, Naughty John, does his work with his apron on Cuts your throat and takes your bones, sells em off for a coupla stones Mr Hobbes and his cold blue eyes gave me nightmares And like Evie and her uncle said He s a monster, Evie said Isn t he Will reached into a bowl of bridge mix He juggled the candies in his hand without eating them Indeed But that s a what, not a why Nothing is done without purpose, however twisted that purpose may be As Evie jumps headlong into a dance with a murderer, other stories unfold in the city that never sleeps.And we circle between the lives of a few quaint people A young man named Memphis is caught between two worlds I just need a change of luck is all Don t we all, Memphis said and moved on A chorus girl named Theta who s running from her past Theta Evie waved a finger in Theta s general direction You didn t let me tell your secrets Theta wavered for a minute, but she was too drunk to say no Here ya go, Evil, she said, passing over an onyx bracelet shaped like a jaguar My birthday is February twenty third, and I had one of those limp sandwiches in the kitchen for dinner a million hours ago Evie squeezed the bracelet and felt an overpowering sensation of sadness, and a trace of fear She saw Theta running in the dead of night, her dress torn and her face a wreck Theta was afraid, so very afraid A student named Jericho hides a shocking secret You asked me about how I came to live with your uncle Will I didn t answer you right away, Jericho started He pulled a heel of bread from his pocket and unwrapped it No, you didn t, Evie said Once, she d been very curious about that She couldn t see that it mattered now, with her expulsion imminent But she was grateful to Jericho for coming after her, for trying to comfort her in his way She just wanted him to keep talking Will you tell me now YES After he told Evie his secrets, so much of his past conversations made sense particularly the one with Marlowe I told myself a hundred lies Children do that It s amazing the sorts of things you ll make yourself believe But I will admit that I was a little suspicious of Jericho because his childhood sounded a little similar to Naughty John s story Naughty John, born John Hobbes, raised in Brooklyn, New York, at the Mother Nova Orphanage, where he was left at the age of nine A troubled youth, he ran away twice, finally succeeding when he was fifteen They were both at the age of nine when they were left at an Orphanage But as always, I was getting way over my head And that s also the reason why I don t read that much mystery I suck at solving it.And my favorite, Sam Lloyd, juggling his ordeals to make it in New York as a self made man Sam, too, would make his fortune, and then he d find the place in the postcard He d find her He was one of the most interesting characters to read about The mystery behind his actions made me anticipate his every move This job at the museum had been a stroke of good luck, easier than hustling magic tricks on the streets of Times Square All he had to do was hold on for a little while long enough to find out who needed to pay for what had happened to his family And they would pay And that job at the museum was pretty great for my entertainment his banter with Evie made my cheeks hurt from smiling so damn much Absence makes the heart grow fonder Let s put that phrase to the test, shall we I ll get your hat No can do Your uncle needs my help Look at all this stuff who knew there were so many superstitious charms Like this love charm of the Hopi Oh, I better not let you hold this, sister You might get goofy for me That ll be the day I m counting on that day I hope you can count pretty high, then, Evie said I knew I was getting pretty goofy for him.Oh, and I also have to mention Evie s dreams because they were one of the most fascinating parts of this book.Especially this next one she had while in the collections room Shadow people She d turn her head just in time to see them retreat into the growing gloom Whispering, She s one She s one of them You can t stop us Nothing can stop us Evie turned a corner and was surprised to see Henry also walking the streets, as if looking for someone His eyes widened when he saw her Evie, what are you doing here Don t remember me, he said, and when she looked again, he was gone It gave me chills because I was kind of terrified And then Sam wakes her from her nightmare and manages to make me her laugh after seeing such horrors This fella asked for your uncle, but I told him you were in charge, Your Highness Sam returned the bow.Evie replied with an eye roll Do you think you can manage to not steal anything while I m gone The only thing I m trying to steal is your heart, doll Sam smirked You re not that talented a thief, Sam Lloyd Also, the love he had for his mother added like 10 extra points in my book I thought you said she died That s what they told us Two years ago, I got this He pulled the worn postcard of trees and mountains from his pocket Evie pretended it was the first time she d seen it Pretty Where is this I don t know That phrase on the back, there It s Russian Evie examined the soft handwriting, obviously feminine It means little fox It was my mother s nickname for me She was the only one who ever called me that That s when I knew my mother was alive, and I was going to find her So I took off I joined up with the navy for a bit till they found out I was only fifteen Then I fell in with a circus Like I said, Sam Lloyd has a piece of my heart.Okay, so I was fully rooting for Sam and Evie to get together but then Jericho realises somewhere along the road that he s into Evie And I m just WHAT Jericho didn t know if he would function like a normal man He only knew that he had all the feelings of one He wanted Evie He wanted her desperately With his hands on hers, he imagined what it would be like to kiss her, to make love to her She was a little spoiled and often selfish, a good time girl with a surprising kind streak She ran toward life full tilt while Jericho held back, not daring She made him feel alive, and he wanted of it I was unsettled, too, by the feelings she had developed for him Are you feeling all right, Jericho Evie asked a bit shyly Can I get you anything No, I m jake, thanks, he said, trying out the word with a smile.Sam watched the two of them from the sidelines Something had happened up in Brethren beyond their finding the pendant and escaping from the new faithful And Sam didn t like it Right there with you, Sam.I m not saying that Evie should be with Sam, just that her sudden infatuation with Jericho wasn t to my liking especially when you put Mabel in the picture.But if you put that aside, just about everything was written so magically and with such a chilling atmosphere There were so many moments that I loved, especially the ones where all the characters were in the same place.I mean, when I got to see Memphis and Theta interact among many other happenings , it made my heart soar Poet, we ve gotta scram Memphis ran with Theta around a corner, where he pulled her into a telephone booth She looked up through heavy lashes into Memphis s handsome face She d seen plenty of handsome fellas before, but none who wrote poetry and shared the same strange nightmare The fact that they shared the same nightmare was mind boggling, I m still in awe Papa Charles isn t gonna like this, Memphis said He pays the cops enough not to raid his clubs I hope your friends got out all right Me, too, Theta said She still held Evie s handbag I suppose I d better blow home and see if they did Memphis felt his heart sink He didn t want the evening to end I could take you for a cup of coffee first, if you like I know I could sure use one Theta smiled It was a sweet smile, almost shy Thanks, Poet But I should get my beauty sleep Memphis started to say something clever Why You re already the best looking girl in town but didn t It would seem like charm, and he didn t want to charm this girl He wanted to know her But the magic of their escape couldn t extend everywhere Maybe I ll see you in my dreams tonight, he said instead On that road Theta s smile faltered just a bit I suppose I d feel less scared if you were there My heart.Oh, and when they did get together, I got so many butterflies in my stomach that kiss was everything and It was passionate, yet tender A mutual agreement of desire It was a kiss shared He was kissing her He was with her.Memphis pulled away Everything jake No, Theta said What s the matter Theta looked up at him through thick, dark lashes You stopped And not only was Memphis charming and sweet with Theta, he also held his little brother close to heart Good old Memphis Reliable Memphis Charming, easygoing Memphis Look after your brother Memphis Memphis had been the star once The miracle man And it had ended in sorrow He wouldn t ever risk that again These days, he kept his feelings confined to the pages of his notebook The way he watched out and worried about Isaiah pos i tute ly melted my heart Isaiah was all that was left of those happier times when their family was all together, when you only had to walk through the door to hear somebody laughing or calling out, Who s that knocking at my door and Memphis held tightly to his brother If anything happened to Isaiah, he wasn t sure he could survive it You could tell that he loved his brother fiercely.Ahh it s really hard trying to not write whole paragraphs on each character because I loved them all They had moxie, peculiar powers, and charm Simply put, they were an enigma that I was dying to solve.And not only were the characters some of the most memorable, but the mystery in the air had me on the edge for nearly the whole book I also felt so excited whenever little plot points connected throughout the story.And can we take a minute to appreciate Miss Lillian and Addie Because they were such fascinating additions to the ongoing conundrum Miss Addie reached out a finger and slid it over the surface of the half dollar, paling as she did Such a terrible choice to have to make What do you mean Evie asked Addie sees into the eternal soul, Miss Lillian said But there are still so many unanswered questions that I m hoping will be revealed in the next book Some of my most pressing ones being The man in the stovepipe Louis and Henry Project Buffalo James The girl with the green eyes.I feel fully invested in all the characters, and I cannot wait to start Lair of Dreams Though, I am kind of hesitant because of Jericho and Evie I m really not feeling their relationship.Oh, and I loved listening to this song while reading.4.5 stars Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying The Diviners, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils This review and can be found on my blog.

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    Ms Bray, I have an idea for your next book Yes Well, the researcher who worked on The Poisoner s Handbook Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York left some notes lying in the library, and someone I know swiped em Perfect What should we make it about Hmm, not sure Let s workshop it Okay Target audience Well, you have some cred in Young Adult, and the field is on fire If we make it about a 17 year old and her friends, we can draw in the pre teens and the twenty somethings, no problem Excellent We ll need a romance Women love romance I guess we can do that two guys competing for the same woman situation that was so popular in The Hunger Games If we make it into a series, we can draw out the romantic tension over a couple of books Sounds perfect Plot Well, that Harry Potter book was a huge hit and made a ton of dough Superheros are the rage What if we say the group of friends has special powers I don t know, that sounds like a lot of work Just how special do they have to be We can just make it mysterious and say they are learning about it, so it doesn t have to be anything really thought out I can put one of the interns on it for the second book Cool And the antagonist Stick with that H.P thing and say there s this really, really evil guy trying to come back to life, and they are trying to stop him from bringing about the end of the world That ll probably draw in horror fans too Perfect Draft it out and let me know when you are done Try as I might summer afternoon, comfy deck chair, an open ended day just made for endless reading I was unable to enjoy The Diviners Libba Bray did a tremendous amount of research on the roaring 20s in New York The trouble is, she wanted to share all of it This is a elaborate setting badly in need of characters and plot Someone took their cardboard cut outs from the Young Adult Paper Doll Book and inserted into the pretty flapper Great Gatsby land There s the Ingenue who thinks she s experienced The square but supportive friend The emotionally reserved uncle includes one bonus secret past The charming, rakish thief Young quiet intellectual male hiding secret affection The earnest detective The possibly scary elderly ladies living next door The religious black woman view spoiler The little boy speaking mysterious truths The runaway wife The gay piano player aren t they all The revival tent preacher hide spoiler

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