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    I m so sadI really wanted to love this book Frankie the eccentric tortured artist and the insurance suit Clint I don t mind the love at first sight or the soul mate troupe, but Frankie has a lot of very serious issues and had been in treatment for 15 years, and one week with Clint and the magic dick healed him or at least made a huge step in his recovery possible I m not saying that Clint s approach might not have been exactly the one Frankie needed, or that it was the right time and place in his life for him to make a move to have a happier and less constricted life, but this book was on the autobahn going way too fast for the issues present..It was sweet and I liked the MC s, but either it needed to be longer and a bit realistic or Frankie needed to have a lot less issues.

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    For those readers who may complain that this story is too short..this is carol Lynne after all, most of her stories are short and this is not an exception.For me it was just perfect.

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    I wanted to love this I ve been waiting for it ever since I read the Coming Soon excerpt, but this was a little blah for Carol Lynne.Frankie and Clint s story has all the makings of a proper angst fest, past trauma, psychological issues, bad breakups, and yet, it s oddly uneventful.Clint checks into the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque, which apparently Ms Lynne has fond feelings for if anything is a Mary Sue in this book, it s the hotel sees Frankie dressed in his strange outfit of peasant skirt and Birkenstocks, and becomes unaccountably interested in the odd artist They meet, Frankie has an episode or two, and wham, they re in love.I didn t dislike Broken Colour Carol Lynne is a quite good writer, and this book is no exception I just think this premise was too complex to be adequately fleshed out in a novella of this length I liked both Frankie and Clint I just don t know why they fell in love.

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    I think I was expecting something , so it was a little bit of a let down for me For starters, it was way way WAY too short I honestly feel that someone with such deep rooted problems as Frankie needs than a mere 50 pages to address and overcome them So I m the end, it is just 3 Stars for me it was just an okay read.

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    I was intrigued by the blurb but disappointed by the story Not only is it super quick insta love which only ever really works for me in paranormal shifter vamp stories but I also found their love relationship too much of an insta cure for a lifetime s worth of mental issues I did like the MCs and my issues with the story may not bother other readers.

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    Lloro en Gucci Otra historia que le adaptada al TaeGi, creo que me pasa mucho eso de leer en wattpad y no fijarme si son historias originales sino hasta llegar al fina Como un TaeGi me encanta, porque voy buscando historias super cute de la pareja, pero como una historia a parte, con personajes desde 0 creo que deja mucho que desear Todo lo concerniente al romance es un poquito perturbador Para empezar, Frankie dice que Clint le recuerda a su hermano nada m s conocerlo Qu deseos reprimidos guardaba Frankie Luego est el insta love Para ser sincera, hay veces en las que puedo pasar por alto en insta love, porque las parejas valen la pena y es algo que se dar a en ellas Un ejemplo, Vince y Paul de Tell Me It s Real por T.J Klune Pero en esta ocasi n no es as De hecho ambos tienen mucho por lo cual no creer en el amor a los dos d as de conocerse, pero igual lo hacen y es francamente rid culo.Tambi n encontramos que es un caso donde el amor resuelve m gicamente todos los problemas aunque la autora intenta negarlo, yo no me lo trago igual y de ah en m s los protas viven felices para toda la vida.Todo el trauma de Frankie es muy raro Pero no tanto el trauma en s , sino la construcci n al rededor de este Creo que la autora no ten a muy claro qu quer a hacer con sus personajes secundarios podemos considerar secundarios a la familia de Frankie , sobre todo con el hermano y la madre de ste Un momento eran malos y al otro buenos Los sent como el Severus Snape del libro Como de realmente no son h roes, pero vamos a intentar que cuele para dejar descansar al personaje y poder darle un final apresurado a esta obra, que ya no se me ocurre nada Ya visualizo a la autora, de verdad.

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    You took my broken colors that lay scattered about the room With a kiss you made them wholeYou help me make it through Wesley HeskethFrankie Black in Broken Colors by Carol Lynne is a complicated person inside and out He s very talented his artwork is everything to this brilliant painter, but he s eccentric, even for an artist Frankie is also compulsive obsessive and riddled with Survivor s Guilt His panic attacks are off the scale and PTSS completely disables him at times Frankie is the quintessential Gordian knot and he knows it He holds little hope of ever untangling it which is what he needs to do in order to recover and be happy He needs someone to help free him from the bonds of his own making, which are slowly smothering him to death It s a tall order and will take a special person When he meets Clint, he s attracted to him, but he s also terrified Instinctively, Frankie knows that this is a turning point in his life and he s not sure he s ready to face it, but with Clint s persistence, he knows he is going to try.Clint Langley is bored and disillusioned, just coming out of a bad relationship He s stuck in a rut, doing something he s good at, but not ideal Clint isn t even sure he knows what he needs, but when he sees Frankie he s intrigued on many levels at once Yes, Frankie is beautiful, but there s obviously so much to this quirky, complicated little man and Clint wants to delve deeper into his life As he gets to know Frankie, he realizes that in order to help him, he needs to take a few steps back himself to when life was simpler and he was happier In doing so, he and Frankie make their own rules about living and loving.This is a short, sweet love story, written in Carol s precise style, making every word count Clint and Frankie do fall in love very quickly, but it s partly because they realize that they are each other s touchstone they are the standard by which they measure unconditional love They fit together perfectly, for each other at least There s not a lot of outside angst, but there s a lot going on inside Frankie and Clint as they work toward understanding each other and themselves I loved the story and would recommend it not just to all Carol Lynne fans, but for anyone who believes that unconditional love can be achieved if both parties are willing to work toward it Thanks, Carol, for once again touching my heart.NOTE This book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Broken Colour is a sweet story by Carol Lynne about a romance between Frankie Black, a bright, but fragile young artist and Clint Langley, a slightly older insurance man Frankie is living at the Hard Rock Hotel in Albuquerque when Clint spots him from the check in register The odd little guy dressed in a skirt and carrying a large painting immediately fascinates him.Frankie has some mental health issues stemming from his tragic past Lynne deals with these issues sensitively, making them an integral part of Broken Colour The give and take between Clint and Frankie as they try and find their way through the brambles of Frankie s past and the pitfalls of starting a new relationship are sweet to watch.Broken Colour is a short story, but it doesn t short change on the character development both Clint and Frankie are interesting men Frankie is colorful and engaging as he pursues his art in a hotel that he s called home for a year While Clint comes across as a sensitive and caring young man eager to lend support to his new lover, even if it s just for the short time they share during his insurance convention.Lynne is one of my favorite authors and her novels are always entertaining Broken Colour is no exception The novel is an interesting exploration of overcoming mental and physical trauma and building new relationships.Reviewed by Creative Ink Romance Reviews

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    Needed to be longer.

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