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    No he sido hombre galante, o por lo menos no lo suficiente s lo me ocupaba de la mujer que amaba, y cuando no estaba enamorado, pensaba en el espect culo de las cosas humanas, o le a con fruici n a Montesquieu o a Walter Scott En verdad me parece muy adecuado haber le do primero de Stendhal sus grandes novelas antes de leer sus dem s escritos, que pueden ser interesantes y entretenidos para los que conocemos ya a Stendhal y nos interesa saber peculiaridades de su vida y sus memorias nos da una idea de c mo as pudo Stendhal formar algunos de sus personajes en Rojo y Negro por ejemplo, ya sea tomando algunos conocidos suyos a lo largo de su vida de modelos de algunos personajes o ya sea imprimiendo en su personaje central Juli n Sorel algunos detalles de su propio car cter o experiencias, ese descubrimiento de esas cosas fueron las partes m s interesantes para m.Stendhal escribe aqu la biograf a de sus primeros a os, ah es donde lamentablemente creo el libro puede aburrir pues no s lo Stendhal es repetitivo en muchas cosas el amor a su madre, el odio a su padre y aversi n a su t a S raphie, la m s odiada para l, tanto que hizo que agradezca al cielo su muerte Tal vez la ausencia de una vida entretenida o llena de espect culos hace su ni ez aburrida, pues la verdad yo no saqu muchas cosas de ah , m s bien, siendo justos, debi haber sido un ni o un poco perverso, malhumorado para muchos de los que lo conocieron incluso sus amigos Y Stendhal es muy sincero aqu pues habla de sus defectos y muchas veces se autocalifica como perverso Tuvo realmente luego de su madre un hogar en el cual l no se sent a dichoso, al contrario, las maneras aristocr ticas de las que su padre y su abuelo M Gagnon se sent an tan orgulloso no gustaba del jacobino ni o Constantemente amaba lo que aborrec an su padre y su t a y odiaba lo que les parec a bueno l se queja que ellos no le dejaban socializar y de ah naci su aversi n Comprendemos as a muchos personajes como digo de sus grandes novelas.Lamentablemente, la parte que m s me gust se da casi al final y termina abruptamente La llegada a Italia con el ej rcito napole nico y su fascinaci n por Italia Es una pena que hay que agregar a todo lo que he dicho frecuentes lagunas en la cual Stendhal no recuerda bien lo que pas parece m s producto de falta de poder revisar bien sus apuntes o perfeccionar pues creo que lo hubiera podido presentar de manera mucho m s amena o el desorden significativo de sus ideas en la cual pareciera m s divagar que contar una memoria.Es en realidad un libro que no me ha gustado sobre todo en la primera parte aunque me han encantado algunos apuntes literarios, hist ricos o militares Siendo justos un 3 creo es la mejor calificaci n.

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    This is the strangest of autobiographies In fact, it is like a set of notes for an autobiography, with repetitions, footnotes that are nothing than a reminder to the writer, and crude illustrations of rooms, streets, and scenes that played a part in the early life of Stendhal Henri Marie Beyle And it is only the first twenty or so years in Stendhal s life that are covered, comprising his childhood in Grenoble, his first few months in Paris, and his happiness at joining Napoleon s army in its invasion of Italy.Why is it called The Life of Henry Brulard when Stendhal s real name is Marie Henri Beyle If we learn anything in the first two thirds of the book, it is that Marie Henri loathes his father and his aunt Seraphie, who seems to spend most of her time belittling and punishing him He refuses to call himself Beyle, adopting instead the name Brulard, which belonged to his late, beloved mother When Seraphie dies and he finally gets to Paris, he is disconsolate because in Paris there are no mountains, as in his native Dauphin In fact, until the very end, when Stendhal falls in love with Italy, he is a young man not comfortable in his own skin Is Paris no than this This meant the thing I ve longed for so much, as the supreme good, the thing to which I ve sacrificed my life for the past three years, bores me It was not the three years sacrifice that distressed me in spite of my dread of entering the Ecole Polytechnique next year, I loved mathematics the terrible question that I was not clever enough to see clearly was this Where, then, is happiness to be found on earth And sometimes I got as far as asking Is there such a thing as happiness on earth Although The Life of Henry Brulard lacks the formal excellence of a great literary biography such as we are accustomed to, it is so manifestly truthful and self critical that, for once, we do not feel that the author is busily embroidering an alternate past for himself The whole book was written over a four month period in the 1830s, when Stendhal was fifty two Reading The Life of Henry Brulard is like experiencing a great writer forgiving all the dead ends and defeats of his youth It is, if anything, a kind of celebration of a wayward youth Stendhal stops writing abruptly when he feels his life is on the right track What we get are all the wrong tracks that threatened to overthrow his development.Fortunately for all of us, Stendhal went on to become a great writer, one who was eventually happy within his own skin.

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    This has to be one of the finest autobiographies ever written I m a little surprised to see the less than positive reviews of it here I found Stendhal s meandering and picturesque tale of his formative years to be perpetually engaging, admirably honest, witty and intelligent throughout I especially enjoyed his ongoing commentary on and rejection of bourgeois European life and the lasting and significant influence that great books like those of Rousseau had on him Also, his mature recognition of youthful folly was constantly as humorous as it was courageous A nearly unsurpassable masterpiece.

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    Es una autobiograf a lo suficientemente extensa como para abarcar los 50 y tantos a os que Stendhal ten a en el momento de la escritura El problema est en la selecci n consciente o inconsciente de los hechos que quiso contar e inmortalizar No voy a extenderme demasiado porque los nicos m ritos que encontr en este libro son t cnicos y ni siquiera disfrut eso Stendhal inserta dibujos y planos que parecen ayudarlo a rememorar y a convencernos de que lo que est diciendo fue real En la narraci n hay una especie de fluir de la conciencia no me estoy refiriendo al de Joyce, s lo estoy usando libremente los t rminos que casi siempre vuelve a la poca de la infancia Y es que, justamente, para l todo empieza con la muerte de su madre.Stendhal habla de todo del odio hacia su padre, de su desd n por Francia, de sus amantes y amigos a veces suspende su propia vida para hablar de la de ellos con un tono de superioridad que me result insoportable , de su educaci n No estoy mencionando todos, porque llega un momento en que uno se pregunta qu es interesante y qu no Y duele saber que la respuesta es casi nada Es un 2.5 a secas.

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    If this hadn t been a work related must read, I doubt I would have finished it A rambling repetitive mess of chaotic thoughts and fragmentary recollections, a deluge of names and references to contemporary events, judgements and developments, none of which really come to life, and with only some vivid scenes, few and far between, that light up in the murk Starting off on Stendhal with this would induce only a happy very, very few to move on to his great novels, I suspect.Much of it is also simply incomprehensible There are anecdotes I completely fail to see the point of Take this observation I learnt English only many years later, when I invented the idea of learning by heart the first four pages of The Vicar of Wakefield Ouaikefield This, I fancy, was around 1800 Someone had had the same idea in Scotland, I believe, but I didn t find that out until 1818 when I got hold of some Edinburgh Reviews in Germany Little or no connection with what precedes and follows this passage It sounds like a madman s comments Invented the idea What s the idea How do you learn a language just by memorizing four pages of text in it And who was that Scotsman Didn t he speak English already What is he talking about In the Dutch edition that I read, the notes don t help me either.And it s full of these random jottings The whole thing sounds like Stendhal muttering to himself rather than addressing any reader Of course, the thing was never finished or published in his lifetime Granted, that is also what gives it some life.And maybe memoirs with all those names of people most everybody has now forgotten just isn t my genre.

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    Henry Brulard was the draft of his autobiography that Stendhal never finished Stendhal was certainly right to publish it in his lifetime The work was not complete and from what one can see from the document that exists, Stendhal had no idea where he wanted to go with the work.It is the role of the scholar to take documents like Henry Brulard and draw from them to create a true biography Packaging and presenting this as a somewhat complete work does a disservice to both Stendhal and the unfortunate person who pays for it.

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    i want to read this book so bad it s distracting i don t have anytime to read it right now, and i m already reading too many books so instead of reading it right now, i just pick it up and look it over i love stendhal i can t wait to read new to me stendhal.

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    Found this book hard to digest and the tale somewhat far fetched More Hocus Pocus than escape The two pricipal characters outwitting the wiley orientals and intriguing their way to freedom just 2 weeks before the end of the war Not pointless, but just too much of a bore for my liking.

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    Much consistently interesting than either Red and the Black or Three Italian Chronicles , and full of the sense of who Stendhal was.

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    The word genius was for me, at that time, what the word God is for a bigot Chapter XXVIII

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