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    We start this one with Kayla finally managing to gain an advantage over Gage for once he s no longer calling all the shots Her daughter is showing signs of recovery but still needs to continue her treatment so Kayla submits to one last weekend of subjugation at the hands of Gage Fuck, woman, I m never letting you go He gripped my head and forced my gaze to his Come for me I fell into oblivion She s forced to deal with three important men in her life in this one Rick her violent and abusive ex is back on the scene and has secrets to share that will shock you and change the landscape significantly here Gage the one man who can make her body sing She has an almost Pavlovic response to him now her body has been conditioned to react with arousal when she sees him, despite the brutality that he has unleashed on her Lastly, there is Ian, the Doctor that has long been in love with her he offers her security, protection, unconditional love but they don t share the same incendiary spark she feels when she is with Gage.This one has so many twists and turns in the plot it ll make your head spin It s full of really quite delicious BDSM that we ve now come to expect but the ending is what makes this whole trilogy just that little bit different I can t quite make up my mind whether the ending is inspired or anti climactic Ambiguous is definitely the one word that accurately sums it up and, as a reader, you are going to be able to put your own interpretation on it I know who I picked for that last scene.Overall I give this series 4 stars for a brave plot well executed It is dark and twisted and should be approached that way For the future, I d like to see Gemma James write a a full length novel, well mapped out from the beginning She s definitely a talented erotica writer with an sinfully wicked imagination I think I d like to see of this with the consistency that a full length novel can give I also completely adore the cover art I think they are simply beautiful For reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook.

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    In this final installment we catch up with Kayla and Gage now that Kayla has something against him she can use to get him to stop But will she be strong enough to stay away Why did all of this begin Is Eve going to be ok Will Gage stop being SUCH AN ASS We will find out The creativity of these stories is really shockingly good I still think my only complaint is perhaps they have too much story maybe I love the story, the twists and the writing is really good but I just think it would have made a fantastic full length story These characters are good and strong, especially Kayla But because there isn t enough time to progress the the little threads and chains of thought it raises questions than answers I m not being negative though It made me wish to read work by Gemma James I think she would write whole complete characters in longer books This one is expected and unexpected The first half is BDSM but this time not so much non con, Kayla needs Gage now and is.I don t know, comfortable with him Or not but she still like being with him.The second half is full throttle, we find out about Ian Kayla s first love And that is interesting The ex returns as well, so much happens in these little books One thing that has distracted me though is the emphasis on the BDSM scenes, I wasn t a fan Too much sex for me given the plot.Said it at the end of all of my reviews for these books so i ll say it again, they are a perfect experimental read if you are thinking of reading BDSM, non con or dub con but don t know whether you can handle it.

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    I am truly a masochist.no, I am an insane masochist I have now crossed over the line of sanity into the sea of cray cray with Kayla Why Because I actually started to like one of the most anti heroes I ve ever read He s cruel He s mean He has no gleaning qualities, except I saw a glimmer of hope for Gage Channing and I think the character I loved hating so much now has me wanting to like him shivers Retribution is book 3 in The Devil s Kiss series of novellas and it picks right up where Enslaved left off, so I strongly recommend reading the books in order to get the full emotional impact of the story and to understand what is happening Who s the Devil in The Devil s Kiss Gage Channing of course He could definitely give Lucifer himself a run for his money As I said, Gage is just as cruel as ever, but I saw a glimmer of hope for him redemption draweth nigh At least I hope he s redeemable, as I m really beginning to like the guy and I m not sure that s a good thing, but I do understand him so much better He s still not excused for his cruelty nor is he excused for his methods of punishment, but I can now see where his deranged actions stem from.While Retribution seemed a little tamer than Ultimatum and Enslaved, it still has its degree of dark erotica and certainly holds a degree of angst In the beginning, Kayla gains the upper hand on Gage with the information given to us at the end of Enslaved, and she is quick to confront him She can feel freedom within her grasp, but what she finds when she confronts Gage is surprising I admit that I was completely shocked as well Gage was completely vulnerable and out of character Was Gage displaying a weakness Could it be Well, that didn t last long, because Kayla quickly lost the upper hand and Gage was back to his old self and in control once again This man is scary, but I really do see something in him that might just make him redeemable in my eyes.and maybe even in Kayla s eyes, too He almost showed a flicker of remorse in his actions toward Kayla Almost.I d expected a fight, only I d gotten my first real glimpse of remorse, and it reminded me that underneath all his complexity, Gage was still a man.When Gage began to open up and confide his past to Kayla, it was as though a light bulb went on in my head and I had that first aha moment I actually felt a sadness for Gage and that was the moment I knew I was really in trouble.Gage was getting to me He was not only breaking Kayla s walls, but mine as well While Gage was winning me over, albeit slowly and with reservations, I was furious with Kayla and had a hard time understanding her She has endured so very much at the hands of this monster, yet he was her magnet, pulling her to him as though he was a supernatural force to be reckoned with Kayla couldn t take herself away from him even when freedom was one step away to the right, she managed to go left She has completely fallen into the deep canyon of insanity Her mind kept telling her the right thing to do, but her heart and body kept betraying her.I d been naked in front of him too many times to count, had lost all dignity in front of Ian and Katherine, but something about this time, this night, made me feel vulnerable in my nudity I was there of my own free will He hadn t blackmailed or coaxed me it was a truth I couldn t hide from, and being spread out before him brought it to the forefront of my mind.Kayla s inner battle lost time after time Gage completely owned her and she let him sigh Part of me understands and part of me wants to slap her and say, Hey Remember when he did this But, Kayla does remember often hence the inner battles and fear Then Gage goes and does something completely sweet and darn it if he didn t just sweep me off my feet with his confession Ugh I really want to hate this man, but I can t it s so so frustrating THEN of all things, the author throws in something that I never saw coming The REAL reason for Gage pursuing Kayla and the ties that bind Kayla, Gage, and Ian together While it almost seemed forced and too quick to answer some of my questions, it was still a big surprise to me none the less Awwwbut the author doesn t stop there Oh, no She still has plenty of angst in a life and death situation for Kayla and Gage that put me on the edge of my seat and had me panting to read in a hurried attempt to get to the outcome.While I originally believed that The Devil s Kiss was to be a trilogy, Gemma James has seen fit to end Retribution on a presumption that has me salivating for another installment I love book series and I love to read them in order I love the angst of a cliffhanger, but I hate the wait for resolution to my agony of not knowing Well, really I don t mind it if the story is great and Retribution is one of the great ones While Retribution was subdued compared to the first two books in the series, it still held a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading it As a novella, this book can be read in a lunch hour or two and still manage to have me feeling as though I ve just read a complete novel The only thing preventing Retribution from being 5 stars for me was Ian s actions with Kayla in his office To prevent spoilers, I won t say what he did, but I felt that it was completely out of the blue and didn t feel right in the story Again, that is just me Overall, Retribution is quite worthy of the 4 stars I do give it and I encourage readers to immerse themselves into the world of Gage Channing It is very important that these books be read in order Note to the author While I was resolved that there was an end to my crisis BAM You leave me with an implication that has my mouth drooling for Well played, Gemma James.

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    Full review to follow The first 80% of the book is edgy, hard, DARK and sexy as Hell In a non con confused ultimately consensual sort of a way It s a Mindfuck But the ending what an anti climax, really 3 Stars.

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    Okay I first have to get this off my chest.admit that I actually might not hate or loathe Gage I am a horrible person But for some reason I really want to hope that he has some good in him That it was not all for nothing I mean he did a few things this time that really made you think he had a heart Retribution starts off just after Kayla finds out that she may just have the upper hand Gage is blackmailing her, but now she has proof that could send him to jail But all she wants is her freedom and her daughter s medical expenses taken care of I mean it s only fair after Gage has beat her, forced her to watch Ian with Katherine and him to watch her with Gage But she is drawn to him, he has opened a dark side within her that has her torn between the man you she used to love and the man that ignites her even though he causes her such pain.But shit gets out of handbig time There are a handful of twists that seem like they would be too much for this short of a story but they fit, and it s not too much The ending is killing me I think this will be the final installment, but that was just pure torture.I feel the need to get this bit out it will drive me crazy view spoiler I really hope shamefully that it is Gage who shows up He would know how to find her She would not be able to deny him Eve would have remembered Ian when they walked into the house I know he is the good guy but there was just something about Gage that makes me need for him to have realized that he could have her without fully destroying her I liked that it is left open for the reason that we each get our own ending Ian or Gage, which ever one you wanted her with hide spoiler

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    Picking up only days after the end of Enslaved, Kayla is understandably angry and even afraid of Gage However, because of the contract, the penalty for her not being available is than she can bear But, she can t stay away he s in her blood, despite her conflicted emotions about the situation.This book delves into the emotions of the characters and their guilt, anger, motivation and even regrets Sadly, for Kayla, no one is what they seem, and she discovers that even her best friend was deceiving her Recovering from that blow, and the confusion about her attraction and need for Gage only heightens her appeal to readers While the other two books in the series were interesting and packed a punch, the raw emotional confusion guilt, anger, pity and even joy, provide a whole new set of questions and answers for readers who are curious about the whole dynamic that has developed With a surprising yet open for interpretation ending, Gemma James has created a series that starts as a story about BDSM with questionable consent, but ends up giving us a story that is so much rich with emotional detail, traumatic events and moments of pure tenderness as one aspect of the BDSM lifestyle unfolds over a short period of time This does continue the storyline from the first two books, and does contain several scenes that are suitable ONLY for 18 readers and those aware of, or comfortable with detailed and darker examples of BDSM and the Master Submissive relationship I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    WOW JUSTWOW Gemma James I was waiting for thisI was waiting for something to really blow my mind and guess what YOU DID So things between Kayla and Gage have come to a head After finding out some incriminating things about him inEnslaved, she has used the knowledge to her advantage to get out of his contract and his clutches But Gage won t give up so easy His such an evil bastard.and cocky.and I m ashamed to say it.HOT He knows Kayla will come back to him, back into his bed And..she does.Poor girl s a glutton for punishment Literally.I m happy how Ian stands by her, but he dropped a whopper on me Thus, thoroughly blowing my mind Sincerely enjoyed this one Miss James On to the final installment for me because that last part was just super cryptic

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    It s a 4.5 from me I m a huge fan and loved this series so much It s been dark and gritty, with such an interesting storyline and deliciously hot for 100% of it view spoiler And then it finished with that epilogue AAAHHHHH I feel cheated I wanted Gage, I wanted Ian, I wanted Gage, I wanted Ian I ultimately just wanted one of them not an open ender What the hell was that about it has to mean a 4th book, surely hide spoiler

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    This had so much potential The way the second one ended The twist, which I was surprised, put everything into perspective It made sense, for once It was right there for the taking, to be so good Dig a little, have some dialogue Then it just ended Like she didn t know how to reach the finish line, so she moved up the race, shortened th distance What an utter disappointment So close to being so fuckin good, so close The epilogue, really What a cop out Again she could have redeemed herself, but no Just like the ending, it just fell short Giving it 3 stars cause 80% was good Sex, drama, twists, secrets, action and of course hot sex The last 20% an epic fail As I said so close to being good, maybe even great.

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    This is one Crazy story After Enslaved I found myself rooting for Gage even know he was blackmailing Kayla he was just a nasty man but there was just something about him that was loving as well There s a bombshell surprise in this book that I didn t see coming making things that much messed up Lot s of drama Who will Kayla choose either of them Hot juicy sex but there s some pain in there too Fabulous ending clever what the author did.Follow My Blog

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