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    The only book that I truly memorized from repetitive use for its practical import This is a blend of the lucid and the poetic Perfect if not for the rather lengthy enumeration of pre 1970s reactionary laws and treaties that makes the book less emphatic It is at once epic in its grand narrative of Philippine history , encyclopedic in its description of the Filipino people s basic problems , and prophetic in its call for a national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective.

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    Akalain mong me PSR sa Goodreads Ano bang magandang rating dito Liked it o it was amazing Sige na nga, it was amazing na lang dahil binago ng librong ito ang buhay ko at ng buhay ng marami sa mga taong importante at naging importante sa akin 5 stars sa iyo Amado Guerrero

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    A glimpse of consolidation of Socialism and Communism likewise Marxism Leninism Maoism to Philippine setting It is arguably revolutionary like Andres and among others has a Socialist perspective It tackles history, imperialism and social structure The revolution continues

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    Very concise but why did he make a different definition of bureaucratic capitalism from Mao s.

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    This person would like to convey that the underlying message of this work, a seminal venture for its time and our time is still the bedrock of the continuous analysis of the Philippine society from the perspective of an internationalist branch of socialism It perhaps embodies the aspirations of its ideology embedded throughout the text that the feudal, imperialist and colonial institutions have formed an unholy alliance to deprive the majority of the people their basic decency to live, to thrive and to exist However, this author disagrees on what is to be done Granted, one may concede the notion that the Revolution is to be best achieved through a protracted struggle across the countryside But the transformation of the Filipino society from the 1990 s onwards due to the specks of globalization and the collapse of the Leninist states made the struggle an auxiliary rather than a primary approach The base of power has shifted from the country to the city, and once again, the banners of a successful socialist uprising is to be taken to the streets rather than the rice fields Ergo, the urban struggle must become a paramount concern if one wishes for the uprising and the movement to gain traction, with energies directed against the core and its vassals Further, it has a generalistic view of Philippine history, but this person does not blame the author for such a generalization After all, the purpose of the text is to serve as a pamphlet and a synthesis of the recurrent dilemmas engulfing the body politic, the social structure and the cultural sphere But the point still stands that a new approach is needed, that the people s war has served its purpose To fight in the decadent cities is the fight that one must commit for the sake of the future.

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