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A Culinary Odyssey summary A Culinary Odyssey , series A Culinary Odyssey , book A Culinary Odyssey , pdf A Culinary Odyssey , A Culinary Odyssey 0662d01bca This Is The Culmination Of A Lifetime Of Passionate Eating, Traveling, Writing, And Cooking Recipes From Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, And Laos With Essays And Insights On Southeast Asian Cooking And Cultures, Written By An Award Winning Author And Food Critic Andrew X Pham Was Born In Vietnam He Has Spent The Last Decades Living, Cooking, And Eating In Southeast Asia

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    This is what I posted about this cookbook on simply put Andrew X Pham is a noted Viet American literary nonfiction author after seeing him present about his travels, his love of food and travel, his observations of SE Asian culture, I was also inspired to cook from his cookbook I cook the way I live simple and intense These are the words that introduce Andrew X Pham s approach to cooking on his website, and these beautifully minimalist principles resonate throughout A Culinary Odyssey The recipes are deliciously accessible and yet are so authentically steeped in the diverse flavors, colors, and realities of Southeast Asian food and culture, there is no need to boast or exoticize anything At the same time as they are simple and use easy to understand layman s terms for recipe names i.e BBQ Pork and Rice Noodles is exactly that at the same time so much , you quickly get the sense that Andrew X Pham knows what he is talking about he is not just a traveller gathering recipes from various countries he is passing through he is a keen, compassionate eye and mind, giving SE Asia travel and etiquette tips, drawing on a well of real experience of having lived, traveled, and eaten across this region for over a decade, gathering, blending, and reinventing recipes and techniques with the imagination and confidence of an artist and an adventurer.Being a minimalist in many areas of my own life, I also appreciated the informality of Andrew s kitchen simple enough and few enough elements as to fit into one suitcase rice cooked without dependence on a fancy electric rice cooker meals done in a single wok over a single fire stove While this might sound a bit like extreme cooking, it s surprisingly not Andrew s instructions make it all so easy that you begin to realize it is true you don t need a lot to accomplish these amazing dishes I think it is the mark of a true artist and a pragmatic one too that he can encourage others to delve into the adventure of food without advocating need for lots of fancy tools and techniques There is also the relevance of our times in this instruction also from Andrew s website In life as in cooking, if you know what you re doing, you can do a lot with a little In the current reality where indulgence and strain on resources are becoming things to be aware of this is a cookbook that instructs that we don t necessarily need to sacrifice flavor, adventure, delight, even when called to be pragmatic and conscious of food sources and resources.Lastly, this book is wonderful and different than other cookbooks also simply because it is written by an award winning literary writer You ll find lyrical excerpts and passages that immerse you even deeply in the experience of the food and the cultures surrounding the dishes I think cookbooks should be written by real storytellers making the whole cooking reading experience altogether immersive.

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    Does the world need another cookbook Andrew X Pham asks himself, and answers his own question Probably not But Pham writes one anyway, because he believes that the pursuit of exceptional food, great literature, and meaningful adventure is a life long pleasure A Culinary Odyssey is no ordinary cookbook It is peppered with poignant personal anecdotes of culinary delights and spectacular shoots of Southeast Asian countryside While most cookbooks, if not all cookbooks, only provide photographs or illustrations of a small percentage of recipes detailed in the volume, Andrew X Pham s A Culinary Odyssey graces the book with page after page of breathtakingly beautiful photo spreads of dishes for which recipes are given.There is no doubt in my mind that Andrew X Pham is passionate about food and cooking He shares his zest with readers in lovingly tendered cooking delineation A Culinary Odyssey is the result of a successfully funded Kickstarter Project which Pham started in the year 2011 All one hundred fifty eight of his Kickstarter backers believed in the project and pledged over US 10,000 to enable him to fund this project Pham has exceeded all expectations in this exquisite culinary odyssey.If all Kickstarter projects were this stunning.

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    Awesome recipes as well as useful tips.

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    A fun Asian cookbook created from the travels of Andrew X Pham Great photographs and delicious recipes

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