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Just Sex quotes Just Sex, litcharts Just Sex, symbolism Just Sex, summary shmoop Just Sex, Just Sex cddba4d6 When JJ Stumbles Upon His Conservative Client In The Throes Of A Self Induced Climax, His Desire To Have Kat S Curvy Body Beneath His Reaches The Breaking Point At That Moment, JJ Knows She Needs Someone To Tend To Than Just Her Yard Now To Convince Kat That He S The Right Man For The Job Judging By Her Pristine Yard, Kat Already Knows JJ Is Good With His Hands And She S Than Willing To Put Those Hands To Better Use The Man Fulfills Her Every Lusty Dream, And Kat Never Thought A Sex Filled Fling Would Change Her Life For The Good Too Bad It Can T Last

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    Just Sex was a fun and sexy summer read The book was very entertaining and kept me up pretty late because I couldn t put it down Despite her mom being mommy dearest and her two timing late husband, Kat was still a strong woman Yes, she was very insecure with herself and her relationship with JJ I adored JJ because he stood up for Kat and fought for her I loved the fact that he wanted to dig up her late husband to kill him again.The one thing about this book that I didn t like was the lack of emotion towards a very traumatic event that happened to Kat It was mentioned once and never mentioned again I thought it was something that should have played a role in the first time JJ and Kat had sex considering it happened to her the last time she had sex I think Instead, I thought it came out very nonchalantly.I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, fun, and sexy book to read.

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    This book was great It was such a feel good story with a happy ending that I love Kat was in an abusive marriage for many years and when her husband dies sigh of releif she can finally start to live again But getting used to being happy when all she s known is unhappiness takes a huge leap of faith and lots of guts.J.J the landscaper who is 10 years her junior, has been in love with her from afar for over a year Despite his youth, he has maturity and knows what he wants He runs a successful business and is great with women.This book has so much tenderness between hero and heroine from beginning to end Great background charcters, including a mother you want to slap every time she opens her mouth Highly recommended

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    This was a quick and easy read JJ was determined to get the girl and I loved that he was entirely sure of his feelings in regards to the heroine.I did feel like the writing and the resulting emotions were slightly under developed I didn t really feel it and the heroine had some pretty awful things happen to her.Yet still a solid good read.

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    I m a little taken aback here First the lack of emotion is almost painful to read Especially when they just gloss over what her husband did to her I just and then he has a kid with his ex I just No.

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    Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the Book I love the idea that a younger man is attracted to an older woman not because of her looks but because he is attracted to who she is Granted, Kat is only ten years older but the story is sweet and the sex is hot.The one thing I don t like about Kat is how down she is on her body She s a size 16 and sees herself as fat and unworthy This just goes to show how skewed our society is that a size 16 is considered too fat to be beautiful The wonderful thing is that J.J sees past that and is attracted to the woman beneath.J.J., on the other hand, seems a bit obsessive He has to have Kat and is jealous of other men from the very start of the book But I suppose if there is good obsessive and bad obsessive, then J.J at least has the good type Oh, what I would give for a man to send me flowers with a corny love note Just Sex is a good story about two people falling into lust and then love The sex scenes alone are well worth your time can we say HOT and the characters including the minor flaws noted above are true to life I m looking forward to picking up books from Anderson in the future.

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    This barely belongs on my chubby shelf not because the heroine wasn t plus sized, but because after the first sex scene it became a non issue The angst largely revolved around the 35 year old mother believing that she couldn t make a relationship with a younger man work because she had had a hysterectomy Not my cup of tea, really I m not really interested in stories where children or the lack thereof are a key component And something that was COMPLETELY glossed over and never addressed view spoiler the heroine s dead husband raped her He was a super abusive asshole rapist And this is just randomly mentioned in passing How is that not a WAY MORE SIGNIFICANT source of angst hide spoiler

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    Such an easy readread it in a day

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