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Marvel 1602 files Marvel 1602, read online Marvel 1602, free Marvel 1602, free Marvel 1602, Marvel 1602 46dae36e7 In Marvel , Award Winning Writer Neil Gaiman Presents A Unique Vision Of The Marvel Universe Set Four Hundred Years In The Past Classic Marvel Icons Such As The X Men, Spider Man, The Fantastic Four And Daredevil Appear In This Intriguing World Of Th Century Science And Sorcery, Instantly Familiar To Readers, Yet Subtly Different In This New Time Marvel Combines Classic Marvel Action And Adventure With The Historically Accurate Setting Of Queen Elizabeth I S Reign To Create A Unique Series Unlike Any Other Published By Marvel ComicsCollecting Marvel Penciled By Andy Kubert And Digitally Painted By Richard Isanove, With Covers By Scott McKowen

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    Bumping it up to 5 stars I read this back in 2009 and liked it quite a bit It felt like a very cool What If kind of thing, the art was pleasant, and I understood most of what I was reading.However, I simply hadn t read enough comics at that point to fully understand everything And I m mentioning that now because I don t think a casual graphic novel reader will enjoy this as much as someone who knows all of the characters.If you don t already know, the premise is this Something happened that caused the superheroes of our time to be born hundreds of years early So, basically, this is our Marvel characters in 1602 Ta da Of course, their backstories are quite different, but everyone with a few exceptions is recognizable pretty much immediately In my opinion, Neil Gaiman did a great job with this retelling I can call it a retelling, right It was varied enough to feel fresh, but there were enough familiar elements to the cast that I got to do that geeky little smile nod thing quite a bit.This is one that I wouldn t mind looking at again, and I m definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the spin offs from this and reading about of this pocket universe I m not saying this will be for everyone, but it s worth a peek for the hardcore Marvel fans out there.

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    Dear Mr Gaiman and Nameless Marvel Suits I d like to start this mostly favorable review by first dropkicking in the baby maker the marketing wizard who approved the decision NOT to include Wolverine in the story line Remember him the surly, long lived, fast healing anti hero who s been your most popular character since Hey bubbing the Hulk for the Canadian government back in the 1980 s Yes, that guy Not only was his absence noticed, but his persona would have been PERFECT for the tale A big, smelly, hairy miss in my opinion As a complete non sequitur, I came across this gorgeously gory Hulk Wolverine shot while I was image shopping for this review and could not pass up sharing I don t know where that image came from, but that is a memory Consider it a bonus and small token of my appreciation for your willingness to read my drivel Okay, now we can continue with the flattering fanboy filling portion of this review sandwich before I have to end with a final slice of gripe PLOT SUMMARY It s the final months of Queen Elizabeth s reign in EnglandThe year is duh.Neil Gaiman uses this famous historical period as the canvas to create an alternative history that includes most of Marvel s major players ahem except Wolverine ahem and a number of well placed minor ones They included Toad for crying out loudand yet no Wolvie Stunning Conspiracies are afoot involving rival factions and complicated politics and the search for a powerful relic rud to be magic that is guarded by the remnants of the Knights Templar Gaiman skillfully unveils and discourses on the necessary back story without losing any plot momentum One competing group is led by James of Scotland, whose hatred and prejudice against the witchbreed aka mutants becomes a central point of tension Meanwhile, from his technologically advanced nation of Latveria, the powerful and mysterious Otto von Doom is moving various pieces around the boardand permanently removing others Who will obtain the relic and assume control of the ultimate power in this Game of ThronesWell don t look at me read it for yourself Ably assisting the Queen are the duo of Sir Nicholas Fury, the Queen s Intelligencer and Dr Stephen Strange, the Queen s Physician Both characters are well drawn and it was nice to see them play such a major role in the taleif only Wolverine could have joined them One of the interesting accessories that Gaiman uses to dress his story is the incorporation of the historical Spanish Inquisition but modified to fit the needs of the story Led by the mysterious Grand Inquisitor, the Inquisition of 1602 is engaged, not just in religious based slaughter, but all in a massive extermination of all witchkind, whose inhuman abilities clearly were granted by Satan in exchange for nefarious shenanigans Of course, a certain non walking, bald headed telepath named Xavier Javier has created a form of refuge, a school if you will, for these persecuted witchkind I think you can see where this is going THOUGHTS Definitely an above average Marvel story and Gaiman does his usual stellar job of prosing Politically, Gaiman does an excellent job of marrying history with the changes required to make the narrative work and I really like the way he transported the basic persona of the characters into their 1602 counterpart They are recognizable, but still unique Andy Kubert s art works extremely well with the story and I thought his medieval take on characters hit the mark almost every time Two of my favorites were the blind balladeer secretly Fury s top agent Matthew Murdoch and the garrulous Beast There are also a few characters that you will need to work at a bit to figure out and I won t spoil the fun here Plus a few surprise appearances that are nicely incorporated Overall, a very good story that could have been one of the best if not for my final gripe I was seriously disappointed with the tie in to the Marvel Universe It s not that it wasn t well done or interesting in its own right, it was However, I would have much preferred if the book would have remained an alternative history what if as opposed to a let s tie this in to the continuum I don t want to give the specifics away but I was left thinking of this as or less a typical Marvel story line I still enjoyed it and the quality is there, but I can t deny that I was bummed by how the story played out It could have been so much Oh well 4.0 stars Highly Recommended despite my gripes.

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    T was the year of our Lord 1602 when the universe was facing an untimely demise in the hands of paradoxical laws, and unless the odd bard who goes by the name Neil Gaiman perform a grand tale with the help of the Marvels, all will face the doom Not Victor Von Doom, but actually doom In Marvel 1602, the classic Marvel heroes and villains are re imagined as 17th century characters, rearranged appropriately to take upon new roles, and relocated to the heart of Victorian era Europe Of course, the history is also re pyramided to suit the story, but Gaiman masterfully utilizes famous events, like Spanish Inquisition, witch trials, the new world, Queen s death and the accession of James in England and entwine these to his own version of history.Summarizing Marvel 1602 is a tough job, as the beast Gaiman created here has so many moving parts and way too many tricks up its sleeves to count To be honest, the first time I read the story, I almost lost my head.You and me both, doc.It was only when I read the story the second time I understood the whole mess, knowing certain plot twists beforehand There are a lot of subtle throwbacks to original Marvel characters, sly foreshadowing, and amusing exchanges to die for.As for the characters, Gaiman s Nick Fury steals the show with excellent style and control, whereas Doc Strange untangles a lot of the mess surrounding the story The X Men are lot fun too, but Magneto once again kills it with his pure awesomeness Neil Gaiman s writing here is really complex, and early on he creates a lot of misdirection and confusion regarding the direction of the story One of my minor complaints here is that Gaiman waited too long to show his hand, and then he dumped way too much information in last chapters of the story This turned the middle chapters into a tiresome act, as there were way too many things happening without any sense of direction.Nevertheless, Marvel 1602 is a unique story that dares to shoot for the moon Even though the Marvel characters in these pages were known to us, Gaiman essentially created a brand new universe, reintroduced over two dozen major characters, and juggled multiple complex plots, all within limited pages On the top of everything, Gaiman was still able to surprise me with the last act and with his devious connections view spoiler See what they did there eh EH hide spoiler

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    Imagination flourishes at Elizabethan Era of Marvel Universe This TPB collects Marvel 1602 1 8.Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrator Andy KubertDigital Coloring Richard IsanoveCovers Scott McKowenLettering Todd Klein best letterer in the business A NEW UNIVERSE BORN IN THE PAST Nowadays the universe of Marvel 1602 is managed as a parallel dimension in the Marvel Comics Universe, BUT a key factor when the story was originally published is that it was considered the Earth 616, that for non Marvel fans, it s the official classification of the primary Earth in the multiverse of Marvel, but if so, how is that so many known Marvel characters are born again but in that past Ah, my fellow readers That s the mystery to read in this book Why characters that they were supposed to begin to exist until the 1960 s New York City of Marvel Comics are rising in the distant past of 1602 s Elizabethan England And as if that wasn t enough, the sky is red that in Marvel Universe NEVER is good sign and the end of the world seems nigh, but if this new universe is truly Earth 616 what would happen to the present if this seemingly impossible past would be no Certain events, in certain realities, are so powerful, so meaningful, so crutial, so fateful, that when something meses with that kind of events curious things happens And nature finds ways to defend itself FATE VERSUS THE ORDER OF THINGS The sky is read and Queen Elizabeth I calls for her most trusted advisors Sir Nicholas Fury, head of England s Intelligence, and Dr Stephen Strange, Queen s head physician.The end of the world seems to be imminent.Meanwhile certain kind of weapon is transported from Jerusalem that it was being guarded by Templar Knights and it may be crutial to avoid world s end.So, it s imperative to provide enough security to this, so a secret agent without fear and the most dangerous lady in Europe are called to the task And certainly the precautions are wise since the powerful Count Otto Von Doom is desiring to put his ard gloves on that mysterious weapon.Also, the first British girl born in the new world America is traveling, along with her trusted bodyguard, to England to ask for help to the colony of Roanoke However, this girl is than meets the eye and her role in all this mess is still unknown.And as if you hadn t enough the Grand Inquisitor is highly interested in certain school at England leaded by Carlos Javier, since it s suspected that his students are witchbreed And many other Marvel characters will rise in the least suspected moments This isn t the usual 1602 of your history books Anything goes

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    This was fairly underwhelming overall, but DAT TWIST THO

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    This was tongue in cheek fun and it was beautifully illustrated I am beginning to believe that Neil Gaiman can do anything I m not very familiar with the Marvel universe as I m still relatively new to comics and graphic novels and superheroes really aren t my thing But you don t need to know all of that stuff to enjoy this I knew enough to recognize most of the characters by their real names and that was all I needed to know So if you re thinking about giving this a try, I say go for it.If you check out this review on my blog, there are a few pages from this book on it that I think give a pretty good representation of the artwork within.

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    in elizabeth england and across the world mysterious and sinister events are taking place that threaten existence itself a varied cast of heroes and villains seek to understand and perhaps even control this threat of course, the heroes and villains in question are a gallery of classic Marvel characters, including Spider Man, Doctor Strange, the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Doctor Doom, and Nick Fury.Neil Gaiman is known for his striking reinventions of classic and even mythic characters in Marvel 1602 he turns his eye to the Marvel canon, with mixed results the language and the plotting are quite accomplished, with all of the verve and polish and depth one comes to expect from a writer of Gaiman s calibre the plot is rather marvelous complicated and dense, yet with a clear internal logic and a genuinely thrilling ending and there is a real kick in seeing characters like Nick Fury and Doctor Strange reconfigured as, respectively, Queen Elizabeth s Spymaster and Royal Physician.the only issue i have and it is a major one is that by using Marvel characters, Gaiman is using characters with their own internal logic these are characters who resonate on many levels, and unfortunately their use in this story is sometimes painfully at odds with established characterization that has been literally decades in the making.Magneto is a good example of this often irritating disconnect this character is an olympian figure, capable of much harm but with an overriding need to protect the mutant race in this version, he still retains some of those traits, but they also come and go as Gaiman sees fit watching Magneto plot to burn alive one of his fellow mutants was really too much to swallow.overall the art was quite lovely especially the beautiful scratchboard covers.

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    I m a sucker for anything renaissance, so this was SO much fun for me I loved the idea of integrating and re inventing the Marvel characters in Elizabethan Europe The parallels were really clever between the mutants and the Inquisition etc Despite some confusing panel art, I read this whole graphic novel in one sitting, and definitely want in this universe I 3 you Neil Gaiman

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    F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.KQuintessential Gaiman where we have a story within a story Full 5 stars for the sheer ingenuity of taking the Marvel characters to circa 1602 where the mutants are known as witchbreed There s enough intrigue, mystery, treason and action going on to keep you guessin what the hell is goin on So basically The artwork

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    Time travel Apocalypse Which Marvel book am I talking about While these themes are old hat for Marvel, Gaiman does a good job writing this otherworld story called 1602 So it makes old themes interesting But they re still old themes And the stories are what usually bore me in Marvel comics While DC has its share of time travel and apocalypse themed stories, it seems like too many Marvel comics are about this So be forewarned, while the story is very different and unique, its themes are not However, it s the details, the individual lives of the characters that make this come alive As you may have guessed, I m not a Marvel fan in this universe In this universe I m a DC fan There s no way around it So I have a lukewarm interest in Marvel But Gaiman, in the context of very early 17th century England under the ruling Queen Elizabeth I, writes fascinating versions of these characters that I was excited to read about Andy Kubert illustrates I don t know if his style is adapted to the story set 400 years ago, rough and dark and scratchy, antique, almost to imitate artwork found in Elizabethan literature I don t know if he was limited by Gaiman s direction of numerous tiny panels and rare splash pages, muted colors, and thin lines But I didn t enjoy the artwork Some was okay, some greatly detailed with incredible humanity and uniqueness But most of the time it was busy, dark and fuzzy Which is funny, because I feel like comics like this present a rare opportunity to immortalize and stylize a time which is hardly written about in comics, let alone superhero comics Time and the Batman, for instance, has some incredible artwork when Batman appears in prehistory and early America Opportunity missed, I suppose So the themes are old, characterization is great, the artwork is okay, but let me tell you, the writing is prosaic For only being 248 pages it took me some time to read, because Gaiman writes wordy and maximum exposition here Seriously, like paragraphs on each page In his defense there s a lot of story, and maybe the book should have been stretched out another two hundred pages It feels like an epic 400 page book But it s very wordy, much like Claremont s X Men It s not a deal breaker, it s a deep story, I just wish it was a little cleaner exposition wise And what does all this add up to It was pretty cool I liked the story and characters The historical context was really cool I didn t love it, I won t buy it, but I m not the target audience I m lukewarm on Gaiman and Marvel So considering that, I think fans of Gaiman or Marvel would probably really enjoy this.

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