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    This series by Cora Harrison is like eating dark chocolate.as a mystery it is a sweet treat but it carries with it a good for you component Harrison has carefully researched life in Ireland just as the punitive eye for an eye laws of England are beginning to supercede the older and merciful Gaelic system of laws, based on restitution rather than punishment.A great read for many reasons, not least of which is the reminder that women held great power in earlier times in all areas of civic life.

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    Love this series, love the look into the life of a lady brehon judge and 16th century Ireland before the English law replaced the Brehon law A time when women were not prevented from being lawyers, judges, and doctors Where the purpose of justice is to redeem a criminal, not to punish, a time without capital punishment, and the clan is held responsible for the behavior of each member, and everyone has an honor price.

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    I love her books Her mysteries are well crafted, well researched, and always have a moral or ethical lesson The entire series is good This one in particular ends with a very different finale

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    This delightful little book is already the 8th part of the exciting Burren mystery series.Again this story is rich with the culture of 16th Century Ireland and it s Brehon Law, and this Brehon Law will now clash with another part of Ireland, Galway, which is under the influence of England because they conduct the Law of Henry VIII of England.The book is very informative with descriptions, it has an rustic atmosphere, and the interaction between the characters is really outstanding.The story itself is set in February AD 1512 when Mara, Brehon of the Burren, and her pupils have been invited to the city state of Galway, which is ruled by English Law.While in the city Mara and her students sit in on a hearing for a man from the Burren who s stolen a meat pie, who can t speak English and the penalty for such a theft is death.Mara suspects there s to the case and will try to prove his innocence, and so with her determination and know how she and her pupils start out to investigate this case and finally to will get to the bottom of it all.This is really entertaining crime fiction, and so for me this is a Top Burren Galway mystery

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    I didn t find this book as compelling there seemed to be quite a few loose ends that didn t tie up well.

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    A good unpredictable mysteryI enjoy history and mysteries A historical mystery requires work , the clues are physical Minoan tests to help solve the murder

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    Different interesting

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    Love this series

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    Here are some comments from www.coraharrison The Burren MysteriesWith her superb attention to detail, Cora Harrison brings medieval Ireland into vivid life, being equally skilful at portraying the good, the bad, and the ugly.Mara is up there with the great fictional detectives Historical Novel Society, Editors Choice Titles for August 2009Ellis Peters and Peter Tremayne fans who have yet to discover Harrison will be overjoyed Publishers Weekly starred reviewOutstanding both for its attention to detail and historical correctness Historical mystery fans won t want to miss this one Library journalLaws in Conflict is the eighth novel in the series of Burren novels The year is 1512 and the setting in this case is the City of Galway Mara, Brehon judge of the Burren goes to Galway with her law students to see if she can free a former citizen of the Burren who has been caught in Galway and accused of stealing a meat pie His name is Sheedy and Mara has dealt with him before in the Burren he is a simple soul who cannot read or write and Mara is convinced he stole the meat pie simply because he was hungry and he had access to it Laws are different in Galway though and the theft of items over a certain value is punishable by death King Richard the third granted a charter to Galway giving the mayor all the rights to taxes and the responsibility for maintenance The mayor is elected and has power over life and death and the power to tax everything that comes into the city The present mayor, James Lynch has been in power for 5 years He is not a trained lawyer Galway was ruled by a mixture of English law and Roman law, and both were equally cruel to those who infringed even minor examples of these laws Mara tells her friend Ardal O Lochlainn the chieftain of the most numerous clans of the Burren that she is thinking of interfering in the affairs of another kingdom, or state and she will come up against conflictus legum or conflicting laws and this is what leads to the journey of Mara and her law students, including one young woman, Fiona, to Galway.The state of the law during this time period is a most interesting aspect of these books In Dublin the law was exactly the same as in England, but traditionally Galway was ruled by Roman law It was only in the last few years that English law had begun to prevail Mara was trained in Roman law which is why she is prepared to take on this unusual situation.The simple case of the theft of a meat pie becomes a small drop in a big bucket rather quickly when the murder of a young Spaniard occurs and the main suspect is the son of the present mayor and the circumstantial evidence does not add up for Mara or her law students.A compelling look at life in general in early Ireland and also at law schools of the time, trade in busy ports such as Galway and political organizations of kingdoms and cities of the medieval period Apparently tourists can see Lynch s Castle and Blake s Castle today as well as many of the places in this story including The King s Head Inn.If you think Cora Harrison s series might appeal to you I highly recommend that you start with My Lady Judge Also that you go visit her website as shown at the top of this review.

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    The latest in the series The Burren Mysteries about Mara the lady judge or the brehon in Gaelic crackles with suspense and good humor as Mara and her scholars of the law school visit Galway, the English only stronghold in the south of Ireland What starts out as a mission of mercy to reclaim an aged, mentally ill countryman from the clutches of English law turns into a full blown murder investigation, with Mara and her crew exercising their charm, wits and intelligence to solve the puzzle and save an innocent life I ve never read Harrison s novels before, but I m going to go back and start with the first one, My Lady Judge, and settle in for a long, satisfying journey to the 16th century world she depicts so well Each chapter starts with a quotation from a law book or scholarly tome of the time that is enlightening and fascinating as it explores the many differences between Irish and English law customs and reasoning Harrison is clearly on the side of the Irish when it comes to a choice between, for instance, use of the death penalty or belief in the power of repentance and restitution, and her brehon Mara makes it than clear why the Irish way is better A great read, informative and entertaining from start to finish original review published in Historical Novel Society Review, Dec 2012

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Laws in Conflict summary pdf Laws in Conflict, summary chapter 2 Laws in Conflict, sparknotes Laws in Conflict, Laws in Conflict 5f3b7b4 February, Mara, Brehon Of The Burren, Judge And Lawgiver, Has Been Invited To The Magnificent City State Of Galway, Which Is Ruled By English Laws And A Royal Charter Originally Granted By Richard III Mara Wonders Whether She Can Use Her Legal Knowledge To Save The Life Of A Man From The Burren Who Has Been Caught Stealing A Meat Pie, But Events Soon Take An Even Dramatic Turn When The Mayor S Son Is Charged With A Heinous Crime Sure There Is To The Case Than Meets The Eye, Mara Investigates

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Laws in Conflict
  • Cora Harrison
  • English
  • 13 August 2019
  • 9780727881786

About the Author: Cora Harrison

Cora Harrison worked as a headteacher before she decided to write her first novel She has since published twenty six children s novels My Lady Judge was her first book in a Celtic historical crime series for adults that introduces Mara, Brehon of the Burren Cora lives on a farm near the Burren in the west of Ireland.