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    One of the few biographies you can actually reread to much gain Fascinating life, endearing personality, disarming warmth, brilliant musical insights and an example of a person who was truly fully human, fully alive.

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    Un libro muy bonito de leer para aquellos que admiramos a Yehudi Menuhin uno de los m s grandes violinistas del siglo 20, en el libro cuenta detalles de su vida y nos transmite sus pensamientos en relaci n a muchas cosas que aquejan al mundo moderno.

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    An interesting journey, an interesting education, an interesting person with an interesting perspective on many things He s part of a category of peoply i thought only existed in stories and movies It perfectly satisfied my curiosity about the overview life of an arts celebrity with some particulararities, of course, like family support, good financial background, jewish roots, recognized genius, and many .oh, and a special like for his description of Enescu and their relationship It gave me another piece in the puzzle of figuring out the perfect teacher.

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    Very readable, a real insight into the life of a child prodigy and his career as a performing violinst Near the end of the book he laments the fate of the viola as a overlooked string instrument, but fails to mention the double bass anywhere The irony.

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    Fantastic book Even his sequel, which is the same book with a section added at the end, is good Outdoor lovers must read this for the glowing depiction of Yosemite before it was trampled by tourists.

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    I randomly picked this one up from Bell s Books in Palo Alto Really fascinating to hear from the man himself reflecting on his life at 60, knowing his immense legacy now.

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Unfinished Journey download Unfinished Journey, read online Unfinished Journey, kindle ebook Unfinished Journey, Unfinished Journey 59ff5ad0d280 The Inspiring Autobiography Of One Of The Greatest Musicians Of The Twentieth CenturyYehudi Menuhin Made His Extraordinary Debut At The Age Of Seven, Playing With The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra In The Following Years His Career Was To Take Him All Over The World, Playing With Leading Conductors And Orchestras Menuhin Was Equally Recognized For His Committed Humanitarianism, Exemplified By The Championship Of Young Musicians And His Work For International Understanding Unfinished Journey Reflects The Many And Varied Interests Of One Of The Most Gifted Musicians And Original Intellects Of The Th Century