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    This books was pretty interesting, I had too read three short stories and the ones I picked were pretty interesting I read It Is Better To Die Forever, Retold by Chewing Blackbones,It is about the supposedly first people on earth trying to figure out how the world is run and how it operates and how they through a buffalo chip in the water and if it flouted people would die and come back to life in 4 days then the wife through a rock in the water to see if they would just die forever and they went with the rock Coyote kills the Giant Retold by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz,this one was confusing until you get to the end of it and realized what happened to the coyote and how the coyote save everybody The Next one I read was Spiders Bargain with God, Translated by Jack Berry, It was about a spider who wanted stories told about him for the rest of the life and he asked the god then the god made him get three things so that the spiders wish would be granted

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    The Earth on Turtles Back is a good book It s about some people that fell from the Skyland, which is above the clouds, down onto the ground and some turtles helped them and took care of them.The five Helpers is a good story and its about a girl who is super pretty She doesn t want to marry anyone that her family thinks is right for her There is a snake that turns into a human and she actually likes him He then turns back into a snake and eats her Her father finds out and kills the snake, cuts him open finds the daughter She is in the stomach dead The Alternative is a good one and it s about a guy who is a good person and invites the greedy crew to his house for supper When he tells his wife she said there isn t any food and that he needs to tell them no He doesn t want to, so he runs away and she does it.

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    The first story that read was called Die Forever It was about an old man and an old woman about their life and later on in their lives they had a daughter She later died in her life before her father and mother died The next story that I read was called Coyote Kills the Giant This coyote thinks that he goes into a cave when he actually goes into the mouth of a giant Where there is many people who are in there, but he figures out a way to get everyone out of the giants mouth and outsmarts the giant Spider s Bargain with God is the last story I read It where this spider says that all of these creatures that this one person says that it can t do all of these things and he tricks them into doing all of these things for him so he can capture them.

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    I read three of the folktales or myths One of the myths I read about was how Earth was brought about, was one of the Goddesses created Earth How all the animals were made so they had their own habitat except for man But the Goddesses were worried that one day man will become powerful than them It wasn t that bad of a story, though.

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    The stories I read I didn t like, it was three stories of how man had been created and neither of them were of my beliefs.

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