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    Nichole Bernier reminds one in finely wrought, clear, solid, turn the page prose that in motherhood, in friendship, in marriage, there are no easy answers None of us have one side we are instead faceted prisms, showing a side here, a side there and when we are lucky, we find people who we can show almost every version of ourselves Bernier catches the rarity of those moments and explores a grief rarely looked at the grief of losing a friend Wonderful book that I highly recommend.

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    I admit it I am a journal junkie Any time notes or diaries appear in novels, I m hooked They offer a depth of characterization a window into the private parts of the soul that just makes for good reading So, yes, I enjoyed the epistolary aspects of this novel journals are essentially letters to self, right Best friend Kate is entrusted with Elizabeth s journals as part of the conditions of Elizabeth s will The story made me wonder what would I do if my best friend died, entrusting her innermost thoughts to me would I read them Store them Would I share them with my friend s grieving family What if they held incriminating evidence that revealed a very different reality than a life publicly lived Throughout the novel, pastry chef and mom Kate struggles with these very questions and learns a great deal about herself in the process A thought provoking tale, the novel accurately portrays the dangerous rut that marriages can face when complacency becomes commonplace as well as the value of personal space, and the secrets we keep from those we love The novel begs the question can we ever really know someone The key message, though, I think lies in one of Bernier s final passages You could not take a single day or night for granted Within every hour, every plane ride, or every routine doctor s appointment was the spark of possibility, the thing that would become your undoing And how you left things just before the final moment that was how they would remain This is a thoughtful book about friendship, marriage, parenting and love as well as the hidden parts within each of us Bernier s writing is lovely, and I look forward to her future work.

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    Although I read this book before attending Booktopia in Manchester, Vermont this past weekend, I hadn t gotten around to this Goodreads rating I loved the author, Nichole Bernier, who was present at the weekend, and I appreciate learning about her writing and her journey.While I enjoyed the journals, and the stories left by Elizabeth to Kate, 2 things stood out for me as life lessons, and very worthy of discussion One, the intensity involved in grieving the loss of a friend, and two, the fact that sometimes we don t really know what another is going through in life, and we should never judge The first is something I ve not thought a lot aboutthere are many, many, books and articles written about grief upon losing one s parents, spouses, childrenbut not a lot written about the loss of a friend, and how that loss can impact the lives of those left, as it intensely impacted Kate s life This topic is very real, as my husband and I are losing a wonderful friend of 50 years, and the journey is being very painful It also is a fine example of what one takes from a book, dependent upon where one is in life The second lesson is self evident, and one I feel we all as humans learn and re learnwe just do not know what someone else is experiencing, and we need to be kind, understanding, forgiving

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    This debut novel had been hailed as THE book club book of the year , so I was quick off the mark to order it in the week of its publication Well, I am glad I read it before suggesting it to my book club because in my opinion there isn t much in the book at all that seems worth discussing to me, or at least you don t need to read a book to stimulate a discussion on the career vs children dilemma for mothers, the work a marital relationship requires and that people are not always 100% honest with you, even if you consider them good enough friends Hardly newsworthy or thought provoking stuff, and when 200 pages into the book there was still no sight of a plot in the present tense, and I was still not bothered about any of the characters in it, I just knew it wasn t for me The last 50 pages finally picked up a bit of pace, but the boat had sailed for me by then, and the resolution of what had gone on in the past and its impact in the present didn t move me much by then.

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    This is a amazing novel of two women, Kate and Elizabeth We are introduced to the character of Elizabeth only after her death in a tragic accident Kate, who was a good friend of Elizabeth, inherits an old truck of journals that have all been written by Elizabeth before her death These journals contain her deepest secrets, hopes, wishes and regrets.Tragically, Elizabeth has left behind a husband and three small children Kate, who tries to be both confident and competent in her role of mother and wife, also feels the strain of keeping her family safe when she does not know where that is any longer What makes this book such a compelling read is that the characters all seem to be people we can relate to in our own lives Plus, we are also getting a chance to read Elizabeth s journals of her private thoughts right along with Kate This is essentially a book of the difference between the way people are viewed, and the way they really would have wanted to be seen, and remembered after their death Kate discovers, she may not have really known her friends at all.The book is so well written and had me running to pick it up and read every chance I got I received this book as part of the Goodreads FirstReads program.

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    Every so often a book is written that strikes a cord and resonates deeply and on many levels This is definitely one of them.The two reviews I struggle with the most are of the books that move me and the books I really hated The latter is difficult because I struggle to write something that negates an author s work The former is difficult because I lack the words to articulate the emotions evoked It is the culmination of adjectives, writing style, story, and subject matter that, disaggregated, is less than whole.The protagonist can be Elizabeth or Kate The truth is that the reader can identify so closely with both women that if she reflects enough on the ideas, the protagonist could be herself As Kate reads the journals of her recently passed friend, she identifies with much of Elizabeth s emotions, insecurities, and unpredictability of the world around her At the same time, the journals reflect a different woman than Kate knew Elizabeth showed a persona she wanted to be known but the real Elizabeth was much complicated, insecure, wounded, and uncertain Kate finds that the better she knows Elizabeth through her journals, the she is compelled to face her own insecurities and secrets One of the things I loved about the book is the way Nichole develops the story Rather than relying on a shocking and unbelievable story line, she methodically uses the environment to reflect just a piece of emotion without overkill The contents of the journals are surprising to Kate but the true value is in the way Kate reviews those around her and rethinks the secrets she keeps If I were to use this book for a book club and it could be used in a book club without offense One swear word There s your spoiler You won t get any , I might want the members to reflect on the following questions 1 When was the moment you realized your spouse kept secrets from you Were they game changing secrets 2 What secrets do you keep from your husband What do you fear by keeping them Write two scenarios of sharing your secrets worst case and best case.3 What do you see as your public persona Why did you choose this one 4 What is your private persona 5 Reflecting over the above questions, is it because of lack of trust in others or lack of trust in yourself that you are not honest with the real you 6 Is motherhood and couplehood all you thought it would be 7 Do you feel your life is well balanced right now When have you felt like you were hanging off the proverbial cliff, debating whether or not to let go 8 Do you believe in fate, coincidence, choice, or a little of all I could continue in so many different directions but I m going to make a choice to leave you hanging a little bit The story is a subtle exploration of friendship, marriage, motherhood, career, and the unpredictabilities of life It s one to savor rather than consume.

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    I think I ve hit the book jackpot two books in a row that were five stars Based on Books on the Nightstand s recommendation, I downloaded The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D to my nook for vacation reading I absolutely couldn t put this book down I found myself reading it on my iPhone while at a Vince Gill concert at the Ryman Auditorium during intermission not the concert , on line for roller coasters at Dollywood, at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables, in the car, and pretty much any time someone was pulling at me for my attention As the book begins readers meet Kate, a 30 something mother of two small children She and her husband are on their way to vacation on an island off the coast of New England and make a quick stop off in their old neighborhood to pick up a truck of journals, belonging to Kate s friend and neighbor Elizabeth In her will Elizabeth left the journals to Kate, confusing Kate by the bequest Readers are first introduced to Elizabeth through Kate s eyes, and then they quickly meet Elizabeth The complexity of character development and the writer s craft make this novel a true gem Bernier s writing is simplistically beautiful I found myself stopping to reread sentences and read sentences aloud to whomever happened to be near me at that point in time I ve read a number of books that contained journal entries or were composed simply of journal entries Bernier adds another layer to this format by intermingling Kate s voice with Elizabeth s As the novel goes on Kate as well as the reader learns that there s always to people than meet the eye Hauntingly beautiful, I will be recommending this book to my friends and fellow readers this summer.

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    I had a chance to read an advance copy of this wonderful book and I highly recommend it It s the story of two women, of the friendship they shared and of the lives they never could share It s the story of the ways in which we do know and cannot know the people to whom we are closest Nichole Bernier is an insightful, sensitive, truthful writer and she also knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat This book is good company, it is wise, it is at moments funny in the way the odd daily happenings of life can be funny and for those of you who haven t gotten to read it yet, it is something to look forward to.

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    This may be the book club book of 2012 Well written, with so many layers Can t wait to talk about this book with my closest girlfriends.

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    Sometimes I just want a light beach read, something I can escape into without having to think too much about it Other times, I want something that I think about when I m not reading it This is one of those books.The story is about best friends Kate and Elizabeth Elizabeth died in a plane crash last year and left her journals,which date back to childhood, to Kate She said that Kate would know what to do with them after she read them Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth s husband is not thrilled with this decision.Kate and her family spend the summer at the beach, where she takes the journals to read What she discovers in the journals is that her friend was a very different person who was shaped by a troubled childhood The evolution of Elizabeth s personality, including her impressions of Kate, of her marriage, and of parenthood, are a startling contrast to the person Kate knew.This book showcases so many truths about marriage, about friendships, and from what I can tell, about parenthood How well can you really know another person We all have things that we hide from other people, sometimes even from ourselves.How often do we expect people to pick up on what we re NOT saying and then become disappointed in them when it doesn t happen Is that a defect on our part or on theirs Who suffers when we don t tell people our expectations and then judge them for not meeting them I m not a feminist, but I do see that raising children still seems to fall to the female of the species I have watched while my friends have become pregnant, with the husband stating that it will be 50 50 the whole way And then reality sets in and the wife has the kids 70% of the time, while the husbands are playing golf on the weekends The wives are never asked if they can be with the kids, it s just assumed that they will be The husbands often have to be asked if they can stay home with the kids And yes, this affects the marriage It s one of the reasons I chose not to have children.I blogged for a long time, so a lot of my thoughts and feelings were out there for the world to see I rarely hid anything However, I don t blog any and I do keep some parts of my life to myself I don t share every bit of minutiae with my husband, because I know he wouldn t be interested or it would drive me crazy having to over explain something That is not a slam on him it s simply that I m female and he s male and we think in different ways This is why women will always need female friends And studies back that up.I really loved this book and all of the ways it made me think Highly recommend Looking forward to from this author.

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The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. download The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D., read online The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D., kindle ebook The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D., The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. 4e1356ba3ed8 Before There Were Blogs, There Were Journals And In Them We D Write As We Really Were, Not As We Wanted To Appear But There Comes A Day When Journals Outlive Us And With Them, Our Secrets Summer Vacation On Great Rock Island Was Supposed To Be A Restorative Time For Kate, Who D Lost Her Close Friend Elizabeth In A Sudden Accident But When She Inherits A Trunk Of Elizabeth S Journals, They Reveal A Woman Far Different Than The Cheerful Wife And Mother Kate Thought She Knew The Complicated Portrait Of Elizabeth Her Troubled Upbringing, And Her Route To Marriage And Motherhood Makes Kate Question Not Just Their Friendship, But Her Own Deepest Beliefs About Loyalty And Honesty At A Period Of Uncertainty In Her Own Marriage When An Unfamiliar Man S Name Appears In The Pages, Kate Realizes The Extent Of What She Didn T Know About Her Friend, Including Where She Was Really Going On The Day She Died The Kate Reads, The She Learns The Complicated Truth Of Who Elizabeth Really Was, And Rethinks Her Own Choices As A Wife, Mother, And Professional, And The Legacy She Herself Would Want To Leave Behind Now With Extra Libris Material, Including A Reader S Guide And Bonus Content