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Wolves in Chic Clothing chapter 1 Wolves in Chic Clothing, meaning Wolves in Chic Clothing, genre Wolves in Chic Clothing, book cover Wolves in Chic Clothing, flies Wolves in Chic Clothing, Wolves in Chic Clothing 55b256bada2d0 In The Right Address, Carrie Karasyov And Jill Kargman Seared Through The Upper Crust Of New York S Glitterati With Wicked Glee In Their Delicious New Novel, Wolves In Chic Clothing, They Train Their Merciless Spotlight On The Young Princes And Princesses Poised To Inherit Park Avenue Julia, A Hip, Downtown Salesgirl At Pelham S Jewelry Store, Finds Her Social Life Turned On Its Head When She Is Asked To Deliver A Necklace To The Store S Young Heiress, Lell Pelham, On Lell S Wedding Day Beguiled By Julia S Earnest Cluelessness And Her Vintage Chic Vibe, Lell And Her Gang Adopt Julia, And Eliza Doolittle Her Into Passing As The Heiress To A Family Fortune, Just For A Laugh Dazed By The Whirlwind Of Trust Funds, Pedigrees, Cosmopolitans, And Penthouses In Her New World, Julia Is Unprepared For The Ardent Advances Of Lell S Husband Or The Vicious Claws Her New Friends Develop When They Decide Julia Is An Ingrate, And Demote Her From Society Goddess To Penniless Cling On With One Well Timed Editorial Suddenly, She Must Return The Borrowed Couture Clothes And Try To Remember Who She Was Before The Body Snatching Took Place Hilarious And Completely Addictive, Wolves In Chic Clothing Is A Modern Day Rags To Riches And Back Again Fairy Tale That Will Leave Fans Stamping Their Manolo Blahniks For

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    Julia Pearce is a salesgirl in a Manhattan jewelery store who is plucked from obscurity by the socialite whose father owns the jewelers Lell Pelham is the ultimate it girl She and her trust funded girlfriends decide to make Julia one of their group She gets a big promotion and suddenly is jet setting with the creme de la creme of New York society All this is complicated when Lell s husband falls for Julia.This is the worst kind of chick lit unbelievable and predictable at every turn Every single aspect of this story stretched credibility, and stretched it so far that it wasn t even fun to read And there s all the usual cliches the gay best friend, the quiet but perfect guy that the heroine overlooks I could not stop rolling my eyes as I read In short not a good book.

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    Filled with every chic lit cliche Main character Wholesome girl who doesn t realize how drop dead gorgeous she is moves to the Big City quickly gets noticed by her boss, gets a huge unrealistic promotion which allows her to design jewellery, her dream career she has upstanding morals about relationships yet loves the wild married guy and doesn t notice the great good single guy rich and good hearted standing right in front of her who is also a cliche both are caught up with a superficial, materialistic rich crowd but don t really belong both do real volunteer charity work, not just the benefit galas like their rich friends.Actually, it s not much different from that movie with Jennifer Aniston, Jay Mohr and Kevin Bacon.Predictable climax and ending fit right in there with all the other cliches.Not worth the time of a discernable reader.

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    This book was actually on my list and I found it on the recently returned shelf Yay I love it when that happens Otherwise, this is your typical New York upper class story where the girls have nothing else to do, but claim lower class girls who have potential but no money to mould them into what they want Two rich friends are always competing with each other because they don t have much else to do with their lives Girl 1 s family owns a Tiffany type jewellery store and since she got married, now works there She pulls lower class girl with potential who works on the sales floor up to the offices as her assistant Girl 2 sees this happening and since she has nothing to do with her day, tries to claim the girl and re do her While the two rich girls have excuses for their behaviours sort of the lower class girl is just kind of stupid when it comes to what she does with her life and the boys in it You could spot a mile away who she was going to end up and I m sorry, but making out with your boss s new husband, you are just asking for trouble An ass like that, what do you think he is going to follow The crush or the money Like duh Gay bestie alert But not as an important character as I would have liked This book actually took me longer to read then I would have thought.Grade C

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    I had tried reading this book before in the past and just couldn t get very far into the story I ended up picking it up from the library again in the hopes I could get through it the second time around As far as chick lit goes, this is pretty similar to others predictable, high end name dropping, socialites, etc I ve read better, and a few worse than this It was still a struggle to get through, as before Sometimes I got hooked into the story and couldn t put the book down, other times, it was painfully boring and I almost quit reading Don t expect this book to knock your socks off with surprise twists this one is very predictable.

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    Your typical chic lit fantasy, girl wants to make it in New York, is invited in by upper society, falls for the wrong guy, cast out by the mean girl, ends up with the right guy and her dreams realized Nothing really original here and the story wrapped up quite abruptly with a pretty little bow on it.

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    I loved the build up of the book I feel the end was too rushed

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    UnbearableI wasn t expecting much from the book, and it didn t deliver much The characters are so cliched, and the plot is exactly like a thousand other chick lit books

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    Probably some of the best chic lit I have read Though I don t know if that is saying much.

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    This book was a fast read with several amusing bits but for the most part, very predictable It is sad and pathetic just how shallow some people can be The only one in Lell s band of bitches I could tolerate at all was Hope She at least displayed compassion though I wished she would stand up to Polly and Lell and tell them where to go I thought Julia s roomie Douglas was a hoot Not a lot of substance to this story but if you are looking for mind numbing fluff with some laughs, this should fit the bill.

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    The title of book got my attention It cute read 4 different characters all with their own secrets and lives Let you know that even though some people may look like they got the Divine Life does not mean there life is any better than yours.

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