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Colorado Heart pdf Colorado Heart, ebook Colorado Heart, epub Colorado Heart, doc Colorado Heart, e-pub Colorado Heart, Colorado Heart b2bc5a2ae23 As A Hard Winter On The Colorado Mountainside Finally Yields To Spring, Than Snow Is Melting In Angel S End To Cassie Parker, Colorado Is The Farthest Point On Earth From The Dusty, Troubled Life She Left Behind In Texas Here She Has A Birthright Her Grandfather S Land Not Far From Town And A Chance At A Promising New Start And Jake Reece Certainly Is PromisingThere S Never Been A Day In Jake S Life That He Didn T Work Harder Than Anyone Else, And He S Got A Thousand Head Of Cattle And The Ranch Of His Wildest Dreams To Prove It Yet Winter Has A Way Of Making Even The Most Independent Of Men Long For That Must Be Why He S So Drawn To The Strange, Secretive Beauty Who S Taken Up On The Parker Land But When Cassie Runs Afoul Of The Local Cattleman S Association With Jake At The Helm What Started As Sparks Ignites Into A Full Blaze And Things In Angel S End Are About To Really Heat Up

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    A very enjoyable novel Ms Holby does not disappoint with this one Though there are a few typos that I could ve gone without, and the end seems to happen a little suddenly, I still highly recommend this book to anyone who likes western romance.

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    Book and 3.5 Blue Ribbon review courtesy of Romance Junkies.Jake Reese has been stuck at his ranch in Western Colorado with his Chinese cook, Fu, and his hired hands during an especially hard, long winter He s not sure there s a clear route to town but he can t tolerate the thought of beans for dinner again, besides needing something social than staring at the snow, waiting for winter to be over.A crazy donkey arrives at his doorstep and alleviates Jake s boredom by challenging his curiosity The skittish donkey has warned of tragedy in the past, so Jake can t resist discovering why Libby the donkey has come calling It might be foolish, but Libby is just the excuse Jake and two of his hired hands need to make the trek into town, whether there s a path through the snow or not The donkey made it, so it bears reasoning that there s a path to follow.An armed young man surprises the three men on their way to town, swearing they ve stolen his donkey Jake can t resist the temptation to disarm the boy when reasoning doesn t settle the confrontation But in the end, it s Jake who is surprised when the young man turns out to be a young woman, quick to react, who flips Jake on his backside into the snow and lords over him with her hidden pistol.Cassie Parker isn t impressed with the potty mouthed rancher who claims she stole her own donkey Truthfully, Jake sets off her anger and her need to protect what s hers, as well as the need to remind him of his uncalled for language Jake leaves her with no choice but to return home to grab the bill of sale for the donkey and travel to town to settle the dispute Hopefully, she can afford the taxes on her newly inherited land, otherwise, her plan of escaping Texas and her past for a new start will be no start at all.Neither can deny their attraction, especially when this couple s verbal sparring becomes fun for both of them instead of just a war of words and temperament Cassie can t allow her feminine yearnings to cloud her judgment, especially when her ailing mother and her good friends, Manuel and Rosa, depend on their ranch to survive They hope the local ranchers will accept their plans for Cassie s land Otherwise, things may escalate far worse than where they came from, and they have nowhere else to go Can Cassie continue to resist Jake when he proves that he s the one man she can always trust If you re a fan of Cindy Holby s WIND series, then you may miss the gritty and oftentimes shocking realism that s so well portrayed in those books as much as I did To me, this book has a completely different style, but still engages the right reader in a charming story If I had never read the WIND series, then I wouldn t have had any expectations or comparisons to make.COLORADO HEART is a very sweet, small town historical romance and the second book in the ANGEL S END series This novel focuses mainly on the characters and their conflicts, without touching on much historical detail, or without delving too deeply into Cassie s past physical abuse There s a very clear reasoning of what causes her trepidation, but the details are thankfully left to the reader s imagination Cassie and Jake are likeable characters who deserve happiness, so it s easy to hope for their future together.A cute story, where even the animals earn a smile, COLORADO HEART will warm your spirit for the western small town way of life.

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    I m really enjoying this Angel s End series by Cindy Holby Angel s End is a small very small Colorado town back when the wild west was still growing We met all of the townsfolk in the first book, and they re back for Jake s story, which I have been looking forward to, since he didn t get the girl before Now that all of his plans for the future have been derailed, he s not sure which direction to go, something Jake s not used to Then he meets the most unconventional woman who does the most unexpected things Needless to say, he s smitten.After one of the harshest winters they ve had in a long while, Jake is headed into town when Libby the mule shows up at his ranch, an event that means something s up somewhere and it s never good On the trail he meets up with Cassie Parker, granddaughter to Sam Parker who owned the ranch next to Jake He d given up waiting for the next of kin to show up, because it s been two years since he d written to relatives that Sam had passed on So imagine his surprise when he runs into Cassie, a woman who s secretive to the max Arriving just before the first snow months ago and never making anyone aware of her presence is a case in point Jake is determined to figure out what her other secrets are Never mind the hundreds of sheep she s brought into cattle country His troubles are just beginning.Cassie and her rag tag family were forced to leave Texas when she went up against an influential family and lost The result being the loss of her trust in men, the loss of her mother s mental capacity, but they gained loyal friends in Manuel and Rosa What she doesn t need is her closest neighbors giving her grief all the time, one mean enough over the fact she has sheep on her ranch and one sweet enough to help out whenever there s need And lately there s been a lot of need As handsome and gentlemanly as Jake is, Cassie just can t bring herself to trust him But the way he makes her feel, like she s never felt before, is still messing with her head, even when the man isn t around.When the local bully begins his campaign to run her out off her land, he nearly succeeds Is the pain worth staying, despite the fact that most of the townsfolk are nice people and have welcomed them Is it time Cassie should cast off her past and learn the feel of a real man in her life These and so many are questions Cassie has to answer in this new life she s trying to carve out for the people she loves, as well as the new people who could come to mean just as much to her I love how Jake little by little works his way under Cassie s skin, even when she knows it s happening There s just no way to keep this man at bay when he sets his mind to something I also enjoyed getting caught up with all the other folks in town, especially Wade I m hoping he has his own book coming up, because there is definitely a story there.Cindy Holby is perfection on the page when it comes to the sights and sounds, the feel of the western frontier The hope of a new life in a new land, along with the excitement and fear of the unknown pull you into a bygone era so effortlessly Her characters live the life, good and bad, deal with it in the only way they can and move on, keeping the faith and a smile If you ve not read this series, do Only two books so far, so you can catch up I have a feeling the best part is yet to come.See my complete review at

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    Colorado Heart, Angel s End 2, by Cindy HolbyGrade B Your life must have been boring before I got here seeing as how all you ve got to do now is antagonize me Jake Reece knows something is missing from his life after a long, cold winter in Colorado and that thing is a woman Jake thought he would finally convince Leah, a local woman who he was after for years, to marry him but she went and married the new sheriff instead When Jake comes across Cassie Parker on a trail he finds himself attracted and annoyed Cassie is hiding something and little does Jake know it will turn the town of Angel s End upside down.Cassie Parker was hoping that Colorado would be a new start after the horrible events that occurred in Texas and the opportunity to take over her late grandfather s ranch was too good to pass up Cassie never expected to meet a man like Jake Reece, one who drives her crazy but still manages to win her trust Not everyone is happy with Cassie and what she s doing with her ranch and some will go to great lengths to stop it As Jake comes to Cassie s rescue again and again the two soon realize that what they might need may be right in front of them.I really enjoyed this book and am so glad I choose to read it even though I really disliked the first in the series This book picks up shortly after Angel s End leaves off and all of the same characters, with some new ones thrown in, are back I would recommend reading the series in order but if don t it shouldn t be too much of a problem.I wasn t a big fan of Jake in the first book but I loved him in this one and he and Cassie are a great couple Cassie has been hurt by men and is very weary of them but Jake manages to gain her trust and show her that all men aren t evil The two take a long time to admit their feelings but I liked that nothing was rushed and that each one had to work to get over their issues in order to be happy.This book is much darker than most romances but it shows a very real picture of what it was like for people, especially women, in the 1800 s I like that nothing was sugarcoated and that the characters had very real, very heartbreaking pasts that they struggled with This book was so much better because of this and allowed me to fully dive into the story Again I am so happy that I gave this series another chance and I can t wait to see what happens next in Angel s End, Colorado.

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    As a hard winter on the Colorado mountainside finally yields to spring, than snow is melting in Angel s End To Cassie Parker, Colorado is the farthest point on earth from the dusty, troubled life she left behind in Texas Here she has a birthright her grandfather s land not far from town and a chance at a promising new start And Jake Reece certainly is promising.There s never been a day in Jake s life that he didn t work harder than anyone else, and he s got a thousand head of cattle and the ranch of his wildest dreams to prove it Yet winter has a way of making even the most independent of men long for That must be why he s so drawn to the strange, secretive beauty who s taken up on the Parker land.But when Cassie runs afoul of the local cattleman s association with Jake at the helm what started as sparks ignites into a full blaze And things in Angel s End are about to really heat up This is another one of those books where the female did not live up to expectations She is needy and unbelievable For example, SPOILER throughout the book Cassie does not want Jake to touch her She has been raped Then in the last chapter, she seduces him All at once, she has no qualms any longer I felt as if some editor said, Where is the sex scene I can tell you where it is THE LAST CHAPTER Also, the rescue scene after the flood was like reading The Wizard of Oz or Going After Cacciotto.

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    Great bookup to this author s standards Everything I have read by her has been enjoyable She has a way of putting you right in the story You feel like you are part of what is going on.

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