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The Ghost of Caroline Wald files The Ghost of Caroline Wald, read online The Ghost of Caroline Wald, free The Ghost of Caroline Wald, free The Ghost of Caroline Wald, The Ghost of Caroline Wald 46614bbf2 Frankie Johns, Newly And Feeling Like An Adult, Does Not Know What To Do With Himself He Wants To Go To College, But Has Been Rejected By His School Of Choice He Wants To Be Treated As An Adult, But His Parents Still Treat Him Like A ChildWhen He Sees The Ghost Of A Teenage Girl In An Abandoned House, He Is Set On A Path Of Horror And Conflict The Ghost Convinces Him To Dig Up Her Grave And Retrieve Her Diary, Which Is Full Of Bizarre Entries It Seems The Ghost Is Not What She AppearsHis Parents Kick Him Out, He Is In Trouble With The Police, And The Ghost Is Jealous Of His New GirlfriendThis Is A Story Of A Young Man Struggling To Come Of Age, Find Himself, And To Deal With The Unknown Forces Of The World

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    The title of Henderson s book is The Ghost Story of Caroline Wald That s obvious, but the reason I wanted to point this out is because I feel there should be a different title to this book While most of the first half of this book does lean toward it being a ghost story, there is much to it that I feel should be emphasized The ghost element takes the backseat for a good section of this book, then loses steam in the climax, almost as if it were a minor plot element instead of the major reason for this book, as the title suggests Also the title suggests, in my opinion, that Caroline Wald s character be of a main character She s a ghost, plays a big role, then gets downplayed just like the entire ghost element.This sounds like I didn t enjoy the book, but I didto an extent I put the title in the back of my mind, I also pushed the gnawing fact of the ghosts being downplayed behind me It helped me enjoy the better parts of this book There is a teenage love story here Criminal activity on the part of Frankie and his friends There is also the overall, what I feel is the main focus of the story, journey of Frankie out of ignorance into manhood.I enjoyed all this enough to keep reading the book and push my rating, that was around a 3.6 to a 4 by the end of the book.I do wish to point out some of the things that irked me Frankie has a best friend Dan He s not the brightest boy around He s a typical jock almost But when Frankie is talking to him during their adventures in the first part of the book, Frankie seems to talk to him like either an old man or trying to sound cool Many of the bits of dialogue Frankie has include the word son He s the same age as Dan, he doesn t need to sound like a prick It made me dislike hearing Frankie talk I know this was somewhat the point It showed that Frankie had a complex that he was better than his friend, and ultimately even his parents, but I think it took it a bit too far.Once he meets Elizabeth, Dan disappears for too long for my taste At that point the so do the ghosts as a main attraction Frankie also talks normal around here, which got me to like his character , but I was caught between trying to figure out which Frankie was the fake Frankie.But that s only a minor detail I can overlook for the benefit of the story as a whole I can overlook that I can t even tell if this was for young adults or adults The way it s written, i.e not enough scary detail given even during the scary parts makes me lean toward a younger audience All the while, some of the dialogue and brutal violence inflicted through the use of nails and rocks weapons of the good and bad characters in the book make it an adult book It doesn t matter either way I guess, but it would be nice to not have it confuse me That could also just be my reading of it, while someone else wouldn t find a problem.Most of what I had to say negatively about this book are minor compared to the overall enjoyment It was a good, easy read That s all ready There wasn t anything earth shattering, but there wasn t anything overly wrong about the book.Pick it up for a spooky weekend read sometime That s what I suggest.

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    Very easy read, interesting and full of adventure This was my first read from this author and am looking forward to reading .

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