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Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military summary Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military, series Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military, book Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military, pdf Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military, Comfort Woman: A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military 2a22a37a0e From Comfort Woman We Began The Day With Breakfast, After Which We Swept And Cleaned Our Rooms Then We Went To The Bathroom Downstairs To Wash The Only Dress We Had And To Bathe The Bathroom Did Not Even Have A Door, So The Soldiers Watched Us We Were All Naked, And They Laughed At Us, Especially Me And The Other Young Girl Who Did Not Have Any Pubic Hair At Two, The Soldiers Came My Work Began, And I Lay Down As One By One The Soldiers Raped Me Everyday, Anywhere From Twelve To Over Twenty Soldiers Assaulted Me There Were Times When There Were As Many As Thirty They Came To The Garrison In Truckloads I Lay On The Bed With My Knees Up And My Feet On The Mat, As If I Were Giving Birth Whenever The Soldiers Did Not Feel Satisfied, They Vented Their Anger On Me Every Day, There Were Incidents Of Violence And Humiliation When The Soldiers Raped Me, I Felt Like A Pig Sometimes They Tied Up My Right Leg With A Waist Band Or A Belt And Hung It On A Nail In The Wall As They Violated Me I Shook All Over I Felt My Blood Turn White I Heard That There Was A Group Called The Task Force On Filipino Comfort Women Looking For Women Like Me I Could Not Forget The Words That Blared Out Of The Radio That Day Don T Be Ashamed, Being A Sex Slave Is Not Your Fault It Is The Responsibility Of The Japanese Imperial Army Stand Up And Fight For Your Rights In April , Fifteen Year Old Maria Rosa Henson Was Taken By Japanese Soldiers Occupying The Philippines And Forced Into Prostitution As A Comfort Woman In This Simply Told Yet Powerfully Moving Autobiography, Rosa Recalls Her Childhood As The Illegitimate Daughter Of A Wealthy Landowner, Her Work For Huk Guerrillas, Her Wartime Ordeal, And Her Marriage To A Rebel Leader Who Left Her To Raise Their Children Alone Her Triumph Against All Odds Is Embodied By Her Decision To Go Public With The Secret She Had Held Close For Fifty Years

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    Once I started reading this book, I couldn t put it down The part about Maria Rosa s being a comfort woman for the Japanese occupied only one chapter The chapters before that dealt with the circumstances of her birth and her life up until becoming a comfort woman Maria was fortunate if that term can be used that her ordeal only lasted 9 months, unlike other women, who were forced into prostitution for years and moved around from country to country with the Japanese troops The chapters after her ordeal recounted how it affected the rest of her life, including her marriage, her relationships with her children, and her outlook on life In the end, however, a radio program on comfort women encouraged her to go public with her story, in a courageous effort to help other women In doing this, she was able to heal herself somewhat one never completely heals from something like this It never ceases to amaze me how cruel men can be to women Both Maria and Maria s mother, Julia, were given no choices as teenagers but to obey I wonder how different Maria s life might have been had she been allowed to finish school and become the doctor she wanted to be I feel fortunate that I was able to choose my own destiny This book was written in 1999, and at that time the former comfort women had not been given any recompense by the Japanese government I must try to find out if anything has happened since then.It also bothered me that people like Maria s family and Maria herself could live in such poverty working for rich landlords The inequality and injustice tees me off I hope it isn t still that way in the Philippines.If you don t know anything about the comfort women program, this is a good book with which to start The introductory material provides a historical background, and points out that the purposes behind creating the program did not accomplish their goals The memoir itself reads quickly I read it all in one sitting This would also be a good choice for inclusion in a course on human rights Highly recommended

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    This was a very simply but powerfully written book about a woman who has faced some of the worst evils humanity has to offer She survives, although certainly not intact It is heart wrenching and is a reminder of what war, rape and poverty can do to human beings.

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    Hensen s autobiography is the unintended story of a natural born hero Herself a child born of rape, she is fighting for her dignity from the first to the last page, but, at no point, does her astounding strength truly seem to truly falter, nor does her determination to establish her basic rights crack To the contrary, for every hurdle she encounters, she comes back fighting In reaction to childhood gang rape at the hands of the Japanese military, she joins up with the guerrillas trying to bring them down If not for her year long dedication to working for her people s freedom, this 15 year old girl might never have been captured by the Japanese again and forced into horrendous sexual slavery And even amidst the darkness of thousands of rapes, she still, risking her own life, manages to smuggle out the word of an impending attack and save the lives of countless Filipino civilians Given her courage, fortitude, and resilience, the reader will wind up in no way surprised that Hensen was the first woman in her country to openly declare herself a comfort woman and demand the Japanese government make her amends And, though she is dead, her curt, crisp wording and crude, but powerful drawings will leave that government in the shadow of an accusing finger until justice is done by their courts.

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    While not the most adroitly written, this compelling story tells of a Filipina woman s experiences during the war, her capture as a comfort woman, and how the spoke out later in life Considering that Henson only received up to a 7th grade education, she clearly tells her story and leaves out none of the tragic details of her fate I read this in almost one sitting, and while it was disturbing, I was really moved by her story and the strength she had to tell her story in order to try to gain some apologies and compensation from the Japanese This book is still relevant today because many Japanese such as Prime Minister Abe do not want to acknowledge the realities of war much less apologize.

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    This isn t the most well written memoir I ve ever read but it is certainly compelling

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    Too harrowing for words It is unfortunate that Ms Henson passed away before any real justice was served It never ceases to infuriate me how men can be sadistically cruel to women, and in Henson s case, it s not just the Japanese soldiers but also her husband And what s worse, some women are complicit Also, I never understood why people think women who come forward with their stories are only doing it to get famous okay, if that were the case, why on Earth would they pick something as traumatic and unspeakable as rape to do that, especially when women are shamed and threatened for speaking out But good on Henson for speaking out it helped others come forward, and this is a story that should never be forgotten.

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    A tragic, beautiful, important read.

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    This is a true story There s some introductory material on comfort women and then some past history about Maria Henson who turned 14 in 1941 She was first raped by a Japanese soldier on March 31, 1942 She went to work for some Filipinio guerrilla fighter group and during a mission was caught by the Japanese.She and her family had depended a lot on a rich guy to help provide them with money Unfortunately, Maria had to have sex with the slime ball and this was before the Japanese soldiers got to her She did end up getting married and had a great deal of trouble having sex because she kept having flashbacks of being raped by the Japanese soldiers After the end of the war she had to work hard to put enough food on her table for her and her children and eventually reached a decision to go public with what happened to her as a comfort woman.One thing that is quite interesting is that the Japanese soldiers who raped the very large number of comfort women in various places never were punished No one knows just how many individual soldiers were rapists and how many of those ended up being killed in the fighting, but there were probably still a good number that never answered for their crimes.I use the work multiple since it seems that comfort women would have to entertain maybe ten to a dozen soldiers a day if not than that This scarred the women psychologically and sometimes even physically.It s an interesting book though somewhat difficult to read the descriptions without getting really upset.

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    I m happy she shared her thoughts and pains to the world who seek the truth about the atrocities did Japanese Imperial, At this moments Japanese government is not address their concerns about the atrocities committed during the WWII, was really heartbreaking book to read I can t say I enjoyed to read it Highly recommended someone who wants to know some history in WWII.

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