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The Last Kind Words summary The Last Kind Words, series The Last Kind Words, book The Last Kind Words, pdf The Last Kind Words, The Last Kind Words bf1d8282fe From Award Winning Author Tom Piccirilli Comes What Lee Child Calls Perfect Crime Fiction, A Wholly Original Novel Introducing The Rands, A Vipers Nest Of Crooks And Cons, One Generation Stealing From The Next Upon The Razor Thin Edge Between Love And Violence Lives A Pair Of Brothers, Their Bonds Frayed By Betrayals And Guilt, Their Loyalty To Each Other Their Last SalvationRaised To Pick A Pocket Before He Could Walk, Terry Rand Cut Free From His Family After His Older Brother, Collie, Went On A Senseless Killing Spree That Left Eight Dead Five Years Later, Only Days Before His Scheduled Execution, Collie Contacts Terry And Asks Him To Return Home Collie Claims He Wasn T Responsible For One Of The Murders And Insists That The Real Killer Is Still On The LooseDogged By His Own Demons, Terry Is Swept Back Into The Schemes And Scams Of His Family His Father, Pinsch, A Retired Cat Burglar, Brokenhearted Because Of His Two Sons His Card Sharp Uncles, Mal And Grey, Who Ve Incurred The Anger Of The Local Mob His Grandfather, Shep, Whose Mind Is Failing But Whose Fingers Can Still Slip Out A Wallet From Across The Room His Teenage Sister, Dale, Who S Flirting Dangerously With The Lure Of The Family Business And Kimmie, The Woman Terry Abandoned, Who S Now Raising A Child With Terry S Former Best Friend Terry Pieces Together The Day His Brother Turned Rabid, Delving Into A Blood History That Reveals The Rand Family Tree Is Rotten To The Roots, And The Secrets His Ancestors Buried Are Now Coming Furious And Vengeful To The SurfaceA Meditation On How Love Can Confine A Person Just As Easily As It Can Free Him, Juxtaposing Shocking Violence And Sly Humor, The Last Kind Words Is The Brilliantly Inventive Family Saga That Only A Singular Talent Like Tom Piccirilli Could ConjureIncludes A Preview Of Tom Piccirilli S Next Book, The Last Whisper In The DarkPraise For The Last Kind Words A Crime Noir Mystery As Hard Boiled As Any In Recent Memory, Recalling The Work Of Chandler, Pelecanos And Connelly Readers Literally Will Be Pinned To Their Seats Until The Last Page Is Turned Bookreporter At Once A Dark And Brooding Page Turner And A Heartfelt Tale About The Ties That Bind Lisa Unger, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Heartbroken A Caustic Thriller The Characters Have Strong Voices And Bristle With Funny QuirksThe New York Times Book Review Piccirilli Deserves A Breakout Novel, And This Just Might Be It Booklist Starred Review

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    goodbye, tom piccirilli i have loved your books so much.mmmm love this book.a family of thieves, in various states of leaving the lifestyle behind them, living in a custom made house where generations worth of ill gotten loot is squirreled away behind the walls, growing old and soft together the older generation succumbing to alzheimers, and the younger ones either trying to go straight, or to make the decision to follow the family trade one of their own is behind bars after a spree killing, which is completely against the family code the rands do not use weapons of any kind.they are thieves with honor, you dig so he is or less shunned from the family, and no one visits, until the one son who got away and tried to make a straight life for himself is called back, visits his brother in prison, and reluctantly agrees to do him one last favor before his brother s execution.oh, and they are all named after breeds of dogs which for some reason does not come across as silly, probably because the contrast of smart and skillful criminals and doggies works well, and it is no different from the nicknames you would find in a novel about the mob, for example, and they are frequently shortened so it doesn t read like an aesop s fable but here you have collie, grey hound , mal amute , aire dale, pinscher, and terry terrier.here are some pictures of dogs and it s just great a literary crime thriller that has character development, a central mystery, and heart than you would expect i loved every one of these characters i would have liked to have seen of kimmy, but then, so would terry, so i suppose it is okay that we are both on the same page there the climax of this story is pure deliciousness, and i am not even going to come close to ruining it by speaking of it zipped lips but unzip it was perfect and tragic and surprising and dare i say it filmic zip.this one i can strongly recommend to anyone looking for a smart thriller doooooo it.twis.come to my blog

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    Terrier Rand returns home, summoned by a phone call telling him of his brother Collie s impending execution While Collie admits to the murders he committed, he knows one of the killings he s been charged with isn t his doing and wants Terrier to find out who was behind the murder of Rebecca Clarke Will his investigation tear his family, a multi generational gang of thieves, apart While I enjoyed A Choir of Ill Children, I wasn t super motivated to read another Tom Piccirilli book I snapped this up for 1.99 and soon found I d been quite a fool.The Last Kind Words looks like a crime book on the surface Terrier Rand has been on the run from his past for five years, a past full of burglaries and such, when he gets the fateful call Terry slips back into his old life like a pair of shoes that don t fit right any, all the while trying to make sense of why his brother would murder eight people and wondering if he didn t have the same potential in himself.While the mystery element is there, it s about what binds a family together and what can tear it apart Terrier didn t leave town under the best of circumstances and now he s reaping the rewards His family mostly communicates through silence and minding their own business A lot of things aren t the way he remembered them His little sister is a teenager His grandfather has Altzheimers and his uncles seem to be heading in that direction Reports swarm the Rand house daily and Detective Gill is around all too often.The mystery in and of itself was pretty engaging It was just over the halfway mark that I had an inkling of who the killer was and I turned out to be right I knew the big confrontation was going to be bad and I was not disappointed The final ending was pretty sad.Terrier Rand is one of the interesting protagonists I ve come across in recent years, a man from a family of thieves who finally has to take a long hard look at himself While he s not a killer, he s definitely a thief through and through.The Last Kind Words is a dark, funny, sad, thought provoking book, so much than what I thought I was getting Time to buy Tom Piccirilli Five out of five stars.

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    It s hard to be a black sheep in a family of thieves and swindlers, but Collie Rand managed to pull it off by going on a murder spree during which he killed several innocent people including a child.Terrier Rand couldn t cope with what his brother did and took off for five years, but with the execution date approaching he reluctantly comes home when Collie asks to see him Collie tells Terry that while he s guilty of most of crimes that he didn t kill one young woman that was pinned on him, and that he fears that a serial killer may be out there commiting murders.Collie has a long history of play mind games as well as being a homicidal jerkface so Terry doubts his brother, and his homecoming isn t a pleasant trip down memory lane He finds his family still reeling with the shock and shame of Collie s crimes as well as other issues, and he s still in love with the woman he skipped out on even though she married one of his best friends As he tries to help his family pull the pieces back together and come to terms with his past Terry begins looking into the possibility that Collie is telling the truth about another killer.I ve heard a lot of good things about the late Tom Piccirilli, but while there was a lot I liked in this it also had a lot of elements that didn t work for me The idea of a guy raised by a family of criminals coming home and investigating a murder is a nice hook, and the writing is very solid overall However, I had a lot of problems with the tone of the book.As our first person narrator we spend the entire book with Terry s angst, and that s understandable to some extent If this was straight up character based crime fiction, like from a Richard Price type of ultra realistic story, then it d be fine and Piccirilli kinda gets there Yet it s also got this kind of gimmicky criminal underworld thing that seems like something that belong in a Richard Stark novel or a John Wick movie There s so much stuff like that from the way the whole Rand family is named after types of dogs to the descriptions of their house being stuffed with hidden spaces filled with loot from heists over the years You d think a family of known thieves wouldn t want a house filled with evidence of their crimes Again, if that s what you re going for and you put a criminal playing detective in that world then that s a solid idea.But trying to mix serious character drama with a guy brooding about his family and his regrets doesn t sync up with a story about thieves who seem to have been imported from a pulp novel Then you add in the serial killer story which gets pretty stupid and melodramatic in the end, and it just feels like a lot of scattered elements that don t work well together.It s also possible that I m still so creeped out from reading I ll Be Gone in the Dark a few weeks ago that I refuse to sympathize with a guy who breaks into people s houses when they re sleeping Whatever the reason, this one didn t live up to a strong start for me.

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    Terrier Rand s family are gentleman thieves no violence So when Terry s brother Collie goes on a murder spree resulting in the death of eight people, Terry leaves town, abandoning his girlfriend Kimmy Five years later, shortly before his execution, Collie asks to see Terry Collie tells Terry that he s guilty of all but one of the murders, that of a pretty teenage girl Collie wants Terry to find the real murderer.Terry reluctantly looks into the claim while navigating the competing interests of various cops and crooks in his home town Rather than being a straight murder mystery, however, the book is an exploration of how a devastating act affects the other people in your life The characters including Terry s card shark uncles, Alzheimer afflicted grandpa, rebellious teenage sister, loving mom, and distracted dad are well drawn and interesting one of my favorite characters was JFK the family dog The ending is a little too drawn out but this is a minor quibble I enjoyed the book.You can follow my reviews at

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    Tom Piccirilli is already one of my favorite authors even though this is actually the first novel I ve read by him I ve read and loved a handful of his great novellas in the past year and have been infatuated with his sensitive but uncompromising writing Tommy Pic doesn t disappoint in the full length novel form either Here, we follow the Rands, a family of Long Island thieves and burglars that go back generations who s strong bond has fallen apart after Collie, the oldest son, goes on an inexplicable killing spree that lands him on death row, and after the youngest son, Terrier, decides to abandon the family and go off on his own But now after five years, Terry has returned and must confront this broken family that he deserted years before.The characters pulled me in almost immediately, each one clearly drawn and familiar each one deserving enough of their own novel But the focus here is on Terry, a man haunted by the the potential legacy of the Rand name Will he fall victim to severe Alzheimer s like his grandfather Shepherd, fall into the underneath and go mad dog like his brother Collie, or will he simply just live the rest of his days in a house full of stolen junk a faded, washed up and lonely thief, breaking in to and creeping around in other homes at night, witnessing the lives of people happier than he is, and pining for his lost love These questions haunt Terry throughout the novel as he knows that these are real possibilities The themes Piccirilli tackles here are very similar to the one he explored in the last novella I read by him, All You Despise , the theme that the pull of family bond and obligation is almost impossible to explain, but can affect someone for the rest of their life Both this novel and All You Despise can be seen as companion pieces, where Piccirilli tries to investigate why the power of family can be so strong and crippling The novel is about family longing for it, hating it, or simply just being stuck with it whether you want to be or not.

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    This book is less a crime novel and a meditation on the family ties that both bind us together and drive us totally nuts After suffering a personal crisis, Terrier Rand left his close knit family of thieves and grifters and ran away to become a ranch hand Five years later, he is called home to visit his elder brother, Collie It s a family tradition that all of the Rands are named after dog breeds Collie is days away from being executed for multiple murders Murder is a crime totally foreign to the Rands, and Terry and Collie never got along very well But Terry answers the call nonetheless and is immediately sucked back into the web of his extended family, which includes a grandfather with Alzheimer s, a long suffering mother, a father who has allegedly retired from crime, a couple of uncles who are card sharps who have managed to antagonize a local mob boss, and a fifteen year old sister who s dating a thug gangster wannabe.Collie now insists that he was innocent of one of the murders for which he was convicted He also tells Terry that a number of other women who resembled the victim have been killed in a similar fashion Collie wants his brother to somehow find and stop the serial killer.Terry has no idea whether to believe his brother or not, but he begins an investigation in which his skills as a burglar are at least as useful as the traditional skills of a detective In the meantime, he tries to make peace with the rest of the family that he abandoned and to earn his way back into the fold.This is a very good book with a cast of memorable characters At one level, they are all deservedly social outcasts, but you can t help but be drawn into their lives because Piccirilli has drawn them so brilliantly I m looking forward to the promised sequel.

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    The last kind words ever spoken to Jesus were spoken by a thief Excuse me He tried to pull away but I held on You re you re We were the first let into heaven Thieves are pardoned The motto of the Rand s family of honorary thieves Thou shall not kill, nor use weaponsBut Collie broke that code and is now on death row for killing eight people Now that the time has come of his final hour, he denies having to anything with the last murder Now Terry, his brother, needs to find out who the real killer is.Only my first book by Tom Piccirilli and I already know he needs to be on my favorite list He has an extensive oeuvre, so there are quite a few books I have my eye on Sadly enough, he passed away last year I think it is a huge loss for the crime mystery thriller genre Moodiness, crime, tension, thrills, grittiness, suspense he knows how to pack a punch He makes you care for his characters and you only want the best for them What stood out among them, was the loyalty they show towards one another And the secrets they kept from each other We were a family of thieves who knew one another very well and respected one another s secrets It was dysfunction at its worst An extraordinary book by a gifted writer His Facebook page is still kept up to date by his wife There she shares some of his essays, his musings and some other related news to his work.

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    I glanced at the register I could have it cleaned out in under ten seconds I could wait for the bartender to go get another case of beer from the storeroom Or I could sucker punch him and nab the cash No one would try to stop me That kind of draw was always there for me Knowing I could reach out and grab what I wanted at any time Of course it was I was a thief.You really don t expect a family of thieves to have high moral standards, but while Collie Rand sits on death row for the murder of eight people, his parents want NOTHING to do with him Only his brother, Terry, will see him On that fateful visit to prison, Terry is skeptical when his older sibling tells him that he only murdered seven people he suspects the eighth was the victim of a serial killer And he wants Terry to find the murdererTerry leaves feeling shaken by the encounter Of course his brother killed the last victim Once you ve killed a nine year old girl and her family, what difference does one woman make Then there is that fear, deep inside, that it would be easy, oh, so easy, to slip over the edge himselfMy Christ, I thought, I have the same blood running through my veins.It is the Family yes, capital F that keeps this from becoming a run of the mill whodunit A family with ties and history and secrets As Terry searches for a killer, his family is never far from his mind Then there s that whole blood is thicker than water thingMaybe it was in the blood, this thing that made us so bent, so wrong The veins in my wrist ticked away, black and twisted.This is a well written and involving mystery Piccirilli just gets better and better.

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    Tales from Long Island this isn t so much a review as a rambling of some not quite right in the head people I ve known in my college days This book is excellent Not perfect, but very very good You might want to consider reading it It might be the sleeper hit of this year s reading for you sorry, I couldn t figure out what to call that, this season s reading What season Karen wrote a good review of this book and it gives the major plot stuff you might want to know about So you should read her review.This book has the Southern Appalachia fucked up feeling to it, but it s not from that neck of the woods, it s from the Eastern part of the island I m currently living on, although you need to get another ten miles or so from where I am right now before people start calling it by the proper name, Long Island Long Island is sort of a fucked up place I sort of think of it like Southern New Jersey Jersey Shore land with emotional problems I m basing this on my experience going to a college where the majority of the students came from this island Most because at one point both High Times and Playboy magazines called it the best party school of the Northeast Others, because dark forces confused a handful of people who really didn t belong at the school, or have any reason to have chosen that school over many other mediocre public colleges in the State University system of New York to attend it I personally chose it because of some walkways that I thought were nice Because that is how I make important life choices, and that is how I wound up at the heights that I m at today So kids, remember find the most superficial reason to choose your path and you too can be working in retail at almost forty years old I think so many kids from Long Island attended the school because it was the furthest they could get away from home, without having to go to the very weather wonky colleges in Western New York and because High Times said it was a good party school with good weed Freshman year I lived in a suite A suite was three double rooms that shared a bathroom and a little living room Fifty percent of the occupants in this suite were from Long Island the other fifty percent One from the capital region that would be me , one local, and one a morbidly obese kid from Connecticut which is fucking baffling, why would you go to a mediocre SUNY from out of state to study computer science, something that the school wasn t known for at all , the fat kid smelled terrible and we were pretty mean to him, but he seemed to like me and thought I was nice to him, so I d let him sit in my room, on my roommate s bed, on his pillow and stink it up with his distinctive odor, Was Fat Fuck sitting on my bed again , Yep My actual roommate was from Long Island He had been a second or third string high school football player He would spend hours watching video s from games his team had played in, relishing his glory days, and calling everyone over if he happened to have been caught on camera standing on the sidelines or running some kind of interference in some inconsequential manner somewhere in the background Those were the days Another Long Island person I knew was kicked out of college about two weeks into the semester when he was held up at gun point in his dorm room by some redneck with a shotgun and had the weed he was dealing stolen from him He went to the cops and reported that someone stole his weed from him And the school kicked him out This almost sounds like something from this book, actually.Another beat the shit out of a woman who honked at him once at a stop light This guy had many other problems but this was probably the major one He also threatened to kill me once because I was a vegetarian and I told him that I could see myself one day maybe listening to jazz or classical music instead of punk And I don t mean, like jokingly said he would kill me, he was like red in the face screaming at me He also spent about an hour each day laying on the ground holding his head and moaning Good thing we were roommates, right Another, was a sopho year girlfriend who went nuts and started to wear a plastic fireman helmet around school, waving a branch that was supposed to represent her womanhood and got up in front of a group of feminists at a talk and started screaming chopping broccoli Her best friend from home was a virgin who hooked up with lots of guys and wouldn t have sex with them but let them fuck her ass Or the best friend of my temper prone roommate who would reportedly I missed knowing him due to my spotty college career insert all kinds of things in his ass while hanging out with people He d just do it, not needing to be prompted, or asked, just people would be talking and he d take off his pants and put a GI Joe figure up there I m sure I m missing a few highlights of my college era friends and friends of friends from the Island, but I do believe that the place that spawned all these people could also be the home to a lovable but dysfunctional family of professional thieves all named after dog breeds and the variety of colorful characters that populate this novel As I said above, it s very good I d recommend it, especially if you like crime fiction and or that Daniel Woodrell, Tom Franklin, Ron Rash type of book.

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    You there, with that book in your hand Put that down Now, pick up this one and resume No, seriously You don t want to be reading that, you need to be reading this.Sometimes you read a book and can just tell the author is trying too hard to make it something than it is That is not this kind of book The Last Kind Words is literary crime fiction that doesn t feel like it s trying to be anything but a great fucking story There is no frill or filler here, no need to seem smarter than your average hard boiled thriller It just is It s quiet when it needs to be, bloody as hell when the time is right, with enough surprises to keep things skipping along, but not so hung up on the whodunit that the story or the characters get pushed aside.That s what I love about Piccirilli He doesn t overplay his hand, he just writes He doesn t tell you stories, his characters do This was my fourth or fifth Tom Piccirilli book in the past year or so, and I m clamoring for I look forward to catching up on his entire backlist, even if it doesn t compare to TLKW Pic currently resides atop my list of favorite authors, cemented there by this book Start reading this guy, right now Start with this one, absorb it, revel in it, then go get .

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