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The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper files The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper, read online The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper, free The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper, free The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper, The French Detective's Woman; The Paris Caper c074392ba Enemies By Day Paris Police Commissaire Jean Marc Lacroix Is Obsessed With Catching Le Revenant, A Clever High End Thief Who Is Targeting Mansions And Castles All Over Europe Jean Marc S By The Book Superiors Are Convinced His Unorthodox Methods Make Him A Loose Cannonbut He Refuses To Let The Slippery Master Of Disguise Get The Better Of Him So He Starts Hunting The Man On His Own Time Lovers By Night Little Does Jean Marc Realize That The Ghostlike Man Is Really A Woman Ciara Alexander, A Stunningly Seductive American Art Student Whose Accidental But Sizzling Stumble Upon At A Nightclub Leaves Him Breathless And Hungry For That Very Night, Their Dangerous Game Of Cat And Mouse Deepensdetermined Enemies Chasing Across Europe By Day, Intimate Strangers By Mask Of Night That Is, Until The Awful Moment When Jean Marc Realizes The Truth About Ciara, And Must Make The Terrible Choice Between Honor And Dutyand The Notorious Woman He Has Unwittingly Come To LoveFormer Titles The Paris Caper The French Detective S Woman

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    3.5 4 starsThis book is a joy to read And yet, there are some uneven spots that take it down a notch In the middle, there is an event that causes our Heroine to be captured arrested while I understand why what happened happened, and why she allowed it to go down the way that it did, it was unsettling And it felt very uneven almost as if we d been taken to the edge of the cliff and dropped, only to find ourselves with the breath knocked out of us and unconscious, but alive, on another dangerous ledge several feet down.Then, the ending seems to happen too fast Too much too quick Too much planning and too much guessing as to who knows what and is behaving that way because The resolution is just too fast And then BAM The End I needed a few pages or an epilogue or something before the Hero and Heroine fall into one another s arms.But the genius of this book is a very cat and mouse game where the Detective and the Thief are caught in a web of lust and strong attraction They can t stay away from one another, even though they both know how dangerous it is to be together And the Detective doesn t even know what s really going on for quite awhile, and yet, his spidey senses know that all s not right.I have to say that I hate the subplot the thing that drives our Thief and her band of Orphans Beck is despicable and sloppy how he manages to stay one step ahead is beyond me But it makes for a good villain and it moves the story along.Admittedly, I took a break after reading the first few pages The book didn t compel me until I got past the aftermath of the first exciting scene But once I got back into the book, I was hooked.

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    I was lucky enough to get it free on Digital Books Today , yesterday, and I finished it on one sitting Started around midnight and didn t go to bed until early hours of the morning when I finished it luckily, yesterday was Friday night, and I don t work Saturdays I couldn t put it down for various reasons In the first place, I was drawn into the story immediately, right from page one Secondly the main characters, Ciara and Jean Marc, are so interesting and authentic that I really wanted to know about them The twisting plot is well worth following up, like a Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman Audrey Hepburn romantic thriller I can t help it I m an enthusiast of romantic spy thrillers I really didn t know what to expect, but I m really glad I downloaded it It s well worth paying for, and I ll definitely be reading other books by Nina Bruhns It s a 5 star for this genre HEA, romantic, sexy, thriller, good plot, well written, what better way to spend a Friday evening

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    I have had this for free on my kindle for months now I usually read ParaRomance, and didn t think this would hold my interest But as it was free, and I wanted a break from reading my usual stuff, I dived in Wow From the first page it wad fast pacing and well written The chemistry sizzled between Jean marc and Ciara, The distrust between them made it easier to read There were times I wanted to slap the couple, but mainly the hero Have read a few things by this author, and will continue to read her stuff.

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    Somewhat different in that it was set in France and I felt like the hero really was the focus of the story Ciera could have been sympathetic of a character if she would have just opened up a bit to Jean Marc, but she did grow on me A few little niggling things that weren t resolved to my satisfaction, but this was still a better than average read Smokin hot love scenes bring this up to a near 4 star read.

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    I can t get enough of the domineering men that Nina Bruhns or Nikita Black writes But adding a To Catch a Thief motif on top was just so much fun Halfway through I thought I must be nearing the end with such a climax approaching, but much to my everlasting enjoyment there was another half of the book left with plot twists and excitement I found myself wishing the book would never end.

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    Well, this was one helluva read, I have to say I had fun, albeit I found some parts quite not interesting, I still managed to finish the whole thing, so that says something.

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    Really enjoyed this book Very easy to het lost in and likable characters Will look out for by this author

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    this was so fucking good another fave by nina bruhns

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    Maybe she s the thief, Pierre suggested with a big grin at his discomfort Jean Marc rolled his eyes Ah, oui Bien s r While she had her tongue down my throat she miraculously nabbed the bracelet And then she managed to hide it while I stripped her practically naked He thumped himself on the forehead Gee, Why didn t I think if that Jumping up and down with excitement this books was so damn good and unexpected Before you start you need a glass of cold water, a fan and plenty of time I could not stop reading and I actually downloaded it to my Cloud Reader so that I could sneak in a bit of reading at work don t tell my boss ber sexy possessive French detective check Adorable jewel thief heroine check Amazing location check Grinning factor high TSTL heroine unfortunately yes.I am torn between 4 and 5 stars but since I have some trouble with books with dysfunctional, destructive relationships I end up with 4 stars Ciara is the female version of Thomas Crown and Jean Marc is a French hotter version of Pierce Brosnan There was some BIG obstacles between them, like she s the notorious jewel thief and he is the chief investigator on the case I couldn t imagine how they could ever get to the HEA and I will spoil nothing view spoiler although I thought the heroine seriously was TSTL at several points toward the end However, I will say that the book would have been even better if the heroine could have talked to Zo in Ordinary Angels hide spoiler

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    The French Detective s Woman, AKA The Paris Caper In His Control, by Nina Bruhns.Set in Paris, this is the love story of Ciara, a jewel thief, and Jean Marc, a detective set on catching her I was hooked on this book from the very beginning I couldn t put it down That is until about halfway through the book when the characters turned from charming and interesting to plain annoying Jean Marc, charming and irresistible in the beginning, became obsessive and it seemed that he cared about possessing and controlling Ciara then actually genuinely caring about her And Ciara, a strong and confident thief, seemed to turn into a mindless idiot whenever Jean Marc was around At one point Ciara is set up by a dirty cop, and is arrested by Jean Marc and sent to prison When she finally gets out he s waiting for her He basically tells her that he realized while she was in prison that she was set up, but that she was still a thief and, therefore, deserved to do time Then he expects her to just forgive him He even attempts to seduce her to get her backand she falls for it I m sorry, but if a guy whom I m in a relationship with arrests me for a crime I didn t commit, and then stands by his actions even though he knew I was innocent, I wouldn t just fall into his arms Are you kidding me Overall I thought that The French Detective s Woman was a good idea The story started out strong, but in the end it just fell a little short of the mark for me.

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