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Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) files Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) , read online Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) , free Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) , free Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) , Pitch Perfect (Cricket Creek, #3) 56883611f Determined To Prove Her Independence, Mia Monroe Is No Longer Daddy S Little Rich Girl Buying An Old Car With The Last Of Her Money, She Sets Out For Who Knows Where Until Her Clunker Clunks Out In Cricket Creek With No Plan And No Credit Cards, Mia Has To Find Resilience Than She S Ever Needed Before And A Little Help From An Attractive New Acquaintance Wouldn T Hurt As First Baseman For The Cricket Creek Cougars, Cameron Patrick Has Two Jobs Win Games And Stay Out Of Trouble If He Can Do Both, He Might Just Make It Back To The Minor Leagues He Knows Mia Is Trouble From The Moment She Catches His Eye But He Can T Stop Looking And Maybe Her Kind Of Trouble Is Exactly What He Needs

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    Another sweet addition to this series 4.5 Stars I do wish that there was one chapter before the epilogue because I feel the ending was a bit rushed Other than that I am enjoyed the story and look forward to the next one.

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    Pitch Perfect, Cricket Creek 3, by Luann McLaneGrade D Sometimes it s better to show you how I feel then to tell Cameron Patrick knows that playing for the Cricket Creek Cougars is his last chance at making it to the major leagues and playing baseball professionally Cameron knows he has a chip on his shoulder and that it usually gets him in trouble but when he meets Cricket Creek s new resident Mia Monroe a sense of calmness he has never experienced before takes over As much as Cameron tries he can t seem to stay away from Mia and trouble seems to follow her everywhere the cute little spitfire goes.Mia Monroe left her life of wealth and privilege in Chicago and set off to make it on her own without her father, his connections or his money When the car she buys from her gardener breaks down in Cricket Creek, Kentucky Mia realizes just what a pampered life she s lived but picks herself up and gets a job waiting tables As much as Mia tries trouble in her new small town seems to follow and most of it involves the sexy baseball player Cameron Patrick Mia knows she didn t come to Cricket Creek to find love but sometimes things don t go according to plan.I am a big fan of the Cricket Creek series and was dying to get my hands on this book and dropped everything to read it when I finally did Sadly I was very disappointed in this edition to a great series and I felt like no matter how hard I tried I couldn t connect with Mia or Cameron Mia was my biggest problem and for some reason she just rubbed me the wrong way Mia is trying to break away from her rich girl lifestyle but she comes off very ditzy I was hoping to see out of her and I never felt like she really grew up because things just fell into place way too easily for her.Cameron was another problem for me and I wish that he would have worked on why he was so angry I also wish that the connection between Mia and Cameron would have been drawn out and it felt like it was mostly based on the fact that each thought the other was smoking hot and not that they liked them as a person Add in the side story of Mitch and Nicolina, which I also couldn t connect with, and this book was a big disappointment.I may not have enjoyed this book but I do like this series and will try to continue on with it in previous books.

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    2.5 starsI started off being intrigued by this because, hello, hero is a baseball player, and McLane managed to make me sympathetic towards the kinda shallow, not very smart, heroine However, the book fell flat for me There was a lot of money can t buy happiness by the end, the song Price Tag was playing in my head on a loop and small towns are nifty There s one or two sex scenes, but if it wasn t for those, I d say this was geared towards older readers looking for a sweet romance There isn t even any real resolution between the hero and heroine, no payoff for the reader at all I expected at least one scene between Cameron and Mia after her true identity was revealed, but the identity reveal didn t happen until pg 274 and the book ends at pg 282 Cam admits to himself that he wants to marry Mia on pg 271 and then completely disappears from the book until pg 282 The reader is left with no idea of where they stand I did like the bits where we saw little glimpses of Mia s job as the promotions manager for the baseball stadium The only series I can remember that showed the back office end is Kate Angell s Richmond Rogues However, I was confused as to what level of baseball the Cricket Creek Cougars was on It s not a farm team, it s obviously not a major league team, but nor is it minor league Is it a really well funded intramural team Who do they play against Do Mitch, Ty, and Noah own the team AND the stadium For me, this was the type of book you d read on an airplane or recovering from oral surgery There s not a lot to follow, you don t have to think to hard, and if you accidentally leave it somewhere, no big loss.

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    PitchPerfect by LuAnn McLane did not fulfill my expectations I liked the characters, but the premise of the story was lost on me Mia is the daughter of a very rich man and decides that she needs to prove herself capable of handling her own life without the cushions of money and credit cards from her father Her father sends an investigator to keep tabs on her unbeknownst to her She meets a baseball player who is trying to make a comeback in the minor leagues Cameron Patrick has a lot to prove He needs to distance himself from the playboy image he established long ago and prove to his coach and team owner that he can handle himself and not get into trouble Mia comes to Cricket Creek because that s where her old battered used car died In order to pay for repairs and lodging for herself, she takes a job as a waitress in the diner in town She is a mess First of all, she is unprepared for manual labor and secondly, she is having trouble keeping to the charade that she has made of her life I finished the book, but was really not interested in it I think for someone who just likes to read simple romance stories, this would be what you are looking for.I received a free print copy of this book for my honest review from the publisher The opinions expressed here are my own.You can read my reviews on my blog at

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    Super cheesy not in a good way The author mentioned the love interest s lonely childhood and horrible mother about ten different times, and each time lasted about four pages It was crazy annoying He just kept saying, Yeah, I had a bad childhood And then would repeat the same stories over and over We all had bad childhoods I got it the first time you mentioned it And the main character, it was hard to believe her sometimes view spoiler I mean, she must have been a really nice rich person not spoiled rotten at all, to change so quickly in just a few weeks, or, she was not a very genuinely kind poor person hide spoiler

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    I would give it 4 stars, but the ending neededsomething I m glad she reconciled with her dad but what about everyone else Like Cam I get from the epilogue that it all works out but I was hoping to see her come clean And what she was going to say to get out of her lies But very cute and romantic Loved Cam.Hated the sheriff Will I read Don t know, but not for lack on the author s part, like I m lazy and have alot of books on my TBR list If I find another Cricket Creek book used because used is cheap I ll probably buy it I m curious about Cat s story Possibly because Mia would probably pop up and I want to see of her and Cam.

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    Very cute story, love the small town feel Rich girl Mia with her good intentions and her heart felt help turns into problems than she knows what to do with Cam can t seem to get away from good intention ed trouble especially where Mia is involved Wonderful edition to the Cricket Creek series.

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    Nice sweet read Mia was cute and clueless, but willing to learn and prove herself Would have liked to have a better ending These some what Hallmark stories are a nice break between serious novels.

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    I love this series But I need to mention his name is George STRAIT I m sure it was an autocorrect error but I couldn t help myself

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