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  • Improper Relations
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  • 16 January 2019
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    I will shamelessly admit that I started reading Improper Relations because of its beautiful and sensually suggestive cover, and let me tell you that this is a little gem of story you shouldn t miss out on I have heard that there are several historical romances exploring the trope of initiation of the young and clueless widow into the pleasures of the flesh, but I haven t read any such novels yet so I can t compare them to Improper Relations I can only tell you that this book is an extrordinary story.It is told in the first person narrative by Hannah, which in my opinion was a double risk Juliana Ross took first of all telling an erotica story in the first person makes finding the balance between including the reader but not making them feeling voyeuristic quite perilous, and then the even bigger challenge of channelling a 19th century sexually inexperienced widow and making her story authentic and believable And Juliana Ross excelled on both accounts.If I had to pick the first thing that comes to mind about Improper Relations it is how authentic it read I was amazed how its language style, the heroine s vocabulary and approach to sex and intimacy, her belief regarding the role of men and women in pleasure duty were all historically accurate and authentic It managed to transport me back in time and made me feel as I were really there in Victorian England witnessing Hannah s sexual and emotional awakening Cousin Leo leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, his expression grave They did you a great wrong, you know Your mother and my cousin That is unfair Because they were wrong No woman should ever feel she has to submit No woman should have to grit her teeth and endure her husband s attentions Lovemaking is meant to be enjoyable, for men and women Hannah is a very likable and relatable heroine Her reluctance and timidity battling with her natural curiosity were believable and real, and the way her curiosity wins over her shyness endeared her to me even It took me a bit time to figure out and take a liking to Leo At first he appears to be the typical rakish rogue, the Victorian playboy who doesn t care about anything but drinking, gambling and wenching But the we get a glimpse of his tender and thoughtful side through the way he treats and initiates Hannah into experiencing pleasure revealed he was much than the first fa ade led the reader to believe.Leo is truly an inventive and most patient teacher, all their sexual encounters are focused around Hannah, he takes her sexual education at her pace and only progresses further upon her approval But do not be mistaken their bedroom scenes are not merely tender and sighing lovemakings, oh no Leo is much complex than that besides his consideration for Hannah and while not forcing her hand he shocks her plenty with his dirty talk and revelation of sexual customs The seduction scenes between them are always hot and titillating, making the reader just as affected as Hannah Although Improper Relations is a short novella the development of the characters relationship is not rushed The ending is predictable but it brings that necessary HEA vital to us romance lovers.I loved both parts of Improper Relations, the scorching sexual initiation of Hannah and the gently budding romance between her and Leo were equally wonderful and both left a lasting impression.Verdict I found Improper Relations a delightful surprise It is sweet, it is sexy and most certainly addictive You will devour it in a couple hours and immediately stalk Juliana Ross website to be able to read .Plot 9 10Characters 8 10 Writing 9 10Ending 8 10Cover 10 10 I get goosebumps and sigh just looking at it I give Improper Relations 4.5 stars

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    Actual rating 2.5 stars, a cross between It was okay and I like it So I guess, I kind of liked it I appreciate this ebook because it is a straightforward smut romp, and doesn t pretend to be anything else I despise it when clearly smutty books are wrapped up in flimsy, transparent plots and a host of painfully one dimensional characters who justify their libido with deep emotional scars from the past It s cliche, hard to pull off, and an offensive blanket psychological assumption for people who actually did suffer emotional scarring In most cases with books like these, we all know sex is the focus of the plot So, let s be frank your protagonist is a horn dog, okay Just blame it on the hormones No shame in that rant I m not saying Juliana Ross isn t capable of writing in another genre or creating deep characters On the contrary, she convinced me she can write for the erotica genre To actually review this book, I liked it for the most part The writing was straight forward, and the protagonists were unapologetic, no frills horn dogs Which was kinda great and refreshing The plotting was thin, but I didn t mind because I could enjoy the book without being overly concerned that the steamy scenes would be dampened by plot twists Good debut book, and I d be interested to see what else the author will write.

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    This was a fun short story featuring Hannah and Leo Hannah had been taught that a wife s duty was basically to just tolerate her husband She had never experienced any personal pleasure from sex and didn t even know it was possible When Leo offers to teach her a thing or two, she realizes she wants to know everything This was a quick, easy read told from Hannah s point of view The story flowed smoothly, the characters were likable, and the sex scenes were sensual I think the author did a great job with the setting descriptions and the vocabulary of the characters, making them seem real to the time era I also liked the timeframe of the story Rather than having everything happen in a few short days, it was drawn out so their relationship was able to develop over time not an easy thing to do in a novella Overall, I enjoyed this story and will be looking for from this author.

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    Grade B or 4 stars An erotic historical romance by promising debut author Dorset, 1858Widowed Hannah Bell lives in the shadows with her late husband s relatives She is the poor relation dependent on the charity of Lady Dorchester, and Hannah is her unpaid lady s companion Her daily life is monotonous and drab The only thing that has ever shined is the presence of her husband s wastrel cousin Hannah has admired Cousin Leo from afar He is funny, intelligent, and always has a kind word Yet, he doesn t see her One day Hannah spies a tryst between Leo and a maid What she witnesses challenges the repressive Victorian notions taught by her mother and reinforced by her late husband Imagine seeing a woman who enjoys sex When Leo offers to educate her with erotic lessons she makes a decision that will change her life.My ThoughtsI was hoping for a steamy tale with a good story What I got was a compelling heroine, along with sexy love scenes This could have easily been a basic erotic tale of a woman learning the pleasures of sex instead, Hannah is a heroine empowered by her sexuality Before her lessons, she s been partially in love with Leo She feels no shame in what they do She is a woman who weighs the risks and chooses not to be invisible any Since the story is written from Hannah s point of view, Leo s character is a bit mysterious His motivation is left to interpretation, which I had no troubles filling in Hannah and Leo s affair spans enough time where I assumed they had meaningful conversations, although one or two scenes would have been nice Improper Relations conveys the heroine s excitement, joy, and realistic attitude toward her situation Hannah is likeable and I cheered for her happy ending Juliana Ross has studied British social history and she adequately demonstrates the repressive attitudes during the Victorian era in this short story I encourage other readers to try her Improper Relations is fifty eight pages in length, offering a nice sample of her work I anticipate steamy romances by this author.Memorable Moment But why Why me You ve never so much as said hello, not once in all the years I ve lived here For that I beg your pardon If I wounded your feelings, I m sorry But my parents would have noticed, had I paid you the slightest heed Had I so much as looked in your direction I know myself, Cousin Leo I m not so easy to tempt I would not have been easy to seduce Then what is this he demanded Why do you linger, if my proposal doesn t tempt you Did I speak the truth I wasn t sure, at that moment, if I knew I only knew that he was looking at me, properly seeing me, as no one had done in all the years I d been part of the Dorchester household This ebook was generously provided by Carina Press via Netgalley It released April 2012.

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    Hannah, a prim and proper widow, has been left at the mercy of her late husband s wealthy relatives She is now the unpaid companion, receiving only room and board, to the Duchess of Dorchester She does not live She exists That is, until she finds herself a surprisingly willing witness to her late husband s youngest cousin s debauchery Leo is the second son of the Marquess of Dorchester, and as such, has dedicated his life to gambling, racing, and women At least, if one is to believe the very vocal complaints of his parents and older brother, Leo has been nothing but a wastrel Hannah s life changes forever the day she has to face Leo in the library after his passionate act with one of the household maids That day she becomes a willing student of the acts of passion and Leo becomes her tutor The education that passion allows does not just touch the acts of physical pleasures Leo and Hannah are swept away by an education that only their hearts will recognize, but will they each survive the secrets that passion uncovers The story was erotically entertaining Although it started out as basically an instruction in the pleasures of the flesh, it ended as something completely different I would say the story improved as it went and delivered something very unpredictable that could not be anticipated from its beginning Were half ratings possible, this story earned a 3.5 It is not a story I would reread, but it is definitely a story that I would recommend for light entertainment of the erotic kind In addition, I would definitely read another of this author s works.

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    Tell me what this feels like, he demanded.How should I answer It s very nice, I said,which seemed to fit the moment Nice That s all you have to say Nice I beg your pardon It s than goddamn nice, he growled It s bloody perfect, that s what it is Wowsa That was a hot one This novella is set in England in the year 1858 We meet Hannah who is widowed and a companion to her late husband s aunt One day in the library she witnesses the passion between her cousin by marriage Leo and one lucky lady Hannah never knew that there could be such pleasure shared between two people Leo makes a proposal to teach her At first she approaches it out of curiosity but soon lust is taken to a whole other level Juliana Ross is very talented and knows how to write steamy scenes so you can bet I will be watching out for from her.Highly recommended for anybody wanting a quick afternoon read filled with passion and discovery ARC provided from Netgalley.Review found at Paranormal Itch Reviews

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    Every now and then, I find that I just fancy a nice little smutty novella to clear the decks between books, or when I don t feel like reading a full length book I also find that historical romance novellas cut out a lot of the pointless filling that full lengths sometimes resort to You know, all that tea drinking and endless descriptions of clothing, that, quite frankly drive me nuts I started this one, provided by netgalley, after finishing up another book, and I was too tired to figure out what book to read next, and I have to say I was really impressed and very much enjoyed reading it.It has everything I appreciate in a novella, and then some It s written from the POV of the heroine, in first person, and doesn t skimp on the scene setting and background, which gives it that wonderfully intimate atmosphere that I really, really love in good novellas Sometimes novellas with than one POV feel a bit crowded, so I personally prefer it when I only get the insight into one protagonist.It manages to cover quite a lot of time, essentially a year give or take, I think, and it s done in an unobtrusive, natural way Also, it has a great deal of accuracy, both in terms of setting it uses real places and detail For example, too many historicals fail to realize that at the time this book is set around 1860, rail travel in SE England was extensive and expanding rapidly, and far, far too many historicals get forms of address or titles all screwed up which I personally find completely inexcusable , so it had none of those incredibly irritating historical inaccuracies that anyone could check with wikipedia or by reading a few history books, and which I find a real turn off.The story itself is just perfect for a novella The heroine is a widow, one step from poverty, but living in the household of very wealthy relations, which I liked for two reasons One, it s a bit different than your average historical aristocratic setting, with the heroine living on the inside but really excluded, and two, gives it a real feeling, after all, widows were generally horrendously dependent upon the goodwill of family, since working was frowned upon crazy, or what The plot of hopelessly naive and repressed widow experiencing a sexual awakening at the hands and mouth of the family s wastrel younger son, is just great, and perfectly steamy It s not completely original, but something about how it was written was fresh for me, and even though we can t get inside the head of the hero, we end up with quite a good picture of him and his thoughts nonetheless.Anyway, great book, with a nice HEA 4 stars I lopped off one star, because it felt just a little bit hurried towards the end, but I really, really hope this author does some novella length historical eroticals, or romanticals or whatever they call historical erotic romance at the moment..

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    I m surprised by how much I enjoyed this I thought it was going to be another story about a couple of people who wanted to be pleasured and have a side affair but it wasn t just that The relationship between Leo and Hannah was without judgment, games, and held true honesty It was very refreshing I felt like she did fall in love a little too fast but it s a novella so there isn t that much time The ending was so lovely I definitely recommend this one.

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    I read an excerpt from this novella months before it was released, and was anxious to see Juliana Ross has a lovely and convincing historical voice, and she sets up an atmospheric opening that quickly draws the reader into the world of her repressed but curious Victorian heroine Widowed Hannah is nearly thirty and so mousy and marginalized she s not even Hannah any but Mrs Charles Taylor Bell, her identity subsumed into that of her dead husband As companion to her wealthy cousin by marriage, Lady Dorchester, Hannah is supposed to fade into the woodwork That very invisibility allows her to spy on her employer s younger son, wastrel Lord Leo Wraxhall, as he debauches a maid in the library only Hannah is not quite as invisible as she believes, for Leo quickly calls her out for watching Soon, Leo is educating Hannah on the finer points of sexual desire something Hannah s late husband never troubled to do and before she knows what s happening, Hannah is falling in love with handsome Leo.Though Improper Relations is an erotic novella written in first person and thus constrained by both the subject matter and the format from delving too deeply into the inner world of the hero, that actually works to the story s advantage in that the reader shares Hannah s increasing tension and uncertainty about her place in Leo s life The sex scenes are well written, and what happens when Lady Dorchester discovers the affair makes for a dramatic climax I recommend Improper Relations for anyone who enjoys Victorian erotica and romance, and especially for those who like to see an underdog heroine blossom This book is Juliana Ross s debut and I look forward to reading from her.

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    A quiet night in the library for Hannah changed her life when she caught her sexy cousin by marriage pleasuring one of the maids Being mortified by their debachery yet intrigued at the same time Cousin Leo, then insists that he teach Hannah the sex can be enjoyable Knowing only pain and discomfort in relation to sex, Hannah quite the skeptic until Leo shows her pleasure like no other But Hannah never expected to fall for him Now their secret affair is starting to become too much for her, especially when she finds out her Leo is arranged to be married I greatly enjoyed this little love story Hannah was such as sad character at first but I felt a little spark in her dying to come out She was always told by her mother that it was her duty to submit, would be unpleasant, but women had to bear such things as penance for their sinful nature What a load of shite if you ask me Hannah is a widow and is now a caretaker to her late husbands aunt.since her late hubby had too many debts and left her penniless They re rich snobs who treat her like shit but she has to take it since she doesn t have anywhere else to go The affair with Leo gives her an escape from all the madness and I defintely understood that The story is so short so I don t wanna give away much else so.All in all, a great short, but sweet tale about unconditional love Fans of erotic romance will eat this up in a jiffy.I know I did Arc provided by Carina Press via Netgalley And found at Paranormal Itch Reviews

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Improper Relationscharacters Improper Relations, audiobook Improper Relations, files book Improper Relations, today Improper Relations, Improper Relations 5f135 Dorset, When Hannah S Caught Watching Her Late Husband S Cousin Debauch The Maid In The Library, She S Mortified But Also Intrigued An Unpaid Companion To His Aunt, She S Used To Being IgnoredThe Black Sheep Of The Family, Leo Has Nothing But His Good Looks And Noble Birth To Recommend Him Hannah Ought To Be Appalled At What She S Witnessed, But There S Something About Leo That Draws Her To HimWhen Leo Claims He Can Prove That Women Can Feel Desire As Passionately As Men, Hannah Is Incredulous Her Own Experiences Have Been Uninspiring Yet She Can T Bring Herself To Refuse His Audacious Proposal When He Offers To Tutor Her In The Art Of Lovemaking As The Tantalizing, Wicked Lessons Continue, She Begins To Fear She S Losing Not Just Her Inhibitions, But Her Heart As Well The Poorest Of Relations, She Has Nothing To Offer Leo But Herself Will It Be Enough When Their Erotic Education Ends , Words

About the Author: Juliana Ross

Juliana Ross has an abiding interest in British history that first took root during her graduate studies in England She now lives in Canada with her husband and young children In her spare time she cooks for family and friends, makes slow inroads into her weed patch of a garden, and reads romance novels the steamier the better on her eReader.