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Hearts explained Hearts, review Hearts, trailer Hearts, box office Hearts, analysis Hearts, Hearts fad5 Linda And Robin Reismann Barely Know Each Other The Only Thing That Connects Them Is Linda S Six Week Old Marriage To Robin S Father, Who Has Suddenly Died Widowed At Twenty Six, Linda Is Heading To California To Start Over, Uncertain What The Future Holds In The Trunk Of Her Car, She Carries Her Husband S Amateur Paintings, Along With His Ashes Robin, Her Silent, Angry Teenage Stepdaughter, About To Be Left With Relatives She S Never Met, Carries A Private Stash Of Pot And Some Closely Guarded Secrets But These Two Women, Journeying On A Road Alongside Drifters And Dreamers, Lovers And Liars, Will Discover Something They Never Expected To Find Between Them And Inside Their Hearts From The Trade Paperback Edition

  • ebook
  • 368 pages
  • Hearts
  • Hilma Wolitzer
  • 10 July 2019
  • 9780307806888

About the Author: Hilma Wolitzer

Hilma Wolitzer b 1930 is a critically hailed author of literary fiction She is a recipient of Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, an American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature, and a Barnes Noble Writer for Writers Award She has two daughters an editor and a novelist and lives with her husband in New York City, where she continues to write.

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    I like all of Wolitzer s books This is an older title that I had missed The issues are handled through the filter of main character Linda, widowed after being married just a few weeks She inherits a stepdaughter and plans to return her to the family who abandoned her as a small child The character development is so well painted by Wolitzer s language The plot vehicle of the cross country drive is just right for the progression of the story, fits and starts and overnights in crummy motels Highly recommended.

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    3 for sure I was delighted to read this road trip book and discover a new author I hadn t had the pleasure of reading before Hope to read many of her books, now.

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    A 36 yr old woman married a man with a 13 yr old daughter He dies a few weeks later and she is left to raise the girl.

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    I didn t like this one quite as well as others by this author, but it was still a well written character study of a 26 year old widow and her cross country drive with her 13 year old step daughter.

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    I had this on my to read because it was recommended a while back In the meantime, I read The Doctor s Daughter and was not very impressed so my expectations had dropped This was still worse that I expected.It s one of those books that as I read, I see the author rubbing her hands together and giggling thinking things like, ohhand then I ll have them do this without actually questioning if any of it is plausible or interesting.Set in the early 80s, Laura has inherited Robin her 13 year old step daughter and decides to sell everything and trek across country to move to CA Laura the mousey type does not apply for jobs or try to establish anything in CA first She simply ups and goes, figuring she d drop Robin in IA with her grandparents first Even though her father has not spoken to his family in years and neither of them have met anyone in IA they are just gonna head out.Along the way, they meet a hitchhiker with whom Laura has an affair and then even improbably bump into lateralthough Wolitzer acknowledges this improbability and they attend a wedding and lucky for everyone Robin WHOM THEY HAVE JUST MET gets to be in the wedding So yea, these are my least favorite moments and I ve ruined the book for anyone else because the rest of it is just driving around and complaining about how boring it is to drive from Newark to CA That s okay, you don t need to read the book anyway.On top of all of it, the writing is overwrought and masturbatory Very soon she remembered Wright, who had been taken by surprise like that, actually ambushed by death, and was even forsaken that she the moment his spirit rose like a turncoat from his body BLECHOverall it is not worth the time and it is short read that took around 24 hours or bother It is trite, simplified, and ultimately kind of boring.

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    I read the sequel to Hearts, a novel titled Tunnel of Love, and liked it so much that I decided to read the first installment of the Linda and Robin saga Linda s a 20 something who married 13 year old Robin s father, who dropped dead six weeks later Hearts is the tale of their cross country journey, in the course of which Linda hopes to reunite Robin with her remaining family members her paternal grandfather and or the mother who walked out when Robin was three Robin is prickly and smartmouth and with her cynicism often seems the elder But Linda has also been through her own tough times, yet for all of that she remains a genuinely nice person and not in a smarmy way What I liked about this book is exactly what I liked about Tunnel of Love Linda Reismann Rarely do I find a character in fiction who strikes me as 100 percent real, so true to life that I can almost see the rise and fall of her breathing in the pages of the novel After reading a half dozen of her novels, I can attest that Wolitzer is excellent at characterization, and in Linda Reismann she s created a woman so real to me that she might be an old friend.

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    There was only one out of 36 total chapter in this book in which I cared about any of the characters I felt the characters were underdeveloped The main character was hollow.Another disappointment was the transitions They were so clumsy sometimes I wasn t sure if the scene was a memory or if a new character had been introduced and the scene was happening in the present And then the ending Are you kidding me It just ended Very unsatisfying.I read this book to complete a reading challenge for the road trip category And, at least it served a purpose.

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    I have to say I was disappointed in this book I was 3 4 of the way through before I could say I was even into the story The reviews on the back said that this was a great book, well written with a hint of humor I could not find the humor and actually found it be be rather uninspiring and bland I have another book by this author but I think it will be awhile before I read it and I certainly hope it was better than this one.

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    Has anyone made a movie of this It s so charming and funny and humane It s kind of a coming of age, kind of a mother daughter story as well as a road trip with an abortion and sex and sadness and love and hippies and motels, told with compassion and love One thing about those Wolitzer s mere et filles , nothing human scares them.

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    I did enjoy this It caught my attention because the plot echoed one of my favorite books, Clover, by Dorie Sanders, where the stepmom is left with a stepdaughter just after the marriage, though in Sanders book the daughter is black and the mother white Anyway, a good read.

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