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    I m so glad to see that apparently, the person who was awarded control of her existing works is actually moving to allow some things to be reprinted Not sure why it took nearly four years, and not sure that this is where I d have started, but anyway Things are moving, and that s good.

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    Iron breed is about cats In a world were they are specially advanced and on a mission I really liked this book because I like sci fi books and books like this were animals are becoming as advanced as humans Kind of Is you liked Emerald Sea, Against the Tide or even Star Flight by the same author as Iron Breed Andrew Nortin Please do read this book my grandfather told me to read it and it was amazing This book made me feel like i was really in the story and i was with them And read his other books.

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    Andre Norton is one of the greats This is no exception I have always appreciated how she weaves the question of what is intelligence and what is humanity into her science fiction stories In this book, humans rediscover their world and commit the same mistakes and injuries others had committed against them Some of us learn from our mistakes so there is always hope for earth humans in her books Sometime I telligence and sense can be learned from those we once treated as pets.

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    A good, solid sci fi novel The action is done well and the story flows without too much padding For the furry minded reader, the anthropomorphic aspects of the story are subtle but prevail throughout the arc of the tale.

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    I like a lot of Andre Norton s books, but I found these two title way to preachy I don t mind books having a theme or lesson , but these two books seemed to want to bludgeon me with it.

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