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The Melancholy Teacher chapter 1 The Melancholy Teacher , meaning The Melancholy Teacher , genre The Melancholy Teacher , book cover The Melancholy Teacher , flies The Melancholy Teacher , The Melancholy Teacher 0cb5a2790d24b These Poems Appeared In The Following Publications Tsunami, Morning, And Resolve In The Louisville Review, Words In The National Poetry Review And The Window In High Horse Tchokengtitiktitikchokeng Verso This Book Was Handset In Cloister Lightface Type, Printed On A Hand Fed C P, Then Handbound Copies Were Printed On Mohawk Superfine Paper And A Special Edition Of Copies Was Printed On Somerset Book Paper The Wood Engravings Were Cut By Alex Brooks Design, Composition, Printing And Binding By Deborah Kessler, Leslie Shane, Debbie Shannon And Gray Zeitz At Larkspur Press Colophon

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    Tsunami is my favorite poem in this collection It s so quiet, so antithetical to a violent storm These poems are so seamless and subtle I can t see how they were made The line breaks and word choice are remarkable, but I miss a bit of the passion of the earlier poems.

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