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Bearded Lady pdf Bearded Lady , ebook Bearded Lady , epub Bearded Lady , doc Bearded Lady , e-pub Bearded Lady , Bearded Lady cf55b9d04eb Mara Altman, Author Of The Bestselling Kindle Single Sparkle, Returns To Top Comic Form To Address The Problem Every Woman Faces But No Woman Wants To Acknowledge Facial And Body Hair Her Brave, Witty Memoir Gives Readers A Rare, Honest Glimpse Into The Hidden World Of Lasers And Razors It Begins In Childhood, When Altman Discovers That Hair Sometimes Grows In Unexpected Places And That It S Best To Remove It Immediately, Or Risk Ridicule From Th Grade Girls It Continues Into Early Adulthood, When Romantically Inclined Men Make Offhand Remarks About Her Fine Coating Of Fur From There It S A Hilarious, Heartfelt Journey From Barcelona To Bangkok In Search Of A Cure, An Explanation, And The Perfect Pair Of TweezersAfter Graduating From The Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism, Mara Altman Worked As A Staff Writer For The Village Voice Until In , HarperCollins Published Altman S First Book, Thanks For Coming A Young Woman S Quest For An Orgasm, Which Was Optioned As A Comedy Series By HBO She Has Also Written For New York Magazine And The New York TimesCover Design By Adil Dara Kim Cover Photograph By Christopher Lane

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    While there was no absolute answer to the question, when can I just let all my body hairs hang out Altman presents our womanly obsession with smooth skin in a funny, off kilter kind of way that I really enjoyed.I especially liked her interview with beauty editor, Cindy Barshop It did a good job in pointing out our unrealistic views of beauty that we put upon ourselves, and is perpetuated by society Also, did you know women used to irradiate themselves to remove unwanted hair That kind of freaked me out, but the history behind hair removal and how it has evolved throughout time was pretty interesting.I also really liked the end, when Altman works up the courage to tell her fiance, Dave, that she had chin hairs and his reply was, Get it together It s just hair Enough said.

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    Kindle Single a pretty hilarious look at the fact that we re all in denial about our little bits of facial hair As a girl w PCOS who s battled through allllll the treatments that are out there since I was 15 or so, I could so relate meds plucking electrolysis waxing laser , but I love the fact that her whole point was that we should just get over ourselves and admit that it s NORMAL We all have some weird, and it s cool if we want it to go away, but the fact that we re all hiding in closets pretending it s not there is kind of odd and hilarious I m down Coupla swear words Pretty riotously funny 4 stars.

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    Each quarter, IHG hotels gives three Kindle singles from a list to elite status members so, last time I chose this one Started off well as the author related her own story, but she rather lost me later with quotes from gender studies and womens history professors Made me grateful for the option to go to the barber every couple of weeks to deal with my own body hair instead of having to worry about it do anything myself.

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    I laughed so hard I was crying A short story I think every woman could relate to Because most, if not all of us women, have beauty routines that drive us nuts Hair, being at the top of the list for most of us The one we women have the biggest battle with and one we all hate No woman is ever happily skipping off to the shower to shave her legs So I was thrilled to finally have a woman take a stand and admit to the struggles and the mental craziness it can cause a woman Thank Mara Altman, thank you for making me laugh and not feel so crazy.

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    I enjoyed a review over on Stephanie Fangs Wands and Fairydust blog about a newer release from this author Her humorous approach to both positive body image and explanation about body functions, particularly the unsightly ones, sparked my interest I discovered she had written this similar, short sampling of the same topic already I chose to experience it on audio with the author doing her own narration.This sampling is about body hair on women though body hair in general gets a bit of the focus She starts off with a poignant, humorous narrative about her young teen self discovering that having body hair anywhere that is not approved by the society norm can mark you among your peers She goes on to share how she spent a great amount of time after that eradicating, mostly with the help of pros before one day on the brink of marriage, she stops to wonder why she and women in general are forced to remove all that hair to be considered acceptable and even beautiful She consulted those who studied it scientifically, anthropologically, and even consulted women who lead and follow current beauty trends The results were mixed and unsatisfactory with nothing definitive she could latch onto It all came down to self, really Self and finding another accepting person in the man she was with and, he was than accepting of her just the way she was.Without brow beating a person, I liked the mix of personal anecdote, actual research, and the willingness to tackle a not so pretty subject about female humans body hair She s willing to ask the questions that most of us have thought about, but in no way want to bring up even among family, friends, and significant others I liked her style and would read listen to of her works.

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    When I saw this, I couldn t believe it A memoir about body hair This was obviously written for me This short read is about Mara Altman s struggle with accepting her body hair I feel you Mara It s been a struggle I have a huge problem with hair Society can kiss my ass, because I don t bow down to social norms, or appropriately, kiss hairy legs But oh, when I was younger, being hairy was the end of the world Seriously I used to hide my legs.It was a pretty interesting read, and all the facts she gave for why women must get rid of unsightly hair made sense It s because of men of course Stupid men.There were many hilariously witty quotes in here With less than 50 pages, I encourage everyone to read this You ll get something out of it.The end of this short memoir made a good point it s just hair And so all you need to do, when you re worried about having to shave, pluck, tweeze, wax, rip, and lazer, is remember it s just hair.

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    I had been wanting to read this story for a long while It had been staring at me in my wish list for so long that I decided to finally purchase it and give it a try I m so happy I did What a funny, true account of hair As women, we are expected to conform in certain ways even if our beauty does not fit the narrow definition provided to us It is so silly to be so extremely paranoid about our hair, and then on top of that, to be so judgmental of other people s hair Everyone has hair Some have than others, but that is true when speaking of all characteristics, right I just loved this story and I think it has a lot to offer Give it a try

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    Quick read about the author s relationship with body hair As a woman who s transsexual, I feel myself relating, in the ways in which it feels like a necessity.This book isn t exactly pro or anti body hair It s just a personal investigation Maybe that s why I like it No shame either way, but cool to hear another Jewish girl s perspective on it

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    Ok, does this person know that she wrote an entire so called book about her body hair

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    I found myself looking in the mirror for facial hair and plucking The book was interesting concerning the history of when women started shaving legs, underarms, etc I grew up with a Mom who did not shave and I remeber feeling very embarrassed After a divorce she started shaving in her forties.I did like the end of this book when the author told her boyfriend about her hair issues Like he says What is the problem It is only hair.

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